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  1. Totally! This theme *begs* for an epic trailer version
  2. At times it sounds like it wants to erupt into the opening theme from the Lynch movie. I'd love if they referenced at least in one of the trailers. What a theme!
  3. The thing people seem to forget about Silvestri is that he has never really changed his style -in terms of his orchestral writing. I think people tend to look back at his older works more fondly because he was allowed to have more fun... But it's true that he has never evolved or challenged himself more. I think people also forget guys like Silvestri don't take film music as seriously as some may think. Sure, he takes it seriously and he likes doing it, but at the end of the day it's a job. And credit where credit is due, Silvestri writes to picture and more often than not his music fits like a glove. He's a very meticulous and precise composer in terms of fitting the music to the screen. He doesn't really seem to care about the listening experience on its own. His job begins and ends with the movie. I really wonder what he would do in a concert work. However, don't you forget the biggest lost promise of them all: Don Davis.
  4. As far as I know, Lalo's theme is not part at all of Silvestri's score.
  5. Two minor characters that serve a white saviour leader, c'mon....
  6. GoT is many things.... Diverse is not really one of them.* Breaking Bad? Sure sure, most of the latinos are drug dealers and, adding insult to the injury, you got a North American actor playing a Chilean drug overlord... I can live with this, but what really bothers me -as an Argentinian- is that Giancarlo can't even speak a line in decent Spanish. Every time he talked in Spanish it completely took me out of the show. Why even bother making the character Chilean at all? *The Witcher, for that matter, made the diverse angle an integral part of the show and at least for me, feels perfectly organic.
  7. Something like this, perhaps... Jazzy Times Prelude and Fugue Theme from "The Eiger Sanction" "Jazz Autographs" from "The Terminal" Call of the Wild Theme from "Jurassic Park" "The Hunt" from "The Lost World" Suite from "Close Encounters" High Adventure "Presenting the Hook" from "Hook" "Fighting for Dough" from "Far and Away" "The Sea Battle" & "The Duel" from " The Adventures of Tintin" Age of Magic Rey's Theme Suite from "Harry Potter" * Soundings Encores "Main Theme" & "Out to Sea" from "Jaws" "Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra" from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Superman Theme Cantina Band *The same suite that was played when the Potter theme park opened, I believe it includes a fair selection.
  8. What the hell man, a week?! Tell us more!!
  9. I always wondered about Bernstein. Some of Williams' works seem right up his alley. Maybe it's JW who didn't want to? I imagine him being very embarassed at the prospect of Lenny conducting his music.
  10. I did a very quick MIDI approximation of the Silverado theme, all stripped down you can hear JP in there xD silverado.wav *i probably got some notes wrong of the B-part of the theme but whatever
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