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  1. Ifukube/Desplat version of "Penascola, Florida" from Godzilla Vs Kong.
  2. Seprequel news, Nicholas Britell is going to compose the next film. First time a non-RCP composer has handled one of the films in the franchise. Source
  3. Wouldn't be the first time he used Yoda's Theme without a hint of Yoda in the scene. IDK, for me, it almost feels like material written for the end credits suite and then shoehorned in?
  4. Agree with you there, Luke. This is the Giacchino I have wanted to hear again. I don't think any of his other franchise scores as of late have scratched that itch.
  5. I strongly disagree with that.
  6. It's been described by Reitman as "the next chapter in the Spengler family story". Source
  7. Ooh, going back in time, are we? KOTOR2 had some pretty good music. Hopefully TFU gets one too. Quick, somebody upload the two promos and see if they get copyright-struck!
  8. We talking about the 'hur hur Jurassic World because the world's on the dino's body' one? Because it is. He used it on his Soundcloud for one track that's been released as a single.
  9. Because it's Jurassic World. Get it? GET IT?!
  10. Here's a Wikipedia article on what VSTs are. One such example is that Ghostbusters: Afterlife uses the True Strike VST instrument set for its percussion.
  11. I'm in the crowd of 'I don't think there's an instrument I don't like in orchestral scores, it all depends on their usage and context'. Having said that, maybe it's because it's cheaper these days, but it's become obvious which scores use VST percussion over a live-recorded percussion section.
  12. So, did you hear the OST for JWD has leaked? Having had a listen... maybe I'm missing the context, but I honestly think that the music for JWFK was better. This one's a lot of violin flourishes and heavy percussion. I had to check that I was actually listening to Giacchino and not some RCP score. Having said that, maybe it works in context, and maybe there's stronger material that is, as usual, excluded from the OST.
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