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  1. More likely it was ghostwritten by his cat…when it stepped on the keyboard….
  2. I would delete from the playlist john goldfarb… even its track title ends telling you something between brackets…. Well if she is into score collecting…. You could impress her with your shelves full of jerry goldsmith complete scores…released in 2021….
  3. Thanks, I missed that. I thought... hmm when happened the dream scene, i dont remember it...
  4. They could also stop reissuing some scores like poseidon adventure , the star treks, and others every few years….or making LPs…. and if a better, albeit lossy, source for hook exists, use it!
  5. Well when i open the files to edit in cooledit, i usually look at the spectrum to check i have saved it lossless and for example if i want to cut silences, that i dont delete anythiing visible in the spectral view (that in the waveform could be a line because the volume is very low). I would have noticed if i had opened the azkaban cues or the schindler ones to make acomplete edit….
  6. Are those two discs the only ones that comprise previously released material? then mixing both of them to spare expenses by one disc makes some sense. if there are more discs with already released music…then i dont know why they chose only those two.
  7. There will be flashbacks for sure. But then after george lucas put him on return of the jedi, they can use him as a force ghost totally.
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