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  1. My take is that he was just imagining a crazy scenerio and not something he actually seriously planned. Could be wrong, but that was my impression. Perhaps if we audio of him saying - tone of voice etc, there's be less room for uncertainty.
  2. There's a mention here, and I think I recall at least one other article. And he's working on at least one more piece/project accoridng to Mike Matessino in the recent podcast about Amistad and The Lost World expansions. I'm as certain as I can be without actually knowing anything that the new cello work will be premiered at these concerts... I'm dying to see the setlist.
  3. It's weird - I was hoping for more advanced arrangements of the simpler ones... Even though I'm a beginner on piano. I'd just like to look at them.
  4. The Stage Plus broadcast made up for not getting tickets! Loved the smiles on the musicians faces. And Williams' expressions while conducting Schindler's List. And a nice moment a the end of Darth vader... it looked like Williams recognized a fan at the end from the Saturday concert. He saw someone in the front row, smiled, and said "You came back" - according to my lip reading skills. Was the very end of Rebellion is Reborn - the last few seconds, a litttle different? And why were the conductor's scores on the podium. Williams didn't open most of them I don't recall reading much about it, other than it's a renamed and slightly revised ET and Me. Can someone describe the exact differences?
  5. The end of the anecdote isn't shown, but basically Stephen said, "Well, I wrote that", and the lady says "no you didn't!"
  6. A character in Stephen King's latest novel, Holly, hums the Raiders March and Williams is named. Actually not a complete surprise - but it was nice to come across. There have been a few mentions of Williams in his books. A reference to the Close Encounters five note motive is another I remember, but I don't recall the book at the moment. I wonder if he's everr attended a concert? And just Googling the two names... Wow... John Williams moonlighted as his editor!
  7. I just scrolled! Actually, the posts made this year only go for a few pages. That's the most recent, and earlier this year: And with important soundtracks by that popular triumvirate of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and James Homer plus important work by Danny Elfman, John Barry, James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami and several others all in production. So actually no year release was mentioned - just that they were being worked on. I'm guessing Doug probably had this year in mind at the time though. I think an earlier similar statement said this year. I recall there was an earlier and similiar list of names that Doug posted.
  8. Direct quote from Michael: "Williams is busy with at least three things - he's writing" The only upcoming pieces that have been announced are the piano concerto and a piece for Yo-Yo Ma, which will presumably be performed at the upcoming Williams/Yo-Yo Ma concerts in February 2024. Assuming those two haven't been completed, that means Williams is writing at least one other piece. Yay!
  9. This was the setlist according to the festival's site, and the encores where Yoda's Theme, Raiders March, and The Imperial March. I wish I had been able to get a ticket! Doh!
  10. I remember reading somewhere that Williams recorded very different pieces for the opening credits and perhaps other pieces in the score. Does anyone remember reading that?
  11. I loved it! The choir sounded great, and the two vocal soloist likewise sounded great. I enjoyed it far more than the Azkaban concert, I think because If I werre to make a list of Williams scores I'd like to see presented like this, Azkaban probably wouldn't make the top 20 as much as I love some of the pieces from it. My girlfriend heard someone complain at intermission that the music was too loud in the mix - which I thought was the point. Having said that, it did drown at the dialogue at times. That didn't bother me though. And poor horn player hit a wrong note during the one quote of the Gondor theme during the council of Elrond scene. But well one note out of millons, it was just noticeable. The Two Towers is scheduled for September 2024, and hopefully that means The Return of the King in 2025. That would surely be a mamoth undertaking!
  12. I'm seeing Fellowship of the Ring tonight in concert in Seoul tonight, my second of these kinds of concerts - the first was The Prisoner of Azkaban. I just realized it's been a long time since I listened to Shore's LOTR rings music. I'm as familar with the scores as any others, but it was a nice change to listen to a few pieces last night while walking home. And actually, I had almost forgotten this Tolkien part of the this forum existed, - I usally just visit the Willians part, the general film music section, and very occassionally the "Other Topics" part. Looking forward to exploring the Bear McCreary threads although I have read all his blog posts...I just haven't watched past the second episode for no reason in particular - well, I guess the show didn't really grab me, but I do remember watching the first episode right when a nap happened upon me, so that played a part in my lack of interest in the show, which does not at all extend to the music. Regarding tonight's concert, I'm curious how the Korean choir will handle the Khazad Dum parts which those Maori deep grunts! This would have been a huge film music week if I had managed to score tickets to next Saturday's Williams concert in Japan. Alas!
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the official sheetmusic for piano omits that part, as you noticed. I have ait t home, but I'm on vacation far from home... So there's no official arrangement of the entire piece, but as you found, there are quite a few people with good ears (and interest in Williams) who make their own transcriptions and also analyze them. This should be of some help:
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