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  1. ... you know Disney decided on that story before JJ even came aboard, right?
  2. I kind of liked the finale but I feel that there were a few things that could have been different. The Mars attack had Lore written all over it and that wasn't followed through. And what happened to the USS Enterprise and the USS Titan?
  3. Filming has halted due to Covid-19. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/matrix-4-stops-production-coronavirus-1203532190/
  4. He might have found some small use for him. Goodness knows what, beyond Stormtrooper target practice, but I agree: he wouldn't have been left alive for no reason.
  5. I mean... not... quite? Voldemort just wouldn't die if his Horcruxes still existed. Palpatine can be killed - you just have to make sure that his spirit is in his body when you do so. However, the whole 'can force his soul from his body' thing... it kind of gives them carte blanche to reuse the character in the future. Don't think he's got any clone bodies left? That's another thing revealed by the novel: Palpatine Junior is a 'perfect' clone of Palpatine, just discarded as a vessel because he had no Force power. So, other things from the novel: -Leia is dying throughout Episode IX - her body was damaged because of her little jaunt into space in TLJ. Luke is whispering to her throughout to try and persuade her to let go and join him in the Force. She doesn't want to until she can see Ben. -The dyad concept is not explained very well, but it turns out Palpatine and Plagueis had tried to form a dyad and failed. Palpatine had wanted to form a dyad with Anakin. -Kylo interrogates Chewie aboard the Star Destroyer by invading his mind - Kylo sees the past from Chewie's perspective. Apparently kid Ben called him 'Uncle Chewie'. -Lando had a daughter who is missing. The First Order deliberately targeted the children of Rebellion heroes and his daughter is remarked to have become a Stormtrooper. Not stated to be Jannah. -Rey had already started constructing her own lightsaber. -Rey had learned Force Heal when repairing the Skywalker Saber - she used it to repair the broken Kyber Crystal. -Ben turned back after Rey stabbed him because he realised that everybody he had confronted had tried to help him: Han, Luke, Leia, all three of them sacrificed themselves to try to help him. Rey was prepared to give all of her life force to Ben also. -Cloning is talked about a bit: Plagueis had explored cloning as a method of prolonging his life, but that failed. Palpatine obviously cloned himself. The body he was inhabiting had not been finished and so began to rot when he inhabited it. Another result of his cloning project resulted in a 'perfect' clone that was named as his 'son' - this 'son' had no Force Power and was not suitable as a vessel as a result. In other words, Rey would technically be Palpatine's daughter, not his granddaughter. -Finn's Force-sensitivity is never explicitly stated but implied much more heavily. He even senses Rey coming back to life. -There is a moment where Rey mind-tricks Finn into returning to Ochi's ship on Pasaana, as Kylo Ren approaches. -Apparently Rey and Rose are good friends.
  6. Further novel spoilers: Palpatine forced his spirit out of his original body as he was falling down the reactor shaft (before the blue explosion) and into the unfinished clone body. He knew Vader would betray him, he just did not expect it then.
  7. That metaphor is hilarious - and potentially rage-inducing to Gia-haters, since Vader is the Chosen One who redeems himself in the end. Even more so to the Zimmer-haters though, given Palpatine dies yet comes back to life in a subpar body.
  8. Yes, I do, and Beyond is my favourite of the three.
  9. The funny thing is, love him or loathe him, Rian Johnson gave JJ the perfect in for Palpatine to return when he set up the 'Force Projection' with the stipulation that overstretching means using all your life energy. Instead, nope: zombie clone.
  10. It also gives them carte blanche to use the character again and again. Just say "hey, he made other bodies somewhere else in the galaxy" and they're good to go. I much preferred the inference that it was his original body, somehow salvaged, with the restoration botched.
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