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  1. A boy can dream. I know I will probably look like Charlie Brown in Disco Stu’s avatar come next spring.
  2. Starting to get some hopium that this could be Williams’ year
  3. If it were somehow deemed eligible, the fact that voters would be too ignorant to know most of the score isn’t Williams seems like the type of thing that would make a win more likely. The Oscars love fucking that stuff up.
  4. Probably the least interesting score Williams has written for a Spielberg film, but that still puts it better than the average score. Hampered too by the obnoxious clicking all over the recording.
  5. Oh yeah they have shit taste in music, the more they like or dislike something, the more likely I am to feel the opposite, thinking of early reviews I read praising The Post or trashing War Horse as scores. That said, this praise certainly elevates Williams’ chances of an Oscar, if anyone cares anymore.
  6. Well, that ain’t me because I listen to plenty of classical. I wouldn’t presume what anyone else does or doesn’t listen to because I would have no way of knowing, nor would I attempt to invalidate and gatekeep their opinions based on that info.
  7. As in nearly all cases where Williams is accused of ripping someone off, Williams did it better.
  8. Oh duh, that was obvious. Thank your for clarifying!
  9. Plenty of rich people who are also big dumb bitches. No amount of money gonna help JK escape her status as a big dumb bitch*. *for her alleged opinions on the music of John Williams
  10. Oof some absolute dog shit takes in this thread, including the one immediately preceding my post. Also pretty sure they violate the site rules with regards to discussion of cancel culture/politics/etc., even if they are anti-cancel culture.
  11. The nightmare scenario would have been Hans Zimmer or someone similarly generic. Much if this thread is totally detached from reality. Like, I get it - Shore would have been my choice too. But it could be way worse.
  12. Tell that to the many people I have encountered who thought Requiem for a Dream was part of the Two Towers score lol
  13. I highly, highly doubt casual viewers will really notice the difference here. Y’all are way overestimating the musical knowledge of folks who do not give a shit. They just care if it sounds “epic”
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