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  1. Great that he will come back on stage! What about the Boston Symphony Hall? Will he conduct there as well?
  2. On stage at a concert: John Williams - In 2013(Boston Symphony Hall), 2017 (Boston Symphony Hall), 2019 (Hollywood Bowl) and in 2020 (Vienna) David Newman - In 2019 (Hollywood Bowl) Michael Giacchino - In 2017 (Royal Albert Hall and 2019 (Royal Albert Hall) James Newton Howard - In 2017 (Concertgebouw Amsterdam) Ennio Morricone - In 2016 (Ziggo Dome Amsterdam) and 2017 (Ahoy Rotterdam) David Arnold - In 2019 (Royal Albert Hall) Hans Zimmer - In 2016 (Ahoy Rotterdam) David Arnold - In 2019 (Royal Albert Hall) Brian Tyler - in 2018 (Royal Festival Hall) Interaction with:
  3. Right I have the same feeling. At that time I had no idea in what kind of misery we end up.
  4. They should ask if Williams can conduct the New Year’s concert! 😄I wonder how Williams will handle the Radedzky March!
  5. I am afraid that will be canceled too :(. I think we won't see Williams conducting this year anymore. But maybe he can give a concert trough live-streaming and conduct from his house ?
  6. Any chance to get a autograph of John? I remember in Boston he was willing to give autographs when he came out. I don’t know how it works here. But I think the chances are low😅!
  7. Ready to board the plane! Here I come Vienna and John! #excited😅
  8. I will arrive tomorrow late afternoon so I might go to other performances tomorrow evening and friday. Williams looks in good shape and ready to give us a marvelous show!
  9. There is a marketplace on this forum for selling your tickets: https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/forum/15-the-marketplace/
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