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  1. The whole concert was absolutely lovely, from start to finish. So glad I could tune in live. Don't worry, the website itself said they're were gonna upload it in complete form.
  2. Ewan McGregor's a total dish, so if Obi's gay, that's good news for me, then!
  3. Am I the only one that thinks it looks awful? Makes me think of those cheap-ass Netflix original films.
  4. I love how Powell's managed his carreer in the last couple of years.
  5. He *was* a great actor. And then he started chewing the scenery more and more and more.
  6. Could have Harry Ford played him? He was the original choice, and he himself declined the part, apparently.
  7. The string writing is absolutely *lovely*.
  8. Dinosaur. Both its strength and weakness is the heavy Goldsmith influence.
  9. Nice! Good to see Batu getting higher profile projects.
  10. I still have two episodes to go, got pretty engaging after a lackluster middle, but yeah I've heard the ending is really bad. I'm intrigued to see what it is
  11. Anyone seen Raised by Wolves? It's pretty good, though flawed.
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