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  1. Too bad there cannot be a Complete Jerry Goldsmith Collection the way it exists from Bach and other classical composers. One day maybe.
  2. @Yavar Moradi Regarding Matinee: Do you have an explanation for Intrada being able to expand this 90s Varese title?
  3. I see you still need The Shadow expanded. We need that one constantly in print.
  4. Oh my god, this reminds me of the awful new Basic Instinct Blu-ray cover! That said, your artwork is of course not awful.
  5. Referring to new music. I have listened to and love the OST and I have seen and love the film.
  6. None of us has heard the music yet, but everyone has seen the artwork.
  7. Nope, not on this forum. That would be a bit much.
  8. I think the positioning of the elements is better now. But JWFan compresses the image, when I upload it. Any more fan artworks? Come on guys, that's not it yet!
  9. I agree. You shouldn't pay any attention to these people, otherwise terrible things like the film version end credits suites replacing the originally composed end credits music will happen.
  10. Why Amistad? It is one of Spielberg's best, despite his usual stylistic exaggeration. Take Rosewood instead, that was a clich├ęd and racist garbage movie. Besides I don't think that The Patriot lives up to the promise of its title and director (which is of course a good thing).
  11. The elements are not available in higher res. I'm not entirely happy with the positions of the elements and the colours (that changed, when I uploaded it). But at least the washed-out black background and the second-class scan aesthetic of the two pictures is gone. True, I fixed my post accordingly.
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