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  1. Actually, mine still says delivery date pending despite being ordered as soon as the pre order went up on Amazon. Hmmmmmm. The fact that the preorder didn’t go up till later is also what I was thinking of.
  2. Well, the limited information on shipping on Amazon, whereas last time I’m pretty sure it had a shipping date listed by now, plus the lack of cover art until yesterday plus the lack of any type of leaks of track titles makes me think maybe the album was assembled later in the process than the preceding two films. I don’t know - did Williams do sessions as late on the last two films as he did this time? I didn’t say I knew for sure, just a suspicion.
  3. Some people here are more interested in trolling others for liking the music than they are in the music itself, and it’s sad.
  4. What in the hell? How did this thread get so awesome? I feel like I am reading a great book as I scroll through the comments of @stravinsky and @karelm. Thank you both for your insight! Incredible!
  5. “the new theme in Farewell” It’s almost comically Williams. Like “I love the new theme he introduces at the end of the credits!!!”
  6. Without listening, it doesn’t look like there’s an end credits suite in the FYC. Wonder if that suggests they omitted it because it will be mostly reused material a la ROTS and therefore not eligible for Academy consideration.
  7. Knowing about the Yoda theme didn’t really ruin anything for me, but maybe that’s because my attachment to that theme is not so strong. It wasn’t even about having plot details spoiled. My attachment to the Luke and Leia theme is so strong; I think it’s one of Williams’ best. I think I would have sobbed in that theater had I not known, hearing a new rendition of that theme for the first time in decades, as sober and lovely as it was. My thought in listening first has been so I won’t be as disappointed by the cues not on album as I would be trying to hunt down my favorite moments heard in the film after the fact.
  8. I listened to it... many times before seeing the film. As many as could reasonably be done when factoring for work and sleep. Then, I felt like I wish I hadn’t known about the Luke and Leia appearance. Think I’ll go blind this time.
  9. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for anything (or had my hype so satisfied) as the days leading up to getting the score to TFA. Love re-reading that thread.
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