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  1. Just saw the making of the last jedi on disney+ the other day and it was so depressing to see that mark hamill being displeased about the treatment of luke skywalker was a recurring theme throughout the documentary.
  2. Sad news. How unfortunate Rest in peace
  3. I didnt knew that either. The fool chose his mothers name as artistic name...to confuse us with the guitarrist!!!!
  4. Matt himself replied to the original message. My replacement will be shipped shortly :). Thanks LLL!
  5. Ok i inquired LLL again about my order, three months overdue... Its strange they did not answer my previous email really . I used info@lalaland-ent.com which is what they ask in the main page...but the next time i will use the contact us form that always worked in the past...
  6. Hola! Bienvenido! If you have any questions about the rules or something you dont understand you can ask me if you want
  7. I attened both programs in my city and there was no overlapping, aside from encores, (Imperial march and cantina band)
  8. Well see what happens to the canon expanded universe when disney o whomever owns the property in 40 years from now on want to make more films afresh...or even reboot the saga.... But yes the yoda theory is so wild...i will leave this thread heheheh
  9. Yoda calls anakin that throughout the whole prequel trilogy and clone wars. Mattris dont continue this dark path you jave set yourself....in 20 years, when the new trilogy ruins the saga again and radically differs how you want it to continue, you will be deeply embarrased to remebember the things you are saying now. I have been there, done that... That's lost time I will never retrieve....
  10. For christsake. The sequel trilogy ruins rotj closure like kotcs ruined the last crusade closure. Period.
  11. I think i read years ago that his father, the king, was a star wars fan. I found this...i think it is a little exxagerating but.... Well it ways the whole family went to see the rise of skywalker..... https://www.diariodesevilla.es/gente/reyes-star-wars-guerra-galaxias-cine_0_1421558170.html
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