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  1. Joyride was the first proper music album I ever owned in original form - I got it for Christmas in 1991. I lost track of Roxette when I turned to film music in 1994 and didn't pay a lot of attention to them until they had their comeback with Charm School and I started seeking out the rest of their catalogue and discovered that most of it is really good. It's not deep music, but as far as plain pop goes it doesn't get much better. With just the kind of style (and lots of catchy hooks) to easily attach itself to all kinds of sentimental memories. Shame I didn't bother to get a ticket when they came to Vienna on their reunion tour.
  2. But the Quartet release includes the OST album, and the Varese (which I never thought sounds bad) isn't faithful to the original mix either. The Thor thing to do would be to ditch the Varese and pick up the quartet. And the film is just as good as the score.
  3. Hardly, because Great Train Robbery never sounded old on any release. I feel the same way. I very probably don't need it. But it's the one score that turned me into a Goldsmith fan, so I'll probably not want to risk missing it.
  4. Auberjonois and his character were among the best of the many great things in DS9. I think the only non-Trek thing I've seen him in is Images (and The Little Mermaid, but you only hear him there).
  5. There is, but the label change makes it seem unlikely that they'd reinstate a non-film piece.
  6. I wouldn't mind Williams doing a new non-film recording of the Main Title. I think his live performances in recent years have been the best I've ever heard from him.
  7. Although I do think it's a petty they got rid of both (alternatively) Olympic Fanfare and Sound the Bells. Would have been nice to have at least one bit of non-film based Williams represented.
  8. I don't mind it in HA2, at all, but I am a bit bothered by Williams re-using his own borrowing in Potter.
  9. Brainstorm is essential. As is Sneakers. I got that just for Sing, Sing, Sing.
  10. At Film Night this year, David Newman announted during the second half that "after the next piece, there might be a surprise". Several people left after that piece. The surprise was of course Williams taking over as conductor for the remainder of the concert (plus encores).
  11. I was going to mention that in response to Pub's post. We did it for our Christmas concert last year (though we sadly had to leave out the first half of the finale - that would have taken us another few weeks of rehearsals). Hardest piece we ever did, but impressive. Variation 5 (In the Bleak Midwinter) is perhaps my favourite part (and the men in the choir don't even sing it). It's amazing how perfectly it captures the icy chill of winter and the image of falling snow.
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