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  1. You are actually the only living member of this board. Everyone else is Jay! Karol
  2. It's an interesting sound but doesn't really stand out that much to me. Karol
  3. Hmm, second episode convinces me even less. Is it going to be spoken exposition all the time? Karol
  4. It's one of those that nobody knows, and from a film no one has seen. For once, I don't feel like this is intended to be an homage or even specific genre. The score feels to me like its own beast and taking advantage of its composer's personal voice. You have a handful of recognisable themes and some nice development throughout. It's grown-up and confident music with nice orchestrations and colours that you don't really see these days. Way above what you hear in Hollywood. The album is just about the right length and the recording is terrific. It's as good and imaginative as film music gets th
  5. I like The Journey but not as much as this one. But they're completely different things. Karol
  6. The Rendezvous by Austin Wintory. Definitely one of the finest film scores of the 2010s. Unique colours and orchestration, it's a nice cross between arthouse drama and thriller. And a terrific album as well. Delicious. Karol
  7. The last I checked UK is still a part of the European continent. It hasn't gone anywhere. Karol
  8. To me, it sounds like they were trying to replicate the sound of the original SW. Which makes perfect sense. I don't mind the recording. In fact I like the recording on all three sequels, with TLJ being my favourite. EDIT: Oh I think others picked up on the dry mix homage already. Karol
  9. Well, speaking from the perspective of all those nutters and deviants who care about these things, with UHD Blu-ray it finally feels like having a truly cinematic experience at home. Karol
  10. This is the extended naughty cut. But, sadly, original elements for those extra shots couldn't be located so had to be sourced from the internegative. The disc looks gorgeous regardless and there's a nice 16-minute featurette on the score. Nothing any of us fans don't know already but it's lovely for Studio Canal to give Goldsmith so much love. This film is perfectly scored. Karol
  11. I actually impulsively bought the season ticket yesterday but emailed them later to cancel it. As tempting as it is I just can't justify spending this much. If I manage to grab a couple of tickets in August, great. But there's no pressure. I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd like to see JW live and I had my chance three times in the past couple of years. If they were to announce an LSO concert I'd get one in a heartbeat. But travelling abroad this year might be a bit of a financial burden. We'll see how I feel about this in August. Karol
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