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  1. I guess the CD is still Far and Away for most people. That's funny because it is also the name of the CD.
  2. Let's face it, if Williams daily routine is as he states in his interviews, the man has been practicing social distancing since long before the rest of us were born.
  3. It would be devastating if it were only orchestras being shut down. However, it is everything public. Musicians are in the same boat as 50% of the population at the moment. That's why in the US and others they are talking about monthly gov't checks until it is over and then (hopefully), things generally return to the way they were. The sky might be falling all everyone, but I don't think it is selectively falling.
  4. It is all but confirmed that he is writing a new violin concerto. At most, he might step back from movies, but he will compose until he cannot.
  5. Admit it: you just wanted the naked woman in the scene.
  6. Well, it is just the outer layer that is not free from corona.
  7. I think he has revised it previously for the first movement to be played as a standalone piece. He then incorporated into the full concerto.
  8. "No. I have never done that, and how do you do it?" I love Williams.
  9. Daisy needs to convince him to do another concert suite of her theme. There could be an epic 6 minute version of this that would rival any other SW piece.
  10. You should have seen those plots when they were young--they were amazing.
  11. It is not going to happen. He's the man who was mean to Daisy.
  12. I liked Tros and even thought it was the best of the three, but I would call it a 3 star movie at best. My real irritation is both the score mix and the horrificness of the chop-job. It's like Adrian Monk was putting together the movie.
  13. I found "Highwood's Ghost" to be lyrical--at least the final part.
  14. I agree. the whole notion of X-fatigue is studio excuses for bad BO--we should not tacitly consent to their propaganda by using the term. A live to projection is going to be tough, give the chop-job done to the score. They could give us a concert cut using full cues like the Speeder Chase, but that would require TPTB to give a damn about Williams music.
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