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  1. I’ve always found it obnoxious critics shitting on JW for doing what he does. Critique the films for being sentimental and warranting a sappy score, perhaps, but not the score itself. Like the fuck did you expect for a film like War Horse? Reznor and Ross ambient fart noises? Maybe films like that or Dear Basketball are too sappy, but they have the scores their tones warrant.
  2. I also feel like I can never understand song lyrics in most music, but I’ve had hearing loss in the vocal region since birth. I suspect that’s why I’ve always gravitated towards instrumental music.
  3. Yeah, it’s still not quite the real McCoy, even if it’s damn close. I wouldn’t put it above any of Williams’ entries but it’s excellent nevertheless.
  4. TFA, in my opinion, is the best Star Wars score, so easy vote.
  5. I can hear the similarity, but it’s honestly such a short, simple phrase that I find it very easy to believe two composers could independently write that small, similar-sounding bit.
  6. Would be genuinely interested in a video like this that wasn’t just Star Wars (and briefly Jaws). That covers such a small amount of his work. It’s always fucking Star Wars, Star Wars, Star Wars. Find something else to critique, for fuck’s sake. I’m sure there’s plenty of other music in Williams’ oeuvre that borrows. I’d rather hear about that.
  7. I just realized it was an edit the other day, and was dumbfounded because it’s so clever. Normally I’d hate repeating music like that, but it works so damn well. Makes an otherwise schizophrenic cue into a functional concert piece.
  8. 2005. Three scores that year that I consider top-tier masterpieces, Geisha being possibly my favorite Williams, and one slightly lesser but still excellent score, Munich. I can think of years where his output was more iconic, but I can’t think of years when it was better.
  9. Ah, I thought I noticed an awkward volume drop right at 0:31 that is not present on the original album. It’s a shame because I love that album arrangement, even if it’s just looped, and was wanting it clean and remastered.
  10. Mine has a small scratch that doesn’t seem to affect playback. Just gonna leave it be.
  11. I think the film has the odor of late-Spielberg popcorn-fare, but it’s one of his most serious directorial efforts. William’s unique and brilliant score reflects that.
  12. Dude is either 13 or 70 and there is absolutely no middle ground.
  13. Technically, Cruise is already on the cover, just very, very small.
  14. If I recall correctly, though it’s been a while, the book says the aliens had long eradicated all pathogens prior to their plans. So, I guess it was an oversight based on that? Up to you whether you want to consider that
  15. I don’t mind Ray blowing up the tripod. It’s a cool scene. Robbie living is more problematic. Undercuts a lot of what the film is about. Still one of my favorite JW/SS collaborations. This was my gateway film score. I’ve always cherished it.
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