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  1. How's Reality, by the way? How does it compare to Heathen?
  2. That is somehow the right thing to do now, staying in one's bubble. That is much too horrible to even think about it.
  3. Very substantial and working perfectly as one piece: Saving Willie Slave Children's Crusade Short Round Helps The Mine Car Chase
  4. A Malick movie scored by Williams would be as much waste of potential as a late Spielberg movie scored by Williams... wait a minute... oh fuck. There won't be any new game-changing collaboration in John Williams career. The last really innovative one was in 2004 or 2005.
  5. From The Lost World: 1. In the Trailer On the Glass Rescuing Sarah 2. Finding Camp Jurassic The Raptors Appear High Bar and Ceiling Tiles 3. Monster on the Loose Visitor in San Diego Ludlow's Demise
  6. The only release I did not expect at all and was utterly surprised about.
  7. You can't simply say that the peak in Europe is taking months. It's one country after another, so that there's always peak time somewhere. In Germany, thanks to the security measures, we just reached that peek point, only two weeks after the introduction of said measures. Our reproduction is already "1", which is very good news. Well, any measures taken need at least two weeks to show any effect. But what is more important is that many deaths indicate many infections. And that is what we need to acquire herd immunity. The deaths are a necessary sacrifice, however, it doesn't have to take place as roughly as in Italy.
  8. Shouldn't it be able for guys like Spielberg and Williams to stand up for these labels. After all, the existence of LLL guarantees the proper handling of Williams' legacy.
  9. There is no cover without at least the "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" stroke. The black space where it originally was is visually too obtrusive.
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