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  1. I am not sure what Kelley Dixon brings to the Insider podcast anymore, other than just to chip in every few minutes to say how she is watching these episodes for the first time.
  2. Very similar to Hank’s “You’re the smartest I ever met” when Howard said to Kim “But you? One of the smartest and promising human beings I have ever known”.
  3. Well I hope the people who have been complaining about how much of a slow burn this is are happy now. Me when that candle flickered:
  4. Well "Illuminati vs Wanda" is certainly the most interesting extra track.
  5. Imagine they kill Howard by accident. Now THAT would be dramatic.
  6. I think Hawkeye wrapped in March of last year and they did a few reshoots in September so I don’t think there would have been a clash. I think I read an interview with Peter Gould where he said they had to be more creative with indoor shooting because of COVID.
  7. I had no idea what was going on half the time in Moon Knight. I really did not enjoy it.
  8. I like how it plays around with Gia's Spider-Man theme in "Sling vs Bling"!
  9. I realise this season is a slow burn, but the whole series has been like this. It is building up to a Ozymandies-level episode, I can feel it!
  10. I would say that Elfman's take on the DS theme is far superior (See Battle Time) than anything Giacchino did in NWH. Giacchino quoted Elfman's themes more or less verbatim and did not really add anything new. I think Elfman struck a nice balance. He didn't go full "Force Theme in the Sequel Trilogy", but equally he didn't go "Brief quote of Hedwig's Theme at the beginning of the film". Sure, he could have used it more, but equally he was under no obligation to use it, and he took the time to actually rearrange and reorchestrate it, more than what Giacchino did. Not that I'm particularly a Giacchino hater or anything, and it was great to hear the various themes in NWH, but it was almost like he just tracked them in. I think I'm just an Elfman apologist because we are both ginger, and we must stick together.
  11. I thought Elfman used the DS theme tastefully. Is it just me, or has his action writing really improved? I love those wailing trombones!
  12. I guess he will be killed and Jimmy won’t know. I just can’t see how Lalo could possibly be alive during BB (unless he’s being held captive by Gus?)
  13. Yeah, Lalo is definitely ending up under that lab.
  14. As I said in another thread, this film is a bit of mess, which probably affected some of the music choices. It is stuffed with characters and jumps from location to location. There´s also an argument that there are three leads. I´m all for musical continuity, but the film has a completely different tone to the first one. Elfman has a job to capture that tone, dictated by Sam Raimi, and the score, in the end, works extremely well. It is well mixed and spotted. He used Doctor Strange´s theme at appropriate times, and his arrangements are way better than what Giacchino did with his music in NWH. Also, if Elfman already introduced a motif for Wanda in AoU, why is Beck not being criticised for not using that in Wandavision? Anyway, as had been said, Elfman can´t win.
  15. Gargantos. I believe there is more music in that scene which is not on the album.
  16. Doctor Strange 2 is a complete mess but I enjoyed it.
  17. Yeah. No spoilers, but having seen the film, it’s clear why Elfman made certain choices.
  18. Well Elfman is making all the right people mad online for some of his choices for this film. Snyder fans have never quite got over his Justice League score. The idea that those people are suddenly concerned with musical continuity (TASM2 anyone?) is hilarious. I just watched the film and I thought the music really elevated it.
  19. Well Elfman’s adaptations of Giacchino’s theme are much more interesting than what Giacchino did with Elfman’s.
  20. One of the guys following Kim looked like the guy from Barry.
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