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  1. He was bursting with glee when during the first part of the concert. Not quite so much in the end, but I think he was just tired by then. No surprise after a massive concert with 5 encores. I thought the arrangements worked wonderfully and were some of the highlights of the concert. But a diva? Mutter was perfectly humble and absolutely refused Williams's continuous prompts for her to step forward to claim her applause, to the point where I think he even got slightly annoyed with her. But she absolutely made a point of never stepping closer to the audience than Williams was so the applause would be his. And bear in mind that they're playing Vienna Horns. They're much harder to play, and one or two flubs in prominent horn parts are quite normal. The small JP flub wasn't a big issue. And their sound! The brass chorale in War Horse was one of the concert's highlights for me. Made me wish he'd play something from Lincoln. Stupid automatic mode on my DSLR mostly focused on the heads right in front of me. I don't usually use it, and now I know why...
  2. Interesting. But certainly not a likely basis for any foreseeable film or TV adaptations then.
  3. The "new" The Children of Húrin is different from the UT version. As far as I remember, it combines the Sil and UT versions with some alternates and some previously unreleased bridging material. I haven't read the other two yet (they're up next once I finish my current LOTR re-read), but I'd expected them to be similar. As far as I remember what little I read from Book of Lost Tales ages ago, weren't those the very early versions of all the stories? With the Noldor still being called Gnomes etc.? Surely the recent releases of the two tales are based on Tolkiens most "final" fragments and as much in line as possible with the post LOTR mythology. Anyway, that the three are now available as a bundle is certainly because Christopher Tolkien's final release, i.e. The Fall of Gondolin, marks the first time that the three pillars of the Sil are available in self-contained versions. Makes sense to put them in a box set.
  4. I'd never heard of this before, but I'm very interested now. I was hoping to hear more Willis after The Death of Stalin.
  5. Re the forging of the Rings, in relation to that they could of course also use Galadriel and Celeborn a lot - only their story is complex and inconsistent already, so a series adaptation of that will probably make things even more confusing in the big picture. I expect we might see Khazad-dûm at the height of its glory. None of that has been in print since the 80s. These are Christopher Tolkiens late "novelisations" of the three tales based on decades of sorting through his father's fragments. Both The Silmarillion and The Book of Lost Tales have shorter versions and fragments of these, but the "full" editions in this collection were compiled much later. The Children of Húrin, the first of them, was published in 2007, and The Fall of Gondolin only came out in 2018.
  6. It's interesting enough, it flows better than the original (for me) - and it's simply one of the best looking films ever made. Deakins's Oscar was long overdue, but if I had to pick one of his films to award it to, it would very likely be BR 2049.
  7. By the way, if anyone has a spare ticket for Sunday (standing area or cheap seat), I have a friend who would be interested (at regular price). We could exchange ticket & money on Saturday before or after the concert.
  8. You think so? I've been thinking of getting up as soon as he steps on the stage as well. I'm sure we could get the hall to stand up. Too warm for lasting snow. If it snows, it'll turn to mud quickly - or it'll just rain.
  9. And there I was wondering if he'd decide to stop conducting concerts after Vienna...
  10. RIP. Without Christopher Tolkien, Middle-earth as we know it wouldn't be much more than The Hobbit and LOTR.
  11. Not sure. Obviously using them during the performance is forbidden. I've never seen anybody mind people taking the occasional smartphone photo of the applause. I intend to bring my DSLR and make a few quick photos of Williams then, and hope that nobody will complain. Thing is, there's a strict policy of having to leave all coats and bags at the coat check before the concert. Women can keep their handbags, but men usually aren't allowed to keep any kind of bag in my experience. So you'll probably need a woman to take the camera into the hall if you can't fit it in your pocket.
  12. Well, he or B-4 are obviously in this new series. Perhaps in flashbacks though... I've avoided most spoilers, so I don't know and don't want to know. But perhaps that renders my question pointless. Mainly I was thinking of how Spiner argued back then that he couldn't keep playing the character as he aged, because Data wouldn't age, but now he's arguing that It's alright to make him look like older Data rather than younger Data.
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