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  1. Where is the link to possibly purchase tickets and see what seating is available?
  2. Yeah, it says “editorially created film version.” To be honest, it is obvious this was editorially created; it does not flow well, especially in contrast to how the music was composed and conducted by the Maestro. It just sounds weird, where as how it was composed and conducted is just perfect. I have to ask. Why include this if it was editorially created? The sound quality in the edited sections is evidently different from the rest. It’s not like Tranquilizer Dart and End Credits (Film Version).
  3. Finished listening. Just phenomenal. One question though. What is the story behind Ripples (Film Version)?
  4. Listening to the score now. I can definitely tell the sound is more improved and crystal clear all throughout. I can even pick up on minor details I did not hear before. For those wondering: yes, Rescuing Sarah sounds phenomenal.
  5. It’s a shame this won’t ship until August 18th; it will be worth the wait, obviously, but still…
  6. YES!!! I got the 2016 box set of the Maestro’s scores, I got the 2022 remastered and expanded release of Jurassic Park, and soon, I will have this!
  7. This will be an instant purchase! Too bad it is two years out. Shoot!
  8. I’ve completed everything else. I made it to the ultimate clash; everything the story has been building up to. I won’t give anything away for those who have not gotten there yet. I will say this. The build-up, the confrontation and finale were phenomenal. Also, the music… Wow.
  9. After over 250 hours of play time, I’ve completed all 152 shrines, every side adventure, all but one side quest (Where Are the Wells?) and all but two of the main quests (Find Princess Zelda and Destroy Ganondorf). I've explored all of the Depths and all the Sky Islands. I’ll be exploring any unexplored areas of Hyrule, including caves (I feel like finding the rest of the Bubbulfrogs and collecting the bubbul gems) finishing the one side quest left, and then locating the rest of the armor sets before fighting the Demon King. This has been a masterpiece of a game; the story is great, the game-play is engaging, and the music is great too.
  10. The more I see the film , the more I love it. I can’t wait until it comes out on 4K Blu-ray. Also, every time I see the film, I notice more details in the Maestro’s score that make it even more phenomenal, all the more wishing for the complete score to be released (along with the rest of the Maestro’s work, of course). I REALLY hope we get a score-only version of the film.
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