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  1. Jay sent it on a Friday, and I received it the next Monday. I'm in the US. Crazy how much longer international shipping takes.
  2. This seems to be the right approach. No one should be expected to be a gender scholar, and I'm sorry if people have "cancelled" others for not knowing an obscure term. Usually someone will tell you their pronouns if the pronouns they use are atypical. Elliot Page asked us to use "he" or "they." It doesn't seem too hard to me to say "him" instead of "her."
  3. I understand that it's hard to start seeing someone differently than you've seen them in the past, especially when they've been in movies or shows you've liked. It's hard to wrap your brain around it sometimes--that someone is much different than you always thought they were, that they were hiding a big secret about themselves from the world. Once you're past that dissonance, though, then try to be empathetic. That's the least anyone can do. I think it's fairly obvious that most if not all trans people go through some sort of anguish. Why make their lives harder using fake outrage?
  4. I haven't been able to get Meet Han out of my head all day. I've only seen it once, but I think this is a case where the score greatly improves my perception of the film!
  5. Just donated. This site has been an amazing resource for me! I'm not sure what I'd do without scores.
  6. It would bother me if I didn't label my sexuality, but I can certainly see how some people don't want to. To label yourself is to put yourself into a box. No matter the size, it's still a box. Young people like freedom (and so do most other people, but it's mostly been young people participating in the recent "sexuality revolution"). I knew I was gay before it was socially acceptable in my area, but I'm still young (23) so I understand the appeal of not having a label.
  7. Cases in my state have been going way down for the last month after mask ordinances were put in place. Hopefully things will continue to decrease even though colleges and schools are starting again
  8. The percent positive in my state used to be 5% in May and early June. Now, it's between 18% and 20%. Sure, there are more tests being done per day, but the rise in positive cases is disproportionately higher.
  9. Is there any harm in Trump listening to people and making necessary adjustments to help black people feel safe? He has so much sway with Republicans; that much is obvious. All he has to do is either sign a few executive orders or convince his Republicans in the Senate to pass protections for black people and better psychological screenings for police. I think we can all agree that black people need more protection... right? He wiggled out of his own removal from office. I'm sure he can use some loopholes to protect black people. And because he hasn't done that yet, what does that s
  10. I do wonder if Trump or someone close to him is smart enough to realize this and he's playing both sides, or if things are just working out in his favor.
  11. I keep waiting for Trump to say something memorable like "I am the senate." 2020 is just that kind of year
  12. The season 5 soundtrack album for Outlander will be out tomorrow. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2020/05/14/outlander-season-5-soundtrack-album-details/
  13. I'm not extremely familiar with the Adagio concert suite, but maybe it's 8M81 Sunbeam Strings? Not sure what else that would be, and it's after the other concert suites.
  14. You should check out the show if it sounds interesting. There's a lot of good material not on the album. In fact, interestingly enough, the album contains zero cues from the show; John Lunn and Eivør expanded on some of the ideas in the cues, so each track is something like a "concert suite."
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