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  1. Yes, some of the major pieces, but something like a 4 second snip-it from Monteverdi's 'Deus in Adjutorium.' Maybe, but damn one would have both study and have a fantastic memory of such things to pull it off. Isn't it far more likely that it is coincidence?
  2. I find amusing the smattering of bits from classical (and often obscure) pieces that would never serve as temp tracks. These are coincidences, nothing more. Do you realize how learned and brilliant Williams would have to be to know the entire canon of orchestral music so well that he could take all these bits? The answer: a level that I do not think is plausible or maybe even possible.
  3. I find this joyous, or at least it makes me happy:
  4. I know I am obsessed with Galaxy's Edge. While not a pure action piece per se, it is energetic and actiony/adventury. One of the things I like about it is that it has elements of OT, PT, and ST (and thus all the big eras) scoring but blended seamlessly. To answer the question, 70s/80s, but I love them all.
  5. There sits on a computer somewhere Williams' recording of CotC he did with the LSO at the beginning of the AotC sessions. Why such things do not see the light of day are beyond me.
  6. Doesn't he do that to perfection in TROS when the fleet arrives?
  7. Nice. Williams likes to write horse music. The Land Race has already been mentioned, and the horse race from the Reivers Suite should get a shout out too. And, also in the ballpark:
  8. And another. JW has to be among the best composers in history to effect and communicate joy.
  9. Happy Birthday Variations Sailing from Jaws 2
  10. Then, and I mean this only a friendly suggestion, why not just ask if others do not care for all that much? To say "overrated" is to implicitly accuse those who really like it of being wrong.
  11. threads like this seem to boil down to "some people like this piece more than I do; therefore it must be (or at least I strongly suspect it to be) overrated."
  12. I like that it has the motif that sounds sort of like the rebel fanfare, but not exactly, and, of course, the B flat trumpet blast. It lets you know of the preexisting universe but promises an adventure of a different sort. Whether the park delivers on that I neither know nor care--the music stands on its own.
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