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  1. An attractive woman in a tight outfit and my mind naturally gravitates to how good JW looks.
  2. I expect to love this concerto. I will probably love just as much these philosophical musings by Williams on the nature of music. Great, great stuff.
  3. No Williams music in this one, but it is very good. Williams is especially upbeat and smiley during the jazz orchestral pieces during the last part.
  4. Just a reminder, all I am doing is posting these as I have found them on youtube. I know the following one has been posted previously. It seems too short to be complete, but it is a good one.
  5. One of Williams's many gifts is to take a style of music and distill it to its pure essence in a way most (maybe all) composers cannot do--like a perfect essay with no filler, unnecessary words, or bs-ing. Moreover, I think this piece is the perfect instance of this gift. Just think how many fanfares had been written, over centuries, prior to this. Yet, Williams makes it not only fresh, but complete, like this is just what a fanfare is. That he combines it perfectly with the lyrical theme is just crazy good. As you can probably tell, I think highly of this piece. That being said, the Bug
  6. I love the Esplanade Overture. It is my favorite "forgotten" piece of Williams oeuvre It has the playful quality of Williams scherzo in Jaws II (another piece I adore). I really like that it plays off a more "serious" theme. Oh, and that descending trumpet at the end! Why this doesn't have a professional recording or a signature edition is beyond me--I don't get Williams the man sometimes. Someone with influence (Lockhart or Mutter or someone) needs to put a bug in Williams ear on this (as well as a long concert suite from AI--but that belongs to a different thread).
  7. I like the slower tempo from the Sony recording better, but this version has a thrill all its own.
  8. I thought we might have a thread for the available JW Evening at Pops broadcasts. To start things off, here are two: JW's Inaugural Concert and a Tribute to Nat Cole.
  9. If this is Mutt (and it appears so), I would love for Williams to develop the descending Indy variation he toyed with at the conclusion of the end credits.
  10. I find the Bergman's lyrics painful. There are not too many Williams's pieces that I dislike, but this is one of them.
  11. I used to hang out with Pavarotti all the time--turns out we both liked Dily Bars.
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