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  1. Very sad 😞 I was at the rehearsals of Dear Basketball and he was so excited and a huge fan of JW giving him a hug and telling the orchestra how thrilling an experience it was for him to stand in front of such great musicians. He let everyone who wanted take a selfie but it was clear he was giddy with joy at the experience. I think he said it was his first time in front of an orchestra. RIP. Here he is at the Star Wars session with the trumpet section. He was a big time JW fan.
  2. Cadillac of the Skies (with chorus). and Empire Strikes Back live to picture in Disney Hall, LA Phil.
  3. A fantastic contemporary orchestral song cycle by the Danish composer, Hans Abrahamsen. This review said there was a stunned silence for a minute after the world premiere followed by a standing ovation and I can understand why. https://www.npr.org/2016/08/22/490927206/stunned-silence-then-a-standing-ovation-for-let-me-tell-you
  4. All the FYC is on the OST. There is some music that is in neither. The song for example and the trailer version of the song which is an orchestral song.
  5. I really loved this movie and score. It was beautiful and effective. Fantastic performances and directing. I highly recommend it and suggest seeing it in a large theater. I'm a sucker for introspective war films. I don't know if Sam Mendes will win the oscar but absolutely will be nominated as Thomas Newman will too.
  6. Good catch, Stef. How would you like a job as JWFan's volunteer sheriff deputy in charge of security? The pay won't be great. Ok, you won't get paid. But you would have earned the respect of your peers for maintaining law and order here.
  7. Ok, I finally saw it. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I think it ranks in the middle of the pack. No, I haven't read any post in this thread but I can guess the criticisms are that this story causes problems with previous stories and in some cases undermines major accomplishments. Such is what we get when we lose a singular vision and end up with story by committee. However, I feel JJ had so many obstacles stacked up against him and did a reasonably good (not great) job dealing with those.
  8. I think Altered States (John Corigliano) could qualify in the hallucination scenes if you don't mind a descent into madness being equated with a scientist's transformation to the primordial self. Also Jacob's Ladder. Basically films where characters are seemingly going insane but we might find out they were the victims of something more sinister, however from their point of view, they are questioning the reality of their perceptions as their reality is shaken.
  9. Star Wars is very clear. At it's core, it is about fear. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to care. Care leads to love. Love leads to sacrifice. Sacrifice leads to pain. Pain leads to fear.
  10. JW's mom lived to be 97 without "being sick a day in her life", dad lived to be 80. By all accounts, he will never retire because he is doing what he would do if he retired which is compose. So as long as he is physically able to, we will get new music from him and that could be for a few more years. Sure his pace has slowed and maybe he would prefer to do more personal projects but I still think we'll have a few more years of new music from our Maestro. I heard from many in the SWIX session that his mind, aptitude, endurance was the same as its been for decades.
  11. I'll be there. I'm the guy who is going to moon the audience so keep an eye out for me.
  12. The prequel trilogy is a big let down for those nostalgic for the OT. Now there is a new group who feels that way about the PT and aren't in to the ST. To me, the ST is poorly telling a story and the PT had a story to tell but did so poorly.
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