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  1. Is it me or does the orchestra sound rather... small? I hear a lot of virtual instruments helping the orchestra out.
  2. Hmmmm I don't agree 100%, but you could be right. My bias with Star Wars is not a very positive one so my judgement could be tainted by my own perception. Very. Most of the time, at least in my eyes, the actors don't have any idea what the hell is going on and it shows.
  3. The original Star Wars is a very clumsy and awkard film. The score (and the editing) makes it work, somehow. I think with a different score (even with the original idea of the classical temp-track Lucas had in mind) it wouldn't have worked. With Empire Strikes Back, it's a different story. That could work with a different score.
  4. True, but the original Star Wars owes an enormous deal to the score.
  5. I wish he was doing more risky projects, like Scorsese is doing. I mean, it's not like Bullitt *screams* box-office hit, so why not try something different? Fablemans was a great step in that direction, but I feel like everytime Steven takes a risk, he goes back to something safer. At this point of his carreer, he should be doing more passion projects.
  6. The bit that comes right after is really cool too
  7. Really weird that at this stage of his carreer Powell is doing additional music writing.
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