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  1. This is major, what an exciting series of events! Milan is in for such a treat, I am incredibly envious. Hats off to you!
  2. @Holko Happy to be of service (), and to hear its on other streamers too. It is such a rich score, can hear all of Williams's love for English music poured into it. The film is available on YouTube for free if you've not seen it. (As are many of his other early stuff, much to my surprise) Hoping someone might share a piano arrangement of some of the themes someday!
  3. Reviving this thread as an FYI for people who haven't listened to Jane Eyre. I've just seen that the "original soundtrack" is available on Spotify now. Don't know how long its been there but I haven't seen it before so I'm guessing its a recent enough addition. "Original" in quotes as I'm not familiar with the publication history of the album. Spotify says 1982 and "JAY Productions Ltd.", I'm sure someone more knowledgable than I will know all about it.
  4. As I was of the Potter generation, I got the early CDs as birthday presents from a relative when I was young and have been listening ever since. Ironically, the relative who gave me the CDs (somewhat of a classical music elitist) now bemoans the fact that I listen to film more than classical. I always tell him there's no one he can blame except himself!
  5. @Not Mr. Big Love that moment too! But the choir entry always vaguely reminded me of "the Swim to Otoh Gunga" from TPM. I think the chord might be the same? "The Gungans Converge" would nearly be as haunting though
  6. I was lucky enough to get a ticket at the Berlin box office an hour before one of the concerts — with a pretty great seat too. So I'd recommend giving that a go if you'll be in Milan but weren't fortunate enough to get a ticket yesterday.
  7. @Gibster Han and Leia love theme uses it. Across the Stars has the minor sixth instead of the major. Not as much of a feature in the recent SW films, from memory.
  8. The discussion here of "Love Themes" is rather interesting. Williams calling PWB's Helena a femme fatale struck me, as the theme didn't sound as noir-ish as Irina's theme. I'd be interesting in seeing how the theme relates to the depiction of her. Is it really representative of her character, or (as described in relation to Marion's theme on Art of the Score) a "thinking of Helena" theme? Not so much representative of her but how Indy (or maybe even Williams?) thinks about her. I addressed this issue a bit when discussing Irina and KotCS in article I had out last year. I'll do a shameless self-plug for anyone who might be interested in reading it. Article - Swashbucklers and Femme Fatales - Gender Coding in John Williams's Score to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008).pdf
  9. I've returned to Rosewood recently for my research and am looking at the spirituals specifically. Am I correct in assuming Williams wrote the lyrics for these himself? I haven't seen any of his typical collaborators credited.
  10. That's a clip quite often used and shared actually! I have to watch it every time it pops up. But if only we had something similar for every film!
  11. @JaySo it is! But this particular presentation of it still reminds me of something else - particularly the rhythm (Sibelius? Tchaikovsky?) It’ll come to me after 5 months when I’ve forgotten. Clearly a reappearance of the the theme then, not a quote of something else. So case closed - as far as this thread is concerned.
  12. Another one? A very familiar little motto but I can’t place it. Can anybody help? Muted trumpet phrase at 0:15
  13. Thinking back on this thread again, and I don't think anybody mentioned "Anything Goes" in Temple of Doom:
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