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  1. wow! do you have any more recordings for this event, these are such perfect renditions. the duel of fates one was so good in fact, that it has single-handedly restored my love for that piece of music. this version just sounds so powerful.
  2. I don't so much see the way they handled Tattooine as fan-service so much as getting a glimpse of what this planet looks like in a post-ROTJ universe. to me, that was just fascinating world-building seeing how deserted (pardon the pun) everything is now after the fall of the Hutts and the Empire, and little touches like the bartender now being a droid :p
  3. that was a really nice rendition of the new concert arrangement, listening to it was like discovering it for the first time again - its such a beautiful piece of music that is testament to the sheer transcendental quality that Williams is able to give his music even 30+ years on.
  4. oh my god I’ve been dreaming of the day someone made a podcast episode about Star Wars video game soundtracks! can’t wait to listen to this
  5. after listening to The Mandalorian I can’t help but think that Ludwig Goransson would’ve been an excellent successor to Murray Gold. the attention to thematic material, the exotic scoring, the interweaving of electronics with symphonic orchestra - it’s all there
  6. I’ve already got my tickets for that (also an Australian) but it’s the 4DX tickets so I don’t know if I’ll be able to concentrate on the music while being thrown around like a rag doll!
  7. aaaaagh if this doesn’t turn out to be Williams then this will be the biggest tease of all time. all the different permutations, the reason part that sounds like it was micro-edited - this has to be from the film. if it’s not then we are being deliberately trolled. at least the snippet of music from that other commercial is most likely Williams given the Rose’s theme statement.
  8. huh yeah that does sound quite different, did they finally record a new version of the theme? or rather, did they finally record a new version of the theme and not forget to put it in the movie -.-
  9. I'm impressed, someone was finally able to turn flatulence into an art form.
  10. listening to the ANH retrospective music again, I just realised something that could be a strong indication of it being from TROS. near the end where the strings and woodwinds come in it sounds like its playing a variation of 'March of the Resistance'. which would also support it being apart of a battle cue between the First Order and the Resistance, and if so I'm excited because that means we can have both marches duelling each other like this now that both sides have strong thematic material. anyone else hear this, or am I just going crazy?
  11. even if I go just off pure feeling its evoking the same emotions I had when I first heard snippets of TFA in the star tours video. that being said I was horrendously wrong about the verizon commercial so take my opinion with a grain of salt :p
  12. i think one of the give-aways is that 'oomph' that the brass has in the snippet above and in the Anthony Daniels retrospectives, it sounds nearly the same as the mixing for TLJ. plus the clear Roses' theme transformed in an interesting way with an actual orchestra that also sounds like the ST style of mixing in the Bell commercial all but confirms that, surprisingly, all these pieces are from TROS.
  13. I wasn't convinced before but I'm starting to be convinced now. all of these musical snippets from these videos and the other commercial, especially the brass, have that distinctive sequel trilogy sound - and the fact that we hear that same thing in a different transformation highly suggests its actually a film cue. at this point I really hope all of this is Williams, these musical snippets are incredibly fun and I really like this much darker sound, which is tonally consistent with all the other supposed Williams music as well.
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