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  1. https://omnimusicpublishing.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=e8f1c332d728c3349aaea7ff5&id=b47038e8df&e=ca8191e0cb
  2. I'm All Fired Up was Giacchino? that's the best cue in the score and the climax of the score. He seemed to want to downplay his role but it's crazy he got not credit for it
  3. The full music team credits for the new sci-fi thriller 65 have revealed the involvement of composer Michael Giacchino(Up, Lost, The Batman, The Incredibles, Spider-Man: Far from Home) in the film’s production. He is credited as the “score consultant” on the movie directed by Scott Beck & Bryan Woods and starring Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt and Chloe Coleman. Chris Bacon(Source Code, Wednesday, Bates Motel, Men in Black International) has reportedly recorded a new score for the film earlier this year. Check out the full music team credits after the jump. Danny Elfman who was originally scoring the film is receiving credit on several tracks on the official soundtrack album (to be released tomorrow by Sony Classical), but is not credited in the film as part of the music team (Elfman & Bacon were listed as co-composers in the movie’s international marketing material, but Bacon is receiving sole “lead” composer credit in the film, with Gad Emile Zeitune receiving “additional music” credit). Composer Sherri Chung (Kung Fun, Batwoman, Riverdale) is credited as a vocalist. 65 is opening in theaters nationwide this weekend. One of the messier scores in a while
  4. Didn't he make it seem like there would be more of the JW interview this week?
  5. Does anyone have any good covers for the Danny Elfman Batman Collection? thanks
  6. Such disrespect, interviewed spielberg the whole time. 3 minutes of Williams and that was it. Said they didn’t have enough time for him and that they’ll show more next week.
  7. Would much prefer him win for INDY5 instead of Fabelmans. Still crazy he lost for The Force Awakens to Ennio Morricone’s 1982 score “The Thing”
  8. It looks like it was when he did the NBC interview based off the spielberg video
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