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  1. The original Varese release of a CD with music from Scream 1 and 2 contained a track called A Cruel World. Does anyone know what track on the new release that is?
  2. I think I'm seeing them for the first time. I don't recall hearing before the anecdote about him sketching Hedwig's Theme in one night and his grandchildren instantly taking a liking to it.
  3. I'd love an album of string quartets ala Festivity at Thornfield from Jane Eyre, and also an album of jazz pieces ala the source pieces from The Post. And more pieces using ensembles like the ensemble Stanley and Iris is scored for. If John could start on those now, that would be great.
  4. He's playing air piano in one of the pics! Cool! What was he playing??
  5. Yes, listening now. It's a little slower than the piece as conduced by Williams, and the Film Symphony Orchestra also performed it at a faster tempo. Particulalry noticable when the end credits part starts. They're racing through it like they have a plane to catch!
  6. Witches of Eastwick got an arrangement for violin and piano for Gil Shahan, and then the new one for Anne-Sophie, and yeah the Far and Away suite performed at the concerts hasn't been recorded by Williams yet. He performed it in London in 1998 too - it's a little of Country Galways seguing into the End Credits minus The Chieftains. I've always hoped for a recording since then by Williams even though it's not significantly different from the soundtrack. The Japan Philharmonic Orchestra recorded it, but there's just something extra special about a recording by Williams himself.
  7. I just paid with my Australian visa card a few minutes ago and had no problems. Hope you can get it sorted.
  8. Wow. thanks for that. I think this is a score that is best explored in a book! This was never a score I really felt in need of an expansion, but after some more recent listens and after reading how much you and others have explored this score bar by bar - my mind has been changed!
  9. Yes, three actually. I just saw this detailed breakdown on the previous page of this thread. I'm still not sure what the four concert versions are. Argh, Elegy is another. So People's House, With Malice Towards None (Orchestra), Elegy..... and one more?
  10. Excuse my ignorance,... Are those four concert arrangements: With Malice Towards None (orchestral and piano - is the piano version considered a concert version?), The People's House, and The American Process?
  11. The free Sunday afternoon concert. It was the only part of that concert not streamed live, so I think we're out of luck for now.
  12. Yes, Anna-Sophie mentioned them on facebook. They're arrangements for her, and she performed them last week.
  13. Yes, it was. It's mentioned here. I remember Anne-Sophie didn't have enough time to get it ready for the CD recording, but she obviously kept working on it.
  14. Just that The Long Goodbye was played as an encore on Thursday, Sept. 30. Marion's Theme on Saturday. Hoping for a few more. Something from AI, and while he's mining his early 70s output, The Paperchase has a nice theme. Damn it, he should just arrange everything!
  15. Not the arrangement for solo violin. He did revise the piece of orchestra, but the solo violin version wasn't heard until yesterday. It certainly could be similar to that version.
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