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  1. Anyone here knows the album You Won't Get What You Want by Daughters (not Daughter)? It's an amazingly terrifying trip! Unlike other noise rock there is a special immersive force there and a pleasant presence of some elegiac harmonies.
  2. In general, this is part of a worrying and ongoing privatization of musical gems and their legacy - this copyright and licence shit misses the mark of the natural process of music getting rearranged, adopted and evolved completely - regardless of whether there is acceptable official sheet music out there in this case or not.
  3. I know, it has become kind of an awful tradition that my first post in a thread announcing an expansion is a complaint about the album cover - oh nevermind, what the actual fuck is this?!
  4. Hollow Man is brilliant. It is often lined up among his late auto-pilot scores, which is ridiculous.
  5. A much appreciated film critic once said, movie trailers originally served to tell the potential viewer that they're about to see something exciting and entirely new, whereas nowadays trailers assure their viewers that all they're about to see is well-known already and nothing is gonna take them out of their comfort zone. I usually don't watch trailers at all - now I did it once and immediately regret it.
  6. Wow, this trailer music is so vomit unducingly generic shit that I can't even remotely tell what the actual tone of the film will be. However, most trailers misrepresent their respective movies nowadays. Consider me not not interested.
  7. To me, The Life of David Gale has never been about the death penalty and only used that topic in order to reflect on martyrdom.
  8. That or Dune were the best movies of 2021 to me - I experienced the movie in a similar way, being overwhelmed (and I really mean it) only a couple of days after I had watched it.
  9. I'm all for an inclusion on a new set as follows: Discussing Black in the main program + the shawm cue in the bonus section + another track in the bonus section that combines them like in the movie. LLL did that on Goldsmith's The Stripper release with a piece of source music and a score cue. I think it is perfectly valid to criticize the inclusion of a piece just like the omission of a piece. In this case that criticism refers mainly to the listening experience that is lessened to some people by concluding the album with a generic trailer track that has no new Williams music.
  10. The trailer music of Azkaban is really a terrible closer for the bonus program. Hopefully, it won't make it onto a future release.
  11. Hitchcock really went far with the humour in this one - further than he was allowed to get (however, as far as he probably would have got, if he was allowed to) in his older movies pre-dating 1968.
  12. Anyone got this because of the fade-in of Entrance of Mr. Hammond being removed?
  13. Wonderful! I was about to buy the Perseverance CD for too much money. Now I get much more for less than 20€. I say, Quartet is on par with La-La Land!
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