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  1. Filming resumed earlier this week. https://www.tmz.com/2020/06/24/keanu-reeves-carrie-anne-moss-neil-patrick-harris-on-set-matrix-4/
  2. SW02_Music_GameModes_SpaceBattles_Lucrehulk_Phase2Complete_01 SW02_Music_GameModes_SpaceBattles_Lucrehulk_Phase3NearComplete_01 is just Blowups.
  3. That is most curious. The speed of blowups is more akin to the one on my own edit as I sped up the intro after realising it had been artifically slowed, but my edit doesn't combine the two versions.
  4. I'd hope so. The edit is obvious in the track I'm talking about.
  5. You won't see dunking from me on this decision, especially since I did write Bear McCreary off before hearing the thing and I swiftly changed my mind once I had heard it. I'll reserve judgment until I hear the thing. I do hope it's not bangs and bashes like his Terminator score was, but I also hope we get some of the Ifukube theme in there too. Doesn't need to be used tons, but I'd say the usage in KOTM is a good benchmark for how much to use.
  6. Small observation after extracting music files from SWBF2 EA and from playing one of the mobile games: EA absolutely does have access to the 'archive' material as far as music goes. They just choose not to use it for the most part, instead using the original album versions. I found the 'as-written' version of TPM's Blowups in there (two different takes - one is clearly the same take as the UE but played at the correct speed), as well as the clean opening of 'Suite' version of TPM's End Credits. Galaxy of Heroes uses the film version of Moving Things Along. The latter is most certainly of interest - since there's absolutely no reason for DICE's audio mixers to combine two takes together instead of just using the one, especially when they just opted to use the album versions as-is prior. So somebody has been assembling takes into single tracks. Maybe the guys who did the Disney OSTs? But then, I wonder why they'd bother with the cues not used in the OST.
  7. With Godzilla Vs Kong taking its spot next year, The Matrix 4 has been delayed to April 2022 https://comicbook.com/movies/news/matrix-4-delayed-full-year-coronavirus-pandemic/
  8. Now there's nothing that I want to see this year
  9. After KOTM and its reverential approach to the classic material, this is highly, highly disappointing.
  10. You're a bit behind, it's now back at November 17 https://old.reddit.com/r/GODZILLA/comments/gr0e56/godzilla_vs_kong_art_book_is_now_listed_at_nov_17/
  11. Somebody wrote words I don't agree with, therefore I must acquiese and automatically hate Picard!
  12. It's the term they used for these mixes, IIRC. To put it more lengthily, yet probably more accurate, these are largely the exact same mixes they used to use in the LucasArts era of video games - at least as far as ROTS goes. The only exception, I believe, is Enter Lord Vader, which actually appears to just be the OST version (right down to the microedit timing). Odd that they'd care about using the OST version there when they didn't for the other tracks...
  13. That'd be because they used the final film mixes. You'd have had the snare drum bleeding through if they'd faded it as it was there. They tried to avoid that, and thus you get that jarring edit.
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