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  1. Performance at the online premier from 20:00 And I think that's Thomas Hooten on one of the trumpets: https://www.facebook.com/hanszimmer/videos/665719584105139
  2. Loved the book the film is based on, and I only just made the connection between that book, "Good Morning, Midnight" and this score. I knew a movie was in the works, but it escaped me that Desplat was on board.
  3. According to Wiki: We still have a bit of a wait, but it's always good to know what Johnny is working on.
  4. Wow, I never knew he reworked The Tennis Game for the concert hall- Scherzo for Tennis Balls and Orchestra^ Is this news to everyone? I never knew such an arrangement existed. Why oh why didn't he record it with the other two concert pieces from Witches? Bad Johnny! Wait, is it much different than the OST version? I just noticed it's a little shorter, and I might have just thought it different because I haven't listened to it in quite a while.
  5. Oh sorry.. I was reading both at around the same time: https://www.ilmxlab.com/news/tftge-composer-bear-mccreary/
  6. Here's an interview and taste of his score...Oops, wrong link corrected: https://www.ilmxlab.com/news/tftge-composer-bear-mccreary/
  7. And this! https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.podbean.com/e/la-studio-legends-4-ralph-grierson/
  8. There's another: Midway was recorded as well and released by Varese in 1998.
  9. There's are "medievil style" arrangements on this YouTube channel... Sounds like he had fun!
  10. I think you might be surprised. I remember quite a few times being impressed with Intrada when I had to make some changes to previous orders. Worth a try anyway. They can only say no.
  11. Williams expanded on a theme from Seven Years in Tibet in the "Regaining a Son" cue and wrote the elegy for piano and orchestra for the funeral of a friend's two children. He later orchestrated it, and it was included on the YoYo-Ma CD that contains Williams' Cello Concerto. Williams describes the origins of the piece here: https://www.laphil.com/musicdb/pieces/1615/elegy-for-cello-and-orchestra
  12. From 4:44.... So brief...I've always hoped for a complete arrangement of Monica's Theme for piano and cello.
  13. I heard that live at Williams 1998 London concerts - Not sure what a banger is, but yeah, it was a banger^
  14. Quick question, will the whole concert be released on CD?
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