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  1. I believe some of those creative choices were the result of the different production parameters. A conclusion mostly done through post-production would make sense given limited access to locations and actors.
  2. Hmm, that would go a long way towards explaining why the final two episodes feel so jarring to the rest of the show. Completely different production parameters.
  3. I'm not convinced that @rough cut is black and white either...I bet he's one of them here coloured folk
  4. Once companies saw how profitable and influential it could be it has now been corporatised out of the ass. I do long for those days where it was more like the Wild Wild West but alas this was always going to be inevitable.
  5. Hmm, if true that is a little silly. Ah, you were referring more towards the part where he's revealed to be Harold Saxon, not when he first realises he's The Master. I can see that, Hann has similar energy to Simm at times.
  6. Ah yes, agreed. It should be treated like any other pilot, proof of concept but not necessarily proof of quality for the rest of the show.
  7. That’s not a very ideal way to start the show because that arc relies on you having had experience and investment with these original characters. To a newcomer I expect it will come off rather naff and melodramatic, plus they’ll likely be confused as to
  8. Can you elaborate on The Master comparison? I’m not really sure what you mean because they seem like totally different situations to me That transition of them watching the TV to the warfare in the streets I believe took place in another time. I figured it was just a mental transition as the flashbacks went from one critical element to the other, I don’t think Wanda was even necessarily watching TV when the bomb hit.
  9. I really like how they did the Wanda storming SWORD sequence. The selective editing totally fooled me in Episode 5, but in a re watch I now realise that Wanda never actually grabbed the body on screen. Quite a fun continuation of the meta ‘real life being edited’ theme that has permeated a lot of the series. Heyward is suss as fuck, and I feel like he was deliberately antagonising Wanda so he could make the footage look convincing. If people saw the after credits scene too, it’s clear what it is that he has been up to with Project Cataract. I have absolutely
  10. It's going to be a very interesting last two episodes. I just hope they have a truly satisfying and not too predictable answer. Something that fundamentally affects the status quo of the universe would also be nice. If things are neatly wrapped up then it'll take a lot of the sense of drama out of the whole production I think.
  11. I suppose one way to look at it is to see 'political' as a frame rather than a type of content. It's how COVID can both be a medical and a political issue (as much as I really would not like it to be the latter). Seeing as how the context of the gender identity discussion is concerned with labelling Carano in a certain camp, or making her out to be someone who doesn't fit the acceptable discourse - I would take that to be a matter of politics, since it's chiefly concerned with grouping people rather than say the philosophy or biology of what gender identity means. I guess what I'm trying to
  12. Film music is also a huge part of the film’s longevity and cultural impact. If the Imperial March wasn’t so resonant with the world I doubt we would still be seeing it today in completely separate contexts to the franchise. It’s practically taken on a life of its own, but people still recognise it as Star Wars music. To speak to games, I can also attest that one of the things most praised by the general audience in the Halo series is the music. To the point that it’s become one of the main selling points, with the new game marketing itself by saying they’re going back to the roots
  13. It’s a term from the gaming industry. Basically it’s the kind of culture created when you coerce employees into doing ridiculous overtime, that is proven to be physically and mentally damaging, because they fear they’re either letting down the team or they’re going to be let go. This is unfortunately very common in said industry, and even celebrated. The Last of Us 2 won the award for Best Direction despite numerous exposes of appalling working conditions, over another studio called Supergiant Games that actively ensures that crunch culture is eliminated with provisions like mandatory sensible
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