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  1. I really don't get this at all; I've always thought that the studio companies own the music. I used to think this is the main reason why there are so many concert arrangements / suites created by Williams himself so he can perform them whenever and whereever he wants to.
  2. I can help out, just have to figure out how since it’s > 2 GB…
  3. well, with computers and software, obviously. Like a DJ setup. Hildur did some live vocals though, too. It was an amazing experience. The venue was a former power plant. Very Berlin! https://kraftwerkberlin.de/de/ IMG_0680.MOV IMG_0658.MOV
  4. She‘s performing her soundtrack for Chernobyl today in Berlin. Can‘t wait! It’s a benefit concert for Ukraine. https://ctm.stager.de/Chernobyl/tickets
  5. so they did a new recording in 1997, but used the existing composition from „Heaven Help Us“, slightly altered. That explains why the music from the film „Heaven Help Us“, (this cue here:) … sounds different than the actual cue in Titanic:
  6. although this recording here doesn't sound 100% like the one used in Titanic. For example, in this mix on youtube there a several drone notes that can't be heard in the film (Titanic). I can't tell if it's just another mix or a different recording entirely.
  7. I knew it!!! No needs for trumpets at all. Horns can do it Very cool! Did you transcribe by ear or is the score in some way floating around? 😇
  8. I did, the „original“ performance in 2015 with Sissel. Ludwig Wicki conducted then, too. It was really great. I would imagine it sounds different with another vocal soloist, of course… THey also performed the band music from the Third Class party live, which seemed very unnecessary and didn't work very well technically, either. But apart from that it was great.
  9. yes, on vimeo, originailly. this is great, thanks! Too bad there's no footage of the Titanic recording sessions… Oh and boy I'm so happy and sad at the same time thinking back to London 2015, where I could experience Titanic Live – with Sissel, and James… just 6 weeks before his death.
  10. I had to think of the Imperial March too. But I just realised it‘s probably quoting the opening riff of the Nirvana song that appears at the beginning and the end of the film. I mean, right??!!
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