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  1. 200 years from now, people might be asking is such and such the John Williams of our time? We should simply rest in the fact that we are in real time with Williams.
  2. It is an excellent piece. I love Williams's recent reworking of older pieces. This is by far my favorite Williams's reworking. Stately, noble, exciting--what is not to like? As to the question, and not a bold choice, Superman.
  3. The Good: An exceedingly prestigious honor. The Bad: I just don't like the reducing of Williams to a means to something other than his own great music. The Ugly: My attitude and inability to just be happy on this occasion.
  4. I think this album is the worst offender. Take an awesome score and reduce it to many, many of its weakest, most boring moments. Very weird, like Williams is almost embarrassed by his old school-styled cues.
  5. While I do not think BFG is near the top of this list, I would argue, and have argued, that the concert suite is in the top three from the last 10 years--maybe even the top.
  6. I would not find this great. Any reboot is going to fail to capture the charm of the first one and just be grating and annoying.
  7. I was listening to John Williams's music while reading this thread. I loved it, except for the post. It reminded me how much I dislike trolls.
  8. I read the title of this as "Do you speak to JW on dates." Make of that what you will.
  9. I went with "How to Steal a Million" for the 60s. Such an infectious, charming, and joyous score. It fits the film, which itself is quite good (not always the case for Williams's 60s output), like a glove.
  10. Yes, he is a thief. He stole my heart years ago.
  11. Galaxy's Edge has a Short Round vibe to it.
  12. The lesson is that Williams' music transcends political (and just about every other) boundaries. One of the many reasons he is great.
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