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  1. I am definitely interested in this and Frenzy. But due to both titles being released in generous numbers and shortage of funds it will have to wait until January. Karol
  2. It's a very entertaining movie. One of the best of its kind. Karol
  3. Die Hard. Listened to my own 1-hour selection from the 30th Anniversary set. I generally enjoy this in its entirety but this is a nice and trim alternate playlist - 55 minutes of score plus two source cues at the end. Karol
  4. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php/?fbid=543027127837643 Interesting batch. Tempted by Barry. Karol
  5. I like it until the final London segment. Just like the film, the score runs out of steam. There's a lot to like in the first half though. Karol
  6. In regards to Snyderverse vs Gunnverse news... Karol
  7. I sort of just enjoy seeing different musicians constantly reinventing the sound. The core material is so specific and timeless that you never have to betray it, but, within that world, composers manage to put their stamp on it. Some I like more than others but it's fascinating how same/different things can be. I like Arnold's scores as they take the stuff very seriously but there's stuff to admire in efforts from both Newman and Zimmer/Mazzaro. They are all valid approaches. Karol
  8. He's not that bad. I actually sort of like this song. Speaking of Bond songs and Chris Cornell, I absolutely love this orchestral arrangement of You Know My Name: Karol
  9. My order shipped. And so did Conan the Destroyer. Karol
  10. They just say they're working around the clock, including weekends, and had to get extra help. And orders containing Spider-Man will begin shipping today. Karol
  11. L.A. Confidential. It's still not a favourite of mine but the new deluxe programme is a definite improvement over the old album. Feels like the score is a more rounded experience which I definitely appreciate. Karol
  12. It is definitely up there. Would make a very good Alien score actually. Karol
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