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  1. Ah, maybe closer to Patriot Games from a quick sampling.
  2. I’m not familiar with these scores, what kind of Horner music is this? Are these full-blown Commando madness?
  3. Solo takes place about halfway between #3 and #4, which is 10 years’ gap, and #4 is 4 years before #6 and Mando/Boba are at least 5 years after that... so it’s closer to 20 years after. As far as the score, the theme is great and there’s definitely a good amount of good music, though not as much as in Mando. Still enough to make for some killer OSTs when they release!
  4. I’m excited for this film and score, I’m less excited to have had to wait three years for it!
  5. As much as I love action, the first score is probably the best. #3 is a lot of fun too, but I find #2 to be the peak of Goldsmith synths not working. I am also someone fond of Tyler’s score for the fourth film... not so for Last Blood.
  6. Yeah - I could see this being true on Reloaded, but Revolutions has almost no music by anyone other than Davis, not even needledrops as frequent the first two.
  7. Strange how Beltrami gets shirked on Scream 5 and gets a deluxe set at the same time...
  8. Beck and company did an excellent job with this series, and he’s proving himself to be the best person out there at connecting other people’s themes.
  9. Gia’s Vader theme for this is starting to grow on me.
  10. I loved the film, feel mixed on the score...it didn’t feature old themes as integrally as it should have, it was as fun as Gia’s last two Spidey scores (except for the Strange cues), it just felt lacking.
  11. Silvestri writes (or sometimes writes) incredibly complex orchestral music, while Horner was absolutely unmatched at sheer emotion - so I put Silvestri for the first and Horner for the second.
  12. I enjoyed this score but it felt like every Courage reference left the theme too quickly - why did they do this?!
  13. This score is very reminiscent of Djawadi’s choral music in Game of Thrones season 8, which has some of my favorite Djawadi music ever, so by extension I quite like this score.
  14. I’m looking forward to more Djawadi music in this universe, and I’m also glad he’s composing it because that makes him less likely to be hired for LOTR!
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