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  1. Its all fun and games now, but remember your enthusiasm for this when you read the following blurb next year. "Due to overseas conducting commitments, Williams had to pass on scoring Spielberg's highly anticipated new UFO movie. Spielberg admitted that he was disappointed but looks forward to working with Zimmer for the first time."
  2. I know it only references film scores, but I wonder if the piano concerto might get added.
  3. Does anyone think Weird Al is coming back for this?
  4. Even if Spielberg is just producing, if Williams wants to do it, he will get to do it.
  5. I believe that piece is known as "The Raider's March."
  6. I wonder if Spielberg knows that he made this movie in the 70s. Williams better score the damn thing.
  7. The main themes of the following: The Rocketeer The Last Starfighter Air Force One Independence Day Star Trek First Contact Pee Wee's Big Adventure (yes, stupid, but great) Beetlejuice (see above) Linus and Lucy Twilight Zone the Movie--Nightmare at whatever feet theme Probably something from the Wrath of Khan
  8. Kevin is the main character in each of the movies. He is a kid who accidentally gets left alone at home by his family and then separated from his family in New York. These movies are scored by none other than John Williams, before he rose to fame with such hits as A Timeless Call and PBS Great Performances.
  9. I would suggest to start a new thread that asks what is Williams best theme with two questions: One, what is the best theme as a standalone melody. Two, the best theme in terms of score permutations and such. I have got to think that there a thread dedicated to this topic, but maybe not.
  10. Tom

    Uh oh!

    From the earliest of times, turtles have been associated with promiscuity. Please do not judge all turtles harshly, as some turtles show sexual restraint and relationship fidelity. However, at the same time, stereotypes often have a basis in reality. So, it still is prudent to proceed with a reasonable caution when dealing with turtles.
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