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  1. It's all well and good but shouldn't we be happy musicians are getting paid for using the recordings of their work? As harsh as jt might be for us collectors (and small labels) it is not exactly unfair, is it? Karol
  2. To tell the difference we'd have to know what Batu Sener sounds like on his own. Besides, additional composers can emulate the style quite well most of the time as was the case with Kamen, Horner etc. Karol
  3. And since (I assume) everything Williams wrote was used anyway it's not a huge problem. Karol
  4. For me it doesn't matter that much either way. If cues are meant to be joined then it makes sense to do that. Karol
  5. I will miss Zachary Quinto's Spock and Karl Urban's Bones but otherwise not a huge loss. The three films they did were "fun" but hardly great or essential. They had very little to do with Star Trek really. Karol
  6. Lack of physical release aside, this is terrific news. I will definitely be getting myself a lossless download copy. Karol
  7. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Complete Recordings The Hobbit Trilogy Casper First Blood Superman: The Movie The Edge Karol
  8. 5 minutes still missing (Marriage Plans/Robin's Alive). Maybe next time. Seriously, how long is this score? 😆 But that'll do. Karol
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