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  1. Yes, that's true. But I prefer to pay more for a better content. I feel the HP Box is also inexpensive for what it was.
  2. That's bad news but if there's a digital lossless option I'm happy enough. The better part is that this gives us (more) hope to get Deluxe editions of the prequels and sequels
  3. yes, indeed they're very different and I have a good idea of who wrote what but sometimes we get surprised and learn that some bits or arrangements are from another composer.
  4. Does anyone know if the cues were composed by Barton and Haab together or which cues composed each one of them? I'm been searching but I can't find a source for full credits
  5. I will say Munich is an excellent movie, it has one of the greatest Spielberg scenes: The video quality is very low but you get the idea. The score is fine but not memorable.
  6. I'm sure they will continue collaborating, at this point I think is more a matter of schedules and health for Williams.
  7. I'm sure there's some music missing but my understanding was that Lincoln is pretty much complete (OST and FYC). I'll prefer also Tintin than The Patriot, but I'll happily buy any of these if/when they're released. Memoirs of a Geisha is also a wonderful score, but again I'm not very familiar with the amount of music missing in the OST.
  8. Yeah, I agree with this, If you don't like spreadsheets is fine, but I'll find more interesting to see this against the complete score.
  9. I'm not sure if that's unpopular, but I'll go as far as saying that is my favourite piece in the whole Star Wars.
  10. The Original Trilogy wins for me. After that I'm not so sure... Maybe Indiana Jones, but Im not so sure. I can defend also Indy 4, I like the score quite a lot and although the movie is weak I don't think is totally rubbish (actually I prefer it than TROS, ATOC or ROTS, 3 movies that I find very dull...). also love the Sequel Trilogy scores more than the Prequels for sure and I'm not sure at all were to put HP... POA is excellent and one of the best scores from all these trilogies.
  11. Considering the expanded editions I voted for The Lost World. Temple of Doom comes very close but I think The Lost World is a more varied score, with more ideas and better arrangements.
  12. I agree, but that's a problem of the movie, not the score. Maybe I misunderstood the poll, I voted just according to Williams "intended" music. According to how the music is treated in the movie HP wins by a very big margin hahahaha
  13. My election is unpopular: Sequels > Harry Potter > Prequels. Although I'll say that HP and the prequels come very, very close but Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the best Williams' score. The sequels, for me have something truly special, the 3 scores are very consistent, their themes are strong and the action material is excellent.
  14. In understand, no problem. I already knew about those methods but wanted your uncompressed edit. In any case mp3 is fine
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