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  1. anyone here from Iceland (or Denmark, Sweden, Norway...)? Years ago I went to a beautiful choir concert in Reykjavík. I've tried to identify the songs but wasn't successful at all. If anyone here can help or identify some lyrics that would be so awesome. 10.mp3 09.mp3 08.mp3 06.mp3 05.mp3 03.mp3 02.mp3 01.mp3
  2. not sure if I've posted this before. In 2019 I went shopping in a supermarket in Hamburg and there was this kiddy ride machine in the entrance area.... 20190124 184423.mp3
  3. that would be so great and more than justified. Not necessarily because of the performance of the LSO but just in technical terms… Horner wasn't satisfied with the facilities at Abbey Road Studio: "The facilities were 30 years old. They were barely able to patch in synthesizers much less be able to do some of the things I wanted to do electronically. I mean, they were so behind the times. The mixer, who is brilliant in Star Wars, was out of his league with this kind of a movie which needed all kind of modern recording techniques."
  4. it's really entertaining and interesting. While speaking about Troy Horner spares no criticism on Wolfgang Petersen either. "Gabriel and Wolfgang made the score together. 50/50. So what happens is they've had the score from god in the movie from god."
  5. I don't think Horner wrote it as one cue, it's just the way it's represented in the Omni print. In the handwritten score the apartment scene is not part of the long Cosmo cue, in fact it's not there at all, probably because it's just piano and synths.
  6. it's not in the book at all and can't be find in the leaked handwritten score either. I've been wondering about that extra part anyway, since it's not in the film, IIRC. And to me it sounds different and more electronic (piano and claves) than the part before. yeah it's in the book, pp. 94-95.
  7. it's my absolute favorite next to Titanic and it really defined so much of his work after Sneakers. I bought the written score and it was so interesting to read along and to discover so many things, e.g. the use of several pianos and them playing the bass riffs unisono – if you know about that, you can hear it, too.
  8. well the complete score has already beenfloating around for a while, that‘s why I noticed it in the first place
  9. not a fan of the decision to combine three cues and build the single track Bishop Goes To NSA / Surveillance / Black Box. Especially the first cue deserves a proper ending.
  10. I was wondering, too. But a few days ago they published a short summary of the latest releases (except Dad). http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/a-hornerian-summer-and-autumn/
  11. I couldn't find anything in the booklet about who sang Stick With Me and the Never Song...?!
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