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  1. What movie had a dinosaur on an x-wing? (Ohhhh. OR an x-wing...)
  2. It's also a pretty snazzy burst of the 'B' theme! I'm sure part of it is because it's "the one that got away" and partly because I get to be nerdy and know something obscure, but I LOVE the Star Wars Imperial theme. I loved it when it showed up in Rogue One, when it showed up in Solo, I just love it!
  3. I'd be all for that. Or a P-51 from Empire of the Sun. Or a P-40 from 1941. Lotta good airplane music.
  4. I tried explaining to my kids why THAT scene was one of the signature scenes in Star Wars. To the point where they did an encore in Return of the Jedi. Luke and Leia (after much build up) swing from here. To there. I finally settled on "But the music is amazing!"
  5. It would be stupid to get my hopes up. I'd be reading way too much into this. THAT'S A FREAKING X-WING! WHEN HAS LLL EVER DONE ANYTHING THAT HAD AN X-WING?!?
  6. I think there is some nuance that you're not getting and I'm not up to communicating. (Yavar?) Which leads me to: I'm suddenly annoyed that Leia featured so prominently in Obi-Wan, if it means that she can't show up somewhere in Andor. I don't need them to meet or anything. But if Mon Mothma is going to be prominent in showing the the seeds of the Rebellion in the Imperial Senate then I would think that the Organa family should be in there somewhere. (I'm also just eager to see the original three leads recast - WITHOUT any CG) at any opportunity. Then it becomes a legendary character rather than just a legendary performance.) Maybe that's the distinction between "fan service" and just "this is the story". If the Enterprise shows up in a Star Trek movie about the crew of the Enterprise then it isn't fan service. If Random Admiral Giving Exposition is LADIES AND GENTLEMEN IT'S Admiral Janeway! then that's fan service. Darth Vader, GM Tarkin, and Leia show up in a movie that is the prelude to Star Wars? That's what we signed up for. The two schmoes from the Mos Eisley cantina? That's fan service. Rogue One was a Dirty Dozen style war movie. Andor seems to be a political espionage thriller (in SPACE). Oh please let it work!
  7. You sound like you like the books. I think that's just not true that RO is nothing but fan service. It certainly has it. There are certainly a lot of callbacks just because it's set in the few days before Star Wars. Yet it manages to be very much it's own thing while still being 100% Star Wars.
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