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  1. It's spoilt in the title, but listen to hear what Jim Steinman could have accomplished if he had become a regular film composer... He would have been like Horner with all the recycling but man, those melodies with those orchestrations are gorgeous! He should have definetly done more scoring for film, he always said he loved film scores, I don't understand why he didn't do it more (not counting the songs, I mean background score). Warren Zevon would have been a great film composer too, I remember Judd Appatow offered him a movie that never materialized.
  2. Hey all, I recently updated my demo reel for music I've done for visual media. Here it is if you wanna take a look (albeit it's all in Spanish for now, I'm planning on adding subtitles later on) Thanks for your time!
  3. I remember reading somewhere that after the first one it became a sort of internal joke that all the themes would be on D minor and start with basically the same two or three notes.
  4. Found myself thinking about this particular part (1:30 to 2:23) for days and couldn't remember for the life of me where it was from.... I knew it was Zimmer and then it hit me... Good, good stuff.
  5. I'm pretty sure this has happened in the other recent films Williams have scored, Indy 4 being the prime example but other Spielberg films of the past decade seem to sometimes be guilty of this phenomenon. I have a theory that since, I believe, temp-tracks have a fee (at least in recent years, I don't think they were paid for up till the 2000's), producers now use the composer's previous works to avoid paying royalties... or something like that, my knowledge of the Hollywood business is very slim.
  6. I organized the project, chose the camera shots, decided what was a yay or a nay (like if an animation shot was good to go or not) and kept in touch with the band to see if what we did was up to their liking. Thankfully, they were super supportive and liked almost everything we presented to them. And I also wrote the script
  7. Hey guys! I'm very proud to share with you a music video I directed for the awesome band Birdeatsbaby. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, me and the team would be super appreciated if you watch it: Thank you and enjoy!
  8. The main theme, even if Horner recycled it to hell in later scores, it's just so freaking good.
  9. There are a lot of JW's most famous themes that are marches. Luke's theme as presented in the opening titles is a march, the Imperial March, Superman's March, Raiders March (as you mentioned)...
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