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  1. Obviously only one of the four is The Russia House. You can tell with the titles.
  2. Why is everyone laughing at this? It's a genuine question - and a genuine hope that there isn't.
  3. But is there more Williams on this set than titles, credits, and bumpers?
  4. Even 1 disc of Sleepy Hollow is too much for me, I don't need 4 of them.
  5. The only other one I've heard was the Giacchino - in the film - which I think was alright and hasn't really left a trace in my memory, and I know I should really check out Greenwood someday, but my vote goes to Stalin because it's really an excellent and convincing Shostakovich pastiche.
  6. I'd love for Whittaker to stay on. But at least (according to the reports) it was a 3 series deal and there's probably no hard feelings. I thought the new trailer looks promising, but that may be deceiving - it's mainly Whittaker being her brilliant Doctor-self and not much else. A series long story (that's the current info I believe?) *could* play to Chibnall's strengths, but another apparent comic relief sidekick sounds more like yet another emphasis of his weaknesses.
  7. He did forget the middle section… Or some adviser told him that he keeps mixing up the SW titles in his anecdotes and he turned it into a witticism.
  8. But sometimes. E.g. I think Varese added the info about the Matrix SACD after it turned out to be a FAQ.
  9. Neither do you, or you wouldn't have missed my "and that should be included in web shops too". Forget Amazon, just check the label's own page. That often has some technical information.
  10. TFA is one of Williams' best of this millennium.
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