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  1. I have to say the performance of the Olympic Fanfare and Theme was really excellent -- it is also one of my all-time favorite JW pieces and I am always happy when it shows up on a program.
  2. Late to the party. What a gorgeous piece! I wonder if it will be performed this weekend at the Hollywood Bowl. I have tickets but don’t believe the program has been listed yet.
  3. Can someone in this thread please explain "Garry Owen" (Gary Owen/Garryowen)? Thank you!
  4. A few observations.... this soundtrack never really clicked for me, partly because somehow I never saw the film (and still haven't), and mainly because the soundtrack album was kind of awful. I hated the pop songs, and the "new agey" cues bored me to death, so I never gave it many plays. Now I have a completely new appreciation for the score, and I daresay for me it has leapfrogged over many other JW scores of that era to near the top. The new album is revelatory. I am still bored by the new age tracks, and have dropped them from my playlist, and without them and the pop songs this is a great listen. Not a huge fan of "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," but mercifully that is mainly limited to the alternate end titles which is otherwise excellent.
  5. Mine arrived as well -- sound is stunning. Will get numerous plays over the long weekend.
  6. Wow, that clip from ALWAYS at around the 45 minute mark sounds incredible ("Saying Goodbye")
  7. What I hate about this scenario is that in relatively short order I would probably grow to LOATHE these 5 pieces of music. I suppose the trick would be to listen to one a week, and make a big ceremony out of it. Oh, well, perhaps taking this too literally. 1. "The Flying Sequence" (Superman) 2. "Adventure on Earth" (E.T.) 3. "The Land Race" (Far and Away) 4. "End Credits" (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) 5. "When You Wish Upon a Star Medley from Close Encounters" (Williams & Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection)
  8. Check out this new nighttime show running at Universal's Orlando theme park. I have to say, JW's music works really well here -- I just wish the whole show was compiled from his Olympics music.
  9. I have been a big fan of his ever since BOWFINGER, although that was a bit of an odd score. He definitely had a weird musical tic of repeatedly composing comedy scores with close variations on a simple rising and falling melody -- you hear it everywhere in those scores. Nevertheless, I do favor his comedy scores, and just wish more of them had official releases.
  10. Coincidence -- had a dream last night I was getting off a plane in Ireland, and my dream was scored with the beautiful finale cue "Back to America" from ANGELA'S ASHES.
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