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  1. Reading Iger's words, it's implied it was his call to ditch Lucas' pitch and plan anyway.
  2. The green went at the end of Revolutions, so I would agree that it's intentional.
  3. Bumped for amazing, in-depth theatrical analysis indeed, the likes of which have never been witnessed before!
  4. Obviously not that contractual, he shaved it all off towards the end of production for Resurrections. (Alternate article with picture) Hmm... not sure on that one, those TVs just showed variations of Neo's possible reactions as opposed to replaying events.
  5. There are screens replaying The Matrix in the trailer, so it stands to reason it exists as some form of entertainment in that world. To what end, we don't yet know.
  6. I rewatched the series myself this week. While I can say Reloaded slipped slightly in my estimations when I rewatched it, Revolutions actually rose. It doesn't answer all the questions it needed to answer, and I have my suspicions as to why that might be, but somewhere in there is a decent 80-minute film. The first and final acts were good, it was just everything between dragged.
  7. BBFC classifications for the trailers suggest that Venom: Let There Be Carnage will be rated 15 in the UK, same as the first film.
  8. True. They were responsible for "In My Head" in The Matrix Revolutions.
  9. I've looked up some of the music from Cloud Atlas, and it's actually not bad. Certainly better than any of the Zimmersynth crap I was fearing. So maybe they can pull this off. In all honesty, there is really only one sound I think they have to have: the pile driver. Even if they don't use Davis' themes (and I suspect they will - at the very least, I expect they'll keep the opening theme the same), that's the one sound that I would consider synonymous with the soundscape of The Matrix.
  10. He's going to be someone important... like an actor.
  11. A holdover from the end of Revolutions, in which the green filter disappeared after Smith was destroyed and the Matrix was rebooted.
  12. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has confirmed he is playing Morpheus, replacing Laurence Fishburne in the role. Source
  13. I can agree with you on that, but it seems those who hate Dark Fate have louder voices.
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