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  1. I am afraid that will be canceled too :(. I think we won't see Williams conducting this year anymore. But maybe he can give a concert trough live-streaming and conduct from his house ?
  2. Any chance to get a autograph of John? I remember in Boston he was willing to give autographs when he came out. I don’t know how it works here. But I think the chances are low😅!
  3. I will arrive tomorrow late afternoon so I might go to other performances tomorrow evening and friday. Williams looks in good shape and ready to give us a marvelous show!
  4. A friend of mine is not able to join me anymore on 19th January concert . So here is one ticket for sale! You will sit right next to me !
  5. There is a marketplace on this forum for selling your tickets: https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/forum/15-the-marketplace/
  6. Maybe he is coming in a private jet accompanied with a private doctor who monitors his health. Anyway, I am sure they make the flight as comfy as possible for John.
  7. I think he will be in Vienna next week. Considering his age, he needs at least a week to recover from a jetlag. And he needs some time to get used to the cold weather. I really hope everything goes well end he will give us a marvelous concert!
  8. A verry enjoyable evening. I met Michael en David both after the concert. And a surprise meeting with Andy Serkis!
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