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  1. The full album! The theme's been stuck on my head a lot lately. It's got a great fantasty/awe quality to it that I love.
  2. When are they gonna release it officially? I *NEED* it
  3. Great choice! Yeah, as far as we know he wrote it as a homage to a similar piece from Steiner's Treasure of Sierra Madre.
  4. Why do they keep putting Obi-Wan and Leia in life-threatening situations if we know they're ok? I mean, I know the prequels did the same thing but come on...
  5. Sounds FANTASTIC The melody itself is great, but I like the ostinato part the best. Kinda like with the Solo theme where the B section was the best part.
  6. I meant more like these kind of passages I like everything else that's going on that moment, but the xylophone hits seem like filler.
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