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  1. I definitely support Apple Lossless as the format. It is worth the disk space and future proofs your collection if you need to change formats in the future. If you use Apple Music (the subscription service) or iTunes Match to create a cloud library from your collection, copies you download on other devices will likely be a matched AAC lossy file for any albums that are available in Apple Music. So, if you digitize a The Rise of Skywalker CD, it will likely match. But if you rip a La-La Land set, it will likely not match and the file online will be your lossless one. (Since speciality albums are almost never for sale digitally.)
  2. I think Gustavo should ask JW to conduct one song or track from West Side Story. That just seems pleasant to me given Bernstein and Williams were friends, Williams played on various West Side Story albums early in his career, Williams is a mentor of sorts to Dudamel, Dudamel conducted on Star Wars, and for good measure, Williams led the wonderful "Bernstein by Boston" album with the Boston Pops in the 80s. In fact, as I recall, that album was my first real introduction to the music of Bernstein. But I guess I have slid off topic from Vienna! I have so enjoyed everyone's memories, images and thoughts about the concerts. From what I have heard, truly it was magical. Thank you for sharing. And if DG wants to release a load of versions and variants, I will happily buy them all - standard CD, deluxe CD, Blu-ray, LP, mini-LP, digital HD, CD/DVD combo, Coffee table book with CD - whatever!!!! Bring them out as soon as possible! (Please!)
  3. Thanks to everyone sharing their thoughts and details about the performances. I'm reading a bunch of the comments to my wife (we are babysitting our new grandson in North Carolina this weekend), and she is as impressed as I am. We cannot believe how good he looks in the photos and how both humbled and proud he must feel. What a gift. So hope we get this on blu-ray soon!
  4. The first time Finn looks over at Chewie being loaded on the transport, there is a second one in frame. That is the only time you see both. Every shot after just shows the one with Chewie, and then only one takes off from behind the rocks, and Rey destroys that one. So, technically, it's all above board, but of course it's shot and edited to be tricky and make us think (for about 2 mins) that Chewie is dead. I think what is wrong with this that the movie does not play it either as dramatic irony (we know from the beginning that Chewie is safe) or tragic for long enough (as in Marion in Raiders). Why does the audience actually need to know Chewie is ok? Couldn't we just find out when Rey sees the star destroyer above Kajimi and tells Finn/Poe and us at the same time? Then we can see Chewie going into interrogation and hear what happened. And if we want to pile on, who the heck remembered Zorrii was on Kajimi when Poe learns it was destroyed? Why not have him say something so we can get some grief from him? Then when she (and Babu) show up at the final battle, it's another relief for the audience too?
  5. Perhaps a miss for JW, but if the filmmakers knew this is where that was going from Episode 7 to 9, I think Williams would have done something or set something up. It's at least a shared miss with Lucasfilm's handling of the directors and story development. There is also a small possibility that JW did not want to make the same accident from Ep 4 when he scored the music as if Luke & Leia would be a couple, and not brother and sister.
  6. I liked TRoS, even more on the 2nd viewing. And I can say so while agreeing with many of the criticisms leveled at it. The most important thing for me was if it was fun to watch, and did I like the JW score. To the first, I am unashamed to say I did like it and will see it a third time this weekend (finally in Imax with laser protection). It has flaws, and I am ambivalent on Rey's ending. I can see the issues with bringing back the emperor. But the movie is fun and I like the characters. I very much doubt though that this is near what George wanted or would have done. It is unlikely in any case because as pointed out, they did not use his treatments. Bob Iger recounts this in his memoir that came out recently too. (and how George was upset.) As to my other question, I love the score. My issue is how to reconcile all of the edits with my love of the score. And since I cannot yet listen to the score as in the film, I guess my focus is on the tracks we have (OST+FYC) and enjoying those. Back to TLJ - I did think that TLJ was a really well directed movie. Rian Johnson has interesting visual ideas, and great pacing in his editing (even if he left in sequences that are too long - they are well edited, but too long - Canto for example). Case in point of that is my strong recommendation to see Knives Out. I've seen it twice too, and even knowing the plot, the 2nd viewing was extremely enjoyable. Like or dislike TLJ, Johnson is a very good filmmaker. (And I liked that score too.)
  7. Would we possible consider the Kylo Red Hesistant theme (11 on Frank's list) to be Kylo Ren vs Ben Solo? I was thinking about if the development is really Kylo returning to be Ben Solo. Or something like that.
  8. Well, those aliens were added late in production (and shot in LA) to show the variety of the galaxy. So, they do have a point in the storytelling. We just need a 6 or 9 book Oma Tres expanded universe set of novels featuring his adventures, a comic book run of at least 50 issues, and 4 or 5 action figures (Oma Tres, Oma Tres (removable eye thing), Young Oma Tres, Oma Tres (Bluetooth), etc). Then I will be super happy! I hope he did have fun! It was fun to see him.
  9. So, assuming I get it - the question is about the most valuable released JW album. Eiger is a good one. Maybe the Sinfonietta for Wind Ensemble? Hard to find on CD from Japan. US LP is more available though. Checkmate/Rhythm in Motion is out of print. I don't see any copies on eBay at the moment, and Amazon shows one for $70 or so - more than Eiger.
  10. Of course not! But heck, we got all excited about Johnny's parked BMW in the pictures around Across the Stars with Anne-Sophie! Seriously, I do think the cameo is rather odd which makes how it was done more interesting. First, it does not actually seem very humble "John Williams"-ish to do. I cannot imagine him saying he wanted to do it. JJ or someone else came up with the idea. Maybe he did it for his grandkids? Maybe just because he could? Further, the shot just sticks out in the movie. There is no need for it. There is no payoff to establishing the character. It's literally just there. It's not like he pushes an alarm button or calls the First Order to move the plot along. I actually think the sonic equivalent is of The Long Goodbye in TLJ. Again, it makes no sense other than Rian wanted it and JW humored him. And it sticks out too. All that being said, I think JW deserved to be in the movie. He looked more in place than George and his kids back in the prequels, and he did not seem completely wrong (as Daniel Craig did in TFA). As Jason said, just chatting ideas...
  11. My sister said something to me today about the music which I think is interesting as she is a big fan but not as hardcore into John Williams as those here or me. She said she loved the old themes coming back over and over because it made her feel like she was "home." That was probably JJ's intent where he pulled more in and switched out JW's music in places even taking music from other movies. While I would have preferred to hear just the new pieces and the music as written and conceived by the Maestro, my more casual fan sister thoroughly enjoyed what was there without feeling it could have been newer or different.
  12. I agree - she buried the lightsabers as a stand in for burying the bodies. And at the same time, she "birthed" herself (or sort of "christened" herself with a last name) as a "Skywalker." So, it's both an end and a beginning, reinforcing the cyclical nature. All pretty normal myth storytelling things. I was fine with that. I think earlier in this thread or in another one, there was some idea of having all the characters there at the sunset but that was ditched.
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