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  1. I’ve never understood the logic behind making the trailer music sound completely unlike what is going to be delivered in the film. You’re just setting people up with the wrong expectations and misrepresenting the musical element of your film. The point of a trailer should be to give a bite-sized representation of what your film is actually like, companies usually get lambasted if they include footage that isn’t in the actual movie - so why not for music that is not in the actual movie and also unrepresentative of anything you’ll hear in it?
  2. There is indeed still cross-pollination although it is patently false to say nothing new happened. Shortly after the Disney acquisition the EU was wiped completely from all canon tiers and relegated to a renamed Infinities tier called Legends where previous non-canon EU stories took place. This opened the door for a complete re-write of the expanded lore, with some pre-existing elements being reincorporated but without the surrounding context of the many novels and comics they previously existed across. Then Lucasfilm themselves put out a statement saying that they were doing away with a tier system in favour of flattening the hierarchy. Future books/games would now hold the same level of canonicity as the OT, PT, TCW, and any future films to come. This is why you started seeing characters and elements that only existed in novels and comics start to pop up in the films and shows. Of course, keeping every published work in the same consistent canon is a logistical nightmare, and it lead to alienation of the more casual audience as well as creatively limiting what the films could do in certain periods. So what was the solution then? Ironically, in everything but name alone, the system quietly shifted back to the EU tier system. Works like the A New Hope anthology series broke the idea of binary canon, featuring some stories that were considered ‘canon’ and others that weren’t. Films and shows started contradicting the published material implying that they had a higher level of canonicity again. This is why it’s asinine to say that people just had ‘unrealistic expectations’ because all they were doing is expecting the company to do what they explicitly said they were going to do. It’s why the inconsistency in the canon is a greater fault post-Disney than pre-Disney because they made it one of their specific mission goals to unify the canon, whereas pre-Disney that was never a goal. The grand irony of this all and the ultimate take-away is that the idea of achieving inter connectedness and cohesiveness through a unified canon is foolish, especially with something on the scope of Star Wars. Far greater cohesion and interconnectedness was actually achieved when there was a rigid tier system, and it’s night and day comparing the EU to the NU (New Universe aka the collection of post-Disney stories that replaced the previous EU)
  3. On paper yeah, in practise though there was a lot of cross pollination between the films and the old Expanded Universe. The tier system was really more of a safety net so the films didn’t have to be slaves to pre-written canon, something that was reversed to great detriment post-Disney
  4. I’ve never seen anyone try and pull a ‘don’t you know who I am?!’ over trailer music before but this is the thread that keeps on giving
  5. I fail to see how they’re at fault for not doing what you suggest which would have negative consequences for the whole story
  6. Whether you ultimately loved the show or not has no bearing on how much I think your criticism is off-base according to the reasoning you presented If you don’t want people ‘jumping down your throat’ then maybe don’t make provocative statements like “If you can't condense such a small amount of plot into that, then you're not a good editor” which implies that the editor(s) of Andor can’t even do the bare minimum of their job
  7. Do you just have no idea what kind of show this is? It’s an ensemble show, it’s important to regularly check in to see what each of our main players is up to and progress the plot at the same time. You can’t do that if you dedicate entire episodes to one character’s perspective, that’s not the point of the show. I seriously doubt your ability to judge someone a good or bad editor if you’ve somehow missed how deliberately juxtaposed a lot of those scenes are and how much meaning you would miss without the intercutting.
  8. Having that entire arc play out in a single episode would’ve been horrific pacing. It’s far more believable that it happens over the course of a season. You’re underplaying it, but someone recognising the kind of person they actually are is a HUGE breakthrough in a character. We see something similar with Andor and even Luthen so it’s definitely a common throughline
  9. What counts as significant change for you? Because we went from Mon Mothma not willing to get her hands dirty and commit fully to the cause, to selling off her daughter for the greater good
  10. That’s a good way to think about it, technology is rarely the focus in Star Wars but instead the backdrop. In that respect Andor is no different
  11. The pizza analogy actually has promise. Andor is like a pineapple pizza, you've got a group of people who will tell you that it's not 'real pizza' and then when you ask what real pizza is they'll say that it can only be bread, meat and cheese and yet despite all these rules, pineapple pizza is still delicious
  12. Things are going to be pretty different given they’ll be covering 4 years instead of 1 year
  13. Just…the worst creative standards to hold a show like this to
  14. “After the first TROS trailer, I enjoyed congratulations from JWFan members after my 'Emperor Palpatine will return' prediction was proven correct. I also predicted that Rey was a relative or creation of Palpatine... and was proven right once again after the film came out.” You really are just a ball of contradictions
  15. I’m referring to this: Sorry, I'm not going to share what I think is Lucasfilm's overall plan for Star Wars. Why not? Also, do you think if those predictions were made by a news outlet that would be enough to call them a ‘reliable source’?
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