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  1. Call John! Need a subscription to read that, but there are other articles around if interested.
  2. I also don't have a problem with aging characters. Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea saga ends with the child character introduced in the first book in his old age. She said of the final book something along the lines of "there are not enough stories about characters aging, and we all age". So I don't mind at all an older Indy. Havig said that, is it just me or does Harrison look in better shape these days compared to when he filmed Indy 4? That photo posted earlier of Harrison walking around London with a sling on his arm, and before that a photo of him cyclying. He does not look his
  3. Maybe this has been mentioned before: the music between the T-Rex's triumphant roar and the end credits, is it tracked from earlier in the score? Or an unreleased few seconds? It does sound a little familiar. Listening again, yeah, I'm sure it's part of the quieter moments - the sick dinosaur maybe. Anyway, I hadn't noticed there was music there before.... Got it: Petticoat Lane.
  4. It must have been hot conducting in that C3PO outfit! Was that Anthony Daniels?
  5. Wasn't this piece part of the reason Williams almost quit the Boston Pops? I recall reading that Williams wasn't impreseed by some snarky comments and perhaos giggles by orchestra members while rehearsing the piece. Edit: Discussed here, But I seem to recall reading about the incident in perhaps one of the Boston Globe articles by Richard Dyer. Are they archived anywhere? I think they used to be.
  6. I'm another who likes the melody, and unusually for a song (can I call it a song?), I prefer the verse melody to the chorus'
  7. Am I the only one who thinks Williams just agreed to score a new Harry Potter film whenever this thread gets a new comment and is bumped up?
  8. Quick question.. do both end credits pieces feature Smoke Gets in Your Eyes?
  9. This looks legit and I assume it's the account that made the comment. https://www.facebook.com/hans.zimmer.399 Friends include David Arnold, Christopher Young, Doug Adams, Lucas Kendal, and Bear McCreary. Hans or Note for Note Music must have deleted the comment. Han's reaction? Perhaps a score he doesn't want released but doesn't own the rights. But if that's true isn't his anger misdirected? Shouldn't it be directed at whatever or whoever owns the music? That's a lot of assumptions though^ The company looks legit. I'm not familair with it, but Mel Brooks and Christopher Young have gi
  10. I just listened to The Miracle of the Ark for the first time in a long time. Something like that, that's what I want to hear. But more epic, more intense, more "wow", and more cowbell.
  11. Does anyone know (or is able to say) if the alternate end credits also includes the Smoke Gets in Your Eyes melody? Not that it isn't a nice melody, and I like the song, I'm just hoping it's an all Williams affair.
  12. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's on the next release. The Lost World Theme is all we know at this point. Others I'm hoping for from Williams' sig. series - all of which Williams hasn't himself recorded: "The Flag Parade" - I've never really liked the other recordings of the concert version, and it's one piece I really really wish Williams would record. "Wide Receiver" (NFL) - this would be the first orchestral recording And the most recent "Han Solo and the Princess" because there can never be enough recordings of that. "Irina's T
  13. Williams refamiliarized himself with the flute concerto in 2014. Pianist Daniel Wachs wrote about spending the day at Williams' home.... https://blogs.chapman.edu/copa/2014/03/25/were-off-to-see-the-wizard-a-meeting-with-composer-john-williams/ I'd love to see that piano reduction. It must look really weird! The flute concerto was the first concert piece of Williams I ever heard. I got the VSD CD that coupled it with his (first) violin concerto. I was young and naive. I remember thinking "the flute is a nice sweet instrument, I bet this is going to be be
  14. That little section from 32 seconds... Is that in Williams' Signature Edition score? I know that the Sig. Edition is slightly different from the OST, and I heard him perform a version in London in 1998 with a different intro and ending, but that bit from 32 seconds is I think something I've not head before. Unless my memory from a few seconds of music heard 23 years ago is failing me.
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