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  1. Hey, for once I had a piece of information that Jay couldn't provide, so that had to be proclaimed in big fashion. Musically, the insert itself is as substantial as the rest of the previously unreleased music from this set. Which means, not at all.
  2. That might be it. You can hear the strings getting slightly hissier, when the 13 seconds start. I mean, they'd never purposefully cut out a section from their complete score program, would they?
  3. Okay, that's weird, because Intrada failed to include that bit on the 2020 as well. Which means that the 3CD set is still not complete.
  4. I think you're referring to this: "By returning to the sessions, Intrada was also for the first time able to present the entire score in chronological sequence with every cue playing complete without the creative assemblies as a 3rd CD for listeners desiring the opportunity to hear the beginnings and endings of cues that previously were edited to allow for creative assemblies which often were not in actual chronological sequence. While the same music, this version is quite a different experience which not only remains faithful to Goldsmith’s actual picture sequence but does offer s
  5. Nope, you're incorrect. All I can safely claim is that there is no difference between the OST, the 2006/2013 and the 2020 version. The spot you're talking about is exactly the same on each release. Are you sure there was ever anything missing? Show me the 1988 version if you can. Oh, by the way, I never noticed the one very big flaw which is that The Tragedy is playing first and segues into The Tanks and not the other way round. I don't know, where you got that information from, but it's simply not right.
  6. The Tanks has the exact same lengh on the 2013 release and on the 2020 release. There is no missing music, just the crossfade might be different from the 1988 release.
  7. I just bought: 3 The Cure albums 3 Talking Heads albums 2 Nine Inch Nails albums 1 Beastie Boy album 1 Eminem album 1 Kendrick Lamar album
  8. What you described there is just another criterion. The fact that Presumed Innocent is winning this poll just tells me how unfamiliar many people are with this score.
  9. Not only does it look like he's ... well, I think I don't need to elucidate ... but also, the cover has the same colour as "Pornography" by The Cure. By the way, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud is Top 10 Goldsmith material!
  10. Ouverture may seem to be essential, but in the end it was merely a repetition of elements that occour in Neve and other cues. My main problem with the OST is the redundancies (aside from too many and too long dialogue tracks as well as the lack of Morricone's cues from other films), so it seemed necessary to exclude it. La Puntura Della Morte didn't seem too essential, so I left it out. Although it would have made for a nice dot on the sentence, as on the OST. For L'Inferno Bianco I chose Ottoni, which is basically the same as Synth plus an additional horn overlay.
  11. The Boys from Brazil? These Intrada re-releases should at least take fair turns. Or maybe it's the long-awaited Inchon reissue. I mean, it's OOP.
  12. Yes. I also had a practice to devour my friends when they used it in theatre next to me.
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