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  1. "The Arrival of Baby Harry" in Philosopher's Stone does so much to establish the tone of the opening with the chimes, celeste and brief iterations of the themes. And the way it swells up when the title cards is revealed always gave me goosebumps!
  2. @Falstaft I'm not familiar with Edgar's work actually - so thanks so much for the recommendation. I can't seem to access her dissertation here - but will try and contact her and see if she's willing to share. Looking at the concert performances is a great idea! Thank you so much @crumbs What a find!! Thank you so much - this will be a great help
  3. @WampaRat ooh you're right that's a great little moment! Agree with you 100%, if that's the route Spielberg wanted to go down we need to see some more mystery. The music just doesn't seem to fit with who she is otherwise. The brass iterations in The Jungle Chase are the best - but all too short.
  4. Thanks @GerateWohl must check out some of those religious themes from the 50s. I agree that Irina isn't a femme fatale but Williams definitely sought to score her like one. I've a quote: "Cate Blanchett as Irina Spalko she presented, to me, an opportunity to create a sexy film noir – if you like – theme to accompany a femme fatale from, maybe, the movies of the 1940s where you would here a slithering saxophone and certain harmonic progressions that would depict this dark side of sensuality and power and its uses and so on. She’s very sensual. She’s very powerful.
  5. Hi everyone, first time poster here! I'm writing an academic paper on how Williams approaches scoring gender, and using KoCS as my main case study. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on how it sits within the canon of the Indy scores? Personally, I enjoy Irina's theme but its presentation of her as some femme fatale style figure seems somewhat reductive(?). Especially when compared to Dr. Schneider in Crusade! The Crystal Skull motifs are very hypnotic, but don't compare to the Ark or Grail theme. The variations of the theme when linked to Mutt are interesting, it seems as
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