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  1. So We wanted to watch the josh weddon version... and it's nowhere on HBO, netflix... Has the film been cancelled too?
  2. Yes, i think Dr Strange will save the day... or will come to inspect the wreckage caused... Maybe an uncontollred Chaos-Wanda will be the villain of Multiverse of Madness.
  3. Maybe "No way home" implies after the multiverse "madness" that will come, in the end he goes to the Venom-morbius alternate reality, so he continues as spiderman, but in the Sony-only timeline....
  4. Make it three And Four And i dont know anymore. Heck, in this one it seems james bond a side character in some turkish dancers film
  5. Bad news for me! I love Giacchino Marvel music... But well, i hope Elfman at least keeps fully Giacchino's themes. Specially after all what he said about Batman and Superman....... It's really sad the thematic continuity of the Marvel universe, so many iconic heroes that dont really have anything near superman march.
  6. All we need is size-adaptative TV screens so they morph in the desired aspect ratio to eradicate the black bars
  7. Happy belated birthday maestro!
  8. I dont know if there would be a more specific thread for this... Does anyone here collect jurassic park merchandise? If affirmative...does anyone have 1993's "jurassic park the boardgame" and "jurassic park dinosaur escape" card game?
  9. Lets hope the Willow TV series makes the soundtrack expansion possible soon and not the opposite, James Bond way of thinking :/
  10. Like some of the hasbro toys lol.
  11. Holy f*cking shit XD Worse than "bad times at El royale", for example? IMO Rogue one has has some worthy highlights. I want the complete score
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