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  1. How come Spielberg never worked with Goldsmith? CEOTK would have been perfect for him. The reason is directors get aligned with collaborators they have long standing relationships with rather than project by project. For Scorsese, that was Elmer Bernstein and Howard Shore. Yes, there are exceptions like "Silence" which as far as I can remember had no/very minimal score that served a functional purpose (Spielberg's Color Purple) but in general they aren't shopping for collaborators but still with what worked for them. I actually think Spielberg did work briefly with Goldsmith on
  2. And just imagine, Howard Shore was the first music director. I wonder if he was still music director when Glass was the musical guest.
  3. This moment of Chasm Crossfire was the most exuberant moment I think I had ever heard and I recall in 1977 theaters eruptions of joyful cheer.
  4. Way too many examples. Every great film has a fantastic score. A more interesting question is which great film had a poor score because so much of story telling comes from the music.
  5. Do you think it's a fair question to ask which era of JW's output sounds the best or is that too dependent on remixing...so who remixed it is more important than when it was recorded?
  6. I loved the action writing in HP (well all the writing) but my preference is the golden age (1975-85) it was just so inventive and virtuosic with those great action set pieces (Asteroid field, Hoth, Desert Chase, E.T. ending, Shark Cage Fugue and ending, ToD, etc) but there were so many returns to form like some of Hook, race in Far & Away, etc., but to me those were return to form of the golden age so still golden age wins out.
  7. Glad you have good health. I enjoyed the music and could see it working in a scene depicting a village being ravaged. Musically speaking, I wouldn't suggest you using the tutti at the start. Maybe only allow high violins for the first part, and the low strings enter at 1:16 to give more contour, shape, and arch to the music otherwise it tends to drag a scene. Think of how JW did it in Starkiller base fires. Notice how here we get only high strings at 1:08 and how stunningly impactful the omission of the low end is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HmWDdmTAE8 Musically spe
  8. There are many, but consider that JW prefers a take that is musically more satisfying than note perfect. Sometimes the perfectly played take lacks magic, so the one with a flub might be preferred. Don Williams mentioned if there is a mistake or something in a JW session, you never stop playing till he cuts it off. A player once stopped after there was stage noise (like a dropped pencil) resulting in ruining the take and I understood that was a rookie mistake that performer made once because he wasn't in subsequent sessions. The point being, of course JW heard the noise, but his focus was o
  9. She's represented by Kraft-Engel Agents and they are aggressive in their marketing push to promote their clients. Very possible the members didn't see the film just heard a few demo tracks and believed the hype sent to them. This time of year, "For your consideration" ads are everywhere and a lot of this is agents pushing their clients. If clients win, client's make more money -> Agents get bigger fees. Think of it this way, there isn't a single nominated composer who isn't represented by an agent this year. A quick look at the list and I'd say 95% of those listed are represented by t
  10. My vote is for The Fury because it's almost entirely the same motif due to it's Herrmannesque approach.
  11. Weird poll. Doesn't include Rey for Heroin's theme. Or Leia for that matter. Best Villain Suite/Theme doesn't include imperial march. This poll should be added to the worst "JWFAN poll" poll.
  12. RIP. He was a fine character actor with tremendous range and longevity.
  13. Does anyone know what the Star Wars pastiche music at the start of this video is? It sounds like Horner but what's it from and who is the composer?
  14. Hahaha, your best post ever. It reminds me of my student film scores which are almost always pastiche. I recall screenings of hours long film screenings where student films like this were equally rubbish. I even did a Star Wars parody that was quite bad where ultra fans kidnapped George Lucas but the music was Star Wars imitation circa 2006. I would surely cringe to listen to that again. Like the Goldenthal film, the film and score sucked...GREATLY. But music history buffs like us adore it because it shows an early glimpse of the greatness that would become. Though like you say, the mu
  15. ST = Star Trek? If so, nonexistent. His Sequel Trilogy action music is Neo-classical. Like the fugato for March of the Resistance. Which to me draws a wonderful parallel to his early action music like his Shark Cage fugue from Jaws. With JW, the beginning is the end. He is the Alpha and the Omega. His late style draws back to his earlier style beautifully but in a more complex way. Through ST we understand the composer better. To quote T.S. Elliot, “We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know this pla
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