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  1. "Every Day of my Life: A John Williams Autobiography"
  2. Not related to the music, but that dialogue basically killed the excitement I had for the movie.
  3. It's a completely different arrangement. He re-worked the whole thing... or maybe Conrad did^
  4. I think it likely he'll debut a theme or two from Star Wars 9 as an encore. It's his first concert after the premier, right?
  5. I'm not at all familiar with the score beyond the soundtrack as I've only seen the movie once and don't really have a desire to see it again. It's not my favorite by a long shot, but that could change if we were to ever get a complete release of the score.
  6. Well I'm more excited about the score after seeing that!
  7. Cheers. Just noticed it's not an acronym the company uses. Again, pet hate - calm blue ocean.... FBI, NASA, the UN, USA, UK, WTF? - they're all fine^
  8. Less acronyms pretty please. Who or what is LFL? Got it Lucas Film Limited. Why not just type Lucas Film? Oh nevermind. Pet hate of mine, but I'll get over it.
  9. Thanks! Ha... Forgot I entered it somewhere here!
  10. I misread an earlier post. Original comment not applicable. Agree, it’s as regal as can be!
  11. From what I've heard, music is only given to musicians in advance when their part is particularly difficult. Randy Kurber said in an interview he was given the celeste parts for Hedwig's Theme a few days in advance so he could work on it. So yeah, normal practice is the musicians see the music when they arrive at the studio.
  12. Thanks for that Wow, $130 for the book. John Williams: Music for Films, Television, and the Concert Stage I'd buy it if it were reasonably priced. I know that's not uncommon for academic books, but I don't quite understand the reasoning behind such pricings. No Kindle version either.
  13. Saw Sting last night. He performed a 90-minute set, and he didn't even sing Moonlight! Just a bunch of Police and Sting songs.
  14. Glad you got to see it. I'd be interested in hearing a comparison between the two. Argh that sux about the venue. Last night's venue was the same venue that hosted Gustavo Dudamel's Celebrate John Williams concert earlier in the year. I totally and completely got the worst seats for that one. Right next to a walkway that late arrivals and staff with noisy high heels used all through the first half. I made sure I was no where near a walkway last night, and as hoped, you could hear a pin drop during those lovely quieter moments.
  15. A little confusing having two concert series at the same time. So, mine was the different one and the same band as the Prague CD. Just browsing YouTube now. Lion King was a joyful highlight:
  16. I think yours is the one with the larger orchestra without Hans and his band. I'm assuming so as there are no dates listed on the official tour website beyond next week's Australian concerts. And there were the two pretty recent and different live CD releases - one with Hans and his band - live in Prague, and the other one called The World of Hans Zimmer. Perhaps that's your concert? http://www.hanszimmerlive.com/livetour/ Yes, Thor - different show: https://www.worldofhanszimmer.com/ I hope he's making a mint from these concurrent sold-out shows!
  17. Last night's Seoul concert was great. The Lion King suite had so much positive energy, and the band and Hans seemed to be love every single minute on stage. Hans spoke quite a lot between pieces sprinkling anecdotes - one being that he first met the woman who sang "Now We Are Free" when she was 4. Don't recall her name, sorry. It wasn't Lisa Gerrard, the singer on the OST. The set list was almost identical to the 2017 Prague concert that was released on CD and DVD. The differences were I think Wonder Woman theme "Is She With You" from Superman Vs Batman followed The Man of Steel piece. Also, the short piano introduction of Rain Main segued to Thelma and Louise. I'd love a recording of that version. It featured a guitar solo that is missing if memory serves from the version on the On Wings of Film live CD. The musicians were just a treat to watch: guitarist Guthrie Govan is perhaps the most technically proficient rock guitarist in the world and while it wasn't his show, he had his moments in the spotlight. And Tina Guo attacked her electric cello all night. Surprised it didn't break in half. Lebo M still has all the vocal chops he displayed decades ago in the original Lion King and The Power of One. The concert certainly revitalized my interest in his music. I'm not all that familiar with a lot of his more recent scores.I feel motivated to get to know those better. Super Vs Batman and Spiderman 2, and the Blade Runner sequel being some of those. And I just read Dune and its first two sequels for the first time, so I'm quite looking forward to the score.
  18. Just a guess, but since no further mention was made of the piece in any of Anne-Sophie's tweets, the piece was dropped before recording. Perhaps Williams thought there were enough Star Wars pieces already, and since he'd recently worked on a new concert version. Anyway, for sure the arrangement exits. Anne-Sophie mentioned a possible world tour in a couple of years. Maybe Williams will add a couple of pieces and resurrect that one. Lots of maybes!
  19. Williams said in the CBS interview that he couldn't get into the NFL, but he kind of did. He just forgot^
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