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  1. It sounds like she's been approaching scoring the show very thoughtfully. I'm excited to hear what she's done!
  2. Can't believe they played the whole score for the episode live—I can only think of a few shows that have had a live orchestra accompanying an episode viewing. I hope it'll be uploaded at some point, but I kind of doubt that it was recorded, which is a shame. I saw the premiere virtually, and there were a few really powerful moments in the premiere's score—one that really stood out was a dark and foreboding cue announcing the arrival of an antagonist, and it reminded me of Bear's work on Da Vinci's Demons, which I think of as some of his best work. I think that cue is in The Committee of Safety. I can't imagine what it was like to hear it live!
  3. The writing doesn't feel as cheesy as it does in The Mandalorian, and I'm really enjoying the pacing so far. I know this isn't the disenchantment thread, but the sequels, especially TROS, could've been infinitely better in the form of a show like this (not that that was ever going to happen though). I prefer shows over movies any day but it's refreshing to see things like the Tusken Raiders explored in depth rather than being one-dimensional killers and salvagers
  4. You've probably already sorted it out already, but I'll post mine just because I ordered it tonight based on the FYC and compared it to the OST. The FYC contains clean openings/endings for cues but nothing new. Listed as the OST name then the FYC name: 1. Prologue = Prologue, Not Even a Toe 2. Young Raya and Namaari = Rite of Passage, Building Bridges, Dragon Nerds 3. Betrayed = Betrayed 4. Search for the Last Dragon = Searching for the Last Dragon 5. Into the Shipwreck = Around the Riverbend 6. Enter the Dragon = You're Glowing 7. Fleeing from Tail = Raya Escapes 8. Captain Boun = Captain Boun 9. Journey to Talon (until :43) = Sisu Gives a Push (FYC omits first :03) 10. Sisu Swims (until :45) = Sisu Swims 11. Dragon Graveyard (until 1:38) = Namaari in the Graveyard 12. Journey to Talon (:43 to end) = Talon Port 13. Escape from Talon (until 1:42) = Con Baby, Pay Up 14. Noi and the Ongis (until 1:19) = Chase Through Talon 15. Escape from Talon (1:42 to end) = Mob Boss, Escape the Druun 16. Dragon Graveyard (1:38 to end) = Island of Fang 17. Being People Is Hard = Being Human Is Hard 18. Spine Showdown = Injury and Allies, Raya and Namaari Fight 19. Running on Raindrops = Running on Raindrops 20. Plans of Attack = Raya's Plan, Sisu's Plan 21. Sisu Swims (:45 to end) = Sisu Takes Raya to Heart 22. Brothers and Sisters = Brothers and Sisters 23. Noi and the Ongis (1:19 to end) = Ongi Delivery 24. The Meeting = Shot Through the Heart 25. Storming Fang = Raya Storms Fang, Raya v Namaari, I Never Meant for This 26. The Druun Close In = Druun Closing In 27. Return = Rebirth, Dragons Return, Raya and Sisu (FYC omits about :02 in middle) 28. The New World = The New World I included the FYC versions of "Sisu Gives a Push" and "Rebirth, Dragons Return, Raya and Sisu" as bonus tracks because they're the only ones even mildly different from the OST.
  5. The score for season 2 is okay; it has plenty of decent moments, especially the theme for Ciri using magic ("Power and Purpose," "I Believe in You"). If Joseph Trapanese had scored season 1, I think I'd like it way more. I just can't get over how well Sonya and Giona used and developed themes and created masterpieces like this: Maybe there's a tiny chance they'd return for season 3
  6. Here's the tracklist for season 2. Note the three tracks with Sonya and Giona—and it's not just giving credit for the themes they composed for season 1. They're new collaborations. 1. The Golden One – Joseph Trapanese & Joey Batey (3:23) 2. Nilfgaard Attacks (2:38) 3. Nivellen (3:28) 4. Some Wounds Can’t Be Healed (1:32) 5. Kaer Morhen (1:43) 6. Leshen (6:10) 7. Power and Purpose (4:42) 8. Aretuza Loses Another (1:35) 9. The Pendulum – Joseph Trapanese, Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli (2:17) 10. Witcher Training (2:11) 11. Myrapod Chase (3:12) 12. Stay With Me (3:11) 13. Who Did This to You? (1:46) 14. The Key to the Future (1:44) 15. Done Dealing in Debts (4:50) 16. Burn Butcher Burn – Joseph Trapanese & Joey Batey (2:39) 17. Remembering Cintra – Joseph Trapanese, Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli (4:39) 18. Elder Blood (2:43) 19. Chernobog (2:14) 20. Melitele (4:02) 21. Fire Fucker (4:53) 22. Whoreson Prison Blues – Joseph Trapanese & Joey Batey (2:07) 23. Sworn to Protect – Joseph Trapanese, Sonya Belousova & Giona Ostinelli (4:36) 24. Elves’ Allegiance (1:34) 25. I Believe in You (2:33) 26. Pain and Desperation (5:20) 27. Tell Me What You Want (3:19) 28. Basilisks (6:59) 29. We’re Your Family (3:01) 30. You Belong With Us (1:36) 31. The Wild Hunt (2:25) 32. The White Flame (2:48) https://filmmusicreporter.com/2021/12/16/details-for-the-witcher-season-2-soundtrack-album-revealed/
  7. I think the score for season 2 will be more like season 1's than I thought. Joseph Trapanese will do a good job, I think:
  8. Wow. I'm surprised they uploaded even more of the score for The Wheel of Time... considering that three albums have already been released! Maybe there's a chance, if a small one, that they'll upload some stuff from The Expanse. Side note, but if you want OSTs for seasons 5 and 6 to be released, sign this petition: https://chng.it/TG5bR7Npfv (It worked for seasons 2 and 3)
  9. Wow, I'm surprised that they were able to keep the major themes of the show—especially Yennefer's theme, though the oboe player for the new rendition in that video doesn't sound as good as Rodion Belousov (the previous oboist). While I'm biased to give Sonya and Giona the benefit of the doubt, this is certainly a possibility, and a pretty reasonable one, too, if they haven't publicly stated that they were "wronged" by not being asked to compose for the second season. I hardly care about the show—it seems to be just a blend of five other TV shows, much like Stranger Things—but the score is noteworthy and memorable, and it'll be the reason I watch the second season.
  10. Yes. I haven't heard why, though... Sonya and Giona seemed very committed to the score. Just look at their website: https://www.belousova-ostinelli.com/ I'm probably not the only one who's mildly annoyed about the change.
  11. I feel like season 2 of See was an upgrade in terms of the score. There were more orchestral moments that really let the audience run with the score. I especially enjoyed the new main theme. But I'm a little disappointed that the album for this season is less than 39 minutes! I wish he had included the cues for Maghra's speech and Kane and Kofun's horseback ride (and their later "ride" of another kind). And I really liked the end credits of each episode - Bear did a wonderful job with them, as usual. Though I think the credits for the finale were tracked from earlier in the episode? I'll rewatch the season soon and see if I can extract anything worthwhile.
  12. I have been really loving your TROS mockups. Just to be clear, 1m9 is an entire 5:45 long, right? There has to be just so much unreleased material that I hope we'll hear before our deaths That sinister statement of Rey's theme at the end was a surprise!
  13. Yeah, I guess there could be a very small chance they'd upload some tracks on the HBO site - but probably not. Thanks for sharing that! That's probably a good one to watch as well.
  14. Has HBO ever published anything in the way of scores? I'm searching right now but haven't found any yet. Here's the site: https://www.hbofyc.com/home
  15. Makes sense. That's how Prime Video's site is set up as well: https://consideramazon.com/home Too bad, because The Expanse had a great score too.
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