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  1. Now the million dollar question is "Is this one the remaining two releases or is it another one?". Doug didn't mention Williams when he last made such an announcement and that was only a month or two ago. The plot thickens maybe!
  2. Fantastic news! I had been hoping for more - hopefully another CD. I'd been thinking about starting a thread to ask what everyone wanted next from Williams/Mutter, but I'm too lazy.
  3. Does anyone know when Williams shortened his Luke and Leia concert piece?
  4. I will include it when I'm having a longer listen - usually while going for long walks - as opposed to listening to "best of" selections, which I do in most other situations The fanfare takes me back to watching the original trilogy .....It was just a perfect lead up to the silence as the words "A long time ago...." appeared on the screen just before the main title started. So for me, it really helps to set the mood. And I'm not old enough to associate the fanfare with a bunch of other movies, so when I hear the fanfare, I expect Star Wars to follow. I remember when I did see movies other than Star Wars that had the fanfare, it just felt wrong that Star Wars didn't follow it! It's I think the only piece of music not composed for a film that sits comfortably in my mind with the rest of the score. I think we can all agree, it's a great fanfare!
  5. Today I learned a piece for piano trio isn't a piece for three pianos.
  6. And I love Festivity at Thornfield, which I think is Williams' only piece for string quartet, or at least the only one I know of. Who knows what he has hidden away in his draws.
  7. Me too! Those videos are amazing. I'm understanding parts. - I have a pretty basic grasp of theory, but just seeing all those notes - both musical and written comments - just makes my mouth drool. I've been meaning to comment on one of the videos with a request: "Can you do videos for everything Williams has written?.. Goldsmith too, and Horner, and everyone else? Please"
  8. I'd love three hours of him tinkering at the piano as he writes a theme while talking about the process. Or all the footage Spielberg has of just him and Williams at a piano.
  9. One advantage of Spielberg not directing is that he can get with whatever is his next movie for Williams to score.
  10. Maybe he just didn't plan to announce it or give more info, and it just slipped out?
  11. But he couldn't have scored the final video as it shows him conducting... unless they added old footage or placeholders. I'll have to watch it again. I hope Williams saved the most heroic moments for the scenes of him conducting! I'm guessing that instead of the extremes of Williams scoring to the film and just writing the music, the process was probably more collaborative. It would be interesting to learn more about the process I just had an idea. Ask the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to invite Williams over for another concert, request that piece open the concert, and then release the concert or just that piece. Problem solved! Sorted!
  12. That makes no sense! There, I said it. I've been holding that in for a few days now.
  13. How did he conduct it to the picture when the recording session footage is in the picture? Mind blown!
  14. Another vote to the powers above us for track by track analysis. I do remember reading reasons for the approach used in Amistad - maybe in the liner notes of an earlier release and maybe by Mike - and I recall he (oe she) had a point, I just can't remember what it was.
  15. I assume "not be used" because he used the past tense "conducted and recorded" But I wonder if Williams has finished that extra little bit of scoring he mentioned in Italy?
  16. Gosh she looks a lot like Carrie Fisher!
  17. I hope so, but my reading of the word "live" in this case just means Williams and Spielberg will be physically present. And actually the word "live" isn't in the article, which describes the event as a public appearance of Williams and Spielberg.
  18. The link doesn’t work for me - not available in Korea… what’s the track list?
  19. Having said that, Fawkes is the name of the piece^. Anyway, he looks in great health! Amazing. How many 90 year olds travel overseas? - to work?!
  20. I think those little mistakes are understandable. He may not have seen those films since their release, or perhaps before their release. Wait... he saw ET when conduced to picture at a live performance, but still, that was a while ago. 20 years?
  21. I thought so too, but he said at the Milan concert that he has a little more work to do on it.
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