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  1. Oh it is a pharmacy logistics office in a hospital. Everything feels more,epic and heroic when you put some film music on. Karol
  2. Is there anyone in the world who doesn't enjoy at least some Bond songs? We often have some film music on in the background. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars. Stuff people recognise. People seem to enjoy it while working as long as it isn't too intrusive. Some random person walked into our office today and said "they felt like they're in a movie". They didn't know instantly what the music was but had some sort of reaction to it as it is so ingrained in our culture. 😀 Karol
  3. A very enjoyable album. Put this on at work today and everyone really enjoyed it. Karol
  4. Watched both Poltergeist and It Follows last night. Really enjoyed both. The expert execution of simple premise in the latter really impressed me. Karol
  5. One of the best things to see for a film score nerd, for sure. You will love it. Karol
  6. Isn't it strange that the following pieces are among my very favourite pieces Giacchino has ever written? What's interesting they are all quite harsh, minimalistic, stripped-down and they're all from Matt Reeves' films. Couldn't find Dread on Arrival from Let Me In anywhere but that's another one. Suppose a large part of me is still longing for the days of Lost. Karol
  7. I reckon people were complaining mostly about the first act? I can understand why. As for Mr Rickman, someone else didn't like the music I like. What else is new? Karol
  8. What I find so strange is that the intro to the second half ends with the crescendo from the very end of Battle of the Heroes suite. Karol
  9. Just came out of this. As predicted, this was a much better experience than last year in Nottingham and I would argue a better one than The Empire Strikes Back a couple years ago. It might be just the venue, the LSO or Dirk Brosse. Probably all three. Yes, the score is a weird Frankenstein monster. But for whatever reason it came together better. Karol
  10. Picked up some used CDs today...and realised only after the fact The Dark Crystal is a bootleg. Karol
  11. I'm still enjoying the show and the score. Not quite "loving", mind you, but there's still plenty to like about both. I can understand what @KK means about some of the more unfortunate modern drum-driven scoring sensibilities, and it is hard to disagree, but the majority of McCreary's work, especially the gentler passages, remains quite lovely. And yes @Chen G. I am also hoping Shore's theme ends up in the score itself. Listening to episode five's album now. Karol
  12. The RAH website says it is LSO. Seeing it tomorrow...or today. Karol
  13. One of my first thoughts. Still, it is Daily Fail as well... In any case, pretty cool if true. Karol
  14. Watched the first two episodes. Didn't hate it but wasn't too engaged either. The execution is sound, probably better than that of most D+ shows so far, but I am really not that excited about the core concept. So it is an odd one. We shall see. I find it really funny how blasé we are about any Marvel or SW content these days. 😆 Karol
  15. Planet Earth has some amazing stuff in it, primarily in the first half. Karol
  16. Might as well take advantage of the latest Intrada sale and add few things to my existing order. Karol
  17. Oh my god, it's about time someone came up with an idea to combine edgy modern sound with traditional "cinematic" orchestra. We've never heard that in a SW score. Brilliant! Karol
  18. I am surprised the previous Poltergeist is still in print because that would have been an obvious choice. Speaking of which, this arrived literally just now. Karol
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