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  1. @crocodile How do the two unreleased cues sound? And what about the ending of The Future?
  2. @AC1 I agree with you. The drama in Inception is just irritating and it was the right decision to get rid of the emotional overload in Tenet.
  3. Damien: Omen II - It seems like the voices are delighted by every death depicted in the movie, it is not only articulating viciousness, but also embracing it. Some sections from The Temple of Doom - Cues such as The Evil Potion, The Temple of Doom and Saving Willie can get extremely scary and brutal and again seem to get ecstatic about it.
  4. Reissue The Shadow next! I need a present for my best friend!
  5. Their is no "recent" confirmation of the elements still being lost. Regarding Under Fire, Legend and NIMH we have one that isn't much older than five years. Too bad. I thought this was another perpetuity license giveaway. I just looked it up and I didn't even know that the term (as well as the German equivalent) necessarily means that the creator of the respective content has to have died. I just used it as "belated", which in this context means that the soundtrack was only released years after the film's release.
  6. I didn't want to include the incomplete scores that got a recent confirmation of having elements that are lost to time (like yet another re-release of the OST or a DVD containing an isolated music track with sound effects). Complete scores of these poping up will make an unexpected surprise one day. Does that mean there's hope for The Mephisto Waltz and The Other escaping the Varese license as well? These two are screaming for a 2CD relase in the Goldsmith at 20th series!
  7. Yeah, the minimal sound improvement and the minimal amount of new music didn't justify the upgrade. The 45 day limitation made me buy it.
  8. I takes a lot of work to keep this thread updated...
  9. Ordered! I predict this being OOP as fast as it got suddenly available after more than two decades.
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