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  1. Is there any harm in Trump listening to people and making necessary adjustments to help black people feel safe? He has so much sway with Republicans; that much is obvious. All he has to do is either sign a few executive orders or convince his Republicans in the Senate to pass protections for black people and better psychological screenings for police. I think we can all agree that black people need more protection... right? He wiggled out of his own removal from office. I'm sure he can use some loopholes to protect black people. And because he hasn't done that yet, what does that say about him?
  2. I do wonder if Trump or someone close to him is smart enough to realize this and he's playing both sides, or if things are just working out in his favor.
  3. I keep waiting for Trump to say something memorable like "I am the senate." 2020 is just that kind of year
  4. The season 5 soundtrack album for Outlander will be out tomorrow. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2020/05/14/outlander-season-5-soundtrack-album-details/
  5. I'm not extremely familiar with the Adagio concert suite, but maybe it's 8M81 Sunbeam Strings? Not sure what else that would be, and it's after the other concert suites.
  6. You should check out the show if it sounds interesting. There's a lot of good material not on the album. In fact, interestingly enough, the album contains zero cues from the show; John Lunn and Eivør expanded on some of the ideas in the cues, so each track is something like a "concert suite."
  7. Season four is now on Netflix. John Lunn (Downton Abbey, The White Queen) collaborates with Faroese singer-songwriter Eivør for the score, which I find to be otherworldly and moving. There's a beautiful ten-track album out. Has anyone seen this show?
  8. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two times in TROS when prequel music made an appearance: the "every voice inside your head" scene with that tiny section of Palpatine's Seduction, and then that brief passage from Battle of the Heroes when Rey is training. (Both have been posted here.) Has anyone found any other appearances? Forgive me if this has been stated before. I always find "analysis" videos like that one truly unbearable. If the guy had decided to publish an article instead of record his voice, I believe it would've been different. When someone speaks about something they're passionate about, there's always the tendency to get carried away and forget about what you're trying to say in the first place. Writing an article forces the person to think much more about the issue being discussed. That's all I'll say about that video.
  9. Oh, good. It's hard to tell in virtual settings when people are making jokes like that, especially when people truly believe things like that.
  10. What liberties and securities are you specifically referring to?
  11. I used to live in Michigan and am sad to see that those kinds of people live there. It's also really interesting to think about why they protested. Whitmer--a Democrat, sure--was faced with exploding number and decided to "take away" a few basic freedoms like going fishing on your boat, buying paint supplies from Home Depot, etc. Some people saw that as the first step toward their personal liberties being removed, so they took their guns and Trump signs to the capital and protested. America, land of the free and home of the brave... known for all of its freedoms. I understand the fear they're feeling that they won't get back their rights, but come on... all they need to do is be selfless and sacrifice a few of their rights to save some lives. Pick your favorite sign:
  12. I haven't spent too much time with the TPM score, but I love this statement of Qui-Gon's theme!
  13. This season has felt really focused. That's one of the first words that came to mind. I'm loving the synth statements of the "Myself" theme and Dolores' theme, too! Also, Tessa Thompson, in my opinion, is really shining this season.
  14. My aunt and uncle have it, and so do family friends of mine (a family of four). All are on their way to recovery and have had it for nearly two weeks.
  15. And was that your first date? Hopefully it went well! But yeah, I imagine it's hard to feel much momentum when you don't even know when you'll see her next. The optimistic side of me says that if someone is upset that I'm social distancing and not going on physical dates, then it wouldn't have worked out anyway. And I guess everyone who's dating is essentially in a long-distance relationship now, unless they're living together. Weird!
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