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  1. Hmm. I don't know. There's plenty of great "world-centric" films without real "characters". Like Alien! And just echoing the "Villeneuve is perfect for this" sentiment from above!
  2. The good old days...back when Black Mirror still had some bite. Good God...another one?? This streaming thing is getting out of hand...
  3. Skyfall has really warmed up to me over the years. And I think The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was pretty refreshing for all its Indo-pop colour. But yeah, otherwise, rather barren years.
  4. If it's anything, I think Silence is probably his best film of the past decade. Not sure if it'll change your mind about dullness though.
  5. Williams will not win. No chance. This is either Newman's year or Hildur's. I'm rooting for the former. Not necessarily for the quality of the score, but that his Oscar is long overdue.
  6. Hmm. This prob isn't a very fair representation of the score. At first listen, the underscore has some interesting moments (some very fine clusters), but is mostly unremarkable until the last act. And even then, I'm not especially excited about it. At the very least, it does sound a little more striking than TLJ. The last track sounds like its nodding to the "Jedi Steps" material. I joined in the War Horse/Tintin days...the forum was insane with JW activity then. I've never seen any new JW score really muster that kind of hysteria since.
  7. Yea, but at least that was the proper album presentation that was leaked. These scraps probably don't do the original presentation much justice.
  8. Marriage Story is indeed quite lovely. Driver and Johansson both deliver career highs here.
  9. I like it. The gold maybe sparse, but even that is actually some of Newman's most inspired work in years. This film clearly asked him to be rather invested in some capacity. I even dig some of the more atmospheric work (though Dunkirk and Zimmer are clearly a template). Though I do wish it had some more of the exuberance of his Jarhead days:
  10. Yea...maybe I was just in a cranky mood, but so much of it came off as painfully anonymous to me, even in terms of texture.
  11. The Mandalorian Chapters 1-3 by Ludwig Göransson The somewhat catchy Conti-esque main tune aside, most of this is kinda...crap, isn't it?
  12. It felt both familiar and different. Proof that Scorsese still does it best.
  13. The Irishman Saw this in the cinema last night. Scorsese's sunset years portrait to the mobster genre is poignant stuff. It's a slow burn in its first act, but the 3.5 hours mostly flies by. Amidst three great performances , Pesci is the real gem here, who delivers an uncharacteristically un-Pesci performance. The final act was also a real highlight, with Scorsese exploring mortality and regret in ways his past mobster classics haven't afforded him. There's a reason this guy's still a pro.
  14. That's ridiculous. The award is for "Best Original Score", not "Best Original Composer".
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