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  1. I'm guessing Willians will score it, and Spielberg will start working on a new project soon, one that Williams will also score. Yay.
  2. pete


    None taken, and that's good advice for any situation. 48 new cases in Korea... 46 members of that cult. They really pack them in at their services. All sit close together. A virus's dream come true. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2020/02/119_283861.html
  3. pete


    No, I took an interest in lots^. As an observer and collector of info etc. It was a hobby that was very satisfying at times - and equally stressful at times. Some pretty nasty criminals at the tops of those food chains. Here's one article I helped with about this particular cult and its activities in Melbourne. A brief quote, and a lot of background info to help the journalist get up to speed. He worked on it off and on for well over 6 months. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/nation/inquirer/brainwashed-annie-taken-by-the-cult/news-story/89488c31db86e848a4608d44d5217286 Might be quoted in another piece tomorrow.
  4. pete


    I'm home in Australia for the week but live and work in South Korea. I teach at a uni, and the semester was supposed to start March 2. My uni delayed start by a week and lot of others delayed two or three weeks. So longer winter vacation for me. Provided I can still get in the country next week! I used to live in Daegu, and I used to have a huge site that explored lesser-known Korean cults, including the one whose members spread it in Daegu. Unintentionally, but being part of a secretive deceptive organization sure played a role in them spreading it when they should have been in isolated. Doesn't describe the group much, but I'm very familiar with them - I know a lot of former and current members and have been to a number of their events. They usually try to silence critical media attention with legal threats and bullshit law suits. They won't be able to keep a lid on this one. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-51572137?fbclid=IwAR0h1mDmqsgIIh0thG8XJ2nc0OIguHd7TZsmjo1Rzguiy47Rx3rn-NZqDp0
  5. It can't be nothing. He just said in that interview last week that he's more excited about composing than ever
  6. I've always been fond of the score although I rarely listen to the whole thing. Among the Clouds, Follow Me, Saying Goodbye, Pete & Dorinda, and Dorinda Solo Flight are my favorites from the CD as well as the suite on the first Williams/Spielberg compilation.
  7. I think there's a lot of over analyzing in this thread.
  8. Someone said in a previous post that he flew home soon after the second concert. Somewhere in this thread.
  9. Mixed emotions for me. Living in Korea and having had already crossed off "seeing Williams live" from my bucket list back in 1998 in London, it never occurred to me to attend. The idea only really came to me a few days ago when I saw tickets were available. But it was too late, and well, I had some 7 months ago purchased tickets to see Queen on their Bohemian Rhapsody tour in Seoul last night - Jan. 18. If given the choice, I would have preferred to have been in Vienna, but I have to admit I'm still on a high from seeing Queen perform. Sure Freddie wasn't there, but Brian May was and it felt like the real thing. The rock part of me is over the moon, but the Williams fan in me is thinking I missed my last chance to see Williams. Yeah, mixed emotions. But by golly the Queen show was amazing! And I'm so happy for those that got to experience this. Back in 1998, I took every opportunity - 4 nights and one open rehearsal. it hardly seems real now, but I'm so glad others here just experienced something similiar.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted yet: https://www.post-gazette.com/ae/2020/01/15/John-Wiliams-composer-will-conduct-Pittsburgh-Symphony-Orchestra-June-tickets/stories/202001150166
  11. Am I the only person who read the thread title and thought Williams had signed on to write more Potter music?
  12. A Vienna schnitzel with fries
  13. Living in Seoul, it honestly never occurred to me to make the trip over. Now with tickets available, I'm kind of wishing I had thought to go earlier. I am seeing Queen the same Saturday night in Seoul, so I'll have to be content with that. I think if this concert had been announced before the Queen concert was announced, I would have given going some serious thought.
  14. Definitely reading too much into things.
  15. He's also been working on concert pieces. A guitar concerto premiered last May. Regarding Williams, I read somewhere that he made enough money to retire from Jaws. Does anyone know how much he usually gets for concerts he conducts?
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