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  1. Listen to The Flies - relentlessly loud too. The Locusts has one version very loud at the end, the other one is absolutely okay. Apart from that there are tracks like The Camel Race or The Mummy Attack that have unwanted noises or artifacts.
  2. Why not? Isn't it the less known scores, that they should care less about keeping the licence of? That's true, but at the same time I feel like the quality checking got neglected ever since. He's a good kid most of the time on this forum, but you make him nervous for whatever reason. I know that kinda shit. You can say whatever you want, any insult and any tastelessness is legitimate, as long as you add a happy smiley to it. That's bullshit.
  3. In spite of the score's quality an expansion is not essential.
  4. There is something wrong going on in Night Borders and Mumia Attack.
  5. The Mummy by Intrada - parts are brickwalled, other parts are not, instruments moved from one to the other channel, a mix that emphasizes brass too heavily, an unrefined mix with every instrument struggling for attention, leading to slight distortions during action sequences - it's listenable, however, a huge downgrade from the original Decca mix
  6. Yes, but if you do 2 and 3 you can as well make a nice box set of the whole trilogy.
  7. Sets from the series I'd wish for: - Fate Is the Hunter/Shock Treatment - 1CD set - Our Man Flint/In Like Flint/S*P*Y*S - 2CD set - The Mephisto Waltz/The Other - 1CD set - The Chairman OST/Ransom OST - 1CD set - The Omen/Damien: Omen II/The Final Conflict - 3CD set
  8. You imply that JP is comparable to the first person of some sort? If one is great, the other is at least good. And if one is shite, the other is at most garbage.
  9. Intrada is now able to jam the last nail in these year's coffin of awesomeness... what a weird saying...
  10. People who say that have no right to say about JP that it is a masterpiece. Where is the real quality difference between the two, please?
  11. The new update has brought some teething troubles to this forum, plus it replaced the original blue JWFan colour replaced with a random baby blue.
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