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  1. Conclusion: They should release the complete score in the fisrt place. Fees already paid! Dont waste time and money on short OSTS...
  2. wanted to know if somebody had already tried to do it in the past... But i'm writing them right now
  3. is it possible to ask for them to delay an order not yet shipped... in order to wait and get the next williams?
  4. he doesnt look like a 78 year old man in those photos at all. In the 1st one he could pass for a middle fifties even.
  5. I think that name of the rose was synth because they couldnt afford an orchestra? (isnt it an european film with a lot of famous american actors and horner himself.)
  6. Williams preferred version seems to be the version from the Lost World, tempo included.
  7. Yuck i read something about it too. If this results in having to pay customs or any other extra money....i think this will be the last time I buy from an American retail. I just would not be able to afford it. Well, i probably could...but i don't want to! Unless it still cheaper than buying in Europe... Time to ask Quartet records if they could do as Music Box and sell LLL, Intrada and Varese 's items... PS: Ordered...
  8. In your humble opinion, of course. (and that of those biased voters at filmtracks )
  9. the regular tickets go on sale in august right? I asked my wife...and surprisingly she liked the idea so we may attend the concert
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