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  1. My copy obviously only has a cheaply printed scan of the original cover, but it does look like gold foil (i.e. mostly blackish, with a white/yellow/golden highlight on one side).
  2. My By Request (the only one of Williams' Philip albums I have so far, except for a CDR copy of The Planets) has a gold bar.
  3. True. Especially for those who like Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra.
  4. If they're actually missing and not, as has been reported, destroyed.
  5. It's been a long time since I listened to it, but I never had an issue with that. My one problematic track on that album is Here They Come - it's just too slow and lacks energy, especially when you know the Gerhardt version. I like the tempi of the other tracks.
  6. The Kaufman album also has the advantage of some seriously good couplings. The Rozsa (excuse my spelling laziness) is nice, though I've never been a big fan of that specific piece. The Steiner is more enjoyable and (seemingly?) less derivative than most of his stuff. And Young's Scaramouche is one of my favourite Golden Age scores (and films), and is presented in an extensive suite that is really all you need from that score. I also have the FSM, but I never really recall anything significant that I'd miss in the suite. The acoustics are very distant in comparison
  7. How much of the big HMV in Oxford Street's stock was actually produced by HMV (before they closed for good)? They're first of all a record store, one of the few that remain today. One of the few others of note is Gramola (who closed down the other of their two shops (where I bought so many of my early CDs) years ago), and they also double as a record label. Plus, I bought my very first CD at that EMI store, and that was The Star Wars Trilogy (the Skywalker Symphony album)… on Sony. I rarely went there afterwards, because they were always ridiculously expensive. But I do
  8. Damn. I should actually *read* that at some point. It's been lying next to my desk since before Christmas!
  9. That reminds me, on my New Year's walk around the city I saw this in the shop windows of the local EMI (i.e. HMV) store: I told my mother that it would make a nice birthday present if they're free to give it away once they don't display it any more (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more), but she later told me that she'd asked and they said it's actually glued to the window and won't be usable anymore after they remove it.
  10. Good article. A few bits and pieces seem awfully (really, pretty much ad verbatim) familiar, even though it's new - did we already have parts of this phone interview in an earlier article?
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