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  1. Based on comments from those who have seen the film, I don't think the writer of this article has actually heard the score.
  2. I can kind of see your point. However, this "old lady" is the same generation as Williams and has been a part of his political backdrop going back to his youth.
  3. Yes, go see him. I was listening to the concerto today. Yes, it does not sound (for the most part) like his film music, but, damn, there are some great moments even for the causal listener.
  4. Go to the concert. Have the missus check out the bar during the concerto and enjoy the rest of the concert.
  5. No idea, but I did read it as "Geek Dance," if that helps at all.
  6. I am pretty sure that is the queen.
  7. If Williams wrote some funeral music for me, I would be dying to hear it.
  8. With Star Wars, John Williams brought orchestral scoring back into the mainstream. With The Fabelmans, he brings classical music itself back into the mainstream. The man is a genius.
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