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  1. So unnecessary... But, in any case, Debney is a very good composer capable of mimicking many styles. I'm sure his score will be entertaining.
  2. Thanks @Jay for the analysis on Maul's Call / Parting Ways. Having silence between the tracks in the movie makes the crossfade even more strange...
  3. Indeed. I'm fine with the other long tracks but as many others have remarked those two tracks doesn't fit well together. I don't remember now if in the movie is like that or there's some silence between them.
  4. I was thinking the same thing... I don't know why Powell hyped and even called the track "Super Extra Deluxe End Credits Suite" when it's just a copy-paste of other tracks. I like the re-recording of the fanfare but I was also expecting something like specific new arrangements of the cues or something like that.
  5. Not so sure about that. I think Powell is only answering where was the unreleased music from William's demos. Edit: oh, no, because he's answering also Meet Han. So yes, it seems that the ending was not Williams
  6. I misspoke: is not her role but her acting, which is subpar to say the least. For me is one of the few cases of Coppola miss-casting a young actor/actress.
  7. Yes, the narration is not as clean as in the previous movies maybe because Puzo didn't write a sequel of his novel and he and Coppola wrote the script directly. And also the movie has some over the top moments as the helicopter scene...
  8. The Godfather III is a fine movie, is not a masterpiece as the first two but is not a horrible movie by any means. I'm curious to see this new editing although I'm very sceptical seeing that in the trailer he tries to hide Sofia Coppola. I'm afraid this version is made to please the people complaining about her role (which, yeah, is not great but not the biggest problem in the movie).
  9. Yes, I couldn't recognise many of the voices at the end of TROS although I didn't cared about it... Which is sad taking into account how much I used to like the Star Wars saga. I recall seeing the 2003 show on that year and I barely recall anything apart from being 5 minutes episodes with no interest, so that's why I didn't even tried to see it again. Funny that it was precisely when I left the show hahaha I'll keep it in mind.
  10. I'm re-starting to watch The Clone Wars. In 2008 I saw the first 2 seasons and stopped because I found it very dull. I know there're many fans and, as always, "the series gets better from Season X onwards" (not sure which is X for this one hahahaha). I'm seeing just for completionism...
  11. The start of the alternate makes me like it much more than the original.
  12. For me is a close tide between The Force Awakens and War Horse, but I voted for the former. I love all these scores although not so much The BFG and The Post (I think they have great moments but overall I don't enjoy them as much).
  13. Agree, McCreary could be very interesting and Trapanese depends... I hope Disney release an album with the music from Galaxy Edge and that someone uses Williams themes. For me is a pity how disconnected everything might be.
  14. Gladiator by far. Is probably one of his more entertaining scores and (even if it's uncredited) the use of Holst's Mars is very appropriate. I also like The Last Samurai but King Arthur is a weak score IMHO.
  15. 60s Williams is not so great for me, but I went for The Reivers which I think is fine. 70s: Dracula, although I was considering also Jane Eyre or family Plot 80s: The Witches of Eastwick is too good. 90s: Far and Away, again because I think is very, very good but other contenders of that decade are also excellent. 00s: Memoirs of a Geisha is one of my all-time favourite Williams scores.
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