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  1. That would make a nice Celine Dion ballad. Karol
  2. Was that Odeon LUXE, by any chance? Telling you, mate, pay £17.99 a month for limitless and see everything as many times as you like. Karol
  3. 'twas alright. As a replacement for Dirk Brosse, this William guy wasn't the worst. Karol
  4. This nice find in Vienna marks my first CD purchase of 2020. Karol
  5. His films are very nicely made but I can't say most of them hold up on second viewing. The only one I did like more the second time was Sicario. With Nolan, I often find my first viewing to be the least enjoyable. That was the case with every single film since Batman Begins. Karol
  6. I'm still on the fence. As good as it might be this series shouldn't even exist. Karol
  7. Speaking of Psalm of Sith being an actual cue and stuff... What if the two "concert suites" were actually just edited tracks from the score material like Window to the Past and not the actual recorded suites? Unless of course maybe it is the creepy satanic chanting? Karol
  8. Not what I meant. I do have my own chronological playlist. I meant how would Mike Matessino assemble main programme if it's such a mess? Karol
  9. So if one was to create an expanded album...how would they go about it? 🤔 Karol
  10. I'll get the Goldsmith too, of course. But it's not the score I would call essential. But yes, let's wait and see whether the expanded album will change my mind. Karol
  11. It is really good. Certainly a nice surprise. I was expecting U.S Marshals or some other middling 90's Goldsmith but we're actually getting something worthy. Karol
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