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  1. Complete? The original is one of my favorite "I need to write lots of code very quickly" albums. Fort Walton - Kansas is just one of my favorite things.
  2. It's good. It's solid good. OTOH if you're going to structure a score based on the Bond Theme, Arnold has just about done it all, hasn't he? Matera is actually a really good track before it turns into what it does. But then No Time To Die starts to play and I catch my breath. Well done. I never hated the Newman Bonds like many do. They're OK. But they're not ones that I go back to either. This will probably fall into that category as well.
  3. That actually was kind of a pain to find. Wow, two months ago. It's been a fast summer.
  4. Ahhh "The women in this Bond film will be different, this is really a step forward." Singing that song in Bond films since 1964. And hey, it's even been true in many cases. But they always act like they are the first.
  5. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic. But they are certainly clever. It's more of a magic trick than "Oh! That looks totally real!" Corridor Crew (YouTube) did an episode on it a few weeks ago. It's almost amazing that they even attempted it.
  6. Person of Interest (Season 1) This show turned 10 this week. Great show. Great score. I'd say my Djawadi gateway drug but I don't listen to that much else by him. Of course I always like what I hear. (Pacific Rim I like a lot.)
  7. This weird movie where Indy is irrelevant to the plot? Maybe it should be called that. But in Raiders of the Lost Ark the character of Indiana Jones is integral to the story. No matter what the lady from Jeopardy would have you believe.
  8. I hear it. And I totally see what you're saying. But it's also fairly ordinary Jerry. I've been listening to Innerspace a lot, so I'll compare it to that. You could even go to Star Trek: Insurrection. 3:30 is a lot like Explorers. Every time I listen to clips of this I come away thinking it's a Best of Jerry score. Which is nice. It's not as dead to rights Conan as, say, Total Recall. I'm kinda loving it though. I should listen to this more.
  9. No, because they would have had the actual headpiece rather than just Toht's burn. They would have had both sides and the correct translation. (I haven't watched any movies. We just finished the 4th season of Leverage.)
  10. I think we're taking "boutique" to a new level. I'm a little alarmed that I almost think it's a good idea. Almost. I mean, if every movie gets 3 or 4 discs and every cue is presented in both its movie form as well as discrete sections. That's not a musical presentation, that's a toolkit! What's that noise? Is that Thor throwing himself into the CD pressing machinery?
  11. Well... Marion would have most likely died at the hands of the Nazis.
  12. Strange? Well, there have been stranger things.
  13. That's pretty much just how I feel. I'm a little leery of shouting how great this score is because I'm afraid that someone will then show me the seven scores that are in the same vein and maybe better, two of them by Williams. Like some kid talking about how The Rocketeer revolutionized film scoring. (I love the Rocketeer.) It hasn't happened yet.
  14. Nope. Bauhaus, right? But it's hard for me to hear the name Bela Lugosi OR Boris Karloff without quoting Ed Wood in return.
  15. Taking a break from Zimmer (and Newman, but that's another post). Dune (1984) A really solid listen. I've always enjoyed it far more than the movie.
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