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  1. And this! https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.podbean.com/e/la-studio-legends-4-ralph-grierson/
  2. There's another: Midway was recorded as well and released by Varese in 1998.
  3. There's are "medievil style" arrangements on this YouTube channel... Sounds like he had fun!
  4. I think you might be surprised. I remember quite a few times being impressed with Intrada when I had to make some changes to previous orders. Worth a try anyway. They can only say no.
  5. Williams expanded on a theme from Seven Years in Tibet in the "Regaining a Son" cue and wrote the elegy for piano and orchestra for the funeral of a friend's two children. He later orchestrated it, and it was included on the YoYo-Ma CD that contains Williams' Cello Concerto. Williams describes the origins of the piece here: https://www.laphil.com/musicdb/pieces/1615/elegy-for-cello-and-orchestra
  6. From 4:44.... So brief...I've always hoped for a complete arrangement of Monica's Theme for piano and cello.
  7. I heard that live at Williams 1998 London concerts - Not sure what a banger is, but yeah, it was a banger^
  8. Williams renamed it for the concert version first recorded on the Horay for Hollywood CD, but yeah, the original theme was for the witches not the devil.
  9. I think I remember reading there was at least some recording of the orchestra aside from the concerts? Anyway, I'm so glad there is no audience clapping at the end.
  10. A Morricone concert was just announced in Seoul on August 1. I really didn't expect to attend a concert until way into the future, but with low Corona numbers here - around 50 a day throughout the whole country, I feel ok going. No word on the program yet: http://www.sac.or.kr/SacHome/perform/detailE?searchSeq=43571
  11. Regarding Return of the Jedi, I just love the last 50 seconds of Obi-Wan's Revelations where we have Leia's Theme building to chattering trumpets as the rebel fleet is revealed. One of my favorite snippets from the whole saga.
  12. Well the YouTube comments under both videos - the winning entry and the Spitfire's guy response to the reaction - are sure interesting. A few peope are pissed that the winner had worked with J.J. Abrams before, others are pissed their submissions never got viewed/listened to, and others are pissed at the Spitfire guy for saying "rules are made to be broken" refering to the rules of his own competition. Fascinating readiing! The composer addressed that in a tweet. Said he never met J.J. and J.J. would have no idea who he is. He was just one of 100s of people working on one of the
  13. I missed your post. I just heard the same piece in the background on this Covid 19 segment. I thought I had discovered a new arrangement https://www.msnbc.com/mtp-daily/watch/frontline-medical-workers-speak-to-the-seriousness-of-the-covid-19-crisis-86923333926
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