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  1. I assume this will be very much like the Star Wars sequel trilogy where the track names will be released at the very last minute? Although, Giacchino may have done his usual jokey titles.
  2. I thought this too, but if you look closer it appears they’re actually in a different room.
  3. This is basically the MCU for me. The marketing, special effects, continuity should make for fantastic films, but the reality is they are all 7/8 out of 10 at best.
  4. I just want this. I don’t care who is in it or not. IMG_1125.MP4
  5. David Bradley is a random piece of casting for Geppetto.
  6. Just get JW to write a couple of themes and let another composer flesh it out and write the rest (like Solo)
  7. Well, I’ve just watched the film. I actually enjoyed it, despite the ridiculous concept. JW’s music does not really fit this particularly film and feels very forced in its use. The “Setting the Trap” on the album is much shorter than what is used in the film. Something interesting:
  8. I like this score. I guess I’m just nostalgic for this type of sound and orchestra.
  9. It looks like a MADTV/SNL parody of Home Alone.
  10. Can imagine JW agonising before the trip which black turtle neck to pack
  11. Fairplay to a 90 year old having the motivation/energy to keep on performing and travelling. An inspiration to us all. This also makes me so gutted that he cancelled the London gig in 2018. I’ve since moved to South America, so that was probably my only chance of ever seeing him. Crossing every finger and toe that he might come to Santiago 😅
  12. I actually thought I would hate this, but I'm finding myself enjoying a lot of it. HZ making it very difficult to dislike him at the moment with WW84 and NTTD, and quite frankly, I'm uncomfortable with this.
  13. Netflix HBO Max Disney+ Star+ Amazon Prime Apple TV+ And yet I can never find anything I want to watch....
  14. I just want Giacchino to use this raucous Elfman material, that’s all.
  15. I think there’s more to this film. I refuse to believe that Dr Strange would just mess with time to do a favour for a mate.
  16. Enjoying listening to this. Lovely to hear film music like this in 2021.
  17. If you’re going to have a health emergency, a film/TV set issues probably a decent place to have one.
  18. Still no update on Bob Odenkirk, which is kind of concerning.
  19. Phoebe Waller-Bridge in costume here: https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a37032867/indiana-jones-5-phoebe-waller-bridge-first-look/
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