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  1. Someone said in a previous post that he flew home soon after the second concert. Somewhere in this thread.
  2. Mixed emotions for me. Living in Korea and having had already crossed off "seeing Williams live" from my bucket list back in 1998 in London, it never occurred to me to attend. The idea only really came to me a few days ago when I saw tickets were available. But it was too late, and well, I had some 7 months ago purchased tickets to see Queen on their Bohemian Rhapsody tour in Seoul last night - Jan. 18. If given the choice, I would have preferred to have been in Vienna, but I have to admit I'm still on a high from seeing Queen perform. Sure Freddie wasn't there, but Brian May was and it felt like the real thing. The rock part of me is over the moon, but the Williams fan in me is thinking I missed my last chance to see Williams. Yeah, mixed emotions. But by golly the Queen show was amazing! And I'm so happy for those that got to experience this. Back in 1998, I took every opportunity - 4 nights and one open rehearsal. it hardly seems real now, but I'm so glad others here just experienced something similiar.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted yet: https://www.post-gazette.com/ae/2020/01/15/John-Wiliams-composer-will-conduct-Pittsburgh-Symphony-Orchestra-June-tickets/stories/202001150166
  4. Am I the only person who read the thread title and thought Williams had signed on to write more Potter music?
  5. A Vienna schnitzel with fries
  6. Living in Seoul, it honestly never occurred to me to make the trip over. Now with tickets available, I'm kind of wishing I had thought to go earlier. I am seeing Queen the same Saturday night in Seoul, so I'll have to be content with that. I think if this concert had been announced before the Queen concert was announced, I would have given going some serious thought.
  7. Definitely reading too much into things.
  8. He's also been working on concert pieces. A guitar concerto premiered last May. Regarding Williams, I read somewhere that he made enough money to retire from Jaws. Does anyone know how much he usually gets for concerts he conducts?
  9. Which cues were narrowed down to being Williams? I do recall reading he wrote a few.
  10. I meant the other “west”, sometimes referred to as “east”.
  11. I honestly can't!^ I do think I need more time to digest the new Star Wars score, but War Horse and Lincoln .... I'd need someone to put a gun to my head to make me choose one, and even then I'd hesitate.
  12. It's only about 5 minutes. Nice theme - beautiful and touching and restrained, but you can't really compare it to the film scores that are an hour or two or three at least in terms of hours of effort that went into their creation. Here it is.. just missing a short minute long end credits: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6gkjqd Well, he certainly produced a lot of music. Those scores, an oboe concerto, about 12 other pieces such as Markings and Fanfare for Frenway and Conversations etc. Plus Han Solo and Galaxy's Edge, the recent violin album, the third Spielberg/Williams collaboration, and a whole bunch of concerts. - Am I missing anything? A few less film scores and concerti than the previous decade, but that's still quite an addition to his body of work. I don't think we could have hoped for more at the beginning of the decade. And he also spent a bit of time listening to and approving a lot of expanded releases. And he probably wrote a few things we may never hear of. A few health issues too. Favorites of the film scores. I'm enjoying more The Last Jedi after revisiting it recently, but I love the smaller scores as well. Hard to rank, but I would put Tintin and The Post in the bottom two places, much as a I love elements of those scores. And I'd leave off the basketball one due to its brevity.
  13. Just saw it's a 12-hour direct flight from LA to Vienna and a 9 hour time difference. About $14,000 first class return^. Pretty long flight and significant time difference, and the flight travels west across the US. Travelling west results in more jet lag. He'll have an easier time flying home. Just looked up jet lag and the elderly out of curiosity. Some tips if John's reading this^ https://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/health-med-fit/older-people-must-prepare-to-fight-jet-lag/article_c5d7843c-7188-54d0-8018-0b0b45e3683a.html
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