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  1. You missed Brothers! Underrated highlight
  2. On to that next place, Maestro. You and your music will live forever.
  3. I loved the series, it's not perfect but it's really good. Better than the movie I might say.
  4. The only real thing I disagree with (or find out of my place) regarding the winning entry is the use of that Spanish trumpet that intervienes a couple of times. I don't understand what the hell is doing there But apart from that I've been humming the main melody since I've heard it, so no complaints from me.
  5. Thank you kindly, @SteveMc and @Incanus!
  6. A blaxplotation / neo-noir from the early that 70's that has aged surprisingly well and has a badass soundtrack. Super pleasantly surprised with the performances and the direction, almost like an early Scorsese or Spielberg. Fantastic all around.
  7. It shouldn't be this difficult to write an Indiana Jones movie, right?
  8. This brilliant track, contrary to popular belief, is not by either Powell or Zimmer, but by Balfe I'd give the guy a chance but it's not like the Black Widow movie is gonna give him much room to stretch his legs....
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