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  1. The hilarious thing about Maul is (if I have my story straight) that originally he just fell down the shaft after Obi Wan killed him. George said something like "No, people will think he's coming back. Cut him in half." Maybe he assumed that he would come up with more characters in II and III that people would like as much.
  2. The first time it happened was the fall of 1983! Mind you, it didn't last that time.
  3. That was lore from as far back as when Star Wars was in the cinema. First I'd heard it was in 1978. It went right along with "Han rescued Chewbacca and Chewie owed Han a 'life debt'". This was given a little more weight in Han Solo at Stars End but it was around before that.
  4. Has everyone been to amazed at this set to talk about it? I mean, it's not a cue from an Indiana Jones movie (from the same year)...
  5. In the "good old days" the only thing I ever recall making it from books / comics to screen is the name Coruscant. And if recall the story correctly that was a bit of a battle with Lucas. (He had never heard of it and wasn't planning on using it.) I have no documentation for this because even twenty years ago I didn't care that much. How many different ways were the Death Star plans stolen? My favorite is the radio play although I have a soft spot for Kyle Katarn. OTOH it's astonishing how much of Star Wars lore still in use today came from the West End role playing game.
  6. I was wondering if I might have been thinking of something like William/Spielberg. This is one of those tracks (like The Asteroid Field or Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack) where the film cue is so perfect and concise that no concert version is necessary (to me). Can you imagine having the audio tech like CDRs that we just take for granted in 1989?
  7. It still feels like the same piece. (That's good.) I hear the original melodies right away. There are additional flourishes and a more defined intro and ending. It's not like Han Solo and the Princess where I spend a lot of the piece thinking "What am I listening to? You're playing it wrong!" BTW, this is driving me crazy: Was there not a concert arrangement of this on the original CD? Or am I just thinking of the end credits? I honestly haven't listened to the original in a lot of years. But for some reason I remember thinking that this piece of music was essentially on the album three times. Film version (with a small blast of the Raiders March), concert version, end credits suite. Maybe the memory, she plays the tricks?
  8. I dimly remember this one. I do remember that it had one of the worst false endings ever. And Goldsmith didn't help. Compared to Aliens (say) where the music gets soft and gentle and feels like it has some resolution and the characters are actually wrapping things up and BAM! Hollow Man felt like the end of a Billy Joel concert where he's left the stage and everyone is still cheering but the lights are still off and he hasn't sung Piano Man yet. Just get on with it! This is a pet peeve of mine and for some reason Hollow Man is one of the worst offenders to me.
  9. Ahhh this sounds terrific. Biggest surprise (and I don't know why, it's not like I don't the film) is The Decision. I definitely recognized it but it was never a track that I said "Why don't we have this?" And now we do. Dinner's Ready is wonderful. All of the Big Band stuff is. Really the mix is pretty amazing I think. Either that or it's a new toy and I'm just really paying attention. I was a little disappointed that the otherwise excellent notes don't talk about any of the alternates or the differences in the album edits. (There is a brief mention of the alternate Deciding to Build the field.) This and Always are nice to listen to back to back and are both terrific releases from the past 12 months. Thanks as ever LLL.
  10. What?!? No. She's totally being fired. Any second now. I have it from reliable sources. It'll be like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.
  11. I'm pretty sure we'll watch Eternals (and Encanto) this weekend.
  12. It was renamed to "Peter Briefs" to avoid spoilers. (Also a plausible Gia title.)
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