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  1. Yep. The drive to Tanglewood was the first time @crocodile heard The River (once we got the car radio working). The drive back took more than twice as long, even though we thought we'd waited long enough for most of the traffic to have cleared before leaving Tanglewood.
  2. No, I flew to Boston, rented a car to get to Tanglewood, and a few days later took a train from Boston to NYC. A car seemed like the only sure way to avoid needing a hotel in the Tanglewood/Albany neighbourhood.
  3. Getting strong Lost vibes from this one.
  4. These two responses from that Twitter thread seem to be in your spirit: To be honest, that does sound like it could be an Ustinov highlight.
  5. I rarely read Other Topics these days, but I'll just leave this here…
  6. All of Gerhardt's "Classic Film Scores" RCAs were available in Dolby Surround, as far as I know. I have plenty of those, including SW & ROTJ (which sadly were never remastered, unlike the rest). I guess Varese's ESB simply has nothing to do with that series, "officially", even if the personnel was mostly the same.
  7. Yes, but I've been using that one all the time, so I had to mix things up a bit.
  8. Time for a re-release with a new cover: They should be. It would be odd to perform rearrangements for no reason. Especially for Peter, which is so dependent on its orchestrations. On the other hand, when Karajan recorded Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition in the standard orchestral version created by Ravel (the original is for piano solo, but the Ravel version is the one everybody knows), he apparently augmented some of the orchestral effects (was it anvils? additional bells? I don't recall), but nothing about it is listed in the credits (at least of the v
  9. It's pointless to point out that you just posted about anyway, so I don't feel like mentioning it.
  10. Ok, but what does that have to do with the discussion we're having about natural ambience in the rear channels? Also, you probably shouldn't go to a live performance of The Planets if you're categorically against music not coming from the front.
  11. First part: Same for me. We'll see about the second part in 5 weeks.
  12. I'm not an expert. But from what I've read, a DS track isn't even necessarily specially encoded. The centre channel obviously happens automatically if the stereo signal has something that's dead centre, and apparently the phase shift of reverb also tends to push stuff to the rears. I've always assumed that the supposedly inferior sound of the DS RCA's had more to do with remixing choices than the DS encoding.
  13. Gurken's explanation is correct. But they're not discreet channels, because it's still an analogue stereo signal. The centre channel simply gets all the frequencies that are the same in both channels, and the rears get everything that's phase inverted. A nasty side effect of this is that many Blu-rays of old films come with a 2.0 "mono" channel that is essentially just two channels carrying the same signal. In Dolby Surround, that would all go to the centre channel, but because it's a digital stream and doesn't have the Dolby Surround flag set, my amp at least keeps insisting on pl
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