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  1. Mangold only started editing in early March so this seems like a very quick turnaround. Maybe he had some scenes already cut to give to JW. Or maybe JW is still writing.
  2. Poor Bill Ross has been done dirty. Everyone on Twitter is attributing his music to Holt 😭
  3. Fair, but I think the fact that Holt had written an Obi theme already, and suddenly JW comes on board, and Ross takes over all the adaptations could be a sign. With Solo, John Powell knew of JW´s involvement well in advance. Also, how bad it would look to give the boot to the only woman to score a Star Wars project. I do not think we´ll ever really know what happened tbh. I have no problem with Holt by the way. Just the wrong person for this project. I liked Loki.
  4. So JW confirmed he is still working on it in that Washington Post. Late Summer/Autumn recording sessions maybe?
  5. He´s mentioned it in a couple of interviews he has done in the past year or so I believe.
  6. Something tells me Kathleen Kennedy wasn´t as hands on with Kenobi as she normally is with Star Wars projects (what with Mando, Ahsoka, Andor in production etc) and so she let Chow just get on with it. Then, maybe, she came to have a look at what was going on, heard the score, went "What the f*** is this?", panicked, called JW, JW goes, "Yeah, no thanks, I´ll give you a theme, but that´s it", then they get Bill Ross involved to adapt the theme and write additional music. What a mess.
  7. Singapore? I cannot believe I missed out on London because he fell ill and now, 4 years later, he is hopping on a 17 hour flight to Asia.
  8. I’m sure those 6 minutes will be there instead of a really interesting part of the score which won’t be on the OST.
  9. That is an interesting point though. How much old material vs new material will there be (considering how much time seems to have passed in the Indy-verse). He might record the march again.
  10. The quality of the recording alone makes it superior to the original in my opinion.
  11. My favourite Bernstein moments are all in that West Side Story album recording session with Jose Carreras, when he becomes more and more exasperated with Carreras’ inability to sing the correct rhythm.
  12. Just read Clemmensen´s review. I find the criticism of Elfman abandoning the ethnic instrumention and sound a bit weird. I always associated it with Kamar-Taj, which does not feature that much in MoM. I usually like his reviews but this one is as bizarre as him pretending PoA isn´t good. https://www.filmtracks.com/titles/doctor_strange_madness.html
  13. William Ross is credited with “Additional music by…” in the longer credits, so there you go.
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