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  1. He looks like a cross between his father and Helge Schneider. You mean the traditional present at every Williams Christmas party is branded clothing of their dad's?
  2. Look at all the geek stuff in their homes!
  3. I watched the first two, downloaded two more, missed the rest and never watched those two. Perhaps I'll just wait for the Blu release. Speaking of which, anyone where familiar with the Blu release of the Sagan original? Until a few months ago I didn't even know there is one. I still have to pick it up.
  4. You should consult a discography before posting wrong claims about Williams scores.
  5. As someone who loved Fleabag, The End of the F***ing World is the best TV/series thing I've watched in a long time. It strikes a gripping balance between twisted humour and a seriously dark side, and yet it's persistently entertaining. I watched it in two evenings, but only by gaterhing all my willpower to turn it off after the S1 finale on the first night.
  6. In his most recent statement, he said something to the effect that he's finishing a new chapter every few days, but it'll still take until next year because it's a long book. Two long books are plenty of time to resolve a lot of stuff (though of course there really is an awful lot of stuff to resolve). That Arya cliffhanger in book 3 (was it?) was worse (in a positive sense) than the Red Wedding. And that still was much more intense than the (to me) rather disappointingly tame version in the series. I read those chapters on a business trip to Germany - I left the office in the afternoon to fly there, but only had the first customer appointment the next day. I started reading at the airport in Vienna (not at the beginning of the book, I'd already been reading it for several days), and couldn't put it down until I turned out the light in my hotel room hours later.
  7. Ah. I haven't been there in so many years that I probably wouldn't remember if I knew.
  8. While I fully endorse the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Yavar was talking about the other FSM.
  9. He's still less behind schedule than Tolkien was on LOTR, if I remember correctly. (Of course, Tolkien then proceeded to get The Silmarillion ready for publication, and failed to get that done in the remaining 18 years of his life, but thanks to his son Christopher we got to see tons of material that wasn't finalised for publication during J.R.R. Tolkien's lifetime).
  10. Alright. But I stick by my claim: If it's written and played ppp, it shouldn't be mixed f. I'm not the one who comes home at 5 in the morning (well, up to this point, it can apply to me, but not what comes next) and immediately plays the same song at max volume three times in a row so the whole house can hear it. Ok, so that was years ago, but at one point the played a dance remix of Johnny Cash.
  11. That's a tough one. I own about 4 different versions and I am not really entirely happy with any of them. What do you think of Hans Rosbaud's version? That Rosbaud DG Originals CD (the one shown in the second clip) was my first Sibelius, and while it's in (good) mono, it's still one of the best in my collection. Having not played it in a long time, the tempi in Karelia seem a bit unusual to me, a tad fast in the first two movements and surprisingly slow in the march, but Rosbaud still has moments that ooze more atmosphere than most other versions I've heard. Love the brass fanfares in the march. Rosbaud's Festivo is still my favourite: And his Finlandia packs a punch, too:
  12. Limited edition soundtrack releases certainly are not made for the general consumer. I'm loud, but I'm considerate.
  13. If people can't manager their cohabitants or neighbours, dynamic range can be compressed live during playback on many modern devices. And for playback software, it's a simple filter. It's a bad reason for compromising the quality of a recording for everyone. I've never had a problem with the Dutoit Planets.
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