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  1. Another outstanding episode of television. Next week’s episode is going to be mental.
  2. I’m just hoping Balfe is in a Kung Fu Panda mood and not a Ghost in the Shell mood
  3. I just think this franchise deserves more than a David Yates/JK Rowling Director/Screenwriter combo.
  4. Half Blood Prince is dreadful, gets worse and worse every time I watch it. The grading, the omission of most of Tom Riddle’s memories in favour of more Lavender Brown, Harry and Ginny having literally no chemistry at all, The Burrow burning down. It’s a shame because I think the book is the best of the series. Alan Rickman is great though, as always.
  5. Alex


    Just 3 weeks ago...
  6. Sounds very prequel-y that excerpt. It’s been a while since we heard that kind of sound from JW.
  7. No way he’d retire now when he can’t leave the house. He’s got no choice but to keep composing!
  8. Walter White - Dead. Jesse - Gets away. Jimmy/Saul/Gene - I’m thinking maybe he actually ends up in jail.
  9. Was listening to Angela’s Ashes and I was half expecting The Speeder Chase fanfare to start at the beginning of this cue:
  10. It’s getting better and better this season, things are about to explode in the most tragic way possible.
  11. The montage music wasn’t Porter, I thought it was as well but it’s actually this:
  12. Alex


    There are only around 70 cases in Chile, but schools and universities are already closed and a quarantine is likely to follow. Some surprising competence from the people in charge here.
  13. Came across this arrangement of the music from Canto Bight which I thought was pretty cool. One of JW's most bizarre, but no less entertaining cues. The guy also does some percussion play alongs with some other JW music.
  14. Hey, if it’s on the internet, it must be true.
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