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  1. Hideous isnt like a horrid thing, like the deformed face of a zombie? Or some backstabber lurking in the shadows? I dont see the musical meaning...
  2. nice, but a shame he cant be officially called 'sir' It is too late for him to ask for british citizenship?
  3. Yeah they seem to want to pave the road so when williams is no longer with us, the music of starwars will be at a point where they wont have to even think about paying homage for his music ever.
  4. Local dubs would have been great I think that i worded it wrong and may be misleading. if you buy one cd, you pay X$ for shipping. If you order 2 cds you pay 2X $ for shipping, if you buy 3, 3X and so on… outrageous
  5. 84€ i bough both aladdin and hunchback. They charge for each cd shipping. So you pay the same either if you order one item or bundle several things together…
  6. Mine shipped, i paid international trackable shipping… and since day 15 it says that it is bound to US export facility. And that’s it 😑
  7. Probably he is not an english native and he meant “cool” or “enjoyable”. funny is a funny word to translate sometimes
  8. I think that female dwarves could be mistaken as young males, boys. In the hobbit films and i think in this show, female dwarves have sideburns. thats enough for me…
  9. the "arabian nights reprise (unreleased master)" from the behing the magic CDs, would be the final cue after the "happy end in agrabah alternate" from the Legacy collection? BTW this set is great... i havent had to do hardly anything to replace the english songs with the spanish songs.
  10. Just a question. Why is that Robin Williams does not sing "Arabian Nights" if he voices the character that sings the song?
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