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  1. I first saw it in IMAX 3D and was blown away. I watched it at home in 2D and it was… nice. I watched it again in 3D and got a glimpse again of what it was like the first time. (It needs a big screen though)
  2. Well, it's based on a book from a series of books, so why not. (Video unavailable in my country)
  3. Does 4K support 3D/do they still make 3D releases? Because score or not, the only way to properly watch Gravity is in 3D. It's irrelevant for many films, it's a nice bonus for some, but it's essential for this one.
  4. Is it? That's something at least that you don't normally get as far as I know. (Not that it matters much with US orders, where everything is listed without tax to begin with - a common source of confusion and complaints that official retail prices for electronics stuff are allegedly so much higher in Europe).
  5. NB: Stores *can* manage the import fees for you. At least Amazon UK does - it costs more there to order to Europe than to the UK, but everything is handled upfront and you don't have to pay extra or worry about additional delays. But I doubt the Varese store does that. At least it didn't last time I ordered there.
  6. I guess it refers to local (British) taxes. You still have to pay import fees. For me that would be 20% of the price incl. shipping plus a €5 handling fee, additional untracked delays, and a trip to the post office to pay the fees and pick it up.
  7. I don't know Doug Fake's reason, but I could imagine it being something as simple as: Even if the mix of the album is inferior in every way, someone would complain loudly for the next ten years that the original mix was censored.
  8. It doesn't have to be "so bad". But the other one might be better (subjectively or objectively), so that's what you'd choose for the listening presentation. Then you get the film version as an alternate. And the original album with a different mix that possibly would make integrating the disc 2 version with the main programme problematic.
  9. Now if it also was music where the difference between a synth orchestra and a real one would actually make a big difference… But the one positive thing I can say about it is: It's better than the entire Fallout score.
  10. That whole segment always reminded me of the Uncharted games.
  11. Maybe, I haven't checked in a while. In any case, last time I ordered, it was clear that the price is at best almost the same as at MBR, but with fewer options for bundling (from different labels). Also, ordering at MBR (or elsewhere in the EU) skips potential customs delays and problems. Delays still happen, but at least they're either before shipping or tracked - when an item is stuck at customs, I simply don't get any updates for a couple of weeks, and then it either arrives or doesn't. My last Varese order was split in two because Lionheart was shipped separately, and that was then declared incorrectly so that I had to pay taxes for the shipping costs again, although I had already done so the first time. Varese were very quick to refund that without any trouble at all (kudos to them), but it's still easier to just avoid it altogether.
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