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  1. I LOVED the ending. But the film wasn't quite worth the payoff. Oh, and that truck chase! OK, two things I loved about the film.
  2. Near as I and others have been able to figure it's a variation on Goose's Death
  3. That kind of talk is what kept us from getting Doctor Who season 10!
  4. 1) Dunno. Isn't it very briefly on a jukebox or something? 2) It's not in the middle of the songs section. It's right after the expanded original CD. Dogfight #3 and Radar Radio are B sides of Mighty Wings and Take My Breath Away respectively. So disc 2 is: Expanded Original Soundtrack, B Sides, unused tracks. 3) I actually haven't dug in that far.
  5. Sometimes I think this is Filoni trying to make all 9 episodes make sense together:
  6. I see a loophole and I'm sailing right through it. A new single in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen Cancer America. From the film Local Hero. And featuring... Pretty much everybody! Well, everybody from a guitar perspective anyway.
  7. Yeah, for whatever butcher job Jackson did on The Hobbit, it still existed before Lord of the Rings.
  8. The two things that kept trying to find their way back into Star Wars in the 90s was The Whills and The Sith.
  9. That's not a bad take. That puts them right into James Cromwell territory. Best of luck!
  10. This could be funny. The Kelvin timeline was a kind of "eat your cake and have it" so they could say "No! We didn't get rid of classic Trek! Or TNG! It's ALL there. Just in another timeline!" Well, if you go to before the Kelvin then that has to be Star Trek: Enterprise. (Or some time after.) Right where we left it. Right?
  11. That's only the comeback because it's true. Technically Darth Vader didn't kill Luke Skywalker, he only cut off his hand. Alderaan's destruction is physically not very dramatic. It's a popping balloon. Even from the surface it would be a flash and then nothing. Jedha was horrific devastation. But it was devastation that could be run from and escaped. If you watch Rogue One before Star Wars then, well, you need better friends who wouldn't let you do that. But if you did, then Alderaan is what is teased at in Rogue One. There's a whole planet left in Rogue One. In Star Wars it's just rubble. In an instant. "The entire star fleet couldn't destroy the whole planet..." But I bet the entire star fleet could paste the hell out of a good chunk of it. What happens to Alderaan is unique. Also we're told from the first moments of Star Wars that the Death Star can destroy a planet. That's not the drama. The drama is that this is the Princess' home planet. Of course all of this is done away with if you accept the simple truth that the first Star Wars movie that one should ever watch is Star Wars. No one has made a film that could naturally be seen before it.
  12. As a card carrying prequel hater, the two entrances that work in Star Wars as part 4 are Vader (a bit) and Obi-Wan (really well). They go from entrances to re-entrances. Actually they work better than Han's entrance in The Force Awakens. (Not nearly as good as the Falcon's.) Really? Do name these planets.
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