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  1. Legendary has cut ties with Warner Bros and has entered a partnership with Sony. The Monsterverse will remain a collab between WB and Legendary. SOURCE
  2. Wow, I hadn't actually expected this to happen any time soon! Gonna definitely get this! (Not sure I'll get it before Christmas though -a ton of postal strikes going on next month)
  3. Jason David Frank, best known for his role as Tommy Oliver in the long-standing Power Rangers franchise, died aged 49 https://www.cbr.com/jason-david-frank-obituary/
  4. I'm no DC fan, but I do have memories of watching the Batman cartoon series and every time I see a drawing of Batman, my brain automatically assigns the dialogue Kevin Conroy's voice. 66 is not old these days. This is truly shocking.
  5. Bloodboal himself has disappeared, along with every post he's ever made. They're all blank.
  6. Seems there's a lot more to the DOOM Eternal music story than we previously knew.
  7. If this one tanks, he'll release Avatar 3, and 4 and 5 will be cancelled. (I don't think it will tank, though. Maybe profit but not meet expectations?)
  8. Kelly Marcell will be directing Venom 3. Source
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) - Tom Holkenborg Source: hans-zimmer.com 1m01 v7.40 Coffee & Beacon (2:50) 1m02-03 v8.52 Scavengers - Blue Menace (2:28) 1m05 v6.49 Bank Heist Pt 1 (0:31) 1m07 v6.10 Bank Heist Pt 2 (2:06) 1m10 v6.43 Sonic Home (1:18) 1m11-12 v8.70 Row Boat Talk (3:15) 1m13-14 v5.29 Family Bump (1:36) 2m16 v8.44 Tails Comes To Town (0:57) 2m19 v12.74 Robotnik & Knuckles Arrive (2:48) 2m20-21 v13.13 Tails Gives A Ride (3:59) 2m23 v6.30 Hatched (1:53) 2m24-25 v6.31 Ultimate Power (1:59) 2m26 v8.57 Wade Cave (2:40) 2m28 v7.29 Stone & Robotnik Reunited (1:26) 3m30-32 v8.47 Lost & Found (1:11) 3m34 v2.08 Tails' Gadgets (0:47) 3m35 v10.82 Dis Is How I Roll (2:10) 3m36 v9.71 Pivonka (2:14) 3m39 v7.46 Victory & Pals (2:09) 3m40 v6.33 Compass (2:50) 3m41 v6.60 Phone Tracked (1:34) 3m42 v4.35 Snowboard Tussle Pt 1 (1:02) 3m44 v12.86 Lost Everything (2:54) 4m50 v6.14 Mixed Up Rings (1:59) 4m51 v13.25 Operation Catfish (3:34) 4m53-54 v5.74 Rescue Mission (2:36) 4m56 v9.13 Bridezilla (2:14) 4m58 v6.48 Unlocking Emerald Location (2:45) 4m60 v7.39 Jazz Hands (0:51) 4m61 v8.44 To Emerald Island (1:18) 4m62 v3.20 Island Arrival (0:39) 5m63 v5.22 Entering Labyrinth (1:59) 5m64 v14.117 Battle Emerald (5:25) 5m64 ALT Battle Emerald (Alternate) (5:25) 5m65 v5.83 Rescues & Understanding (3:10) 5m66 v9.15 ALT Sinister Bagel (3:06) 5m67 v12.30 Robotnik Unleashed (3:37) 5m69 v8.88 Teams Vs Robotnik (4:52) 6m70 v6.123 Battle Continues (3:36) 6m70B v2.15 Mech Pursuit (0:50) 6m71 v11.67 Robotnik Defeated (3:38) 7m72 v8.49 ALT New Order (2:51) 7m72B v2.20 Baseball (1:16) 7m74 v2.20 Dad (1:02) 7m76 v1.08 Project Shadow (0:55) Suite - 0m01 Sonic Heroic (3:07)
  10. When you're on the short list for James Bond
  11. Ah, so that was their idea. Interesting idea, but only because it's already been done in TNG. Just a small problem with it: we see George getting thrown from the chair as the Kelvin impacts against the Narada. They'd have to explain their way out of that.
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