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  1. Really appreciate that. I'm still waiting to hear the expanded, but is this right? Cinque's Theme (Solo Flute) Track 2-12 Track 1 (START-0:45) The OST starts with solo voice?
  2. Oops, I just meant what gives the piece the African flavor - suggested of Africa. I knew the percussion and the language helped serve that purpose. I was just curious if there was anything in the music harmonically or melodically that also served that same purpose. I have the other John Williams - the real John Williams, the guitar player - his album of tradiational African music, and that sounds nothing like Dry Your Tears, Africa. Of course Africa is a huge continent with zillions of cultures, so the term African music is really as useful as Chinese food.
  3. It's not much of a suggestion and I guess it's a pretty obvious one, but I had a great afternoon before my first Williams concert just walking around a park - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in London just listening to Williams and not really believing I'd soon be in the same room - and sitting not to far away from the man/alien who had created music that had given me so much joy. It's like I was high on cocaine - not that I know what that's like, but gosh I was on a high! I am a bit of a loner and most of my hobbies I enjoy alone. Hang out with other Williams fans? Soundtrack fans are weirdos!
  4. Dry Your Tears - for the musicologists amongst us: is there anything harmonically and melodically about the music that suggests African music/culture? Or is it just the percussion, rhythm, and the children's choir singing in general, and specifically the word "Afrika" in the chorus? I've seen the (of course very simplified) piano reduction, and it didn't look at all exotic. I didn't explore in detail, it just looked pretty straight forward. I just can't get my head around the fact that it sounds "Western" in its purely orchestral forms, but totally African with the children's chorus etc in the main piece. One other issue and problem that I don't think has been discussed is that if this goes into my top 10 or 20 Williams scores, which score loses its place? This is stressing me out!! And what do the other scores think about this release? Are they happy for their sibling or pissed off and jealous?
  5. It's definately not Williams. There are people/companies that specialize in trailer music. Williams has written for a few trailers in the past, but this isn't one of them. I'll stake my life on that. Regarding the trailer itself, I have to admit it gave me chills. I like how you see younger Indy for the fast time just after older Indy says the word "magic", and wow, the young Indy looked absolutely amazing.
  6. Meeting of the Minds excited me! And I think I hear a few small differences in the alternate Dry Your Tears, Afrika.
  7. Uganda, south west, not far from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire at the time). We saw the mountain gorillas a few days later. One of the highlights. Might as well post pics.... I listened to parts of The Lost World while on that trek. I was seriously worried about being eaten by raptors.
  8. Is that the choral section at the end of OST track The Middle Passage? - I've only seen the film once, and that was a long time ago. And for those in the know, is the choral piece its own track on the new release? The Prisoner's Song, perhaps, as it's about the same length? I have some fond memories of this score, in particular Dry Your Tears, Afrika. I travelled around Africa a few months after the soundtack was released, and I'm certain it's what I gave this kid a listen to on my Sony Walkman:
  9. I think it's safe to assume it's part of next week's Lalaland's Black Friday releases to be announced 9 pm PST (California) November 24.
  10. I have a bus ticket for that day. Seoul to Busan. Any takers? Price is fair. That aside, I sincerely hope all who wish to attend - well I guess we all wish that, but those who have a real chance, can attend. Seeing Williams live is an experience to treasure forever.
  11. Any word on Murray Gold returning? Nothing against the newer guy - I just haven't explored his music nor seen a lot of the episodes he scored, but gosh there's a lot to love in the music Murray wrote. Still waiting for the soundtrack for the last season he scored. We were blessed in terms of releases for the preceeding seasons. and then, Bam! Nothing.
  12. I think that could be said of his piano writing, especially for certain films: JFK, Lincoln, The Book Thief, Schindler's List, The Post, War Horse (but not ET) - they all have beautiful and sparse harmonies. Just the right amount of notes that enables me to kind of play them if I spend weeks practicing.
  13. Isn’t it the same 1997 arrangement that Itzhak Perlman performed on the Cinema Serenade album? I thought like Schindler’s List and Remembrances, it wasn’t a new arrangement. Williams has been performing a violin-centered version off and on over the years. It was performed at his 1998 London concerts, for example. I thought it was written for Arturo Sandoval? Or his he just the trumpeter that first recorded the concerto? Update .. Nope, you’re right!
  14. None of the battle music is on the soundtrack.
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