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  1. Watched two episodes, kiddie stuff, but i can stand it because it's jurassic park-world building. I would love to play the viddogame that opens the 1st chapter!
  2. Giacchino has composed the themes and nami melumad the score for the upcoming VR medal of honor videogame. Yay! It seems a release is coming too I thinl it comes from a interview made in spanish, if you search "giacchino melumad medal of honor" its the only link i found.
  3. The synth in that jurassic park game took me out of appreciating the music, really.
  4. I just.meant that mr edelman doesnt do expansions very much...so he could try one of his best known works...
  5. So if intrada or LLL do not press their contract copies in a period of time, the contract expires...yet we have to wait for this to sold out all 3000 copies?
  6. I noticed Lalaland's recent cds seem to be thinner. They play fine for the moment...
  7. Thanks everyone reminding me we dont haver this score in good quality-complete form :p
  8. Both XWvsTF and balance of power campaign didnt had music not from the star wars osts tracks. I played those cds and jedi knight's a ton back in the day...as it was my only way to listed to star wars music .
  9. Is there an alternate ending to the jungle chase in the sheets? It could be heard a few seconds in the game staff of kings, but it is not in the sessions.
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