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  1. The HP3 differences are clearly NOT audible. The SL issues are.
  2. And whether there will be one is up to their customers communicating this issue.
  3. That issue should really be taken care of. I know, MV has a lot of stess, no doubt. However, there are people who bought this set, only because of the second disc (such as I). As a complete rework of that disc's master was necessary to fix several issues, it would really be appropriate to send replacement copies to those who request it.
  4. I'm a fan of Mind-Killer and Grains of Sand.
  5. What did you end up preferring as a listening experience? I've kinda settled on the Sketchbook, because I not only prefer the longer more developed tracks, but also due to the fact that there is twice as much and more original ideas hidden in these 100 minutes in comparison to the 75 minutes OST. Whereas the latter qualifies as above-average Zimmer score, the former is just the Dune sound for me - meaning the deviation from Zimmer's usual style and paradigms is much higher.
  6. I'm really happy about Göransson becoming the new collaborator of Nolan. Tenet was great, a fresh development starting from the point, where the Zimmer collaboration ended. Really intrigued what comes next.
  7. Similar to The Curse of the Black Pearl, where there are track titleson the back cover, however, those are just some random titles losely referring to the movie's content and pirate stuff. Moreover, no one refuses to buy these if the content is not perfect.
  8. Not only the endless flood of Goldsmith but also the jokes about it are wearing out.
  9. To be fair, "get to 90s stuff" and "become a problem when it comes to stuff" is not exactly specific. I have no clue what else you could be referring to.
  10. One thing is for certain: They went into the whole Hook matter again, i.e. they did some research or tried to get the elements/licenses, because they seem to know something we don't know. And what they know isn't promising.
  11. The Skateboard Chase and the Hoverboard Chase make that very obvious, when you compare them only by their beginnings. Same composition, same orchestration - but different orchestra size.
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