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  1. Love it. Though the force theme would have worked wonders too. it just saddens me this or a similar wiliams composition could have been rogue one’s hope theme for giacchino to work around.
  2. Damn i hate everytime i read that they dont want to adhere to the williams sound.
  3. No dragons shown, and shorsa is alive so… they are not following Lucas official story at all. Shame but ok willow himself looks good
  4. The forgot in the back the explanation of the meaning of the asterisks….
  5. Man when they run out of goldsmith scores to release….there will be a true flood of williams releases…..
  6. And the “impact thremors “tremolo from t rex chase is there too i think
  7. The synth trumpets after the synth bass in the main theme remind me of blade runner somehow. Could it be an unconscious choice by williams because harrison fords haircut and look is very similar to deckard’s…? 😅
  8. Thats the point.. she wants to return to her former self. im glad that the love story from the first film will continue. But that was a little spoilerish clip
  9. The main vilain from rebels season one appears soooo
  10. Alias also contains some punt titles i think Probably the isolated puns are true giacchinos, while paul apelgreen staryed doing full albums.
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