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  1. My hot take is the complete Jungle Chase is the best extended setpiece Williams wrote for any of these. Incredible, incredible action scoring, thrilling in its complexity.
  2. My feeling is someone just made up the title because they knew the movie partly is in NY and takes place in 1969. Could be wrong, but it’s as easily made up as it isn’t.
  3. 90% of YouTube reviewers are ragebait. No thanks
  4. Oh sure, I figured you weren’t endorsing it. I always just chuckle at how easy it is to identify those vids by the thumbnail
  5. On principle, I never watch YouTube videos where the thumbnail has the youtuber making some stupid ass face like that. That’s how you identify people who just make contrarian opinions for clicks, and they shouldn’t be rewarded. It hasn’t steered me wrong thus far.
  6. Don’t worry. If that comes to be, then a contingent of users band together and pop up in every single thread that the issue of reuse comes up in to reassure you that actually this score is 100% Williams, deliberately obfuscating the fact that no one thinks William Ross wrote music for the film as much as Williams reused too much. Just the way they seem to do every time the Chamber of Secrets reuse problems get discussed. And so we can all just go on living in denial that way. 👍
  7. I’m glad to have both versions, for sure
  8. I actually think I’ll be putting the film version of “Learning the Ropes” into my personal playlist. I understand why some find it jarring, but I think it’s kind of necessary to break up the otherwise samey quality of the score. And to be clear, I dearly love this score, but it can be repetitive. It helps I kinda like the groovy overlay and find it’s merging with the traditional orchestral writing very satisfying.
  9. The “lovely” is not in this set, sadly
  10. Heroics of Luke and Han still has the same issues when I use my headphones with Apple Music, but maybe I’m not doing it right
  11. I wouldn’t make an inferences from a handheld phone video from months before the movie comes out
  12. Pretty much inaudible in the clip lol, but consistent with his other recent action music as far as I can tell 🤷‍♀️
  13. Beyond how obviously not true that rumor is, why would anyone involved want to make a product that has to be seen at home from a franchise of which the major appeal of the theatrical experience?
  14. Everything Everywhere is a truly excellent film and deserves wins in most categories it is nominated.
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