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  1. I hope it's really good. Because I figure I'll see it some day and now my expectations are super high. And seriously, is that Thurl?
  2. I was going to describe it as "grim". Somber is better. One of ILMs first non-Lucas projects, right?
  3. Can anyone say if that's Thurl Ravenscroft in there? It's unseen because where can you see it?
  4. Oh, I'm probably going to wade into stupid right here. How many people knew that it looked like an IRA funeral if they weren't told it in the interview? I didn't. But I don't know anything about the IRA other than in the broadest headlines from my childhood. Surely there are people who are closer to the subject that will have different feelings. If there's anyone here with feelings on this I would be fascinated to know.
  5. Citizen Kane is like Avatar. When Avatar came out all my friends said "Well, no, it's not a good movie. But you HAVE to see it for the groundbreaking effects!" I said "Well, then I'll just wait until those effects are used in movies I'll like better." An imperfect analogy because Kane is a good movie. But most or all of its groundbreaking qualities were used later in other movies that most people like more. But what do I know? I think the best movie is Casablanca. Or Lawrence of Arabia. Kane did feel like homework. But Casablanca was the "timeless classic" that lived up to its hype. For me.
  6. This just reminds me that The Best Years of Our Lives is on HBO Max and I've never seen it.
  7. Well, no surprises here, really. OK, Rogue One but no Star Wars or Solo was a bit odd. Well here's my top 10 artists And my top 13 albums (I went to 13 since it included 3 different editions of Star Trek: The Motion Picture).
  8. HOW DARE YOU?!? YOU COULD NOT BEEEEE MORE WRONG! (reads reads reads) Oh. So sorry. All good. Carry on. Andor, wonderful show.
  9. The story was her realizing it. I can see people not liking the pacing, or the lack of humor, or maybe even missing a sense of adventure. Those are arguably the biggest departures from past Star Wars. But the two things in this show that are absolutely perfect are the prison arc and everything with Mon Mothma. To me one of the greatest moments of the entire series was when MM meets with the scummy banker and he says "I don't want money, I want your child" and you see her realize that she had no idea the game that she was playing, what would be asked of her, and what she would be willing to do. It was overshadowed by some pretty amazing events in the rest of the episode. (I mean, it had Andy Serkis being astonishing AND Luthen's speech.)
  10. Well 11 thought he was young and thought 12 was old.
  11. On Spotify it gave me a list of my top 100 favorite songs this year (and it's STILL The Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture because of the Director's Edition!). Is there some place where it tells me top artists? (Interestingly Krypto the Superdog by Steve Jablonsky took second spot!)
  12. Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2, 3PO... In Star Wars Luke uses the Force twice. Once in a practice session. I'm OK with Jedi light Star Wars like Andor because 1) That's how it started and 2) none of my favorite characters were Space Wizards. Including Luke. They lived on other planets, they had cool tech, and they flew spaceships. You know, like in science fiction.
  13. Oh yeah, I remember now: I really liked this score. I know it's music we already have, but Bike Chase is so good. The beginning of Okinawa is cool. It's where all the Bond fans declare with one voice "We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!"
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