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  1. When I watched it, the audience laughed their ass off and couldn't take it seriously, where it was definitely intended to be serious. But without any sym- or empathy for the leading characters you don't have a chance to feel pity or be involved in anything.
  2. Pure absurdity and a few successful gags are not sufficient. That complex topic couldn't be more simplified than in this film.
  3. No, not great. The coming-of-age-part is very well done, but the satirical aspect is vacuous and embarrassing.
  4. And there goes my urge to watch it as soon as possible.
  5. I see Hereditary as the good, but not very meaningful movie and Midsommar as the self-congratulation. Tarantino needed 8 movies until he started repeating himself, Lynch needed 9 movies and Nolan isn't there yet with 10 movies. Aster, on the other hand, has just done his second movie which already amounts to nothing more than empty complacencies.
  6. Yeah, but they should debase him for his self-congratulation after just one good movie.
  7. Hipsters debasing Nolan and Villeneuve again? Tarantino will be next.
  8. It could be released in the bonus section of another score that has enough space left (on CD 1 or CD 2). I will remain optimistic and not change it back now.
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