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  1. Shmi has a distintive thematic material reprised several times. The Queen...not so much...
  2. In Spanish we will have the same voice anyways. That's the good thing of dubbing...
  3. They should have given the opportunity to Ashley Eckstein. Her voice is Ashoka.
  4. Yeah I don't understand. I would be shy to even tell.him to rescore a scene....
  5. The Reunion (Film Version) name is to differentiate from the OST track? Because there is no other version of the Reunion on the 2cd set.
  6. Films on 2021 are going to have extremelly good CGI with all those extra months for post production ..
  7. Did you get it on second or third printing? Well now I have something to pair far and away with...a replacement back cover.... My disaster box didn't come with an extra back cover, because the correct one is already on the disc proper, if that info is worth something The conveyEr belt is still there though...
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