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  1. Wow; VERY well said. I'll go a step further and say it is any time the Maestro puts out a new work, be it a film score or concert piece.
  2. After comparing the lengths of ALL of the Maestro's concertos and pieces that comprise of multiple movements, I can 100% confirm that his Violin Concerto No. 2, at 35 minutes in length, is the longest piece he has composed and conducted thus far. Also, it is clearly the longest piece he has composed and conducted thus far, PERIOD. Oh, and please don't ask me to make a list of the total lengths of all his concertos and multiple movement pieces. It was time consuming enough just to compare the lengths.
  3. Do you know something the rest of us don’t, or are you going to plead the 5th?
  4. @Jay What is your opinion on Mike Mattessino being involved in a remastered release of Hook’s 1991 soundtrack album on vinyl for Mondo Records? I’d like to believe that this is a sign that Mike is or has been working on an upcoming remastered and expanded release containing the entire score for the 30th anniversary, and Mondo Records is collaborating to release the remastered 1991 album, similar to Superman, but I would be extremely disappointed if it was just the 1991 album and nothing else. Isn’t Hook your all-time favorite score by the Maestro? Would you be disappointed if it turns out that
  5. Huh. Maybe there is some precedence to this remastered Vinyl release, since Mike Mattessino is involved. Maybe it is a sign that he is working on a complete release of Hook for the film’s 30th anniversary. Besides, why would Mike Mattessino, who is the Maestro’s personal score archivist and has restored and presented the complete scores to numerous films, work on a remaster of the 1991 OST album for Mondo Records and leave it at that? It would be highly unusual and, to be frank, a missed opportunity.
  6. E.T.’s 4K Blu-Ray release includes the remastered 1982 OST CD that Mike Mattessino worked on that was part of the 35th anniversary complete release. Wait, so Mike Mattessino worked on this upcoming vinyl release? That’s…interesting, I guess.
  7. Well, I guess that rules out Hook being La La Land Records next release from the Maestro. Very disappointing.
  8. Dude, no offense taken; I was actually being sarcastic. Though, I actually did re-type the sentence; in hindsight, maybe I should have left it as it was. Still, no offense taken; it's all good.
  9. Jeez, way to take a section of a sentence and place it completely out of context and make no sense; I actually had to re-type the sentence to avoid that now. I know it was a joke, but still...
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