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  1. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This is still probably my favourite score of 2022 so far. I always actually liked Giacchino's theme but Elfman's is more successful at addressing the multifaceted and conflicting aspects of the character. It also resonates with me more - both intellectually and emotionally. Composer weaves his many themes (there are 7-8 of them) carefully and creates a more nuanced conflict throughout that elevates it above an average Marvel score. It's not the most obvious score to enjoy at first but once it "unpacks" itself it becomes quite rewarding. Karol
  2. Were you following me? 😄 Yeah, I went there on my way to the Sondheim Theatre. But then, you probably know that already too. 🤣 Karol
  3. It was a brief abridged reprise of segments from The Helicopter Sequence - Clark changing into Superman, love theme as he catches Lois and ending on the bit where he puts the helicopter back on the landing pad. Karol
  4. To be honest, people tend to walk put during credits anyway. And it does work in any case as it us mostly a reprise of what we hear in the opening anyway. It is one of the best live scores concert I've been to - right up there with original Star Wars and E.T. Absolutely exhilirating. Karol
  5. Not really directly related to the subject but I decided to swing past this holy place this morning. Was supposed to be meeting an old friend for coffee but they couldn't make it so had some spare time. Off to get some lunch and then Les Miserables this afternoon. Karol
  6. I picked those four for £20 but, yeah some stuff goes for quite a lot. Karol
  7. Notting Hill Gate's Music and Video Exchange. Or something like that. They had some decent selection of Golden Age stuff. Wish I could get more. Karol
  8. Picked some unexpected bargains at the second hand shop in London: Karol
  9. I think there's just enough Williams material in the score. It doesn't feel like it's lacking in quantity. For better or worse, Giacchino's music needs to stand on its own first and foremost. I know it is not the most popular scores on this board but I rather like it. It's one of my favourite Giacchino scores actually (warts and all). Karol
  10. While I would have liked to hear even more score being restored, the little bit that they did was great. It is a wise choice to have the very end of The Destruction of Krypton (just as the ship lifts off) and the entire The Kryptonquake reinstated. It always seemed bit awkward in the film with music starting and stopping and it certainly adds to the biblical feel of the scene, especially in concert setting. I know the main title is Williams' preferred version, if I'm correct. I didn't spot any other extra music. The mix was generally fantastic. Often with some of the older films the sound drowns the music but it wasn't much of an issue here. I could hear the sheer majority of music loud and clear. My 13th live to projection Williams concert was uplifting and magical. It was the best experience I've ever had watching this movie. Karol
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