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  1. Listening to the track samples now. Oh my goodness! I thought this would take another 10 years! (And I already ordered of course!) Cannot wait for the item to arrive! And will order the LP at some point too.
  2. Well, I of course hope the Maestro will be ok. It's hard to be in one's 90s and be so active! I am bummed to not see him on July 13 (my birthday weekend which starts with Force Awakes LTP in Seattle, then LA for the bowl and then off to Hawaii), but I like David Newman a lot. And hearing the Williams music at the Bowl is always a treat.
  3. My CD hasn't shipped yet, but I have listened a few times via Tidal. For me, the Bernstein is the standout aspect of the release. This is not to do with Williams being mostly a film composer and Lenny being a concert composer (since much of Lenny's best works were for the theater and this piece has lots of West Side Story's sound coming through - they were composed around the same time). It's just that I think Ehnes has the feel of Bernstein more than Williams here. Perhaps it is the very upfront micing of the Violin compared to other recordings of both pieces. Not sure. Overall, I certainly am glad for the release and want more to come out, but I am not sure this tops the Shaham Boston Symphony version for me. Also, just stumbled on the site NativeDSD that offers an exclusive 5.1 version (just of the Williams alone - the combo album is 2 ch only. Looks like the Williams concert was recorded in DXD format.). https://www.nativedsd.com/product/ptc5187338-williams-violin-concerto-no-1/
  4. Yeah, the mixing is definitely not good. The playing is not bad, but it's more of an anomaly than a must own (except for crazy people like me).
  5. My physical CD arrived today (purchased directly from Mark Records). It appears to be a pressed CD. But generally they do not release CDs and focus on digital. But it's possible that the schools do get a number of physical copies. Mark Records does a lot of band competition recordings (which more times than not have a JW track or two).
  6. It appears that a Florida State concert from 2022 has been released on CD and digitally. Available at Presto, Qobuz and probably most other sites (but I have not checked them). From the Mark Records website: ALBUM NOTES John Williams is, without question, one of Americas greatest composers. His vast career began in the 1950s and has continued for seven decades. During this time he has received twenty-five Grammy Awards, five Academy Awards, and countless other awards and recognitions. In 2005, his soundtrack to the film Star Wars (1977) was selected by the American Film Institute as the greatest movie score of all time. While he is best known for his collaborations with Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas, his vast body of work includes television, music composed specifically for the Olympic Games, stand-alone classical compositions, and a thirteen-year tenure as conductor of the world-renowned Boston Pops Orchestra. Tonights concert is a celebration of this extraordinary composer in the year of his ninetieth birthday. We are pleased to feature music from his most popular and enduring film scores. All of the arrangements used this evening were created at Williams request specifically for the two occasions when he conducted the The Presidents Own United States Marine Band. We hope you enjoy our tribute to this musical genius. NOTES ON THE PROGRAM The premieres for the following John Williams Signature Edition arrangements for wind ensemble coincided with the 205th and 210th anniversaries of the United States Marine Band - in 2003 and 2008 respectively - performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington D.C. and conducted by the legendary composer, John Williams. The subsequent program notes are John Williams original words relayed here for you from the conductors scores, including edits for content and length. 1. Overture To The Cowboys (1972) 2. The Jedi Steps & Finale (2015) 3. Viktors Tale (2004) Deborah Bish, clarinet 4. Adventures On Earth (1982) 5. Raiders March (1981) Nickolas Doshier, graduate associate conductor 6. Theme From Schindlers List (1993) Benjamin Sung, violin 7. The Imperial March (Darth Vaders Theme) (1980) 8. Star Wars Main Title (1977)
  7. I listened to this concert live Yes, I believe the concerto is from that concert (and discogs shows a recording window of Nov 2019). This was streamed on the St Louis local classical radio station on Nov 2 2019, the day after John Williams conducted the orchestra. I grabbed a recording of it at the time. Although I think Deneve and Ehnes have played the concerto at other venues too but the is the one from that weekend. https://www.slsostories.org/post/organ-symphony The Bernstein piece is from a concert in January 2023: https://www.slsostories.org/post/program-notes-bernstein-and-sibelius Very cool this is officially coming out.
  8. Agreed. At first (last summer), I thought given it is John Williams, he will get the nom. Then after the film flopped and there was no mention at the Golden Globes, I was sure he would not get a nomination. But actually, starting last week, I had an inkling that maybe he would. He's happy just to be nominated... ?
  9. Just watched the video shared a few posts ago with the opening for this year's game (which I did not see as I was flying). I have to say that the new edit this year worked so well with the music. Clearly the editor worked to the music and has respect for it. The lovely shots from the recording sessions emphasize this, and I appreciate how clear the piece starts: This is the anthem for the College Football Championship game and it was written by John Williams. Big text. On long enough to read. Damn straight! And yes, sign me up for the physical album of "John Williams: The Sound of Sports."
  10. Yeah, my first reaction was one of confusion about what the was saying as part of the Scherzo - was it bits of the theme pulled apart or somehow tied - I admit I could not figure it out. I then listened to it again and it felt more natural to me. I did wonder if JW had written the cadenza or if ASM had. There are some other interesting take on tempo that did not feel put together. I hate to write this but I wondered if they needed 1 more rehearsal. Separately, do we consider The Duel from Tintin to be "new" since is newly arranged for violin and cello? Regardless, I liked it. I did enjoy Anakin's theme.
  11. I have no superlatives to add the have not already been written. I agree and +1 each of them! I have to say that running while listening to this and the other similar podcast episodes is a complete joy. I could listen to these conversations for hours and hours. I learn a lot and my appreciation for the music increase exponentially from an already impossibly high level. Thank you Legacy team!
  12. What a day - Hook from La-La Land Dial of Destiny 4K UHD with isolated track and this showed up too! It's much larger than I expected.
  13. My copy from MusicBox (along with a Desplat DVD) has made it to Cincinnati Ohio! DHL indicates 4 days (Nov 30), but I suspect it will be a day or two sooner. Doesn't matter since I will be out of town when it arrives. But happy to know the Atlantic has been crossed!
  14. Not at all on my list of things to expect, but so very happy to see this expanded and remastered. While the film is not one of my favorite Hitchcock's, I think the score is quite nice. I'll have to watch the new 4K Blu-ray this weekend to refresh my memory and maybe I will like the film more this time. Frenzy last year and now Topaz. Amazing. Could Torn Curtain follow in 2024? Ordered!
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