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  1. I know I'm probably gonna get slaughtered for this but here it goes: I think this is absolutely freakin' incredible. I've been listening to it all day. It's based around the rendition from the Rise of Skywalker trailer and I just find it amazing. I'm sure this will be considered heresy but it's a Williams/Zimmer mash-up that just hits me in the right place. Modern and yet, not. I'd love to hear an actual orchestral version of this. Thoughts?
  2. Sorry. I don't believe that anything from China for a huge discount will be anything but a bootleg.
  3. You know Williams. The original soundtrack usually has to be included.
  4. This might be easier: The major things I'm referring to: At 1:00, it sounds like there's more drums there - which leads into the different music when Mola looks at the boy. 2:18 is different for about 20 seconds with sweetners after that?? 3:14, there's an overlay (I believe) of the chorus singing in a higher octave that continues. The ending sounds a bit different as well. Now, I'm also only talking about the main sacrifice up until 4:25. The rest is easily added. (I apologize in advance for my primitive understanding of some of this stuff.)
  5. I guess because it doesn't seem like anything was necessarily recorded as intended. It seems like it was just edited in post, for the most part. There's lots of crazy edits so it's pretty sloppy to put it in as heard in the film. Surely there's far more than just that. I feel like I hear differences all over the place. I mean...granted, it's only from surrounds but, still.
  6. IF/When an expanded (and hopefully complete) ToD is released, I had an interesting question that I'd love to get some feedback on. For some strange reason, I really love the sacrifice music. However, there are so many variations in the film between the two scenes it's used in. How do you think it will ultimately be presented? Will we just get the album version and that's it? No sweeteners or variations? I also wonder how it was recorded.... Just me over here having thoughts that take me away from real work...
  7. Do you have a link to the original interview footage?
  8. Proud SAG member here...who makes his living entirely as an actor. Ask away. Also, my roommate from college is a working dutch actor.
  9. That is incorrect. Follow the history of this doc on Originaltrilogy.com. You must be confusing it with another one OR the bits and pieces that have come out over the years.
  10. Uh. Ok. I just know that, for NYC where this whole thing premiered, TFA was the one that wasn't remotely sold out and barely sold any tickets initially. The newer movies won't sell nearly as much as the OT. And I would argue that TLJ is far more divisive than TFA. So good luck selling tickets to that! I actually would love to hear the prequels preformed alone, without having to watch the actual films.
  11. They're Japanese. Blu-spec versions of the same CD's.
  12. Doesn't a battle have to consist of a mutual fight? And doesn't a lightsaber fight have to include actual sabers touching? Or is that just a silly notion that I've built up in my head from every other Star Wars movie ever? Rhetorically speaking...
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