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  1. Why should a film nerd not be hopelessly in love? I mean, I registered the joke, but it doesn't make sense, when you think about it for a second time.
  2. At least that would have been a great note to end a career on. I mean, 2005 in general. The 269 version is no raw cut, it's the director's cut. Leone wanted people to see this version at theatres. He was obviously obligated to trim that version down. I have seen the 251 version and while it is regrettable that there is a very noticable quality drop, the producers did everything to hide that. However, what is more important is that those 20 minutes are so great and absolutely add to the scope, to the narrative and to the charakter drawing. I'd never have imagined that an almost-four-hour film could profit that much from 20 minutes more or less.
  3. The original director's cut has a length of 269 minutes. Leone had to trim that down the regular 229 minutes we now know (fuck the American re-cut). Under the surveillance of Scorsese they wanted to rebuilt what Leone considered to be the definitive version, that was around 2010, but I think it was for right issues that they could only include half of the missing scenes resulting in 251 minutes. Scorsese has promised to eventually get the full version released, but that was ten years ago and nothing has happened ever since.
  4. You mean 4.5 hours... at least originally.
  5. Oh man, I traded that box down by the '97 Special Editions, which I absolutely regret now. Although I would really be happy about a well-crafted complete score release, the anthology box set remains irreplacable.
  6. In what form do you listen to it? The LP program probably. I find it a bit inconvenient that this magnificent score never got the 2LP program it deserved. There is enough highlights that would have allowed for some 30 minutes more without weakening the listening experience. I'm wondering what you think about this. Generally I wouldn't give the title of most underrated Star Wars score to Episode VI. That trophy should go to Episode II. And if anyone replies to this with "but Episode II is bullshit" you confirm that.
  7. Another thread pointing out that everyone loves the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Although The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite score out of these, I picked Indiana Jones.
  8. It is my all-time favourite film and for me it epitomizes great and epic cinema. The best film by Sergio Leone and the best mic drop a director has ever ended his career with.
  9. One of the problems is that many of his scores get merely re-issued by GDM without any effort put into a proper remastering or remixing (you get an impression how little attention is paid to consistent sound, when you listen to the newly mixed bonus tracks on some releases). There should be more complete overhauls by La-La Land and Quartet!
  10. I constantly rant over the fact that there's no adequate, uncompressed, pristine-sounding release of this wonderful score. It gets a lot of appreciation in this forum. By the way, the excerpt from The Mountain that can also be heard in Inglourious Basterds does not stem from Secret of the Sahara. Just like Tarantino, they stole that bit from The Return of Ringo which is the film it was composed for.
  11. I love these two scores. I wish there were more theme-less scores that focus more on atmosphere and emotional resonance than on a simple theme-driven narrative.
  12. That annoys me to no end in the film (which I like a lot by the way).
  13. You're really griping without a pause. Could you stop attaching these gigantic photos to every second post. You make it difficult to navigate this page on the computer.
  14. @publicist I'd really be delighted if you'd throw in another dozen of recommendations of sad Ennio Morricone scores, like you did in the other thread.
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