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  1. Good. Few more missteps like this and people will want their physical media back. 😄 Karol
  2. The Gospel of John? That's a really good one and considerably less cliché take on east meeting west. Karol
  3. I actually didn't mind this. Bit cheesy but the film gives it an honest shot. I'd rather Nolan commit a "cheese sin" as opposed to "dry exposition sin". Karol
  4. They do not, however, spend any time explaining how wormholes work. Karol
  5. I thought Ragnarok was very sloppily structured actually. Remove the whole Sakaar segment from the film and you still don't affect the main story in any significant way, if at all. Funny people say Waititi didn't care about Love and Thunder because it does actually feel more like his other films, for better or worse. It wasn't great but I quite liked it, overindulgence and all. Karol
  6. Some random things I managed to find in a small shop in Heraklion (Crete). Karol
  7. Ordered! I wish thet re-released Wolfen. I like some cheesy horror Horner. Karol
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