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  1. RIP. His books were a staple of how you handle making of publications. Stunning attention to detail and giving you an almost fly on the wall type of an experience. I did enjoy his later books too. Still need to finish the Aliens one. I do hope his making of The Shining book will see the light of the day. It has been announced a couple of years ago and is supposed to be his most throughly researched work yet. And I do look forward to his biography of Howard Kazanijan that's coming out in September. Karol
  2. It's my favourite of the three. I love the whole thing and how it builds up towards the extended action-packed third act. Karol
  3. No, it's not. It has the full revised version with narration and an early shorter version without. I don't necessarily need this but not saying no just yet. We'll see what the overall upgrade is like. The most important thing is the score should remain in print forever for everyone to enjoy. Karol
  4. Suicide Squad. It's better than the other one but that doesn't say much. It tries way too hard and mostly misses the mark. Karol
  5. The flaw of the film was that it was poorly told. It's not the setting, McGuffin or even Shia LeBeouf. All these elements are absolutely fine. The film starts solidly enough, as you say, but lacks a drive and direction after that. There's no conflict or tension, just a checklist of ingredients. The resolution doesn't really make any sense and doesn't have any meaning unlike all the other third acts of previous three films. It's just a sequence of stuff that happens with Indy having no interest in participating. I watched the 4K Blu-ray not long ago and it was worse than before. Williams' score
  6. What I'm waiting for is the score as well. If the film is any good, great. Mangold is solid enough filmmaker to pull it off but my expectations are non-existent. Karol
  7. Well, he does seem to confuse the OT scores/films all the time. Those Luke/Leia anecdotes are funny but extremely baffling. Karol
  8. Just in a couple of sleeps there will be a lot of disappointed fanboys on this forum. The way things are going. Comparing something to vintage Williams just ahead of release is a kiss of death. 😆 Oh nothing grabs me. There are no memorable setpieces. There are no themes! It's pleasant but I can't remember any of it. Karol
  9. It's an interesting thing. Because I always associated the word "masterpiece" with status. Something prestigious and perceived as superior, rightly or not. That is why "personal masterpiece" doesn't really work for me as it strips the word off its weight meaning. People seem to label masterpieces virtually everything they like and that doesn't seem to say much. Or perhaps it is just me. In other words it's about rarity. And, yeah, snobbery. Karol
  10. What does constitute a masterpiece? Is it what I enjoy the most or perhaps what is objectively the most significant work? I always assumed that in order for something to be labelled as "masterpiece" you need an element of surprise and experimentation that sets it aside from the usual, however well crafted, output. From that perspective, the last time Williams has really pushed himself artistically would be around 2005. Everything after that is just very enjoyable and well-crafted extension of his existing style and tropes. So I'd say probably A.I. and Geisha. Azkaban too although
  11. There are bits and pieces of it that I like. Maybe it's just me, but it feels bit more imaginative in production than an average RC music it was undoubtedly inspired by. Karol
  12. For me, they tend to be just curiosities. Unless, of course, you have your alternate Binary Sunsets and Fortresses of Solitude. Karol
  13. It's fun but I prefer the two that came before. Having said that, I have seen it only once and probably should revisit it. Karol
  14. Edward Scissorhands. It feels odd to listen to this in July and yet here we are. Karol
  15. Well, looking through the track list it looks like there are three programmes to choose from on this set already. The chronological presentation of the alternates certainly will play almost like a different version... If you ignore several versions of cues in some cases it's almost as that BTTF situation. I gave the original album a listen last night. In all fairness, it is a very solid and respectable presentation. Wouldn't take it against anyone if they decided it was enough for them. As for me, it is a classic. I knew who Danny Elfman was and could hum music from v
  16. This. But it's just something comes with age. It's just not important. Karol
  17. Never requested anything. But can't recall what the amount is with multiple items. Karol
  18. It was actually $20 plus whatever the shipping is...$16? Karol
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