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  1. how great is it that we have the end credits version AND the concert version? Now if Disney would just release the rest of the score...
  2. By “suite” I assume they just mean the 4 minute concert piece. The Galaxy’s Edge piece was also called a “symphonic suite” even though it was short.
  3. This site usually gives you a head's up of an impending release of a Disney title. Not looking good right now. https://www.disneymusiclicensing.com/albums?orderBy=original_release_date&orderDest=desc
  4. Mine has taken a circuitous route from Oakland to San Jose to San Francisco to Anaheim to LA but will be delivered today. Crazy postal service.
  5. Third time's the charm for me -- bring it on, boys!
  6. NBC just played “Dramatic Tease” after the ladies figure skating long program
  7. Prime Time Tease is really getting a workout in NBC’s coverage this year.
  8. This parade at Universal's Tokyo theme park includes a nice arrangement of Harry Potter music. Not sure who is responsible for this, but it was recorded at Abbey Road with an 80-piece orchestra and an mp3 of the "Hogwarts Express" unit can be heard here: http://www.audiobythebay.com/music_samples/
  9. Just remembering how exciting it was when this surfaced back in 2013. Those original Williams tracks are amongst my all time favorites of his TV work. That ending of "Dramatic Tease" is just sublime.
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