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  1. To be fair, that was likely because of what moments it was scoring Yoda’s theme pops up only briefly because it’s nothing more than a name drop, whereas Ahsoka is there in the flesh for the whole episode
  2. Tython I think originated in the Tales of the Jedi comics, but we see it fully fleshed out in the game Star Wars the Old Republic as a starting area for Jedi. Supposedly it’s one of the first places the Jedi ever settled, so to see it brought back up in the NU is neat. Curious to see what they’ll do with it Another neat EU nod was the model of the guard droids, HK-87 units, what is a clear reference to HK-47 and his line of assassin droids in Knights of the Old Republic
  3. Very underwhelming. None of these sound like they belong in the Star Wars universe (except for the Cantina music), and what's worse is that they don't really bring their own unique soundscape to compensate so it just comes off as sounding generic. Seeing footage of Yoda instructing you in a Jedi temple and hearing this is going to be an extremely jarring Star Wars experience:
  4. God I love this soundtrack. It really is the perfect blend between John Williams and John Powell. You know it's a good collaboration when one doesn't end up out-shining the other but instead elevates the work as a whole. I remember Marty O'Donnell said something interesting about the nature of a good collaboration when he was talking about working with Paul McCartney, something along the lines of "If you couldn't make it as good doing it by yourself as you could with this other person, then it's worth collaborating." which seems obvious but I think gets taken for granted. He also talks abou
  5. What a horrible strawman of what I just said, considering I acknowledged specifically "the source material is going to significantly affect the score produced".
  6. There was a subtle instance of March of the Resistance when the X-Wings depart at the end of The Passenger, other than that there haven't been any direct references to Williams material.
  7. To an extent that's true, the source material is going to significantly affect the score produced. I definitely feel that lack of cohesiveness and vision for the spotting of the films, but I can't help but think of the Prequels and recognise that when the music is particularly good it almost doesn't matter what it's scoring. I'm usually able to separate the score from the media, so I think anything that comes across as off to me is more likely in the score itself.
  8. The world-building and look of this show is spot on, but the writing for everything else especially the characters is so thin. Being in a serialized format doesn't excuse that, and lately the dialogue has been feeling particularly stilted. It's a pity because my main draw to Star Wars is the characters, and I also feel like it's a show that doesn't really respect the audience's intelligence. There was a particular moment in the first episode where I picked up on the neat detail that Mando was okay with the pit droids now, but then all subtext is removed when Amy Sedaris character just blurt
  9. Something about the Sequel Trilogy scores always came off as rigid and stilted to me, meaning that I vastly prefer the Original trilogy and Prequel trilogy scores. That being said, the new themes he wrote are fantastic, with March of the Resistance in particular being a magnificent spiritual successor to The Imperial March. Very inspired choice to give the Rebellion a march this time around, it's a fun turning of the tables that sadly the narrative did absolutely nothing with. That rigidity could come from the very dry recordings, and I do have to give props to the mixing of TROS which is b
  10. I've been particularly enjoying the way you score the more horror-themed scenes, look forward to hearing more!
  11. Between this and JFO, these are the kind of non-Williams Star Wars scores I love. Confident yet playful with the established sound, and with a hearty dose of creativity and also just delightful whimsy. When it sounds like the composers are having fun then that joy gets transferred through the music, and I'm just really glad to be able to re-discover a score that already impressed me and find a new appreciation for it. That new mix is genuinely fantastic, and this score might feature some of my favourite rendition of classic themes ever between that gorgeous Luke's theme snippet and the delight
  12. As a big fan of DOTF, that was really awesome! I like how you built up to the big Duel of the Fates moment by peppering in little ‘korrah ratimahs’ I enjoyed listening to the music with foreknowledge of the script, and just letting it take me away as I imagine the movie it could’ve been. The Battle of Coruscant would’ve been absolutely spectacular, and if Duel of the Fates played in the theatre as an incredible duel between Rey with a double bladed lightsaber and Kylo at the height of his power...I probably would’ve cheered for the first time. Even thinking
  13. These have been fantastic so far, I was particularly impressed with the scoring choices for Harry remembering Cedric’s Death, that treatment of the Voldemort theme gave me actual chills! So glad you guys were able to up the production value with the orchestral samples, much easier to be immersed in the alternate reality you’re presenting, and everything sounds a lot richer and fuller You guys only just finished a whole movie and you’re already partway through the next! Impressive work ethic
  14. I recall hearing Dumbledore vs. Voldemort OOTP scored with Hannigan's final duel cue a while back on YouTube but it was a bit clumsy, I'd love to hear what you'd be able to do with that scene - especially considering the final duel of the movie OOTP is mostly without music.
  15. @TSMefford Bravo! Those are some of the best and most natural re-scores I've ever heard! This is truly what was missing from those movies, listening to those clips with Hannigan's music gives me much more of a closer vibe to the Williams era Potter movies, and adds significantly more emotion to all of those scenes. If I watched the entirety of Half Blood Prince scored like this and with a re-grade that removes the muddy color filter - I'd dare say this movie would become one of my favourites of the series. I think this is one of those rare cases where the writing and acting was on point, but t
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