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  1. Succession’s music is absolutely fantastic, I hope this is more of that and less “drama”. The premise seems promising for entertaining music, fortunately...
  2. I enjoyed the first movie a bit (only because of Tom Hardy) but this looks pretty good. I imagine they’re going to focus entirely on what people liked (Tom Hardy) and virtually nothing else from the first film, as they should. And Carnage looks cool!
  3. The “Epilogue, the Deep and Timeless Sea” suite might be the best piece of music from all of Titanic, and worth the purchase alone. Not to mention several other great tracks.
  4. Back to Titanic is fantastic for those suites. I think an expanded Perfect Storm would fit the bill for this question, should it ever be released. Most of Horner’s OSTs are mercifully well-made, though.
  5. I’ve heard the complete score as well, but I just don’t recall much in there that was must-have. Still want it because I want everything though!
  6. I don’t think there was much missing from The Last Stand, thankfully (aside from the main title). All the other good moments are on the OST, and not even microeditted if I’m not mistaken.
  7. While I think it’s almost certain the Matrix gets a CD release, it’s worth noting Mission Impossible 2 got a deluxe release that appears to only be vinyl.
  8. The digital release of Black Sunday on iTunes is the deluxe version, right?
  9. I chose quite the juicy time to join this forum, eh.
  10. At least BSG is sold digitally! Assuming you mean McCreary’s. War of the Worlds is excellent creepy music, would recommend.
  11. So many... Jurassic Park set, Mission Impossible set, most everything released by Christopher Young, Batman Forever, Black Rain...
  12. I didn’t like Fallen Kingdom’s score as much as I think most people did, even though I usually like Giacchino - the discordant main theme just doesn’t work for me - so I’m very cautiously optimistic about this.
  13. I like almost everything Star Wars that’s been made in the last 10 years except for the sequels as a whole (due to their disorganization) and IX (because it’s bad). The music is the best part though!
  14. I have a soft spot for Tyler’s version, but I haven’t heard the long version of Giacchino’s - has it been released anywhere?
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