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  1. As long as we keep talking about Alien, Jurassic Park, Chinatown etc. and don't start talking about Prometheus, Titanic, L.A. Confidential etc.
  2. Might be a great score to listen to while playing a coup in GTA V or something.
  3. Yep, those two for me, too. If I didn't try to apply that term only for what I consider the very very best, it could be Munich and War Horse maybe.
  4. I normally never listen to these kind of scores (Zimmer etc.), but this one has someone caught me. Maybe my appreciation for it partly derives from my love for the hiphop and electronic genre. The soundscapes that are created certainly are way above the average blockbuster effort. The thematic development is thorough too. When there are orchestral elements, the writing is very solid. Maybe it is the hybrid nature of this score that makes it so powerful... and of course the fact that it is harder than nails.
  5. Diggin' this score. I love the absolute abscense of the Jaws Theme in the main title until it comes out of nowhere at around the three minute mark and then it hits hard within seconds. This score also includes some of Williams sharpest and edgiest action writing.
  6. Anyone else has been enjoying the fuck out of this score? I've constantly hit the repeat button for weeks now to be honest.
  7. Oh, come on. November, really? - That is a parallel LLL release for BF confirmed!!!
  8. My next special label batch will be costly. Every time I want to make the purchase there is another announcement that I'm then waiting for and as soon as the release has actually come out, there is yet another announcement holding me up from pushing the purchase button!
  9. "The Fabelmans"?! Never heard of that title... wasn't there like a thousand other projects about to be shot?
  10. Lord of the Rings will be seen as the Dune of fantasy.
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