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  1. That's what I thought too, but it's not a score I know front to back, so I didn't say anything.
  2. I tried having two Saturdays a week but I was overruled.
  3. "Timeslot" may not be as relevant but day of the week still kind of is.
  4. I'm not nearly as familiar with LotR, so what part is Dragon Battle temped from? Now I'm listening to Building the Crate. SWOON!
  5. According to Wikipedia it was a collaboration. Arnold wrote the music and Cornell wrote the lyrics. Which was pretty much how Barry did it.
  6. Twice, right? The World is Not Enough and You Know My Name?
  7. I don't recall subtitles when I saw Empire. That was, what, 2019 I think?
  8. Gotta stay honest, right? Me too! It was interesting on a few levels. I quite liked the sequence. There were a few tracks that I don't think I would have considered. The Katra Ritual was kind of a surprise. I know The Voyage Home gets a lot of hate. And even though it's not from me, I don't think I would have included Hospital Chase. I WOULD have picked Chekov's Run. The variety really works in the album's favor. Going from Chekov's Run to Ilia's Theme worked surprisingly well. The other thing that's cool is hearing some of these tracks "out of context". At one point (I forget which track it was) I thought "Oh, that's interesting. Did they use a different arrangement?" Then I thought "No, dummy. It's a playlist from your own original tracks! 'They' didn't do anything." You get used to hearing tracks always in the same order. For instance I realized listening to An Angry God that I never listen to that by itself. It's part of the whole "end of the disc". It's kind of funny how the medium can affect how you know a score. Star Trek 1-4 started on LP for me. 5 and 6 were always on CD. So 5 and 6 are one big collection (never mind the full scores) but 1-4 I can still tell you where the album sides are. I think a short album side of 4 or 5 tracks helps you learn tracks better. This is a nice collection of Trek music as well. Not as concise as the Astral Symphony, but there was 25 more years of Star Trek at that point!
  9. Nobody called me on this and I'm grateful. Life is a Dream is the freaking end titles of V. It opens with Courage and it's the WHOLE Star Trek: The Motion Picture theme complete with the Klingon theme in the middle. As the good Admiral once said "I must be getting senile." Oy.
  10. Kind of mind blowing when you think on it. Can you imagine any of the other composers being given such a task? I suppose Horner was almost as new as Eidelman was when Horner was hired for TWOK. But still.
  11. I would have said no, but recently Iger has been saying they've been losing money by not having physical media.
  12. When I saw Empire there was no chance of that happening.
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