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  1. Boy am I glad to live in Europe so my order is delivered by plane, not by train. What a mess 😢
  2. what does the m in the cues (1m2) stand for anyway? I've been wondering for ages. (:
  3. Perfect Storm? yes. But the complete score is 107 minutes, plus over 30 minutes alternates. At least that's what is floating around. (:
  4. 3x Horner sounds great, too! I'm hoping for Sneakers. And the complete score from The Perfect Storm has been floating around for ages, it's time for a proper release
  5. A.R.P. Synthesizer. It’s not in the LTP score but in the original score.
  6. heartbreaking and beautifully made short documentary from NY Times
  7. while her story about Yuri Gagarin attending the Star Wars screening at the American embassy in Moscow is hilarious – it can't be true, since Gagarin died in 1968. :-/
  8. would you be so kind to share your cover? I like it better than mine...
  9. On The OST-Track „Always A Catch“ you can hear a police sirene during the last 5 seconds. Has this been discussed before?
  10. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s true that the older soloists were less interested in playing these concerts than the younger scholars. Good for the scholars then. The BPhil is a solid institution. Scholar or soloist – the difference (if there is one) is irrelevant to me. The lack of experience of older soloists might be compensated by technical abilities.
  11. no you will! It will be archived and it's accessible in a couple of days.
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