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  1. Batman Begins was extremely collaborative, there’s no way it could be separated into two releases. And Zimmer’s music deserves more credit than that he says and opens the floodgates.
  2. For some serious answers... - 13th Warrior seems like a reasonable guess (did Revell write anything not on the 1-CD promo?) - Timeline (with a rejected Goldsmith score and a final Brian Tyler score) could be in the equation And just thinking of films that have had 2 CD’s worth of music by one composer and 1 CD by another, Avengers: Age of Ultron does fit that bill perfectly. Also worth noting that the clue doesn’t specify that one score was rejected...
  3. This may not be such a bad outcome - Jackman’s recent work has not been anywhere near as fun as his earlier work. I would’ve picked Margeson (who seems to have inherited the early Jackman charm) but Heitor is good too.
  4. I also enjoyed this score - Bear always shines with mid budgets action scores. How did the Angry Video Game Nerd movie have good music?!
  5. While I would have preferred Shore contribute more than one piece, Bear is very good at what he does and I like both released pieces, so I am cautiously satisfied.
  6. That’s true, a suite would have been nice.
  7. Karpman did a marvelous job on this score and my interest in her Marvels score has thus risen greatly.
  8. I care more about LOTR’s universe, but HOTD has a much easier route to being good.
  9. This score is great swashbuckling fun, highly recommend.
  10. My time has come for I have a contribution I suspect almost none of you have heard! The American animated show RWBY has a top notch (if low budget) highly melodic score by a team led by a guy named Jeff Williams, and on occasion includes “funny music” - the best chunk of which starts after 3:30 in the track Round One from the third season’s soundtrack. It’s a great piece of “funny” music which transforms into something apprehensive while still being quirky and fun. Alternatively, there’s also most of The Grand Budapest Hotel’s score.
  11. Braveheart is one of the greatest scores of all time, get Braveheart!
  12. Ross’s music is wonderful and like having new music by John Williams. I hope we one day get access to all the rest of the music he wrote for the show. Holt’s music is better on the OST than in the show, I would consider it fine with some good moments. But not Star Wars for the most part.
  13. I hope one of Gia’s sons composes this, both because it would be a good test for them and because Gia has been unimpressive this year.
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