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  1. Devons to Mackenzie is the most un-Newmany music I’ve heard from him.
  2. I saw Marriage Story yesterday and it’s a lovely little film. Beautifully written and acted. One of my films of the year.
  3. Has this appeared for pre-order on U.K. ITunes yet for anyone? I just booked my ticket for the 19th, so will be going in cold!
  4. I wonder what the time gap between the events in Casino Royale and this film actually is.
  5. I saw TLJ before listening to the soundtrack. I can 100% recommend doing this. I remember the goosebumps forming when the Tie Fighter music came on.
  6. Only 3 pages of analysis of a 30 second clip of score? What has happened to the JWFan I know and love?
  7. It’s been 3 hours and no one has produced a clip with the isolated music. Shame on you, JWFan, shame on you.
  8. The only conclusion we can draw is that William Ross wrote TFA 🤷🏻‍♂️
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