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  1. I like this album very much. Both of his concert music discs are good. I would like to see more of that. Karol
  2. Smartass. I meant that I can't verify that. Karol
  3. I was reading this review and there's this passage: I'm not sure where did they learn that. Or indeed if there is any truth to that. Karol
  4. I heard there's going to be one new piece of extra content but the old extras won't be included. Karol
  5. Yeah, it is the Ringwraith material that creates that sense. I suppose that's one element of the score I don't quite buy. When I read the book these creatures felt more to me like a very silent horror-like presence. Think the initial encounter scene from the film. It's a fine composition but I wouldn't have done that. Feels like bit too much. I actually much prefer the proto-Nazgul music from The Hobbit. Karol
  6. I like the variety of The Two Towers. Even though it is mostly a non-chronological presentation it flows really nicely musically. I agree that Fellowship is bit repetitive and I never really liked The Return of the King. There's just way too much missing. Karol
  7. The Prophecy is good but I prefer the Rarities version. The White Tree is indeed a very good track. Helm's Deep...what's so special about this one? Karol
  8. I sort of hope it's something I want. Would be nice to finish this year with a bang. They had a pretty good year. Karol
  9. I never went back to the OSTs after CR came out. I tend to listen to them in their entirety. Sometimes, occasionally, I listen to the TTT album as it was my favourite of the three initial discs. I never listen to the symphony. Karol
  10. According to Sun, it was Covid. The fact he was famous for playing guy known for his breathing apparatus sound it is doubly as disturbing. Karol
  11. It's a wonderful score and a probably the most unique Christmas film music there is. Karol
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