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  1. Hey, if we are going to be deluded, we might as well go big.
  2. That the recording session mentioned on twitter is actually for a trailer.
  3. If my theory is right that Williams recorded music for a new trailer (most likely connected to the super bowl), then there is a good chance it was due to Mangold's exchange with the twitter complaint about the music of the the first trailer. How is that for a double hypothetical?
  4. Well, since no one is even trying...I always listen to the Fox fanfare and then immediately turn it off when that annoying, over-the-top trumpet blast starts.
  5. The violin concerto truly is a tour de force. I am glad it (via Mutter) is taking the classical world by storm. Has any recent concerto by any composer been performed this frequently?
  6. I would bet (hope) that the Indy I IV music gets "updated" to Indy V.
  7. It looks like 2009: it was 3 million light years from home/stargazers/adventures on earth.
  8. Williams sort of did this with ET, with the 3 long movement suite, but he has not released it as such and has not performed it as such in like 10 years.
  9. I have been defending Mangold as truthful, but Williams saying he was scoring a reshot ending, Mangold having "no" idea what Williams could possible be talking about, and then this? Why not just say "Williams misunderstood; he is rescoring a different scene" or such. At the end of the day, it does not matter, except it being time better spent with. Williams working on something that he wanted to be working on by now. No more JJ-like situations with this poor man. Edit: my new theory is Williams is recording music for a Super Bowl trailer. One should note that this theory has a 100% chance of being wrong.
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