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  1. I’m John Williams and welcome to Jackass. This is “Walking with my hands in my pockets at 90 years old”
  2. I thought the main theme was actually quite memorable, but weirdly, Clemmensen doesn't. https://www.filmtracks.com/titles/fabelmans.html
  3. As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be much in the trailer from what I could guess to be from the final third of the film. No hint of a big final set piece, only the train stuff at the beginning and the Tuk Tuk chase.
  4. I am just looking forward to someone adding “To the Plaza, Presto” over the set piece in New York.
  5. I wonder if JW will go back to his Nazi theme from Raiders, or will Mikkelsen’s character have their own motif. Looking forward to hearing the score for all these action set pieces. JW in action mode is my favourite JW.
  6. I am very interested to see how the film actually looks. I wonder if it will still look and feel like an Indiana Jones film in terms of cinematography, grading etc considering the absence of Spielberg.
  7. So around 22 minutes of JW material then.
  8. This site seems to have track lengths https://www.prestomusic.com/classical/products/9381464--the-fabelmans-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
  9. I definitely heard “Star of Bethlehem”
  10. The OST is out today. I was surprised by how organic the underscore is. Reminds me of Silvestri.
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