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  1. (Not sure if Instagram story links work once the story times out, so this may be gone in a few hours) https://www.instagram.com/stories/wienersingverein/3254688099948782315/ The Wiener Singverein (the choir of the Musikverein, one of the major concert choirs of Vienna) apparently has a Williams Christmas song in their programme… but why does it have to be the one that works better without the singing?
  2. Well, that was fun, mostly. It certainly ties the three specials together, but as an individual episode, it again felt a bit rushed, and some of the actual plotting therefore felt a bit out of the blue. But then, that (along with a slight over-fondness for dei ex machinae) has always been a characteristic of RTD's episodes, I suppose. I think it was "love". It didn't seem like a sexually connotated thing though. (And if it was, and implies that Fifteen is gay, I'd say it was a relatively subtle hint).
  3. That's never really clicked with me, and it feels a bit dated, but I'd be interested in checking out an expansion. It's more of a highlights score for me (like The Mission. But the highlights are first rate Morricone.
  4. Those are all top Morricones for me (including the ones in your paragraph, at least 1900 more so than The Untouchables). And The Mission, too, and Once Upon a Time in America.
  5. I mean, my own Morricone collection is really small, and not just compared to his entire output, but to what I have by other composers. I only have about a dozen of his scores (though several of those twice or even thrice). But I definitely wouldn't want to miss most of those.
  6. That's how i read it as well. Yes, they do bake older tapes for restoration in some cases, but in this case it probably just means "it's an integral part of the original master and has always been."
  7. I've been collecting John Williams music since 1994, although for the first years my only sources of information were what CDs I could find in local stores and whatever the liner notes revealed. But I've been online since 1997, been a member of film music message boards since then (FSM first, then MM.com, then JWFan), and was a subscriber to the FSM magazine for a few years around that time. Jane Eyre has always been listed as one of the must-have Williams scores, and rightfully so.
  8. Well they came out of no-thing and only manifested in our universe (and had trouble with that), so I could easily imagine them being able to de-manifest to avoid the explosion. (Although in that case I suppose it would mean they might still be around)
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