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  1. If I remember the interviews from back then, the reason for the chop job was less Williams's time and more Lucas/ILM working until the last minute on that part.
  2. My complaints then to be how little he gives us in terms of concert pieces from scores. There is an awesome 10-15 minute suite just waiting to happen for most of his films.
  3. Cinderella Liberty is the essence of the non-blockbuster JW sound. It was a wonderful addition.
  4. I would imagine that one stung just a bit.
  5. I guess they found two false endings to be one too many. Excellent performance.
  6. I just don't find scandalous interesting--at this point, they are the norm, and we are not supposed to even find them scandalous anyway("who are we to judge" nonsense). More importantly, a fact like Williams courting a married woman (though I do not know the details) probably did not affect his composing, but that same woman dying did have a huge impact (according to Williams). I find that sort of stuff interesting. We like Williams for his music, so any details that directly pertain to insights into that dimension are eminently more intriguing to me than affairs, etc.
  7. Serious question: why do people need salacious and scandalous events to find a person's life interesting? It seems contrary to how we value people in real life. Most people do not want their spouse, whose's life they surely find compelling, to be unfaithful, or their kids (again, parents tend to find their young or grown children's lives to be interesting) to be criminals or such. And in neither case do people want their loved ones to die of an overdose or other forms self-destruction--the culmination of many Hollywood biopics. I just don't get it.
  8. No, unless the composer is in a coma, then everything is fair game. That is why I need to get my vacuum cleaner back from Williams.
  9. Well, let's cut to the case: the poll question really is not so much about Williams and Spielberg but concerns how much longer we think Williams will be alive and active. Assuming he does not retire, one way or another, and assuming the same for Spielberg, of course there will be more collaborations. If either "retires," then no more collaborations. As for any further speculation, let both men live and die in peace.
  10. I think he has mentioned noticing the music of the WWII news updates.
  11. Rumors are rumors, but when they sound that dumb, they are likely true.
  12. I usually am loathe to accuse Williams of self-plagiarism, but this is a clear cut and paste job. In his defense, I think he wanted to a small throwaway piece to have a more central role in a score.
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