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  1. I didn’t notice it for many years until it was pointed out to me here just a few years ago.
  2. And what did anyone here gain from Davis’ little game except a temporary and unearned sense of superiority for a few?
  3. I don’t think anyone else is really amused by you jerking yourself off how you know more, tbh.
  4. The Obi Wan theme also opens similarly imo. I feel like the opening gesture of these themes is one Williams has seemingly become enamored with in his late period.
  5. It’s literally the first notes of the track. It’s a very subtle statement. I didn’t notice it for a long time either.
  6. You’ve literally just said they do not know lol. In my opinion, they coulda said no comment if they didn’t wanna share private info.
  7. I would not expect other film composers to just know what is going on with JW at any given moment, major or not. I doubt JW maintains a besties text chain lol
  8. When You’re Alone is pretty bad too lol. I mean I love the melody, but the song itself I find pretty cringe. Believe is the best of any of the songs, and it’s tragic it was cut.
  9. The statement of Rose’s theme in The Fathiers more than justifies the existence of the theme. Absolutely incredible stuff. I just don’t think the theme has quite enough substance to be the MAIN theme of the score, unfortunately. I think that scrapped B theme would have helped. Last Jedi is still an easy 5/5 score for me, though. Few Williams score are so imbued with that level of moodiness and desperation. I’d put it a step behind TFA, weaker thematic core but among the strongest narratives of any SW score.
  10. Not all the art is great lol. There’s other weird stuff like Heath Ledger’s badly compressed spine, but it is what it is. I love it.
  11. I think when I bought the art, it came with a card identifying everyone (that I’ve since lost) and I’m like 95% certain it said Gilligan’s Island. I remember because that was the one I had no clue
  12. I believe it’s Gilligan’s Island
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