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  1. JW not pictured in the “Class of 2020” photo, unless I’m mistaken. Can see Thomas Newman. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/oscar-class-photo-2020-1203482518/amp/
  2. I saw the film last night, I thought the score was mixed fairly loudly in the film, almost too loud. It’s nice enough, very fluffy, and I can appreciated the classical orchestrations.
  3. Glad JW doesn’t have an association with Bryan Singer tbh
  4. I’ve graduated now, but when I was studying my master’s last year I subtitled a John Williams interview for the deaf and hard of hearing (I studied Audiovisual Translation). That’s about as much JW stuff I could work into my course.
  5. I respectfully disagree. I found it to be a absurd, though at times poignant satire.
  6. I saw Jojo Rabbit on Friday and it’s great.
  7. The lab stuff was crucial to Mike’s character development!
  8. The Speeder Chase is my favourite unused cue now 😉
  9. I thought the motif at beginning of Battle of the Resistance was some sort of extension of the Knights of Ren motif, but maybe I’m wrong
  10. Rian Johnson subverting TLJ haters’ expectations by nabbing an Oscar nomination with his next film. You love to see it.
  11. Taron Egerton was also robbed. He was far better than Rami Malek in a similar role. He actually sang as well!
  12. Phoenix, Zellweger, Pitt and Dern for the acting awards I imagine. Mendes for Best Director. Joker for Best Score (yuck).
  13. Apologies if this has been covered but I was listening to TFA the other day and although I’ve always thought it sounded a bit different to TLJ, the release of TROS has made the difference even more jarring. I can’t really think of the appropriate word, the sound of TFA seems a bit less “full”, compared to the other sequel trilogy OSTs. Maybe it’s just my ears, but does anyone else think this?
  14. Still chuckling at “young” De Niro trying to beat the shit out of that guy. What a hilariously bad scene that was.
  15. I think I’ve just heard Clemmensen’s head explode
  16. Well this news has confirmed that the time to die is in fact now.
  17. They had an 80 year old Billy Dee Williams punching punch bags to get into shape for 5 minutes of screen time
  18. I heard there’s a Kathleen Kennedy cut where it’s only footage of Rey
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