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  1. Have to defer to the opinion of others - this is the best of the theme arrangements for violin (so far)
  2. Of the four concerts I’ve attended, this was by far the most incredible.
  3. Very excited!! Pleased to see they added The Duel from Tintin to the program. I saw it had been added to the Carnegie Hall performance.
  4. “Wands to the Earth” is a top-5 JNH cue. Haven’t yet listened to SoD, but if the same people disliking it here are those that disliked CoG, then I think I shall like it plenty.
  5. I don’t remember the scene specifically as much as those sharp strings accompanying Selina Kyle hopping on her bike late in the film and thinking that it was a terrific combo of music and image.
  6. Strong disagree on “Are You A Kenzie Or A Can’t-zie?” The final minute is one of the best parts of the score, even if the rest is more underscore. That moment absolutely rocked in the theater.
  7. Matt Reeves actually knows how to direct action scenes in a coherent way, unlike Nolan, and that’s coming from someone who liked at least one of the Nolan films overall better than this one. That Batmobile chase scene slapped.
  8. I think that’s kind of true of the film as well. It’s not really trying to do anything groundbreaking with Batman. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing. Some things can be about themselves.
  9. Ok, recent blockbusters that don’t have the greatest musical legacy and film composer of all time then.
  10. I just got out of the film. I think the score works very well. Maybe the Batman motif is repetitive, but it’s effective on screen. More importantly, I think the softer material is given a lot of room in the film, dominant in the sound mix, the Bruce and Catwoman material specifically. I can’t think of a major blockbuster that just let it’s score (that isn’t overly loud bullshit) dominate the final scene the way this film does.
  11. Looking forward to mentions of Schindler’s List and it’s score being banned because the film advocates for one side over the other.
  12. Got my set in the mail today. Reverb still seems quite strong, for those one the fence regarding that issue, but I’m not the most trained ear. I can’t hear much difference between this set and the last, but I missed out on that one, so it’s not a double dip for me.
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