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  1. I wonder if he will do a second show again in Berlin. It seems Williams is still full of energy and willing the travel overseas😄
  2. Yes excellent program! I met Dirk Brossé after the concert and thanked him for this nice evening.
  3. Excellent I am from Leeuwarden and maybe I go to that concert too. But I am not going to Vienna this time. Veel plezier!
  4. Or the guy who ran to the stage for a autograph. A guard escorted him out.
  5. At the end of the concert we should all together sing happy birthday to John! 🎉🥳
  6. The whole website is down now I try to get a ticket Thursday on general sale. Or is everything sold out already?
  7. Did they play Leia’s theme as an encore? Yesterday they didn’t.
  8. Yes I did see it on Thursday evening. The guard escorted him out.
  9. I didn’t expect they let me trough but tried my luck and got it😅. It wasn’t even sold out.
  10. I went in and they said nothing about my age. They checked everything (ID, Ticket and QR code) and said enjoy the rehearsal.
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