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  1. Awesome!! That piece alone demonstrates the Maestro’s unparalleled skills as an arranger, in addition to composer and conductor. Looking forward to more videos.
  2. The opening and closing narration, The Intersection Scene (without shrieking female chorus), and The Separation of the Family (an alternate version of Boston Street Finale).
  3. Just finished listening to the entire score for the first time. The clarity of the sound is phenomenal and a great improvement from the OST. It is great to hear all of the previously unreleased music for the first time outside of the film itself. Perfect listening for Halloween. Heck, I think I'll re-watch the film on 4K Blu-Ray again just for the heck of it. Chills!
  4. It came! I will be listening to the score, reading the liner notes with a nice cup of ginger tea later this evening.
  5. Uh, you know when I say "definitive," I mean "complete," as in the entire score. Sometimes, and now very rarely, expanded does not necessarily mean complete (*cough* Hook 2012 Two-CD set *cough*).
  6. I finally received the Blu-Ray and CD set. After watching the concert and listening to the CD, here are my impressions. The Maestro conducting one of the greatest orchestras in the world; the Maestro and the Vienna Philharmonic. My response to that combination: it is about damn time. Seeing this concert and listening to the CD made me shed tears of joy and awe. From The Flight to Neverland all the way to The Imperial March, this concert was legendary. Flawless experience; the sound is phenomenal, and the performances breathed new life into the Maestro's already life-filled music! It must have
  7. Well, the discussion really should be on whether or not one thinks the score will get the remastered and expanded treatment by the end of the year, as well as a discussion on the score, specially the unreleased cues and sections of music not on the OST. Often times I’ve listened to the OST on repeat; I’ve also re-watched the film just to listen to the score.
  8. Within the next few years, that is without question. The likelihood of it being released by the end of the year is what is open to discussion.
  9. I worded that wrong. More of a discussion and open dialogue, basically.
  10. After watching Amistad on Blu-Ray with remastered picture and sound, I wanted to start this thread. The Maestro's score, like the film itself, is a masterpiece. However, there is over 40 minutes of the score that has not yet been released. The first attempt of Mr. Baldwin communicating with the Africans, Cinque's tale of slaying the lion, his entire flashback sequence, Yambe explaining the Bible to Cinque, the entirety of Adams' Summation are just a few of many yet to be released highlights from the score. The entire score is a brilliant combination of African texture and instrumentation with
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