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  1. Yeah but you can make a reservation order there...unlike in LLL where if it's no in stock you can't add it to your cart...
  2. Question: are the destruction of alderaan music and the two death star shots music from return of the jedi musically related? It seems to me that the latter are fast paced versions of the same idea-ostinato?
  3. Umm...seriously? I received today LLL email with minority report back in stock. So I'm going to order it alongside the disaster box...and wonder what? Now the disaster box is out of stock.
  4. In a few years they can release a rarities Williams CD with all the missing sourcw cues...LLL do not make us double dip for them...
  5. I remember seeing Ashoka for the first time (the film) and disliked her...but as the series progressed and her story continued in rebels, she is really one of the best things that sprouted from the clone wars.
  6. Yeah it is the original sail barge assault cue intertwined seamlessly with tie fighter attack. Did Fred Steiner orchestrate this one or just "superstructure chase" ? I thought the other day...how would the star wars finales be if John had never rescored binary sunset with the more familiar force theme??
  7. I just listened this score today! It's amazing how Williams intertwined tie fighter attack into the original cue, creating an amazingly fun and original cue that really does not count as copy paste...like the later track into the death star or the usage in the last jedi or other instances Williams has made in sequel scores
  8. I always thought mattesino created them. But I have the erroneous belief that he made it all...he just wrote the liner notes there, right?
  9. The EU had Luke making mistakes...and he even was exiled by the government. His story arc was much better than what we got. Anyway, seeing him as a wise master in the academy would have been enough. Wars don't make anyone great anyway
  10. Let's see if this airs sometime in the future. I would be delighted to watch it
  11. In hindsight...truly mark hammill must be very disappointed. He barely has any relevance in TFA and tros, being the supposed hero .. we never see him a great jedi really
  12. Wops...reading the cue title..I thought it was for the Ben and Rey kiss....with as bad pun..
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