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  1. Particularly at 1:01, when it goes FULL HERRMANN EVIL
  2. Yeah! I remember Gustavo mentioned somewhere that he asked Johnny for advice regarding this particular project.
  3. I hope the title isn't indicative that it will have a more whimsical tone... I'm reallly hoping for something simple, intimate and sincere.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/COdK2nvhE6_/ I can't embed it but look and listen
  5. On his SW themes. I don't think Williams cares for JP as personally as he does for SW.
  6. First of all, it's quite funny because he refers to Spielberg and JW as Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Williams at all times. I don't know if he ever called them by their first names, but it shows just how professional Silvestri is Second, he says a couple of interesting things about RPO: - He mentions that at the beggining of the process, Spielberg asked Silvestri via email (if I understood correctly) if he would provide piano sketches played to picture (which Silvestri mentions is Williams' usual practice) and he had to reply something starting with "Mr. Spielberg..." that sai
  7. I'm listening and it's fantastic! I love how Alan tells stories, he's so entertaining and hilarious
  8. Agreed! I like that sometimes he took some established Williams ideas from the first score and pushed them forward, like that little Stravinsky-like muted trombone figure that imitates the Raptor call. I mean, listen to those muted trombones... Delicious!
  9. JJ: I loved your scores to Back to the Future, Legend of Zelda and Planet of the Apes! Do you think you can bring some of that sound to the table? That was great. Great stuff. JW: (thinking) Should I tell him?
  10. Agreed. My only complaint is that it leaned too heavily on the first score for its sound. Would have loved to hear one or two cues with percussion ala TLW, as sometimes the action pieces can get a little too dense in its orchestral writing and could have brought a little change of pace when listening one track after the other. I remember listening to the whole score I would end up exhausted and with a minor headache, like with Powell's X-Men 3 score xD
  11. She's proven in the last years to be crazier and crazier, so who knows at this point. Ah, right! Could be, JJ seems to be a little on the defensive and JW processing how the hell can he do what JJ's asking. In the end it was a good idea, but JW always the professional he is, complied.
  12. WAIT WHAT So on the AFI when JJ's talking, Johnny's thinking "thank God that nightmare is over..." Oh sweet summer child, he didn't know...
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