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  1. Can anyone who bought this set confirm that this release is click-free, devoid of volume dips and worth the upgrade?
  2. I love Fellini and I love that one especially! I may even prefer it over 8 1/2.
  3. This Bond movie surprised me, its kind of a hidden gem, cause it's actually very good, escpecially the action sequences and the tense final castle break-in, despite never being mentioned among the superior entries of the Moore era.
  4. Is it possible that the first track of the album is an addition to the Dune Sketchbook and not actual score? Its position within the album, the length and the thematic focus would imply that.
  5. Oppenheimer deserved all of these Oscars sooo much! The only thing that bothers me is the fact that it didn't win for the sublime script too.
  6. You're right. Having seen the second part, I maybe just wanted to emphasize the narrative flow that I assume the three movies will be connected by. Yeah, it's more like Kill Bill and less like Nymphomaniac or 1900, where the films were just split up, AFTER they were shot and edited. I haven't read the books, but isn't it the case, that Villeneuve leans the second movie towards the Messiah book, unlike Herbert did?
  7. I'm very happy that Dune: Part II got delayed. That way they can give the Oscar to Chrisopher Nolan this year and next year they can give it to Denis Villeneuve.
  8. The ending feels so open (much like ESB) that I've got the impression, we will have a movie trilogy, where you won't feel the "cut" between the two books that the whole story is based on. It just will be one big seven and a half hours movie.
  9. Your logic is that you should get a free copy, only if there is little difference between the respective releases. I don't get that in the first place, but nevermind... You now imply that a new release which is more or less the same as the old release is not desirable, or at least not "desirable for those who already own the 2020 set". I get that. So, you want to get a free copy of the new release only if/because it is less desirable to you? I mean, why even bother then?
  10. I think one reason is the fact that this movie does not really know what it is, a muscial, a light phantasy movie for children, a grim adventure - to me it always felt very inconsistent. The other thing might be the very stripped down and naive message about family - a major and sometimes eye-rolling shortcoming in (not only) my opinion. Spielberg has done that much more profound and subtle in E.T.
  11. As one of the most vociferous critics of Intrada on this forum, I have to agree with @Yavar Moradi here. Of course any implication that it is just a sly strategy to hold back the definitive version of a score in order to make collectors buy more than one of their releases is pure madness. This is what these labels do, they produce the best sounding and most comprehensive release that is possible, depending on the source material and restoration techniques that is available at the time. So, how does it matter, whether the current release is just a slight or a considerable improvement on the prior release? Any complaint from collectors in one of these cases (which there are plenty of) comes from their desire to own the best sounding version available. There is simply no reproach to make towards the labels. The claim of a free copy is not completely incomprehensible to me (after all, I wrote something like that in this thread), but you can't really be serious to expect Intrada to do that without suffering grave economical disadvantages from it. Next question would be: where to draw the line? Should we all get a free copy of the new Hook, in case we have bought the 2012 release? I'm sure any of the special labels would send out all of their releases to anyone who wants them for free if at the same time it would be raining 100 dollar bills at their warehouses, but that won't happen. However, if one of these labels produces something that is lacking in any way, although the source material and restoration techniques they have access to would have allowed for a more definitive release, you can indeed criticize that. That's basically what I do. To me, the 2020 version becomes obsolete now, mainly due to its shortcomings. The improvement between the 2020 and the 2024 release might be bigger than it should have been if they had done a more meticulous work back then.
  12. In the sample of "The Apology" I can hear the infamous digital clicking noises. Anyone else hear them (from 0:27 to 0:39 in the sample)? This is the same kind of clicks that they had on numerous releases in the past which is clearly not something that was in the source material all along. Are they serious? Again? They let this happen again?
  13. Still haven't listened to it. My copy should have been a Christmas present, but didn't make it in time, so now it's lying at my parents' house until I visit them again.
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