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  1. The budget for a single episode of TV, even one as high as The Mandalorian, still pales in comparison to the budget of a full blockbuster movie. As a result, due to budget constraints, Luke in the Mandalorian isn’t even fully CGI - it’s a form of deepfake using ILM’s proprietary tech they’ve been developing
  2. Unfortunately the first part of TLJ doesn't have auto translation available, so I'll have to jump to part 2. Hopefully things aren't too confusing
  3. Do you have a source for any of that? I was aware these rumours have been around for a while but I didn’t see anything that was able to disprove the claims
  4. @toothlessI really enjoyed the French YouTuber’s TFA critique videos, thanks for the recommendation! I really want to watch his TLJ ones but it doesn’t seem like there’s any English subtitles so I don’t know what I can do there
  5. I'm feeling the excitement in the air, this seems like a really solid creative team so we could get something good out of this.
  6. Ah okay so it’s just a critique of the movies. I was hoping it would take a look more at the context and behind the scenes of production since that’s what interests me more
  7. I saw that video! Pretty comprehensive breakdown on why the Chibnall era so far has fallen flat Can I get more context of what these videos are about?
  8. If JJ was director/writer/producers for all the movies I don’t think the final outcome would’ve changed significantly, in fact it could easily be worse. People who think RJ totally went against JJ’s ideas have bought into the post-backlash TLJ narrative. Before that not only did JJ himself say he wish he had written the script, but his friend Greg Grunberg corroborated this and said that he never usually says that. JJ’s response you can chalk up to marketing but Greg wasn’t even involved with TLJ so he had zero obligation which is why I think it’s genuine. Especially considering th
  9. Money wise I think most of the 8th Doctor Adventures material is available free on Spotify
  10. That Variety article has zero details or context beyond just saying the show is no longer in active development. Without a source the claim seems dubious
  11. Yeah, this is a problem in general with the chips because they remove the agency in the situation. Was a lot more grey in the old EU when it was a matter of conditioning and ARCs were made to be more independent.
  12. I figured out where I recognize Omega's theme from! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is almost note for note: Original Reddit post that pointed out the similarity with a clip from the show containing the theme in question:
  13. I really like Omega’s theme but I swear I’ve heard it before somewhere
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