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  1. could still be a preserved specimen to study... It would be nice if thrawn returned in a retold version of Heir to the empire trilogy. Maybe ezra is with ashoka already...i hope she runs an alternate jedi academy from luke skywalker...and that it is not destroyed by kylo ren....
  2. In attack of the clones, obi wan is a mere jedi knight. Qui gon also is i think. The title jedi master is for the council members. Of course apprentices call their masters "master" because they are...
  3. IRRC jedi aged slower. in TPM the official databases then stated mace windu was like 80 yo, and quigon maybe was in this 70s. I dont know what the heck obi-wan did
  4. Why did they exploded the body? Sounds a little gross really...
  5. so 80% of the score are the highlights? they rather could have not dropped any cues, really
  6. The 2x02 episode was a little filler. The first season was like this also...but i think the story should move forward a little more faster.
  7. Yes, I asked asked him in person at a Q&A round after a conference in Úbeda.
  8. Woulnt you mean toothless? I thought that was LLL's territory....
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