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  1. Can I join the club? Atrocious music. And at the same time it gets into your head.
  2. Indeed.... Some of the clone wars episodes are not chronological....there are some lists out there to watch in correct order. For example the film takes place somewhere in between season 1.
  3. Well, i saw he film after listening to the score (and loving it). So the score really elevates the film. the land race is great in the film and watching it sometimes my hairs rise...i think it is a powerful track. The film is not a masterpiece, but it can be watched...i think. I love this score and i hope Mattesino does an expansion soon, and the patriot too!
  4. For me it's not vital, but I like to hear when John Williams takes on folk or ethnic music. He usually is a master representing the soul of each genre.
  5. Yeah i meant that in the list it is not mentioned
  6. From the old lore, jedi could attain immortality out of love and peace and become force ghosts. Sith could have ghosts but they were always attached to some physical object, like a tomb, artifact or whatever, maintained by they anger and hate. Maybe Palpatine is attached to the death Star ii wreckage.
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