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  1. I recall hearing Dumbledore vs. Voldemort OOTP scored with Hannigan's final duel cue a while back on YouTube but it was a bit clumsy, I'd love to hear what you'd be able to do with that scene - especially considering the final duel of the movie OOTP is mostly without music.
  2. @TSMefford Bravo! Those are some of the best and most natural re-scores I've ever heard! This is truly what was missing from those movies, listening to those clips with Hannigan's music gives me much more of a closer vibe to the Williams era Potter movies, and adds significantly more emotion to all of those scenes. If I watched the entirety of Half Blood Prince scored like this and with a re-grade that removes the muddy color filter - I'd dare say this movie would become one of my favourites of the series. I think this is one of those rare cases where the writing and acting was on point, but the other aspects of the film let it down for me. There's such genuine heart and wholesomeness with the character's interactions in this, and with more appropriate music and color filters those moments would truly shine (and now do, just from the music change alone).
  3. I like how by merely having 'classical composer' in the title sparks this kind of debate
  4. on the topic of Thrawn's theme, I'd say it does a good job conveying the might of this new Remnant Empire while also adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to the march befitting of a character like Thrawn. he's undoubtedly the villain of Heir to the Empire so it makes sense to focus on the intimidating and militaristic dominating aspect of his character with the main theme, and then in the second part of the theme explore the more romantic and contemplative side of him.
  5. this is so unbelievably cool, it's like a glimpse into an alternate universe where John Williams scored the ST but it was the Thrawn Trilogy:
  6. sounds like it was recorded with an orchestra, particularly when the trumpets come in that doesn't sound anything too dissimilar from what I'd hear in terms of mixing on something like his Rogue One soundtrack. pretty clear this isn't the full theme but either way I like the dark noir vibes and it feels particularly fitting for Batman so I'm keen to hear and see more.
  7. differing creative visions my ass. I read the entire thing and it's incredibly apparent that TROS is a bastardised version of this script, yet JJ and the like claim they never read any early scripts in pre-production. that's blatantly false, there's so many similar beats in TROS to this that it has to be more than coincidence, and every single one of them are done infinitely worse in TROS.
  8. I was in the ideal circumstances to view this episode. my expectations were so low and I hadn't heard anything about the episode beyond knowing the Judoon were in it, that everything caught me off-guard completely. I'm really glad too because it's a first-watch experience I'll cherish, love delightful surprises like that. I'm sorry for the people that had it spoiled, marketing gets extremely overzealous with things like this unfortunately.
  9. all I can say after tonight's episode is...holy shit.
  10. There were a few here and elsewhere I've seen on the Internet that were dubious, but I think this 100% dispels any doubt whatsoever because it's clearly by the same concept artist that worked on TFA, TROS etc. and it fits the described script to a T.
  11. Time to laugh at all the people that thought the Trevorrow leak was fake: https://imgur.com/a/lX9JG8F
  12. that was a nice episode. I like its message and particularly appreciate how it didn't make Edison comically evil, it's the kind of thing I wanted with the previous episode in terms of moral exploration. Tesla was played really well and we got to see a slight edge to Jodie's Doctor which has been sorely needed for a while. I appreciated how the aliens tied into the themes of the episode but I still felt like they fell pray to a case of telling instead of showing which had them come across as a bit bland. I would like for things to be explained in ways that aren't the Doctor providing exposition, it would make things a lot more interesting.
  13. Him being old has nothing to do with it. People change through experience but rarely does their entire character and personality change, and if it does then why are we now following a completely different character from what was established? Why not make a new character at that point?
  14. That wasn't directed at you, my bad. I'll update my post to make it clearer.
  15. You keep saying that and not qualifying why you think that. It's an especially baffling statement when I just described in detail why I think it is much better than the Rise of Skywalker. THE FOLLOWING IS NOT ADDRESSED DIRECTLY AT MANAKIN SKYWALKER I think it's absolute nonsense that a large number of people didn't like Luke's portrayal in TLJ because he wasn't a super-hero. People didn't like him because he straight up wasn't Luke. There's a reason Mark Hamill calls him Jake Skywalker, because if you break down Luke's character traits established in the OT and the kind of person he is, and compare him to TLJ it is like they are completely different characters. In fact, I'll prove it with this image which provides an excellent breakdown of this from a character writing perspective: I'm honestly not sure why anyone would like this portrayal of Luke given the fact it's essentially not even the same character. Rian Johnson responded to this image too, completely missing the point and claiming that "Luke shouldn't have permanent video game power-ups as a character". No, he shouldn't, but he should also still be the same fucking person and address conflict in the way we know he would. You're right when you say that many years of stories in the EU were against TLJ, because pretty much all of them actually understand who Luke is as a person. Hell, even Star Wars Battlefront 2 had a pitch-perfect post-ROTJ Luke in it's campaign. When you fuck up one of the most beloved characters of all time and the star of the lauded OT, I'm surprised anyone should be surprised at all by any of the critical backlash this film received.
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