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  1. That's another issue, yes. There are some passages that must be literally copying the temp-track. Williams clearly wasn't asked to provide a lot of fresh material which, of course, is unfortunate. Having said that, the score as presented in the film in terms of editing and mixing reflects very much what Williams wrote and recorded. The changes (trims etc) are relatively minor as compared to other scores. All of which lets the music breathe more. I reckon the final act segment is most satisfying in terms of dramatic impact and flow (regardless of originality). I often watch the final segment of the film with isolated score on. Karol
  2. To be honest, the overall situation these days is bit better than it was, say, 10 years ago. There's definitely way more melody these days. Karol
  3. Let's not forget about the ever-developing sound systems and the density of sound mix. More intricate music tends to clash with that kind of aesthetic. Karol
  4. Is it just me or does this show so far feels like one episode's worth of backstory? Karol
  5. Listening to the original Star Wars. It has become my favourite in the saga. There's such a beautiful clarity to it and no fat whatsoever. It was about the only score in the saga that wasn't butchered in the film (TLJ being second), had great album releases and sounds perfect played live to picture. It's a true classic. Karol
  6. There were some nice ideas in the movie. But then, they had some really good ideas in 2 and 3. And there were good ideas in SW prequels. It just doesn't say much. I forgot about this film almost instantly. Karol
  7. Darkest scores fror me would be... War of the Worlds, Images, Rosewood, Minority Report, Nixon. Karol
  8. Not to be mean but it sort of looks like a Ghostface mask at this point. Karol
  9. I've seen it as well. I didn't find it as lean or as fun as the previous ones. But it was still entertaining enough. Tonally something often felt off. But that doesn't matter. One of the brilliant things about it is that it doesn't matter whether you make a good one or a bad one because they can still work regardless. My favourite moment? Karol
  10. It would, yeah. But with the new versions' production values. Karol
  11. It would have been a good candidate for a series. It is too long and bloated and yet, at the same time, still not long enough. Karol
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