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  1. Multiple Polish outlets reported that he passed away this morning. I has been confirmed by the organisation led by his wife. https://nationalpost.com/pmn/entertainment-pmn/polish-composer-penderecki-dies-at-86-after-long-illness/amp RIP. He really made his mark in the history of music. I had a privileged of seeing him three times live. While his early experimental music is what most people know I actually like his later more neoromantic works as well. Karol
  2. This was a bit of a mad week. I work in an NHS hospital procuring medication for the trust. I had to work on my own for the most part this week as my co-worker had to isolate due to last week's trip to Spain so you can imagine it was quite busy. In fact I've never been this busy. People are really working their arses off. What's strange (or perhaps not) the atmosphere at work has never been better. People call to ask you how you are and they seem nicer. Also the support NHS is getting from general public is really heartwarming. So while the week started on a very stressful note now it feels more like this: As I'm working for the most part in an office I can put on some music. And while we normally play local radio or something of that nature, this week was dominated mostly by John Williams and I can tell you people were actually asking to leave it on. We went through the entire SW sequel trilogy, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, Jaws, Superman: The Movie, some Harry Potter music and definitely all three How To Train Your Dragon scores. It helped a lot to get through this week...and there's even more to come by the looks of it. Oh and I renamed Chasing Rockets as Chasing Orders. Karol
  3. Watched the first two episodes last night (the only two available over here so far). It is actually pretty enjoyable and definitely better than the last couple SW films. In fact...it may be better than most SW films. Karol
  4. Yup. Oh it can be used for dry skin too? Karol
  5. Alien Capricorn One The Blue Max The Ghost and the Darkness Karol
  6. Well not far off actually: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/2020/03/19/coronavirus-reality-check-yes-us-and-eu-governments-will-track-our-phones-get-used-to-it/ Karol
  7. This is brilliant! Karol
  8. Didn't MV say something the other day about them being slow because of processing all the wholesale orders? Maybe that means SAE are getting some stock in. Fingers crossed. Karol
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