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  1. Will it do any better job at parodying SW than the actual SW franchise? 🤔 Karol
  2. To be honest, the OST offers a nice trim selection. Silvestri tends to work better on curated programs for the most part. Karol
  3. The two releases I would expect to see this year are The 13th Warrior and The Sixth Sense. Both celebrate their 25th anniversaries and deserve re-releases. Karol
  4. So you own more stuff than I do. I probably have fewer than 20 regular Blu-rays. I got rid of most of them and replaced with 4K. A couple of years ago, I was probably overdoing it but recently got bit more picky. To be honest, I was thinking of getting rid of some of them. Karol
  5. Can't wait to watch this - my 350th 4K Blu-ray: Karol
  6. If I were Mahershala Ali, I would jump this ship. I bet a man of his talent has better things to do with his time. Karol
  7. Yeah, it is almost impossible to imagine these two not being inseparable. But I guess for Spielberg, in these early years he wanted to try out different things. We know, for example, he was very keen on having Herrmann score Close Encounters. Probably because his pals De Palma and Scorsese got to briefly resurrect composer's Hollywood career recently and quite frankly, he would have been a very logical choice at the time. But Herrmann died before he got to have a meeting with Spielberg. Karol
  8. His wife sort in mentioned that in passing but my impression was it was more suspected rather than diagnosed. It would actually explain a lot about his art and/or personality. I say this as an neurodivergent person myself. A lot of what Horner did or said sounds sort of familiar and relatable. Karol
  9. The original film is brilliant with live score. The 2018 performance at Royal Albert Hall with LSO playing it was one of my very favourite concert experiences ever. 😀 Karol
  10. Sky Captain and the World Tomorrow. Might be bit overcooked in a couple of places but, for my money, one of the most fun throwback scores of the 21st century. For all its references, it still feels quite memorable. Hard to believe it is now 20 years old! Karol
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