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  1. I think Zimmer's music is perfect for the Dune films, and even though Williams' score is brilliant, it wouldn't fit as well as Zimmer's music does with the overall tone and atmosphere of the films.
  2. Not mine, but I found these on Twitter, and while they might be sacrilegious to some, they are fun experiments. I would say Williams' score works better in Dune than Zimmer's does in Star Wars, but I like how Kiss the Ring works with Attack of the Clones final scene!
  3. 2) I think that track was meant to be used during the action scene of Rabban Harkonnen's attack to the fremen, when they get scared and run off, since I think there's no music in that scene. Perhaps they felt it worked better without score, butfrom what I remember, it could fit in there. 5) I noticed this as well while listening to the soundtrack again a few days ago. Particularly, in Harkonnen Arena, Feyd-Rautha's theme reminded me a lot of that Seduction theme, so I checked both Harkonnen Arena and Seduction back to back and it definitely feels like the same melody but with vastly different arrangements. Listen to 0:45 of Harkonnen Arena and then to 0:50 of Seduction. I also remember there were some unreleased variations on this idea.
  4. Oh my god! I hope it truly happens as I loved that show and got so mad when it got cancelled. I don't mind if it's another season or a movie but I think they deserve to finish the already planned story, so I hope they can get it done!
  5. Here it is in case anyone wants to hear it via Spotify:
  6. Yeah, it works great within the show which was quite entertaining. Nothing groundbreaking, but the music certainly elevates many of the more emotional scenes!
  7. One of the best scores of the year so far, and a contender for a Top 10! Coker really shows how great of a composer he is, keeping his style from the video games, but adapting to the narrative brilliantly, with lots of memorable themes and great interplay between them. I love how he slowly develops them across the six episodes and offers some pretty epic and emotional statements during the climax. Some of my favorite ones are Mei Yin's theme and John's theme, and obviously Helena's theme, which is just breathtakingly beautiful. The album might feel a bit too long, but that's because it contains virtually all the music from the first six episodes of the show, so a bit of trimming is needed to fully enjoy the score. But I'm glad he gave us all the music from the show, and I cannot wait for Part 2 to be released, so we can hear how he develops and expands on this musical universe. I hugely recommend it to anyone looking for a great orchestral, beautiful and epic score, full of memorable themes!
  8. ARK: The Animated Series was just released, and the first volume of the soundtarck containing, I think, all music from the first 6 episodes is here! Apparently, the composer was allowed to rework several sections from the game, as well as his memorable main theme, alongside at least 7 new identities for different characters. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but I'm planning on watching the show and listening to the soundtrack as soon as I can! What I've heard so far sounds awesome and I particularly love Helena's theme. I think anyone who's a fan of the composer will enjoy this. They also posted a small behind the scenes video where the composer talks about the scoring process:
  9. I think Bear's thematic material shines in the TV shows where he allows his themes to develop across multiple seasons. RoP will surely be a great example of this when it's done, but Outlander is definitely one of my favorite scores by him, and as mentioned above has several recognizable ideas that I could hum with ease, like Claire and Jaime's theme, John Grey's theme, the Stones theme or the gorgeous title song, The Skye Boat Song. Something similar happens with Masters of the Universe, which has some of the catchiest themes he has done I feel. And I also think he crafted memorable and instantly recognizable themes for his God of War scores!
  10. I watched the first two episodes and I quite enjoyed it! I like that the story jumps straight into action, not wasting a minute to develop the plot. The animation has that vintage vibe, and sometimes really feels like it's a moving comic book panel. Really excited for where they go next during the season. The Newton Brothers score is great, and I love the big presence of the synths in the work. I particularly liked the whole action sequence in episode 1, that I hope it's included on the album release!
  11. I've been watching this show and I really enjoyed the first season, and the soundtrack album was just released! Some beautiful stuff in there, especially the main theme by Satoru Kosaki, that plays in many of his cues. Kevin Penkin's contributions are also nice, but my favorite tracks are definitely in the first part of the album. I absolutely recommend both the show and the soundtrack. Lyrical, cute and emotional, and one of the biggest surprises of the year so far! Also, Hiroyuki Sawano's score for Solo Leveling was released, but I found it a bit underwhelming, relying on the same techniques he perfected in Attack on Titan, but without the emotional impact they had in there. The OP song is awesome as is DARK ARIA, and some cues are nice (big fan of part 8 of the symphonic suite), but overall is a bit of a disappointment.
  12. Yeah, I've kind of lost hope on a Masters of the Universe release. It's a shame because there was some great bits of muisc in the new season but I don't think a release is coming. Which is weird since recently they released an album for Imaginary, which in my opinion is much less interesting than MotU S2. But I also thought there wasn't going to be a blog post about Percy Jackson and we got it two months later, so who knows...
  13. For me, these two scores are great to dissect and analyze but for a listening experience they need some trimming and rearrangement to be fully enjoyable. And my appreciation for them has grown over time, but the soundtrack albums aren't as interesting to listen to on the whole.
  14. Nice score! The main theme heard in the first track is quite memorable, and I really like its different arrangements across the album. The fantasy stuff is definitely the best part of the score, because when it veers into action/atmospheric territory in the middle section it lost me a bit, but some trimming should leave a really enjoyable listening experience. Nothing groundbreaking but entertaining and really pretty at times, and a much better score than this (quite mediocre) film deserved!
  15. I've been revisiting the Kung Fu Panda scores and the second entry is definitely my favorite. Powell's presence is perfectly balanced with Zimmer's and I really like how each of them gave their own style to the music and the themes. KFP3 is also really nice, but I feel not as great since Powell's absence is felt more, and a similar thing happened while listening to the fourth score recently. My fav Powell scores outside of HTTYD would be Pan, Call of the Wild and Solo. I love his fantasy/adventure writing and I feel those are some of the best examples of what he has to offer!
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