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  1. I used to care about Williams winning because it meant a lot to me that America (and people from many other countries, of course) was watching, and I wanted people to see my dude up there. But now no one even really watches the Oscars anyways with their ratings worsening every year, so...
  2. Yeah, buying tickets was a complete disaster and then they were sold out. Managed to get a few way in the back of the balcony.
  3. At least we knew what Luke and Leia represented as a theme. I don’t think anyone here is completely confident what Anthem of Evil specifically represents except “bad!”
  4. Honestly, I suspect, considering Abrams was clearly interested in churning up as much surface-level Star Wars iconography as possible for cheap nostalgia points, that Abrams, unsatisfied with not having a big, evil theme for this trilogy as opposed to the shorter ideas for Ren, asked Williams to make a new bad guy theme to give this trilogy it’s own Imperial March, even though there wasn’t any need for one. That would explain why the idea is so nebulous in what it represents and why it’s not developed in a typical manner. But it could just as likely be it was whittled away in post.
  5. Thinking the media is in cahoots to deceive you, the only person who knows the real truth, rather than just being an industry full of frequently dumb people who live in a bubble because they all come from the same socioeconomic background, is a form of faux-wokeness unto itself. And I don’t mean that as an excuse to not read things critically.
  6. I think it’s more likely there is just increased media scrutiny on these properties in general during awards season rather than some conspiracy. I’m not saying that’s never happened, but I think it’s more likely just people are taking a closer look at those who are nominated for awards than some sinister plan. Like, JW was not gonna win for TROS anyways, and he’s not gonna lose because of a single opinion piece. Beyond that, you kind of defeat your own point by using examples for a film that won a bunch of awards anyways...
  7. Yes, and I’m sure if you looked you could find a bunch of criticisms from them on any number of Oscar winners. The people who vote on Oscars are like sheep. They vote what’s trendy, but they certainly won’t be bothered to READ. This article I have not seen shared anywhere but on this forum, and that’s coming from someone who does read WaPo and is surrounded by people who read WaPo.
  8. It’s definitely not trying to destroy his entire career, and I doubt the Hollywood elite give a fuck about a single WaPo article. There were plenty of critiques of Green Book in the print media last year, and that didn’t stop it from winning. That was certainly a more problematic film from a PC perspective. This article is just masturbatory, but no one is gonna read it. John won’t win because the Academy doesn’t care about him anymore, not because of some dumb ass article.
  9. I have no problem with this type of cultural criticism when it is well thought out. This article just selectively overlooks counter examples like the Imperial March to make a point, and that’s unacceptable.
  10. He conducted the entire show last time he was in Cleveland, every piece. Doesn’t he usually not do that?
  11. I am pretty sure part of The Bombing Run from TFA that leads to the Rey theme statement is dialed out in the film, but is on the FYC. No one seemed to care then. Doubt they will now.
  12. They did change the credits music (for the worse) between theatrical release and blu ray for TFA, but that would be on a different level.
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