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  1. this time there are *few* bars where I'm not 120% sure, but… enjoy.
  2. nice! IIRC the DVD back then included Jerry Goldsmith's audio commentary for the entire movie. That was fun.
  3. Thanks for your report. I went to see James Horner in 2013… and yes, the EPICness was hideous. They‘ve played David Arnold‘s iD4-Suite in the first half with a projection of space ship shadows over Vienna… 😖
  4. Yeah, no offense but this *IS* actually offensive. I don't think illiterate is an appropriate word. Also: People have different taste and different background and experience. No newsflash here. But one can point out this without calling less experienced people illiterate. Call them bad journalists, by all means. Also also: There might be people here on this site who aren't that experienced either and might know less than the so called "average jwfan user".
  5. Well. THIS here is definitely not restrained. I guess we can agree on this.
  6. One of the founders (and later president) of East Germany, Walter Ulbricht, returned to Berlin after WW2 in 1945 from Moscow exile. For a while he lived in my grandma's (empty) flat.
  7. I think you DO want to misunderstand him. I thought he was talking about harmonies. And in this respect, Legends Of The Fall is restrained. There are major and minor chords. Maybe a 7th. But no 9ths, no 6ths, nothing diminished or augmented. As opposed to Peyton Place, which at times sounds like silent film music or from the 30s/40s
  8. Well he talks about harmonic approach/style and yeah: it’s definitely not this:
  9. That’s not what he said resp. meant. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-james-horner-aliens-legends-of-the-fall-casper-story.html
  10. for winning 2 Academy Awards for Beauty And The Beast? basically claiming that the score mainly consists of orchestrated song material (not 100% wrong tbh…)
  11. oh gosh this is hilarious. I miss JH. at 40:20 : "I don't think I've written a score that is an ostinato pattern with a fixed bass point and the bass point gets big and you add more strings to it (an octave higher etc.) and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. I … try not to do that."
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