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  1. A few nights ago, I had a dream JW and I were going to see one of the Star Wars movies live to picture. We had dinner and he charmed us all with stories. We got up to leave to the concert hall but the path was very rough and hazardous. I was told that JW said he'll have a driver take him directly, so we went the hazardous route. I made it to the theater and couldn't find my tickets. They wouldn't let me in and I told them I was going to sit next to JW, but had no proof. I was kicked out having no way to gain entrance.
  2. This is a fantastic film and great soundtrack! I once bumped in to Dame Julie Andrews coming out of the bathroom of all places (after an LA Phil concert). She was stunning and probably around 75 years old and looked pristine as always. Aside from the songs, the underscore is really terrific conducted by Irwin Kostal who also did the rerecording of Fantasia. I think I might have to get this.
  3. Absolutely! I recently did an AI upscale of Star Wars A New Hope and it really makes it feel more modern. It's crazy how great that film was given its age and how many times I've watched it. It can still feel fresh. What is surprising to me is that the prequel trilogy doesn't feel as bad as I recall. The sequel trilogy, has fundamental story flaws but who knows what I'll think in 20 years. Maybe they'll make a sequel to the sequel trilogy that will make the sequel trilogy feel like a masterpiece.
  4. Nice job! As a low brass player (bass trombone), I always appreciate this moment. I saw the 14 hour opera once and it was incredibly moving. The sheer spectacle and sense of occasion is hard to describe. It rewards the tremendous patience necessary to experience it in all its glory.
  5. We haven't had anything posted here in some time. For anyone interested, this is the presto movement from my in progress eighth symphony (confusingly numbered 7 because one was unnumbered). The full work is nearly an hour long in four movements. kes72.mp3
  6. I want to record a streaming radio broadcast from my computer tomorrow using Audacity but the recorded volume ends up being incredibly quiet. I can increase the volume of the input signal but then my computer is playing back that stream incredibly loud. Any suggestions why Audacity is recording the audio signal so quiet and what I need to do to fix this? Alternatively, any suggestions for a free program that is better at recording audio from a live stream?
  7. John Corigliano's second opera, The Lord of Cries was just released. Fantastic composer, fans of Elliot Goldenthal should find much to enjoy here as well. Corigliano's three film scores are all fantastic being Altered States (1980),
  8. For fans of vintage sci-fi, you might enjoy seeing these items for sale in auction. Yes, they're not cheap but it was exciting to see some of these items even exist to be owned. Maybe we should pool or money? Heritage Auctions Search, 2023 October 14 - 15 The Greg Jein Collection Hollywood Platinum Signature® Auction 7278 [53 793 794 791 792 2088 4294934714] (ha.com) Items we could own include: * Original scripts (and revisions) of Close Encounters * Star Wars X-Wing model (1977) * Lots of Star Wars and Star Trek costumes and props * Stuff from Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Movies and shows, Tribbles, Shatner's TOS hairpiece It's fun to look through all these fantastic memorabilia.
  9. Great example, Mark! Why do you think the music during the Battle of Syracuse feels so new? How is JW able to parlay these techniques over decades and still have them sound so fresh?
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