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  1. The greatest track is probably something by Mozart, but my favourite is probably some kitschy film score piece.
  2. Yeah, frankly and honestly, this rule plain stinks. What, they think they're infallible? THIS SHIT IS THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS JWFAN ON LIFE SUPPORT! So, now being miserable, harmless ribbing, contrarianism, arguing and quoting movies are effectively outlawed. This is worse than anything I've seen from an HR department. Bugger off. Moderation note: This post is in violation of Rule #1 and the user has been banned for 24 hours
  3. So they assume everyone has an external DAC to plug their computer into their stereo?
  4. Why are you on the cover? Yeah why aren't they making it brighter and louder this time?
  5. It's the natural aging process of CD jewel case finishing. Best to just accept it as a nice patina effect.
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