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  1. I also wanted Davis to return to this, but I really like some of the music this two have done together, especially Cloud Atlas and Perfume. I love how the choir is used in this last one. I guess I will give them the benefit of the doubt
  2. That's a great breakdown! I also hope we would get some additional cues, especially the action set-piece from Chapter 15, but I'm not complaining since we got some really great cues I think Open The Door might be one of my favorite Goransson cues he has ever done. I love how he takes a couple of his own motifs and develops them in their most emotional statement yet, making for a really ET inspired finale!
  3. As far as scores go, of what I listened I would say my top would be: The Mandalorian Season 2 (Ludwig Goransson) Wonder Woman 1984 (Hans Zimmer) Enola Holmes (Daniel Pemberton) Medal of Honor Above and Beyond (Michael Giacchino and Nami Melumad) The Last of Us II (Gustavo Santaolalla) I don't know if it was this year, but McCreary's score for the Season 5 of Outlander was really great I also loved the expanded releases of Solo and How To Train Your Dragon
  4. I think it has less to do with how inspired he is and more with what the directors ask of him. Snyder and Nolan both like their movies to be dark and ominous and so they ask Zimmer to reflect upon that sound, but for this movie I guess Patty Jenkins wanted a more colorful and fun approach and that's what Zimmer delivered. Also I watched the movie, and it's quite bad but the score really shines in it in some moments, especially with the new Diana's theme and Diana and Steve's Theme (the one in Wish We Had More Time) What I don't really get it's the use of Murphy's Adagio in D M
  5. The best of all of this is without a doubt Wolfwalkers by Coulais. A fantastic score with great themes and great celtic instrumentation Tenet was fun and worked great in context but I wouldn't consider the best of the year (it isn't even Goransson's best work this year) Mank is certainly a good score from Reznor and I think it will take some awards only because the academy loves them And also, I listened to Emma Suite and it's quite nice, with some lovely themes EDIT: I noticed the track for Wolfwalkers it isn't from the actual score. This is one
  6. These are the most prominent ones. For me it sounds like a variation on that theme, with the last two notes swaped, so instead of going down then up, they just go down. Also could be a coincidence and this is just a new theme for Luke maybe? The opening riff in A Friend is the same as the opening in Open The Door, so there's definetly some material Goransson created for Luke But apart from that, A Friend felt like brand new music to me when I first listened
  7. This videos are great! I love seeing how the music syncs up with scenes and the Nite Owls attack for example fits perfectly. I love that cue. I noticed that there is a little string motif (similar to The Client's theme) that plays two times when the cockpit with the Imperial Officers is seen so maybe its a secondary motif for the Empire, but I'm not sure, as I don't know if it played elsewhere Also, I realizaed that "A Friend", at least part of it it's just an epic variation on the Mando & Grogu Motif, right? The one that sounds like Kylo's theme
  8. Just finished listening to the whole album and while there are some nice music missing (especially from chapter 15) is a really great presentation with the major highlights of each episode Dark Troopers and Activated are insane! Bobba's theme in Capture the Flag is so cool and badass. I love Ahsoka Lives with the recorder riff and the full rendition of Ahsoka's Theme And the end of the album is close to perfection and really emotional, building up tension and expectation with A Friend, releasing it and giving some closure with Open The Door, and then Come With Me serves
  9. OMG, I just finished the episode and I'm speechless. Such a beautiful use of the Force theme. The whole episode had a fantastic score and I cannot wait to listen to the album on a loop!
  10. I also prefer the Xperiments album over the score itself because it feels like those same ideas were allowed much more development and variation in sound, which the score itself lacked in my opinion
  11. I just finished listening the whole album and I really liked especially the first 5 tracks which are the most fun Zimmer has been in years. The second half tends to drag a bit because of the excesisvely loud action tracks (I really don't like Radio Waves) but still has some nice tracks in between to keep you interested (my favourite being Truth) My only other complain would be the lack of some interesting material for the new villains which didn't really stood out to me on the first listen, but the new theme / variation on WW's theme is great and feels like a natural development of
  12. Desplat is usually know for his pretty waltzes and soft melodic scores, which I really like, but I think he is also really great when he does big bombastic action cues, and I think that's why Deathly Hallows is one of my favorites of his. It combines the beautiful melodies with epic action passages with some great themes and his fantastic orchestrations, as usual. I think over the two parts, I prefer the first one because it feels more balanced And this is one of my favorite cues in the entire saga: And I agree with you, because as awful as the Twilight sag
  13. @The Illustrious Jerry That's a great breakdown of the album! There's something I noticed in the track Long Live The Empire. There are parts of what you call Gideon's Theme that I think correspond to variations on the theme for Season 1 that resembled Kylo Ren's theme and was a sort of Mando and Baby Yoda's Theme. Here are some examples: This segment, which is the one that resembles kylo's theme the most, I think is a direct connection to that theme from Season 1, as the scene is related to some events of that season This is a similar v
  14. I think that approach worked great in the first season beacuse it allowed him to do his own thing without having to worry about quoting Williams. He allowed his themes to be established and developed properly, and as well as the show itself, have a voice of its own, not trying to rely on nostalgia and references to the Skywalker saga. And then the second season (kind of spoiler from now if you don't want to know anything about season 2) feels like an earned development when he actually uses previously established themes. I think he is keeping the force theme to be used in a really
  15. As a fan of The Clone Wars and Rebels, this episode felt like heaven for me. I love Ahsoka and I think she looks great in live-action, and the name-drop of Thrawn made me jump with excitement, beacuse that can only mean a continuation of where Rebels ended, be it either in this show or either a new one. And the episode itself felt like some samurai film, especially the face-off between Ahsoka and the evil ruler (it kinda reminded me of Kill Bill Vol. 1) Great episode and now Filoni has my full support to do whatever he wants with the saga, because I trust hi
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