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  1. I wonder, how is that williams has not power enough to force a william ross score in a star wars film? He seems his.most preferred candidate... :/
  2. to me, the ending played on the video sounds like new music. he could have recorded the video while the orchestra was playing....
  3. Giacchinos fanfare is one of the best things to happen musically in the MCU.. Anyway it sounds to me he somehow adapted the tyler material too, so thats nice from him.
  4. Wow, dissapointing. Lets see next month.
  5. He didnt want giacchino on his themes again... yet he still did JW 2 and is doing JW 3....
  6. Well ok. Yet if he judged the synth demos...maybe he thought those were the real deal and sounded awful... Anyway this score seems the best candidate for a sessions leak by the composer himself for the obvious reasons and funnily it's one of the few from giacchino not to have one. But maybe its the obvious reasons after all, as it could unleash an angry williams over the world...
  7. The problem is giacchino already did that so he he wont do it.
  8. Aladdins 30th anniversary is next year (2022). So lets hope thats it. I feel old, very old.
  9. interesting. Hope it gets a digital release by the least...
  10. Great news to know the line is alive, and Menken scores keep getting released. Aladdin must be released someday then! When is it's next XX anniversary?
  11. And still with the tight schedule, he had to rewrite several cues because williams did not like them. Add that more stress. In fact williams should be impressed that giachino has been coping with jjabrahms for countless of movies. Thats some merit, isnt it? Btw, i love rogue one, and i would love to hear giacchinos original ontentions too.
  12. I wonder if the lack of bootlegs regarding Rogue one could be in part because Williams attitude. Maybe Giacchino does not want to make him angry so he has been more tight-fist with this score's material.
  13. Hmm most of these ROgue One information had slipped my knowledge. It saddens me my two favourite composers had have this kind of headbutting I would love to hear Giacchino's early versions...i hope they vere recorded (and never deleted on purpose...). I think that What giacchino did was what everyone was expecting of the score. I could really have lived with "Rogue One Original themes by Joyhn Williams, Music composed and adapted by Michael Giacchino". And heck. I would have loved to have a Williams Rogue one score. Why are they so s
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