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  1. La Sconosciuta (The Unknown Woman) by Ennio Morricone. Another late gem. It's a bit of a hard score to describe. It gives us heartfelt themes but also a great deal of suspense and darkness. It's delicious. Karol
  2. Edit: Already posted above. I missed that. Karol
  3. The rest of the score is more subdued and brooding as you can here in those samples: But I like brooding introspective Morricone. Karol
  4. Listening to one of my favourite Morricone albums... The Demons of St Petersburg from 2008. Not exactly an obvious choice as not many people know this work. But I fell in love from my first listen. The entire score is lovely but the somewhat final track is a beauty. Karol
  5. He made me actually enjoy Lisa Gerrard: Karol
  6. I also had a chance to see him perform live in Berlin. Think it was 2014? Karol
  7. Cinema Concerto. Listening to my first Morricone album. https://open.spotify.com/album/1uZZs1GClyOxKtVmbyvdb9?si=RkMAaTAXQ0CMTEJGzSIvRw Karol
  8. This is awful. Having said that, he had an amazingly long life and career that most composers can only dream of. And most striking musical imagination. You cannot say he didn't achieve anything there there is to be achieved in this field. Rest in piece. Karol
  9. Ready Player One. Some of the cues don't do much for me but the sheer majority is quite enjoyable. Unlike the scores Silvestri composed for Marvel films this one actually feels like it has some sort of narrative which makes for a decent listen on album. Karol
  10. I have no idea how it made so much money. The film is "fine" but there's absolutely nothing remarkable about it. Can't say it made me think about anything much at all. I suppose the film falls into this "issue topic cinema" that Academy and critics love so much. You know, the ones that tell you to think about something important or topical but then do all that work for you anyway. Because, of course, while the cause is topical and important the film doesn't have enough faith in its target audience so it will spell everything out. Which makes it even more condescending. Great writing or filmmaking it certainly isn't. It's "fine". Karol
  11. And now Shirley. Some of my favourite moments come from the Abed/Troy interactions and Shirley. I don't think the show gets bad as such but it feels somewhat incomplete now. I'm not sure whether I should necessarily miss Chevy Chase but, even with all the actor/character transgressions, he felt like a part of the fabric that made the show. I enjoyed Jonathan Banks in season 5 and now I'm disappointed he's not in season 6... Ah, well... It's still enjoyable and very watchable despite all of this. 12 episodes left... Karol
  12. Clash of the Titans Masters of the Universe The Last Starfighter Karol
  13. Finished season 4 of Community and about halfway through season 5 now. It's not that bad but something is definitely missing. Shame about one of the best couples in television being broken up halfway through series 5. Didn't see that coming. Karol
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