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  1. Son of a gun!!! I never noticed that! I’ll have to check that out when I get the film on Blu-Ray. That is funny.
  2. Hmm. Approaching the Nursery. Would I be wrong in saying that this cue is the scene where Kylo Ren first encounters Palpatine on Exegol?
  3. I really hope this concert gets released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Heck, I would've loved to simply hear it. From what I read and some of the videos taken, the concert was phenomenal, and the Maestro is looking great. Hard to believe he is 87!
  4. The Maestro's original cue titles; that is cool (even if it is only a partial list)!
  5. This is correct. The B-roll footage shows the recording and performance of 2:06 to 2:18 of the album track; the ending is obviously as recorded, so it is the ending of the cue. It would immediately segue into 2:18 of the album track, which is the next cue. This was micro-edited out for the album track, and it is unused in the film.
  6. Nice analysis. I had the exact same insight with Anthem of Evil, hence why in the end credits suite, the Maestro segues the final note of Anthem of Evil right into The Imperial March. It makes perfect sense. I also felt that Anthem of Evil perfectly encapsulated the Sith Fleet and Palpatine's plan to regain control and return to full form. Also, I believe Anthem of Evil makes one final statement in the film before the end credits. It is an unreleased cue. I need to know how to do a spoiler tag so I can refer to the scene in question. It has to do with Palpatine and something he does; it is during the climax.
  7. Very interesting and cool insight. I noticed that too. I've really enjoyed this over 40 year journey known as the Star Wars Saga (not in the literal sense, as I am only 27 years old, but I was introduced to Star Wars when I was six years old with Episode IV, V and VI on VHS. I saw Episode I, II, and III in theaters. I've read the novels and seen the series that add additional depth and content to the Saga, and I've enjoyed every moment; I also saw Episode VII, VIII and IX in theaters, of course; I experienced all of Galaxy's Edge and enjoyed everything). My passion for classical and contemporary orchestral music began with Maestro John Williams, having first heard that Main Title. I still remember my expression of awe and delight as a six year old kid. Now 27, that same feeling inside never left. What a great journey. I can't wait until Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker comes out on Blu-Ray and Digital. The collection will be complete. Now the only thing that I'll have to wait for is a box set of all nine scores remastered and expanded in the definitive treatment that the Maestro's work deserves. Anyway, a heartfelt congratulations and thank you to the cast and crew of Episode VII, VIII and IX, everyone at Lucasfilm, a thank you to George Lucas, and a tremendous thank you and congratulations to the Maestro himself.
  8. I think it can be stated as fact that Star Wars is the Maestro's magnum opus. No other composer has done a series of this length, adding new themes and musical ideas with each chapter. The Saga is now complete. What an incredible journey. That is a really cool shirt. Maybe I'll get one.
  9. THIS MUST HAPPEN! Either way is certainly possible. I hope it happens in the very near future.
  10. There needs to be a guide for unreleased cues included on the FYC album as well as any sections of music included on the FYC album that is microedited on the OST album. I hope that happens soon. I'd like a complete listen of full cues before the eventual expanded release. Anyway, I have to wait until Christmas Eve to have my hands on the soundtrack album. In the meantime, I'll be going to see the film again tonight (as well as Saturday and Sunday), not just because it was good. I want to memorize as much of the score in the film as possible before waiting for the film to come out on Blu-Ray and Digital.
  11. My sentiments exactly and more. I saw it last night with a packed audience; I was blown away. The film was really good, and of course, the Maestro knocked it out of the ballpark. A great way to end the Saga. Congratulations, Maestro. A 42-year journey wrapped up nicely and beyond expectations. Also, quite a few people, including myself and family, stuck around until the end of the credits. As soon as that final note of music concluded, every person clapped and cheered (as people did when the credits started) It was like being at a concert.
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