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  1. There'll be four albums for season 3 of His Dark Materials released, each containing what's probably the complete or nearly the complete score for two episodes: https://www.silvascreen.com/siled1715-siled1718-his-dark-materials-series-3-original-television-soundtrack/ The first one is out tomorrow to correspond with the first two episodes. By the way, the title theme is identical to the one on the season 2 anthology album. I'm surprised Balfe didn't record a new one... maybe a new one could be in future episodes though 1. Dark Materials Between the Worlds 1:34 2. Chapters 1:50 3. Find Her 2:47 4. A Lighter Side 3:06 5. The King 3:18 6. Drive and Purpose 2:38 7. Wings to Follow 2:06 8. A Garden for Lyra 2:04 9. Under His Eye 2:15 10. Danger by the Shore 3:12 11. The Best Laid Plans 4:02 12. A Mother’s Protection 2:11 13. The Rescue 2:14 14. Bring Him the Bearer 2:01 15. The Cardinal Rule 3:09 16. Dream of a Friend 3:14 17. Compromised 2:29 18. Safe in Your Arms 1:48
  2. I wish I had info on it, but I just listen to local music files. However, I can see that this is my most-played track that was new to me in 2022: Though I imagine my year-end list would probably be the score from The Rings of Power, The Handmaid's Tale, House of the Dragon, and God of War Ragnarök
  3. I understand that people might like trailer music because it reminds them of the "epic" parts of the movie that they saw in it (and for probably some other reasons), but all original trailer "scores" for movies just sound like they're selling the movie out, and that makes me cringe every time
  4. Season 1 was slow and boring for me at times, but it mostly paid off, and I think it'll pay off more in the second season. I was impressed with how much thought seems to have gone into this show, and the rest of the Star Wars shows completely pale in comparison to this. There were much less cheesy tropes (which is all that Kenobi really was, and same with The Mandalorian and BOBF, but to a lesser extent ), and everything just felt more plausible. The best parts of the show were the ones that focused on the rebellion and Mon Mothma, who I hope we see much more of in season 2 because Genevieve O'Reilly plays her with such nuance and authenticity that she shone in pretty much every scene she was in. Also, all the worlds the show visited were different enough from other established planets that it felt fresh, but the inclusion of things like the Senate chamber and the various references (which were done with care, like the remark about Canto Bight) made it feel like Star Wars—but the good parts of it. And the score fit beautifully. A JW-esque score with a traditional orchestra would've sounded out of place. Also, I liked how the band in the season finale played one of the themes from the show. I will say that kids probably enjoy traditional SW movies and shows way better than Andor because they're easier to follow and less subtle. I hope Disney makes more SW shows in the realm of Andor where there doesn't have to be 24/7 action (TROS) and they can actually let the characters develop
  5. I've never seen Henry Cavill as a good actor. But this headline sounds like fanfiction. I can't get over it
  6. I just listened to the last scene of episode 1 and realized that the Targaryen theme insert that was excluded from The Prince That Was Promised is most likely a pitch-shifted section of Breaker of Chains (from GOT season 4). I'm not sure how I missed that when I first watched the episode!
  7. I'm surprised by how much of the score is just underscore given that it's a SW show. But I kind of like that because it feels different and refreshing. A score with a full, traditional orchestra with traditional themes definitely wouldn't fit and I'm kind of over traditional orchestra scores for now, anyway Others may disagree, but this feels way more inspired than Kenobi's score—but I do understand why this isn't for everyone. The Past/Present Suite is my favorite so far
  8. "The Rogue Prince" is comprised of three different sections of two different cues: one section from the "heir for a day" scene with Daemon in the brothel/bar, and two sections from the following cue where Viserys tells Daemon that he's named a new heir. Both of these cues are in that video of the score for the first episode if you want to use those to edit The Rogue Prince 0:00-0:12 = "a new heir" cue 0:00-0:12 The Rogue Prince 0:12-0:36 = "heir for a day" cue 0:42-1:06 The Rogue Prince 0:36-end = "a new heir" cue 0:12-end
  9. Does the HOTD album version sound any different than the GOT season 5 version to you? I just compared the two (using the season 5 sessions leak cue) and didn't hear/see any differences at all. I think HOTD has a new recording too, but it's definitely not the one on the album
  10. I'm surprised Ramin didn't release a new version of the main titles on the album. It's supposedly from GOT season 5. The HOTD credits piece was shortened in a few places compared to the GOT opening (like at 1:13 in the video below) and that doesn't mean it was a new recording necessarily, but I've always thought that 1:27 sounded slightly different than any GOT main titles. Plus, Ramin always rerecorded the main title theme for each GOT season, so it's weird that the one on the HOTD album is reused. I'm not sure if a new version was even recorded for HOTD, I could be wrong about 1:27 sounding different
  11. Yes, you're right—he might've been rounding up to 9 hours. 8 hours and 7 minutes includes the suites, but if you add 5-6 minutes and alternates, that gets close to 9 hours. The opening cue (as presented in episode 7) is about 4:40 long compared to 3:03, so that adds 1:37 if the cue was heavily edited to match the episode or 4:40 to the alternates. I was wondering if we'd get any more music from the season but since we're close enough to 9 hours, I doubt it. Not complaining though
  12. I forgot about that cue he left off—I've been trying to forget about the few that are unreleased so I don't get too upset about them But that's a beautiful cue. Maybe we'll get it in some form in the future. My first hope when I realized there were two versions was that I'd missed the cello version in The Promised King (because I didn't listen to it much compared to Transformed by Darkness), so I ran to listen to it but was obviously disappointed! By the way, here's what Bear said about the two versions: Bear said he composed around 9 hours for the series. After I added bits from the season album to the episode albums that weren't on them (like those few seconds in The Mystics), I'm at 8 hours and 7 minutes. (By the way, the additions were smooth and easy to do and eliminated all the repetition. Bear would hate me for messing it all up, though ) The only track that's somewhat repetitive is the alternate/concert version/whatever for the ending of Both Our Bloodlines in Nobody Goes Off Trail from the season album, and I got it down to 1:48, though the majority of that is new music anyway. Even if 15 minutes from the episodes have been unreleased (like the cues at the start of episode 7 that were shortened for the album or that brief Nori statement in episode 2), there could still be 30-60 minutes more that we haven't heard in any form. Probably including some alternates. To have only that much music unreleased from a season with 8 hour+ long episodes is impressive!
  13. I didn't see a breakdown of Street Musicians in either thread: 0:00-0:39 Episode 3, 31:52-32:31, when Halbrand drinks with Numenoreans. Chronologically between To the Hall of Lore and The Successor 0:39-2:12 Episode 3, 51:09-52:42, when Isildur, Eärien, and Elendil drink and talk together. Chronologically between We Wait for You and Both Our Bloodlines Also reused in Episode 4, 35:00-35:48, when Eärien and Kemen bump into each other. Same music from episode 3 2:12-2:45 Couldn't find this short cue, I thoroughly searched through all episodes this morning, either I missed it or it went unused. I'll listen for it when I rewatch the season soon. It's a solo fiddle which suggests it's either for the Southlands or the Harfoots 2:45-end Episode 6, 54:24-55:16, post-battle celebration. Chronologically at 6:29 in Transformed by Darkness On a separate note, interesting that Halbrand's/the Southlands theme in Transformed by Darkness was originally played on a fiddle (heard on the album) but changed to a cello (heard in the episode) according to Bear's third blog. I think the cello works much better there and wish that was the version he released!
  14. Bear answered a question that was very similar to that one in this video from 9:22 to 11:44 (he gives a general answer not exclusive to the scoring process for Outlander but I hope he goes more in depth in his blogs)
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