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  1. Interesting! It's not in the 918pages PDF file that I have.
  2. I've just listened to PoA's „Remembering Mother“ (3m10) and checked the score, realizing John Williams wrote two versions for this cue. In fact, the track on the LLL-release and used in the film is labeled „alternate“ in the score. I wonder if the „first“ version has been recorded. @Jay? I'm not an expert with mockups but I created one using Sibelius 7 First. Enjoy! 2004_PoA_3M10alt.mp3
  3. I noticed that too, of course. But besides that I really think it reads well. No response yet from the author....
  4. sure, I know. was just a joking response. not in Berlin.
  5. I meant COVID-wise those settings seem normal these days. There's always a big gap between people now (that is, in German talk shows at least).
  6. read the interview in German and I think it's surprisingly good. Not cringy! I'll try to contact the author, maybe they publish the English version.
  7. I don't fancy the concert suites… the OST album is okish. But I listened to the recording sessions the other day and the action scenes are terrific, better than the ST, IMHO.
  8. what a gem! I think no Horner recording session footage in the DVD era was that long and interesting!
  9. what's wrong with you? That tone really spoils the atmosphere around here, at least for me.
  10. Who knows the national anthem of East Germany? I so love this piece (musically) soooo much! What's your favorite anthem? Musically spoken! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auferstanden_aus_Ruinen
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