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  1. Whatever the reason is, it’s a dumb one^. And I think The Long Goodbye also is quoted in The Last Jedi.
  2. For New York. And 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas" at the start of the Home Alone end credits and at the start of one of the versions of "Merry Christmas" from Home Alone 2 Buglar's Dream at the start of Olympic Fanfare on the Summon The Heroes CD. Pops on the March I'm all out of ideas! - No, I'm not! Here Comes The Bride in The Terminal's "Officer Torre's Wedding".
  3. My head's exploding from all the new CDs, music, and concert work premieres. In my 30 years of being a fan, I don't recall a richer period... He should have turned 90 years ago!
  4. Wow, that Gramophone interview! I loved hearing Williams mention his symphony and piano sonata. I would have loved to have heard more about them, but at least he hasn't forgotten them^ Missed opportunity for the interviewer to demand they be recorded and released ASAP! And it's just so obvious from the interview his mental facilities are as sharp as ever. His intellect doesn't only shine through through his music. I've never written the word "through" twice together in a sentence, but it's grammatically and linguistically correct!
  5. Yeah, the best chances of getting even more Star Wars music is the Lando project since Lando was in the main movies, granted, a minor role compared to Han and Kenobi. But I think they'll let Williams do whatever he wants to given time and energy. "Hey Kathleen, If you want, I could..." "Yes Yes!"
  6. Which track on disc one is the other part of White Sands OST track?
  7. He had a link to the live recording session and he didn’t share it here? That’s it. I’m quitting his fan club! I would have shared it by the way.
  8. I'm not sure if it was recorded, but an arrangement was made at the time. He sent Ann-Sophie the score for it along with other pieces that were on the album. She received it the same time she received Hegwig's Theme etc. The only reason I can think of as to why it wasn't on the album was because there were already plenty of Star Wars pieces on it - maybe? But by golly, it's better than all the rest! The Witches of Eastwick arrangement was completed too, but left off as she didn't have enough time to master it. Perhaps that's also why Han Solo and the Princess was left off. John just produced too much material!
  9. I also remember hearing a short solo guitar rendition of the main theme. - perhaps near the end? That last time I saw it was when it was released, but as I play guitar, that little rendition grabbed my attention.
  10. Well that was worth the wait! I think it's been 3.5 - 4 years since we got a glimpse of the sheet music. I'll never understand why Willliams seems to prefer Across the Stars. It's not natural.
  11. I always listen to new Williams music the first chance I get. I'm much more of a music fan than a series or movie fan. I wouldn't in a million years delay by a second the chance to hear new music. What if I waited a day for some reason and I got hit by a bus? It could happen.
  12. I think this might just be my favorite arrangement. I've always liked the solo guitar version on the soundtrack, but this takes that, improves upon it, and adds the cello, which is like tons of extra chocolate sauce. Williams needs to arrange all his themes for guitar and cello.
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