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  1. Digging the sample a lot! Was expecting something more in line with his Greengrass collaborations so this is a nice surprise.
  2. Che guarda que los mods te van a cagar a pedos
  3. It would be fair to take into consideration the fact that it would probably been more difficult for Spielberg to get financing for an original musical instead of a remake of a famous one. In this day and age, even ol' Stevie has trouble financing his vanity projects. I remember he complained that Lincoln was almost an HBO movie, but how things are going his should at least do an Irishman type of deal, where the movie is projected in some theaters but it's also available on streaming. He's being a contrararian for no good reason, at least in my opinion.
  4. La La Land was made for relatively little money, Blade Runner 2049 cost a fortune that was never to brake even. The fanbase isn't that strong and the word of mouth didn't help it.
  5. To me it's the complete opposite of what you describe. I find that -most of- his music is so honest, so poignant and more often than not, simple on a Mozart level. What I mean by this is that, a lot of times, Morricone writes for just a group of instruments and it all sounds so simple and effortless... It's pure magic and it rocks me to my core.
  6. Well, Spielberg's still very much recognised but he doesn't draw the masses in like he used to. Maybe he'll do a superhero film eventually, I seem to recall he was developing that Blackhaws thingie some time ago.
  7. Sounds really nice! The overrall sound is closer to the smaller orchestra in Ice Age 2, which I'm quite fond of.
  8. I still can't believe this was the reason he dropped it. There's *no way* they couldn't find the right child actor.
  9. I think at this point Spielberg is doing whatever he feels like, regardless of box-office. Either that or he'll do a super mega sure-fire box office hit for his next movie (after Fablemans) to compensate for this.
  10. La La Land had a lot of star power helping it. Two of the hottest stars of the moment vs.... a remake of a musical nobody was craving for.
  11. Done, thank you! Great job everyone! Lovely pieces all around.
  12. I'm giving the edge to Horner because his orchestrations feel a bit more balanced and complex, and his music really breathes. There's just no comparison to the feeling he can accomplish when he gives his all. I mean, that dynamic range on Land Before Time (for example) is unmatched. Silvestri seems to be a gig kinda guy. For him, most of the time, it's a job and he does it greatly. But I'd like him to do something outside of film (or theater), even if it's a couple of original jazz pieces -as one of his greater interests seems to be jazz. His soundtrack albums tend to drag more often than not, whereas with Horner there's a great deal of his albums that are just *perfect*.
  13. A third surprise film would be awesome, but it's probably Indy or Fabels, as mentioned above. Give me a super small score for Fablemans! Like 90% solo piano with three or four other solo instruments. And just that, no big orchestra. Make it super intimate
  14. Yeah, as far as I can remember there was some exclusivity deal with a film Hans was doing at the time (I *think* it was The Last Samurai) so he couldn't legally put his name on the credits as "Music by" on POTC, but as Silvestri was fired very late in the game despite writing demos for less than a third of the movie's runtime, Bruckheimer called Hans and they worked it out so that Badelt would get main credit and Zimmer could provide the foundational work so that team could compose and record the score in what I remember was less than 12 days. The details are fuzzy, so those who have the actual scoop don't hesitate to correct me, but that's what I can remember right now.
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