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  1. I'm wondering if Toho renegotiated the rights directly to Legendary themselves rather than WB. I couldn't see WB allowing this to go anywhere other than HBO Max otherwise.
  2. Apple TV is working on a Godzilla TV series set after the 2014 film. Source
  3. I don't think she got to do the film she wanted to do in the end. Parts of it made it in, but I have this feeling that WB suckered her in with promises of full creative control, and then they pulled that rug out from underneath her once she signed the contract. It's why there's a dig at WB in the film, and at marketing in the VR experience she wrote. I'm hearing people say 'this film flopped, time to reboot' quite a bit, and... Look, I didn't want another film. I thought the idea was stupid. I gave this film a chance anyway and had a good time, and plenty of people had similar experiences. Plenty of people had the exact opposite experience. But the fact is that despite that, not nearly enough people went to see it to justify its existence. This film was... poorly-timed. WB stuck to its December release date despite the fact it was going to go up against a movie that is the first post-pandemic movie to cross the billion-dollar mark. It's also the last movie of their HBO Max same-day deal. It wouldn't have mattered if the movie was universally accepted: those two points alone show that the way they handled this move has got to be the dumbest way WB has ever handled its properties - it made sense at the start of the pandemic, but since theatres started reopening, this has inevitably hurt one movie after another, and to pit this film against Spider-Man was just plain ridiculous. Now that it is done, WB needs to let this franchise rest in peace. Ironically, the film presents the best option for any sort of continuation: through video games. Enough people were highly impressed by that UE5 techo demo to start asking why there hasn't actually been a Matrix game since the MMORPG got shitcanned years ago (and coincidentally enough, that was supposed to be the way the story continued, with the blessing of the Wachowskis)
  4. An attempt at recreating the "Free Flight"/"Komit" hybrid from The Matrix Reloaded. I can't believe the orchestral part was never released (there were a few alternates used in the film that remain unreleased). The Komit part was easy enough to do though, between the two versions of the track I have.
  5. comicbookmovie is a pants site. I mean look at this trash. Love or loath the film, way to play into what the film was making fun of. Unneccessary though a sequel may have been (and I say that as somebody who likes the film), a reboot would be so, so much worse. Leave the series alone at this point and do something new. On another note: I wonder if Warner Bros. agreed to give Lana full creative control, and then decided to interfere based on what marketing thought were good ideas. There is a dig at marketing interference in The Matrix Awakens. Moral of the story is that it's probably a bad idea to force a movie to be made by committee. I think the answer is quite clear: she's done with this series.
  6. I was saving my last ticket for that movie. Ah, well.
  7. Another Ghostbusters cover, this time of "Stairwell" from the 1984 soundtrack. Also progressed on the cover of "Protecting the Farm". EDIT: Also a little something from today (Thursday 6 January):
  8. Sony has submitted films for consideration. Ghostbusters Afterlife has been put forward for Best Special Effects as confirmed via one of the film's VFX Artist's Instagram, so why Sony doesn't have their site up and running is weird. Unless... they have it somewhere else now?
  9. As somebody who liked the film: yeah, this is really the biggest sin it commits. Klimek and Tykwer do their best, but they just can't rise to the level that Davis achieved in his Matrix scores. I cannot remember a thing about the film's score beyond the quotes from Davis' music, and the staccato strings piece when Neo fights Smith. There's nothing memorable about this score.
  10. As if the film didn't already make that obvious in the first dialogue between Smith and Neo, and the fact that news came that WB were developing multiple Matrix projects before Resurrections was announced. However... they probably wouldn't have gotten Keanu Reeves or Carrie-Anne Moss on board if they did. Double-edged sword in their case. EDIT: Lana Wachowski also hid a dig at the film's marketing in The Matrix Awakens. Sounds like WB promised her full creative control, and marketing decided otherwise.
  11. I know, but we already have a pre-Scorpion Mac Gargan. He was the gang dude in Homecoming that met Toomes in prison and told him he had a gang ready to kill Spider-Man.
  12. I wonder what we'll get there. I think we'll get some more unutilised villains for sure. I actually hope for Scorpion - this Jameson is crazy enough in his anti-Spider-Man zealotry to actually want to create the Scorpion. The mid-credits obviously means we're getting the Black Suit at some stage, though I would caution against doing an Eddie Brock Venom here since we already have an active version of him in his own films. It'd have to be something different. I can't see the MCU Flash Thompson becoming Agent Venom, I personally would rather see Gargan as Scorpion first, and the other people who have been Venom in the comics have basically been temporary caretakers (Angelo Fortunato dies in his very first outing as Venom, and Lee Price was basically meant to 'reset' Venom back to its villainous tendencies before it returned to Eddie). I would have said Kraven the Hunter, but Sony's developing that as a separate project. The ship has already set sail with Morbius. I don't want to see any more Goblins now, since we've had three films with a Goblin (and one with a snowboarder who thought he was a Goblin). Chameleon would be interesting to do, but I'd see him in more of a henchman role. Actually, that makes me think: he could be the henchman for the Kingpin. Kingpin is as much a Spider-Man villain as a Daredevil one. I can't see Black Cat being a main villain either TBH, and besides, aren't Sony trying to develop that as a spin-off as well? Perhaps bringing some of his lesser villains forward would be a good idea. I would have pegged Vulture as one of them as well but Homecoming did a decent job reinventing him as a legitimate threat rather than a ludicrous old man who straps on a bird suit. Maybe Alistair Smythe or Tinkerer? Or even Morlun.
  13. Film's shit, you're not missing anything by skipping out on it.
  14. Akroyd's alreading thinking about Ghostbusters 4 through 6. He wants Murray and Hudson back (Hudson I could see, Murray I think is unlikely since it seems he had fun playing Venkman one last time - but it seems clear Murray meant it as one last time) Also interesting here is that he's suggesting Afterlife is, in his mind, Ghostbusters 3. Source
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