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  1. One of few examples on this list that are neither a concert arrangement nor a main or end title. So he's talking about the track called "The Mission" and not "Gabriel's Oboe"?
  2. I am not a fan of James Horner at all, so I don't have to grapple with his cheesy music or gooey songs or constant plagiarism. I wished Williams or Goldsmith had written the score to Titanic, because it would have been much better in every regard (but it's also hard to do much worse than Horner).
  3. It's just a little more than three months old, but this list is retarded as hell! What was I thinking?!
  4. I'm not surprised. Movie award juries infamously haven't got a clue.
  5. Yep. And that is why I will never have any sympathy for Thor again.
  6. I'm always on Jerry's side, because John doesn't like The Dark Knight.
  7. When I watched it, the audience laughed their ass off and couldn't take it seriously, where it was definitely intended to be serious. But without any sym- or empathy for the leading characters you don't have a chance to feel pity or be involved in anything.
  8. Pure absurdity and a few successful gags are not sufficient. That complex topic couldn't be more simplified than in this film.
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