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  1. Maybe this should have been the plot of the sequel trilogy. A newly appointed leader of the new Republic that makes several bad decisions and the infighting that ensues.
  2. Given that Williams loves writing for particular strengths of a given orchestra and acoustics of the hall, can you imagine the writing for the Vienna horns? And the nature of the piece calls for it to begin with. I am looking forward to the violin concerto, but this little piece excites me a bit more.
  3. At this point, who cares. The films are what they are. Its not like they can redo them with the original trio (nor Williams). Enjoy their scores (and movies, if they are your cup of tea) and call it a day.
  4. Williams life really does stretch back to a whole different era in music and history. I just looked up who was president when he was born--Herbert Hoover, who in turn was born less than 10 years after Lincoln was assassinated. Not sure why I find that noteworthy, but there you go.
  5. Crazy to think the Strauss piece was written less than 10 years before Williams was born.
  6. I am sure it is just a coincidence.
  7. Breaking News: Tom Smith's career in limbo after some disturbing posts have come forward indicating that he preferred the scores of the first three Harry Potter films to those of Star Wars...Story at 11:00.
  8. The satisfaction and joy expressed in Williams' face in these videos is quite heartwarming.
  9. His hair is far less grey than the last post--must be the lighting.
  10. Maybe he will just re-purpose "The Toast," since no one ever heard that one anyway.
  11. Well, that is quite an honor. The traditionalist in me does not like to see such pieces with their own rich histories replaced (even if by Williams), but such is life.
  12. Cool. I was hoping for such a confirmation. And the processional--well that could be a dream come true. He will dig down deep for that one.
  13. Don't you find it cumbersome to slice?
  14. The Quest/Frog Dreaming with Henry Thomas. Charming movie that I loved as a kid. It has goofy moments, but it stands up pretty well after all these years. The composer was clearly told to give it JW-vibes.
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