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  1. I agree on Lodger. My personal favourites would look as follows: Outside Diamond Dogs Blackstar Scary Monster (and Super Creeps) The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars "Heroes" Space Oddity Lodger Young Americans Low 2-5 can change on a daily basis. 6-10 as well. To me the most underrated albums are Lodger, Heathen and Black Tie, White Noise.
  2. Have I ever said that the score left me underwhelmed somehow. It must be the performance and the instrumentation - the score itself as on paper is great, but I cannot really enjoy it. This score is in dire need of a re-recording à la Conan The Barbarian. I'm gonna repeat that until we get one.
  3. If they re-do The Lost World they should reconsider the volume of some tracks. Rescuing Sarah and Ripples always had the brass section mixed in too low which made them sound to quiet in general, especially if you compare them with The Hunt.
  4. @Jay But doesn't the edit in Amistad make it the only OST by John Williams that has the same part of recorded music appearing three times on the album?
  5. The only albums of his that could possibly qualify as better than Ziggy are Diamond Dogs, Low, Scary Monsters and Blackstar.
  6. I have that one, it introduced me to The Doors, actually. Why can't there be more of these kinda CD collections?
  7. The Lost World had a bonus track that combined two tracks just as in the movie.
  8. Just wait for Quartet to do it. I'm waiting for them remastering Secret of the Sahara (and re-printing some of their older releases).
  9. James Bond I have recently been bingewatching the older James Bond films of which I've many seen for the very first time, starting with Dr. No and (at least for now) ending with Licence to Kill. A few Thoughts: First of all, I love Sean Connery as Bond, there's no one to beat his elegance and his sex appeal. He's just the classic James Bond. At the same time, he's given us the most cringeworthy sexist moments of the whole franchise. I really like the more grounded interpretation of George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Timothy Dalton in The Living Daylights - also two of the best films. It is interesting that Dalton's interpretation switches from rather heartfelt to rather grimming between his two performances. The later resembles the Bond that is later portrayed by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. My least favourite Bond actor is Roger Moore, but that might be due to the fact that the James Bond films he's been in are the most frivolous and partly shoddy films of the entire franchise. The stunts and special effects get much better and look more realistic from For Your Eyes Only onwards. And by the way, I have a soft spot for that film, the Bond girl is quite unique, the final sequence is exquisitely filmed and the Bill Conti score is great. The best directed film is From Russia with Love which has moments that remind you of Hitchcock (the train sequence). The films that qualify for worst direction are spread all over the Roger Moore era. However, overall, I don't think that the quality between the films is as huge as many people like to imply. I don't consider Goldfinger a masterpiece and I don't consider Moonraker or Octopussy total trash. The funny thing about Moonraker is that it is largely a gaudy copy of The Spy Who Loved Me, the main difference being the finale taking place in space and not underwater. I was kinda shocked about the level of graphic violence in Licence to Kill. They obviously tried to copy the harder-than-nails 80s action genre. It kinda disturbed me since I did not really expect that. Still, after all I've heard about the film I was positively surprised. My favourite film is From Russia with Love. My least favourite film is Live or Let Die. From the rambling plot to the racist and insensitive portrayal of black people it is a very unfortunate entrance to the Moore era. My favourite Bond girl is Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. She's intelligent and sexy and her role is essential to the course of the plot. Bond girls don't need to be depicted as manly heroines, but they should be more than just decoration. If I had to rank the films up until that point, it would probably look like this: From Russia with Love Goldfinger On Her Majesty's Secret Service You Only Live Twice The Living Daylights Diamonds Are Forever Thunderball Licence to Kill For Your Eyes Only The Man with the Golden Gun Dr. No The Spy Who Loved Me A View to a Kill Octopussy Moonraker Live or Let Die And if I had to rank my favourite Bond actors, I would be like this: Sean Connery Daniel Craig Timothy Dalton George Lazenby Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore
  10. So a re-release this time mastered by MM and truly complete would be welcomed, I guess. Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and later John Barry scores are not expanded at all? EDIT: Ok, I was looking into it, they really re-released everything up to Living Daylights (the last John Barry score), but the scores are completely randomly expanded or not expanded.
  11. Can someone explain to me what's the release situation of the John Barry scores? Do they all have some kind of expansions or do the complete recordings rot in a vault? A James Bond John Barry collection seems like a neat idea...
  12. The second album is more on the industrial, noise rock, experimental territory with elements of hiphop, although it also contains some dark ambient pieces. I have been working on it for over two years. It took me a huge amount of time to finalize it, especially the mixing and mastering (in order to make it sound at least halfway professional) was a big challenge. In the end it is a melting pot of so many genres that no one might actually want to listen to it, because it features something for everyone to dislike. The concept behind it is two years of pandemic and piles of other bullshit that have happened worldwide and the distress caused by all that expressed in musical form. Enjoy (or don't)!
  13. I'm not entirely against making a walk at night with yur headphones on and playing some music that fits the mood of the night. Not at all. However, I once had to turn off Altered States, that one was too much. It's the fraction of a picture a friend of mine has taken, the unedited photo looks very similar to your one. Nice to know! I've got some feedback that the music evokes pictures of the desert or a spaceship, in contrast to the story of a murderer that are implied by the track titles.
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