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  1. I have tried for years to encourage this to happen. I know Joel McNeely would like to see them come out too. I would be willing to contribute money to the project. Alas, once the acquisition happened, momentum dried up. I am hopeful that Lucasfilm/Disney will move forward in line with Indy 5 and get these out. Beyond the 4 official releases, there are a few more score pieces floating around - but there is so much more. I cannot believe I did not keep a copy of everything when I was working on this stuff. Never occurred to me - but heck I was 25, so what did I know? And I agree - M
  2. Mike was incredibly generous with his time and stories, and he was kind enough to listen to my first edit pass to ensure we had everything as he liked it. As you can expect, he gave good notes to ensure the most intelligibility and clarity. (Nothing was lost in some big cut! There is not some story he gave us that I had to remove. And we never asked him what soundtracks were coming out soon since he would not have been able to tell us anyway.) I thought about actually releasing the interview in two parts, but I did not feel there was an obvious break to do so. Everything just flowe
  3. Correct. Disney bought all the IP rights from George. The only thing George kept was Skywalker Ranch (which he rents in part to Disney for Skywalker Sound) and, as I understand it, the rights to the Skywalker Sound name if Disney were to shut down that division. I had also read that Disney bought out any future rights Paramount might have had. Paramount has been the distribution company for Indiana Jones and they still control those rights. I am not sure how long (or if there is an end date). Young Indy was on ABC (which is partly how George got to meet Bob Iger and hence how Disne
  4. Interestingly, when I click on "all formats," the date shown for the CD is May 21. I saw this on the US and DE sites. (Did not check more of them.) So, perhaps that is a known date they have from Prospero or a guess of availability. Glad to have the digital version today though as I am enjoying it.
  5. Thanks. Also found a video from 2021 New Years Eve with the Minnesota Orchestra. Enjoyable small piece. I suspect the programming will be something like this: Andris Nelsons Conducts Starburst & Firebird Intros JW and ASM for Violin Concerto No. 2 ASM encore with perhaps one solo piece of her own or 1-2 encore pieces from Across the Stars Intermission Nelsons returns to conduct Copland Symphony
  6. Interesting to see the JW news stack up this week after a few weeks of none - the schedule for Tanglewood with him planned for multiple nights and then the Indy 5 news. They certainly did not have to share that news now, but I am glad they did. I suspect for LF/Disney, JW helps give them credibility on the film even without Spielberg. As for Steven's other movie, I suspect JW will do both.
  7. Not sure about the specific link, but Qobuz has it 88 kHz/24 bit. https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/spotlight-on-john-williams-kevin-griffiths-city-light-symphony-orchestra/uiaqsoc5hhaxa Was <$10 with my Sublime membership level. Under $15 without. ($35 at Presto Music which also has it digitally.) The site shows "preorder" but I bought it and was able to download immediately. (It is still Thu Apr 8 where I am.) I don't see it on the Prospero site yet - which is odd since it is well into Friday in Switzerland as I type this.
  8. Just booked our favorite place to stay near Tanglewood for the Violin Concerto weekend! (No idea if we will go, but hoping to!) Planning on it. I love the program that night too - I don't know the Montgomery piece (but will see if a recording is available). However, putting Williams with Stravinsky (especially the Firebird which is a very cool piece) and Copland seems really fitting and a perfect line up.
  9. Oh my that would have been a release to get! The movie holding things up does not surprise me actually. This often comes from the filmmakers too - they don't want any confusion, any baggage, nothing. Reasonable? Rational? Doesn't matter - it just is what it is. I wonder if MGM being up for sale is now another wrinkle to wait out? On Moonraker, have the masters been found? I heard they had been lost in France so we only have the album tracks. I don't even think the music exists as a separate track from the film mix at this point. There was a Tadl
  10. As @Jurassic Shark mentioned there is the MQA CD and CD/Blu-Ray combo from Japan. (The nice thing about this one is that it is a solid jewel case - both versions. The combo also has different cover art you can stack so it shows on the top.) So that's 6) Japan MQA CD 7) Japan MQA CD/Blu-ray combo Then there is also the now sold out Gold LP version that was exclusive to DG's site. Same content as 3 above, but technically another release. I have one numbered below 20! 8) Vinyl - Numbered Gold Edition Could we end up getting a 3 LP Live Edition too? I
  11. It looks like 2020 was the only complete closure. 1942 saw limit in audience sizes to 5000 due to concerns about bombing. 1951 closed for 12 days before Dorothy Chandler raised money to reopen. And, from what I read at hollywoodbowl.com, the site itself actually was called the Hollywood Bowl after about 1920 so this is 100 years of that. Regardless, great to have JW doing this piece for 2021 or whenever it premiers.
  12. Excited to see this series. Never heard of the orchestra before, but I am game for giving them a go.
  13. For those buying on HDTracks, they have a new release code this weekend. (I got it via their weekly email.) AudioHD20 Final price was $16.98 for 24/192 after applying the 20% off code. (Works on all new releases not just this 1 title.) Loving the release so far!
  14. Wow, that's great. And even more so, the Berlin Phil's digital concert stage is wonderful. Concerts are live and then posted shortly after for streaming. It's a membership service, but really has great classical musical. There are a few other Williams pieces on there.
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