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  1. It's called Deadpool 3, but it's more than likely that this film is going to be set in the MCU.
  2. Looks better than the Godzilla Earth trilogy, but I'm not sold on some of the kaiju designs.
  3. These generic dudes that Neo kicked the shit out of at the beginning of Reloaded
  4. Huh. Upgrades (again) https://deadline.com/2020/09/the-matrix-4-daniel-bernhardt-warner-bros-sequel-1234587501/ So it seems the Agents in The Matrix 4 will be Johnson, Jackson and Thompson, last seen in Reloaded. Could have done new Agents. Or, could have explored what happened to Jones and Brown once Smith was out of the picture. Eh, they'll just be generic easy fights for Neo, I'm sure.
  5. In an electrifying turn of events, JK Simmons shall be the first but not the only actor to reprise a role from a previous iteration of Spider-Man https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/spider-man-3-jolt-jamie-foxx-returning-as-electro-exclusive PULSE IS RACING MENTAL TORTURE SELF DESTROYER TIME
  6. Please... Disney wouldn't even let Favreau drop Be Prepared, and Favreau's favourite composer (Debney) got pushed aside for Zimmer. I fully expect them to offer this to Zimmer. Apparently not. Apparently it's not even going to be a sequel, it's going to be a prequel focusing on the time of Mufasa and Scar in their younger years. TBH, my younger self always was intrigued by how Scar became evil. Then again, I'm a sucker for villain backstories, so...
  7. Who wants moooooooooooooore? https://deadline.com/2020/09/the-lion-king-sequel-barry-jenkins-moonlight-director-disney-1234586787/ (The only thing that might get me to see this one is if it promises a new, well-thought-out story - and even then my only curiosity is who's going to do the music on this one?)
  8. They need to make their minds up. Are they doing another movie or not?
  9. Well, I really liked this so this is a no brainer purchase for me. I can't wait to hear more of it! Yes, according to the booklet, JWFK was recorded in Abbey Road.
  10. Probably said somewhere before, but anybody reckon this is a testing of the waters for interest in expanded Star Wars scores? I'm getting that vibe from both this and JFO.
  11. I have no idea who Nami Melumad is, but Giacchino's themes are pretty much essential to that 'era' of Medal of Honor. I suspect they'll reuse some of his past music from the older games as well. I hope he gets to do more in the future (though going the VR route's... risky for a franchise revival)
  12. Star Trek Day announcements: Discovery Season 3 trailer. Lower Decks will have an episode in which Q appears. There was only a small amount said about that. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/star-trek-day-discovery-trailer-1234762231/
  13. It's more the knowledge of what one of the cues contains that seems to be raising eyebrows. But then again, that would be in the sheet music anyway. 🤷‍♂️
  14. Yikes, I didn't think I'd see Twitter-level divison here. I'm out of this topic. Peace out, 30-year-old Star Wars fan who likes the Sequels. As you were.
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