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  1. I just found a list of some of the honors bestowed on musicians by the monarchy. https://www.heraldica.org/topics/famous/knighthd.htm Can't vouch for the validity of this site, but if accurate, a few observations I can make for it: Most leading composers of the 20th century do not have KBEs - mostly just CBE or below. Many are knights but not necessarily knights of the the British Empire. The key exception is Benjamin Britten who was made a Baron, and that ranks above KBE. Examples: William Walton, CBE Richard Bennett, CBE Malcom Arnold, CBE Ralph Vaughan Williams, OM Some KBEs in the conductor ranks: Previn (who probably counted as both conductor and composer, as Sir Johnny does.) Georg Solti Mstislav Rostropovich Yehudi Menuhin was made KBE and then a Baron So, indeed this KBE is a pretty rare honorary award and speaks to the impact of Sir Johnny's influence. Really quite cool even if he cannot fashion himself (not that he would) as a Sir. We've been all rising when he walks in or out of the room for years anyway. In terms of any kinds of honors going to composers with film or TV pedigrees, Williams joins Previn (who stopped doing scores in the 60s'), Britten (who composed scores to make ends meet in the 30s), Arnold (who did a few), Bliss (also in the 30s), Andrew Lloyd Webber (stage), Elton John (as a songwriter), Ralph Vaughan Williams (with a few compositions that started as film scores), Bennett (a fair few), and Walton (who worked in film sporadically but over multiple decades- the Olivier/Shakespeare scores being standouts that are still played in concert halls). Long Live (Sir) John Towner Williams!
  2. Amazingly, my Presto basic shipping via RoyalMail (not tracked) made it in 8 days. Hope your ships out soon.
  3. Unless you count The Fate of Atlantis adventure game and comic. However, it would be great to have this in big screen fashion for sure.
  4. I know and I get your meaning. I am just affirming we do deserve it. Divinely or otherwise. If anything, the world is slightly better, slightly smaller, slightly more lovely. 4 mins cannot save the world, but it can nudge it in the right direction. And we are going to get probably ~45 mins of Fablemans and 79 mins of Indy 5 (plus whatever is not released) to give the world a nice shove too! But we are very fortunate and should be thankful for every note. (And glad you like KOTCS too!)
  5. Well something must have been more recent, but didn't we get the Hook theme via the trailer about 6-9 months in advance? I like KOTCS. In any case, I don't think there was much fanboy griping about the music in that movie. So, Steven hands over the reins and we get "Jim" Mangold - who JW spoke very highly of! We definitely deserve this. I mean, really, this is going to end up being the last or nearly last JW film score suite from a movie. We might get three from Indy 5 - Helena, a short Raiders march as we have recently heard, and maybe one more?
  6. Even stranger is that the track is listed with the fine print of (video only) on the back cover. It's not a space issue on the disc either. There is still plenty of room.
  7. Thank you! Yeah, pretty lucky. My parents were not in the biz, but I had school friend with parents which were. We had family in from Philly once, and we must have seen 3 famous actors at dinner at a rib joint we liked, and our friends were going nuts. We were like "it's a quiet night." Not sure my parents were really that blasé, but they did not want my sister and me to think of those people as anything other than fellow people. Pretty cool lesson, really. That being said, meeting John Williams a couple of times was definitely a highlight of my history. This image is from 2013 during the renaming of the USC Scoring Stage; it was moved from Steven Spielberg's to JW's as an 80th gift from Steven and George Lucas. I have an autographed copy that JW's agent got signed for me.
  8. I just realized (despite that the back of the Blu-ray shows this info) that the encore from Tanglewood's Violin Concerto No. 2 "Across the stars" is on the Blu-ray video portion of the new release. It's not in the audio only section (which is basically the album tracks). Audio Only Violin Concerto No. 2 - 4 movements "The Love Themes" (that's what JW calls them in the video track) The Long Goodbye Han Solo and the Princess Marion's Theme Video Violin Concerto No. 2 - 4 movements Intro to Encore Across the Stars "The Love Themes" (that's what JW calls them in the video track) Intro by JW The Long Goodbye Intro by JW Han Solo and the Princess Intro by JW Marion's Theme So, the DG powers-that-be did at least include that revised version officially in some capacity. They missed a chance in my opinion though with not including this on the 10" vinyl release to round out side B.
  9. Thanks, @Sandor, for kicking off the thread. And congrats on 30 years! Your collection looks amazing. For sure my family had Fiddler on the Roof - cannot remember if that was ours or my grandparents' - but we had it and I played it. Of course, my awareness of John Williams was zilch as a 4-year old. I definitely saw Poseidon Adventure in the theater at a friend's birthday party when I was 5 (although I probably spent 33% of it in the lobby scared out of my mind). So, Star Wars in 1977 would be where I started collecting John Williams with the 8-Track Cassette version. My first JW LP was Superman, given to us as part of a charity screening for my cousin's school, which was held at Warner Bros. What a glorious Saturday morning that was. It was the first movie I ever saw that started without previews (given it was at the studio theater). 2+ hours later, I believed a man could fly. We then had lunch in Hollywood on the way back from Burbank and ran into my school friend Tony Hooper. He had a Superman pin which he gave to me (and I still have) - he had just seen the movie at a screening as well. (I met his dad, Tobe, too, but I did not know he was a film director let alone would be making Poltergeist in a few years.) Probably I had the LA Phil Star Wars-CE3K recording around then and the Gerhardt suites too. My real active collecting came in 1980. For my Bar Mitzvah, family friends gave me a record/cassette/radio all-in-one unit with speakers. These were promptly wired all the way around my room along the ceiling and the speakers mounted high in my room. Those speakers are still there! Along with the hardware, I was also given a $100 gift certificate to Warehouse Records. The Empire Strikes Back was amongst the albums I got that day. I think I bought Jaws as well. So, how long have been at this? I guess you can round up to 50 years if you go back to Fiddler, but really I would say 45 years given that I actively lobbied my parents to buy that 8-track of Star Wars. And then to play it endlessly in the car.
  10. On the Legacy of JW Podcast linked earlier in this thread, Mike explained that when building the order for Close Encounters, he thought a lot about how to make sure the first CD was a complete listening experience. I suspect, as @crumbs referenced, that this was the same for E.T. A nice nostalgic sense that you put on a disc and you feel like you have a complete journey when it ends 80 mins later.
  11. Well, I did get a notice this week that my order had shipped (as of Thursday). But alas, despite paying for Fedex tracked shipping, Presto only shipped my disc via untracked standard international mail which will take 2 weeks. Fortunately, my back up Amazon order arrived! So, I have the lovely disc now and have already enjoyed much of it via video and audio only. I emailed their support but did not hear back. Frustratingly, when they first emailed that the delay was happening (Aug 19), I responded with understanding and reminding the agent that I had paid for the faster shipping service. I received a response to that email (so I know they saw it). And still the mistake. I will be asking them for a shipping refund. Sadly, this has happened in the past, and frankly I found their response unapologetic at that time. I love their site and they are one of the best sources of physical music, but I actually buy digital tracks from Qobuz. (Eurodisc is another source of physical discs from Europe I sometimes use.) To the release itself which is what really matters: I find the cardboard a bit more flimsy than past Mutter-Williams releases, but otherwise I am very happy with the presentation and disc. The audio only tracks do not have any introductions but the video does include these for the film pieces recorded in Boston. It's lovely to see ASM react to JW's heaps of praise and her joyful excitement before she plays Han and the Princess. As John Williams fans, we really owe her a huge debt of gratitude for inspiring Williams so much. (And to quote both Williams and Mutter, "Dear Andre" too.) I do not see any indication that DG will be releasing a video blu-ray for Japan on this one, so no plastic case via that market. I suspect that the sales of the CD were not large enough to merit a second release in Japan, unlike for the more film music oriented Berlin and Vienna concerts. I hope everyone's copies arrive soon!
  12. Yeah, but odd that Presto did not get their initial order given that they are a big partner to DG in this space. (But likely not to Universal Music.) This just came in from Presto: "We have been notified by our supplier that your item is unexpectedly out of stock. We expect this situation to be resolved within the next two weeks and will despatch it as soon as possible."
  13. Here's what I got today from Presto. Not great news. It does look like my order from DG directly cleared NY yesterday, so maybe that will arrive this week. "We are very sorry that you have not received your order. Unfortunately this item is still out of stock at the UK Distributors. They continue to inform us that the item is available to order but cannot tell us when they will have the item in stock again. We understand that this is not the most ideal situation and will continue to try to obtain the item on your behalf." At least they are communicative. Perhaps this means the album is very popular? Or could be DG did not make enough? Or just supply chain issues?
  14. No, quite right to point it out. I was thinking of the Raiders Adaptation! Anyway, fixed my original post. Thanks.
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