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  1. The teaser actually gives me "All Good Things" vibes. Almost as if it carries on from that.
  2. I'm not going to dig through the thread to see if this has been answered, but the post in the Restored Score thread by BrotherSound got me thinking: If Join Me on the album contains a part of a different cue (Psalm of the Sith according to BrotherSound), just how much of that is that cue, and where does it stop, I wonder? If it's not the ret of the track, what follows it? Also, that section is replaced with music that comes from Battle of the Resistance in the film/FYC but goes back to what's in the OST in the end (with a slightly longer trumpet staccato) An
  3. What Jay said is how I think they'll be released. More than likely digital-only, given the releases of the game soundtracks and Solo expanded have all been digital-only so far.
  4. Ah, it's going to be nice to hear it. There's a new version of Akira Ifukube's theme (based on the one from Godzilla vs King Ghidorah).
  5. I like the first Venom film. It's not perfect, but it's dumb fun.
  6. I'm actually already more entertained by the trailer for this film than I was for the trailer from the first film. Carnage looks pretty cool (I know some people wanted him to have black teeth like the earlier comics).
  7. And there was me thinking The Legacy Collection was dead and buried.
  8. From what I gather, the Milan release was mixed as Brad Fiedel intended it to be. It's a pity it's not complete, but it definitely sounds better in several places over the Definite Edition version. Also, the tracks are rendered in stereo, whereas some of the tracks in the Definite Version were in mono (such as the Main Titles)
  9. Nice try, but they did one just like this here for the other films years ago.
  10. I don't remember hearing that in the film. I assume you're referring to the chanting that's part of King Ghidorah's theme.
  11. Junkie XL talks about the Godzilla vs Kong score Source Biggest bruh moment in that article is him saying that the classic Godzilla themes would not work in a modern setting. Dude... your score comes right after one that successfully updated them. Also, the majority of those themes were written when Godzilla was still an antagonist. On a slightly different note, my personal favourites from the Japanese films are the original 1954 film's score, Godzilla vs Destroyah, and Shin Godzilla.
  12. I dunno, GMK could give it a run for its money there.
  13. Toho ditched any plans to do Shin Godzilla 2 a while ago, instead focusing on a new cinematic universe.
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