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  1. Lol well it is not lucas fault anymore… btw, i dont enjoy star wars as i used to be. Only the favreau and filony works get some interest…
  2. The battle of syracusse has a timpani rythm similar as the opening of the lost world theme. Just that.
  3. I cant believe there is no officialy word about this. Maybe after ariel gets asleep in her bed? Sebastian calls her hopeless child… and the next scene is in the morning after
  4. To me… the point is… I can really picture Zimmer doing the experiment himself as his next score gimmick. “Hey this is a film about AI so i got an AI to write music like my own!”(And people would be raving about how cool and inspired zimmer is…) and he would have sold it as “music produced by hans zimmer” or something. for all we know he was not reacheable to comment because he is angry he did not come with the idea himself 😜
  5. And in visitor in san diego. and i still think that in fire at camp, williams uses something similar for kellys reveal.
  6. Dude it is menkens Sea Storm music from the original film! and it is very fitting as one sailor in the original film says at the beggining that the weather is good because triton must be happy. So when he is angry they used the sea storm music.
  7. Finally got it. Listened to the alternates. So cool! (Yes i have self restrain and hadnt listened to them before. I had to make the purchase more worthy!
  8. THAT. say that you are ok with your country’s customs tax. that you meant the XX dollars they charged you as tax when ordering the item as can be seen in your order receipt.
  9. My parcel was on hold until i paid the spanish vat in the dme tracking site provided, it stated clearly that the package had no prepaid customs duties. Unlike the order last year who went to my house without customs intervention.
  10. Intermezzomedia used UPS for me. You can re-arrange the delivery to a pickup point. I ordered tlw and sabrina for 87.80€ so each was 43.90€. Only tlw would have costed 48.90€ though they have yet to ship it. It seems sabrina was out of stock…
  11. As the uk is out of the UE it may have different import policies anyway…
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