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  1. it's coming out next Wednesday not Friday
  2. The main problem is that the concert started at 8 so it ended around 11:30, 7/7:30 would have been better. They only sold fellowship signed. They had the symphony but not signed, the autograph was a colored pen not a sharpie so it looks a little different . They also gave a program which you would have to otherwise pay for. Besides the timing the Q&A was great. Happy to answer any other question you have.
  3. They had them in bags, they also sold signed cds for 25$. Post Q&A was with the conductor who works very closely with Howard and is very knowledgeable so it was good but didn’t start till 12 AM
  4. https://www.philorch.org/performances/our-season/events-and-tickets/2023-2024-season/verizon-hall/john-williams-and-yo-yo-ma/
  5. In an official statement regarding his nomination, Williams said, "I'm very grateful to the Academy for their kind recognition, and I'm enormously grateful to Steven Spielberg for offering me the opportunity to compose the score for this very special and personal film."
  6. It’s official https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/john-williams-documentary-in-the-works-from-steven-spielberg-1235305362/
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