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  1. No, not in that quotation, but... ASM says in her audio introduction to The Long Goodbye that JW did in fact update the arrangement for string orchestra. She did not indicate that on Cinderella Liberty, but I think we can guess that he did that too. Both sounded great and felt totally consistent with the bit of Vivaldi that was the 2nd encore between the two JW pieces. I look forward to listening to the whole concert tomorrow (although no other JW parts to it).
  2. Truly enjoyable, and hopefully we'll get the album soon. Both videos (the sessions) and the actual reporter with interviews are lovely to watch.
  3. Agreed. Amazing news! So, from looking at the form, a person can request specific tracks from concerts - not concerts themselves. The linked form notes that performance rights prohibit sharing full concerts. One can find the specific concerts and programs on the BSO site by searching for John Williams under the conductor field. The first entry is May 25, 1979 and they go from there. May 26, 1979 shows that audio is available for it. (May 25 does not.) There is a limit of 15 tracks per month from one person. Oddly when I bring up the concert detail page, it does appear that there are links to play the tracks, but they don't. Is that just me? Actually, I found that some concerts have two speaker icons - a red one indicates you can likely sign up for an account to play the tracks. The other I think means you can use the form to ask. Hopefully, outside of a crowds sourced effort to ask for every track from all those years, the BSO makes a deal with a music label to pubish the concerts in box sets or make them available on streams - some music deal that would pay for the administrative work to obtain the clearances needed. I am sure it's a lot of work. I won't live long enough, but these will all enter public domain at some point for 2100. Unfortunately, I hesitate to think there is a market for them though.
  4. I can definitely hear JW opening a concert with this piece of music (or perhaps the 2nd half of a concert). Would bet it at least gets played at the Hollywood Bowl in September and maybe Tanglewood over the summer if he makes his usual appearances.
  5. I love it! I love how they used footage from the recording session too. It's not just a piece of underscore, it is a concept between the beauty of making music with playing football. (Of course, I had to also watch my USC Trojans lose to Texas again - and I was at that game!)
  6. Barnes and Noble says my Fabelmans OST is out for delivery today (via USPS). Arriving in Hawaii this soon after other copies are showing up is amazingly fast for USPS. Did not know Emilio's book was on audiobook. Need to go find that. I've read it (and the revision), but I would listen to it too. (Edit: Ah, Audible has it. But I am not a huge fan of Jonathan Davis who narrates it. I have not loved his Star Wars readings. Hmmm...)
  7. What great news, and thanks @Jay for the info which is fascinating in itself. I had long expected Amistad would eventually be expanded, so not surprised. And really if there had only been 1 more cue and the source music (although I knew more was missing), I would have been pleased. The score needs more airtime, and I do think that Dry Your Tears Africa and the entire score really made the move better. So, to get so much music, that really is something to be thankful for. I had not speculated on what today would bring so it was still a nice surprise. (And really, La-La Land's slate for this year is pretty much beyond reproach. All 5 are ones I will order.)
  8. Yep, me too on the date and also I see the updated Dec 16 date too. Wal-mart still shows Dec 9 but that might be because they have not updated yet. I assume Sony informed retailers of the delay and maybe that they will all be getting less quantities than expected. It's possible the Amazon shipping dates will move up into December when they actually get stock.
  9. I guess they are releasing this because of The Fabelmans and riding on an assumption of JW trending in searches due to the soundtrack release. Not that I am complaining. It's a really lovely. Somewhat different than other renditions. Besides streaming, I notice that HDTracks has it for sale for $3 (although HDLISTEN20 will drop that and other new releases by 20% through Monday). I don't see it on Presto or Qobuz yet (not that I looked that hard). Anyway, super happy to have this and also hope we get Vienna 2 in some format or another.
  10. Oh, wow. Those were literally last year's rules - they've changed again? Well, that's only good in this case! Very true.
  11. Correct, the score can be short. I just found this link to the rules for best original score from last year and there is little reason to expect them to change for this year. https://www.oscars.org/sites/oscars/files/93aa_music_rule.pdf The key rule for a non-sequel is that 60%+ of the music in the film has to be originally scored for the film. So, assuming the piano pieces in the movie are relatively short, I suspect there is likely enough score to qualify the maestro's work. And an appeal process exists to even ask the Governors to waive that requirement, which I think they would do in this case given the other music are basically diegetic (or at least narratively driven). Plus, would the Governors really turn down this sort of request from Spielberg? I doubt it. And frankly, the Amblin folks all know the rules and might even have ensured that the score was 60% in the final mix. In searching for the above rules, I also ran into the list of composers who have multiple best score nominations. We know that JW is the most nominated in this category (and most nominated living person ever). With 47 score noms (not including 5 song noms), he is ahead of Alfred Newman (43). The next closet composer is Max Steiner (24 - although he was composing before the award category existed) and then no one else above 20. I always think that only 5 wins for JW is really a paltry amount. But actually, in this category, only Newman has more with 9. Four people have 4 wins. Just goes to indicate how impactful JW has been. Longevity helps of course but even if we take review his first 75 years, the numbers are still impressive and include all 5 wins and 40 score noms (up through and including Munich & Geisha in 2006). Amazing. So, like many others in this thread, if ~20 mins of score is what we get, it's 20 mins x many listens of enjoyment to happen starting in under 2 weeks.
  12. I just found a list of some of the honors bestowed on musicians by the monarchy. https://www.heraldica.org/topics/famous/knighthd.htm Can't vouch for the validity of this site, but if accurate, a few observations I can make for it: Most leading composers of the 20th century do not have KBEs - mostly just CBE or below. Many are knights but not necessarily knights of the the British Empire. The key exception is Benjamin Britten who was made a Baron, and that ranks above KBE. Examples: William Walton, CBE Richard Bennett, CBE Malcom Arnold, CBE Ralph Vaughan Williams, OM Some KBEs in the conductor ranks: Previn (who probably counted as both conductor and composer, as Sir Johnny does.) Georg Solti Mstislav Rostropovich Yehudi Menuhin was made KBE and then a Baron So, indeed this KBE is a pretty rare honorary award and speaks to the impact of Sir Johnny's influence. Really quite cool even if he cannot fashion himself (not that he would) as a Sir. We've been all rising when he walks in or out of the room for years anyway. In terms of any kinds of honors going to composers with film or TV pedigrees, Williams joins Previn (who stopped doing scores in the 60s'), Britten (who composed scores to make ends meet in the 30s), Arnold (who did a few), Bliss (also in the 30s), Andrew Lloyd Webber (stage), Elton John (as a songwriter), Ralph Vaughan Williams (with a few compositions that started as film scores), Bennett (a fair few), and Walton (who worked in film sporadically but over multiple decades- the Olivier/Shakespeare scores being standouts that are still played in concert halls). Long Live (Sir) John Towner Williams!
  13. Amazingly, my Presto basic shipping via RoyalMail (not tracked) made it in 8 days. Hope your ships out soon.
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