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  1. Also revisited that a few months ago and it still moved me deeply. Fan-fucking-tastic cinema. Could use less Sean Penn though.
  2. JNH's score comes off much closer to the standard blockbuster thing that doesn't take itself too seriously. At least when compared to Shore's heavier sound.
  3. Oh yea, the Ringwraith stuff has always been my guilty pleasure listen, so I've never complained. But I would argue FOTR is still the most diverse and varied in musical palette and colour, just by necessity of the story. The other scores start to double-down on more singular tones (especially TTT). Each score has its own thing going for it.
  4. There are a lot of Nazgul theme renditions. But if you're able to put that aside, the CR has so much richer content over the OST. For instance, I've always thought the Lothlorien material is criminally (though understandably) cut short on the OST. Stop reading my mind. The ROTK is perhaps the most highlights/action-driven of the OSTs, but it still feels like a loosely edited playlist. The CRs just make more sense musically. TTT feels like the best 1 hour showcase of the score.
  5. Funny you guys bring that up. I was thinking about finally taking the plunge with Six Feet Under this week. But like you say Alex, I also fear it might be a bit dated for me to enjoy now.
  6. I'm presuming that a solo piece implies something written for a solo musician in performance. So a piece could definitely be written for a drumset, but not Drumset + Orchestra. Unless JS had something else in mind of course. 2 more weeks would be nice! Been kinda swamped lately.
  7. Might possibly be PTA's best! Or at least really close. I also think all those things you've mentioned exist aplenty in the film. It's just not wearing them on its sleeve, unlike his earlier films.
  8. There are exceptions! I also think it's partially a Netflix problem. Most Netflix products with exorbitantly high RT scores are pretty middling affairs. HBO usually fares better in the quality control department.
  9. Indeed. In fact, they're more often than not, markers of blandness.
  10. Shirley by Tamar-Kali Half an hour of meandering plucking noises and vocal textures. Every now and then, there'll be a 30 second flash of an interesting colour that teases a far better score than this one, if there was just more musical direction. Albums like this prove that more and more films are just looking to assemble "new" sounds together, rather than any real interest in music itself. Ammonite by Dustin O'Halloran The anticipated gay romance of the year. There's a nice melancholic idea for piano and strings. Otherwise, not a lo
  11. Yes. There's a collection of 6 of her films on there. I intend to go through them sometime this month!
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