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  1. They de-aged Spiner to make him resemble his Nemesis appearance. It's not quite there but it's miles better than what Data looked like in the first trailer.
  2. Wasn't that stated to be the point? That it wasn't supposed to feel like TNG?
  3. Welp, let's see how many people get mad now the Star Trek Countdown comic is properly non-canon. TBH I didn't expect that I would have had a tiny bit of symapthy with Nero (I assumed his 'the Federation did nothing' rant was just typical villain speak, when it turns out the Federation did, in fact, do nothing) by the end of it.
  4. It's partly used there, but it's not originally for that scene. It's for a scene removed from the final film.
  5. Well, that doesn't mean no Agent Smith. Just means they'll not have Hugo Weaving. They could bullshit their way round it by saying Agent Smith is in disguise, or is just remnant code or something. There's precedent in the previous films. Though I hope this doesn't mean that, and that they just do a new adversary.
  6. It would, but it would also be insanely expensive. I know I couldn't afford what I would assume would be a 27-disc box set (assuming 3 discs for each Prequel, 2 for each OT and 4 for each ST)
  7. I get the feeling these scores would each take up 4 discs on a set. I wonder how they would release: individually, or as one big box set?
  8. Given a few listens and a look, they appear to not be the same note, but between those two times it definitely sounds like there is an edit.
  9. 1:52.5 is the same ending as the actual track ending too, so that following section should be snipped. However, I don't know where the material used comes from - a small portion also appears at the end of the FYC Prologue cue.
  10. There's the scene post-Rey training in the film where Leia remarks "Don't tell me what things look like. Tell me what things are.". Perhaps 1M13 relates to that.
  11. He does look less 'fake' than he did in the original trailer. Funny he actually had to say to them 'hey, you don't need to make me 80s Data, just Nemesis Data'.
  12. Score cue list and one of Trevorrow's scripts leaking? A bountiful day indeed! Also, last-minute mucking around with the scene order... definitely did not do the film any favours. This list confirms that. "Landing At ?" - did they not know the name of Kef Bir when this was written?
  13. So this is basically saying Lambert Wilson will be reprising The Merovingian in the film, scheduling permitting. He's got his children earning millions from his Silmarillions.
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