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  1. I'm afraid that nothing in Pale Blue Eye has any relation (articulated or otherwise) to Shore's KONG score. I don't remember making that suggestion, but I apologize if I said something misleading.
  2. He’s not “stepping away.” He completed his score and recorded it.
  3. Production cover. The final would likely need to reflect the film imagery more directly. Actors' likenesses, etc. Sorry!
  4. I have a theory that the softer choir mixes in the CR are the result of the 5.1 surround mix being directly baked down to the stereo mix. With the chorus primarily in the rear speakers in the DVD mix, they lost a lot of presence in the stereo. I'm not speculating on whether or not this was a choice or an oversight. Well ... I *am* speculating, but I'm not writing it here!
  5. Doug was invited to the recording sessions and the premiere. But I hear he didn't go.
  6. Oh, there's always a backstory ... https://vimeo.com/161081479
  7. In fairness, we will also be discussing (but not playing) a few alternate passages that haven’t been heard. (We aren’t discussing silly things like .43 seconds missing from the album for musical purposes. That falls under the “pedantry up with which I shall not put” category! ) It should be cool though! But yeah, I don’t love the overhyped promo. Feels a bit misleading. Love the hosts, and I get that this is how the internet works in 2021, but yeah …. If you’re in the mood for a more sedate discussion, I did a bit on BBC Radio 3 a week or so ago, and it came out quite well, I thought. Nothing there that diehards don’t already know, but I could read the phone book with that glorious music and it would still move me to tears! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0012pd6
  8. We're doing a live commentary of the Rarities. TORN gets a little overzealous with their promos. I'll try to clarify on social media after holiday madness passes.
  9. Nothing too fancy, but the first winter storm of the season was bearing down on NY, and planters were being bagged up in preparation. Didn't make for a very sightly intro, so a little digital removal was employed. This was shot exactly 8 years ago today, by the way. Unbelievable!
  10. Also worth noting that documentaries, by their nature, are still filmmaking. Certain elements are shaped to make them more easily observed. Clever editing, ADR, and even visual effects are still employed. (My first appearance in the Smaug video blog employs some subtle CGI, although you'd never know it!) Just saying.
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