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  1. i have a Doepfer LMK and i love it. It's like a real piano keyboard.
  2. Backdraft (Zimmer) The Hobbit 1 (Shore) Last Samurai (Zimmer) it would be so nice to get the complete scores officially on cd! :-)
  3. Lea Seydoux, Florence Pugh <3 niceeeee
  4. I liked the music in the last episode (4)
  5. can't understand... for me it's the best score from 2021
  6. true....there were not many new cues. a lot of variations from older cues like "kids" and "eulogy". I am curious about the release.
  7. For me Stranger Things is the best series ever!!! Season 1 -> 10/10 Season 2 -> 09/10 Season 3 -> 8,5/10 Season 4 -> 10/10 love it!!!
  8. Thank you!!!! Yes the cue in the episode has a different ending. The guitar part was played with synth.
  9. Okay that cue is not from them. It’s a fantasy metal band Michael Stein said. Anyone know that track?
  10. Done! amazing season! Way better then the third.
  11. the last cue from episode 3 is amazing! Can’t wait for the score! And I love it so far!!!!!
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