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  1. Paging Milli Vanili. That being said, you know the music sounds the same whether Horner or ghost-writers wrote it.
  2. I would not call it lazy, just simple and standard. In fact, I would say the first three have similarly simple and standard stories (straight out of the 30's), they were just executed so much better. IJ should not be boring, yet IV is, and for horrifically long stretches--the laziness is in its execution. While we might differ on premises, I think we share the same conclusion about the movie.
  3. It is simply a trope from pop culture about Nazca lines--no different than Stargate's treatment of the Ancient Egyptians and many other sci fi stories. Hell, even Star Trek TNG claims human beings have accomplished what we have because we were seeded by aliens. Its just standard sci-fi storytelling, and that is what they were going for in IV.
  4. The movie itself has already time traveled. It has skipped ahead to 2023--we need to catch up to it--just like the Einstein.* *the dog, not the guy.
  5. I believe this is the first Williams's recorded version of the extended Throne Room:
  6. "Hey John, there are a bunch of snobbish critics who hate your music and think that you should not be allowed to perform in Europe." "I know, but they are all dead."'
  7. My favorite is Star of Bethlehem. It must be bittersweet to live as long as Williams has, watching all these friends and collaborators die.
  8. It is not published, but it has been fully prepared. Very weird.
  9. Probably caught something from too much standing on the roof. (sorry)
  10. He's vaccinated. The chance of him dying from Covid (if that is what you are implying) is literally like .002, which is about the same chance as he dies from accidentally impaling himself with his baton. So, worry less (or, I suppose, worry more, if you wish to go that route).
  11. This may have little impact on the scoring timeline. Everyone working on the movie will need to be paid more if time is added to post-production (which Disney will not want). Stick with the current production schedule and release it in 23.
  12. I think the Suite itself has been around since the 90s, but for some reason, Williams has never recorded it. This will the be the first, if released. Incidentally, for any signature edition questions, search FSO on Youtube--they have done almost all of them:
  13. Evidently Disney heard that we are interested in getting complete SW scores. I believe we are now expected to say "thank you, " and praise them.
  14. I do not know years, but here a list of cities, in addition to the above, that I am nearly certain he has conducted: Houston Dallas Columbus Cincinnati Pittsburgh Seattle San Diego (or Jose--not sure) San Francisco Indianapolis Baltimore Detroit Salt Lake City
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