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  1. Yeah, as long as you're not ACTUALLY someone we'd arrest, here, access whatever you want! The Empire has a surprisingly stringent "innocent until proven guilty" policy. Since the emotions in that scene were hitting on all cylinders I didn't want to poke at the mechanics too hard. On a Star Wars scale of making sense it's not too bad, really. As many have pointed out: Why on Earth does Djarin have a trimmed mustache?
  2. Am I? Then why are you following me? (Sorry. Pavlovian response.)
  3. He was something, wasn't he? I'm amazed that Mando managed to convey "tired and sad" while wearing a mask and armor. I liked last week's episode and this had some considerable heft.
  4. Of course it is. Even if I was on the fence, listen to the score. It's got more Christmas music in it than White Christmas! I accept this simply as a fact. There are some who are quite passionate about it. Die Hard is a Christmas movie.
  5. We watched the two-parter about Empire day. (Giving Ezra, Luke, and Leia the same birthday, right?) Maybe I'm over thinking this, but Our Heroes are giggling like school kids at the idea of bombing a parade. *shudder*
  6. I can't stand anything I've seen from Jackson. Except Kong. Even then I think "Wow, this is self indulgent." But durned if I'd know what to cut.
  7. Did you watch Rebels? We just started a re-watch. We're six episodes in and the body count is staggering. Especially since the first thing Our Heroes do when we meet them is to blow up a bunch of soldiers in a market with grenades! Remember last season in Mando when he rounded up a bunch of folk who turned on him on the Republic prison ship and didn't kill any of them? So far I haven't seen the Ghost gang leave anybody alive if they could help it. But no, "kid's show" shouldn't mean bad writing.
  8. THAT'S what I should watch this weekend. Still haven't seen it. IMHO - It's not the "family" stuff that went missing, it was how he shot it. And it wasn't just family life. He used to have a gift for narratively followable chaos. It's in Jaws and Close Encounters in many scenes with children and adults. Maybe if he had continued this stunt we'd be groaning about that old Spielberg cross-talk gag. But I don't really recall it in many (any?) of his later films.
  9. I've had several people tell me that they think The Launch from Apollo 13 sounds Christmas-y. Must be the chimes.
  10. Rey's theme is the highlight of the whole trilogy. And while Kylo's theme can't compare with either Darth Vader's theme from Star Wars or The Imperial March it's remarkably effective. When it signaled Kylo's entrance at Disneyland's Jedi Academy you could hear people gasp. We knew who was next.
  11. The Sun just reported that David Prowse was in preparation to be the next James Bond. AND record the theme song!
  12. The cantina was considered one of the unmitigated successes of the film back in 1977. Whatever George may have thought of it. It was mentioned in almost all of the media about the film. Even the Holiday Special had to reference it. RIP Mr. Prowse. https://people.com/movies/dave-prowse-dead-celebs-react/ I knew he trained Superman. I did not know he trained the Dread Pirate Westley.
  13. With The Beatles (or even the mice in Cinderella) you're describing scenarios where the knew ahead of time that they were going to change the pitch and compensated with the speed to match. In Superman they just wanted the timing changed and hoped no one would notice the pitch. I'd argue they got away with it.
  14. I just remember when Superman came out on DVD and my family was at my folk's house. This was going to be the "let's show off the fancy sound system and this new DVD thing". Both of my brothers are professional musicians. When it got to that part they both exclaimed in unison "It's sharp!"
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