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  1. Could be a scam, but fiddler, and a book about bacon when a thread for bacon is here (in a film score forum…) looks like it is intentional…
  2. Which makes it funny williams seems to be fond of that score and yet he prevents release of source cues from other scores….
  3. All of those sound interesting though cinderella liberty never was mi cup of tea regarding williams scores.
  4. It was nice, bosemans desth was treated the best they could. But i think as a film i prefer the first one. the special effects were not specially good.cgi namor as a decade bad cgi. It seems that disney does not spend much on sfx lately, as in two months the film is going to be in disney + or something… i hope avatar 2 makes studios spend more care in sfx. There should have been quechua lyrics as they use african lyrics in some songs. Or english like rihannas (but that is more of less the same problem… but english has yo be there for most of the world. It would be a little pretentious to make the whole thing in aztec and african languages… like apocalypto or passion of the christ. A superhero movie does not need that….
  5. Saw the film yesterday. I think the inclusion of spanish lyrics songs is bewildering regarding the subject. Arent the consquistadors deeds evil?didnt namors people hide before they were tainted by the spanish culture? It makes no sense either story wise or music wise. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Yeah but ewoks could live in real location redwood forest. Wookies live in much more large trees. That maybe didnt look as good with 1983 sfx. and with one wookie you can make three ewok costumes
  7. Suposedly making kashyyk and wookies would have costed too much.
  8. Was the spaceship on the books? It was really wild concept and i didnt not remember it.
  9. What about the duel of the fates ostinato in esb’s “training of a jedi knight” at 0:20?
  10. My god 40$ (shipping is 20,28!) and i will have to pay taxes in spain. Cost prohibitive.
  11. 20$ is very good, has anyone from europe order from them?
  12. Luke Skywalker


    I have never been exhausted by a williams score…
  13. It was the director deborah chow that told her to restrain. Kathleen kennedy was the one who hired wiliams…
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