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  1. Nothing too fancy, but the first winter storm of the season was bearing down on NY, and planters were being bagged up in preparation. Didn't make for a very sightly intro, so a little digital removal was employed. This was shot exactly 8 years ago today, by the way. Unbelievable!
  2. Also worth noting that documentaries, by their nature, are still filmmaking. Certain elements are shaped to make them more easily observed. Clever editing, ADR, and even visual effects are still employed. (My first appearance in the Smaug video blog employs some subtle CGI, although you'd never know it!) Just saying.
  3. I believe he's taken on conducting gigs between stretches of session dates before, so could just be popping out to Chicago for a day or two. Although, if Indy 5 is released on July 28, it's not impossible that the score will be fully recorded before June 9 anyway. Not every director asks for a zillion rewrites. (I know ... some do!) Jay, are you coming to Chicago?
  4. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra has just announced "an evening with John Williams conducting the CSO in his legendary scores" on their spring 2022 concert schedule.
  5. http://www.howardshore.com/a-palace-upon-the-ruins-selected-works/
  6. He just did an entire album of that sort of thing! The new concerto isn't going to but a hard sell because of its quality or relatability. It's a genuinely great work. But it's A) wildly virtuosic, B) long (it'll eat up a good chunk of a standard concert ... not to mention the rehearsal time), C) expensive (it requires a large, top-notch ensemble). With Willams and Mutter on the docket, tickets will sell. Heck, I travelled nearly 2,000 miles for it! However, I could see it having a difficult journey without these two superstars attached. If young performers take it on, and if the symphonies drop a Beethoven 7 -- or even some of Williams' commercial work -- on the second half of the program, maybe .... The work deserves it. It's just the logistics that can be nasty. Here's hoping!
  7. I'll put in online for free after FSM has reached its subscribers. Short version: -It's a lot to digest -It's great -Williams and Mutter are without equals -It's gonna be hard to get this behemoth into the standard rep
  8. PR writing is a strange beast. I got chewed out once for beginning a press bio with the word "In." "I hate that word! Who uses that word??"
  9. If there are scenes that don’t take place in the Second Age, it’s “and.”
  10. We are going to eat there, but have no solid plans beyond that. PM me? I almost never check Facebook these days.
  11. Yep! Although the lack of Uber service in this town isn’t making life any easier!
  12. Thanks. I will be at the premiere of Williams' Violin Concerto #2 at Tanglewood next month, so if anyone else is attending and wants to see a digital version ...
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