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  1. Umm... So I like the OST but I was disappointed after seeing the track-list (and specially the "sound fx" disclamer) but the comments of @Jayand @TownerFan made me think to purchase it, so i'll try to buy it!
  2. I would like Williams, since this is absolutely out of question, I'll be also happy with Powell. James Newton Howard could be also good and Giacchino could make something better than Rogue One, for sure. I hope is not Göransson. I'm getting quite tired of his Madalorian scores and I won't be very happy if he becomes the go to composer for Star Wars.
  3. And even with that he manages to copy his previous themes! hahaha As far as I know, many composers work like that nowadays. They hire co-composers to do more than separate the music between the different instruments.
  4. Lucas never planed to use Luke, Han and Leia, actually the story focused into Qui-Gon's lost grandgrandchildren and his forbidden love for a Gungan. Probably, but the only track that I listened was a variation on the Desert Winds source track in Episode I. Glass wants to use the less popular material of Williams...
  5. I agree, Episode X (code name "something, something darker this time") is already finished. In fact, George Lucas filmed the whole movie right after Episode III. Williams, of course, score it in 2006 and, if you ask him, he's sure that the movie was premier that same year. Apparently Lucas new that if he released this new Episode people won't see The Clone Wars so he waited, but after being sad with the reception of Red Tails, he decided to retire and sell Lucasfilms to Disney. I don't want to spoil you guys this movie, Disney has it and Lucas wanted this movie to be "Episode VII" but they told him "No, George, we paid you a lot of money and we want to make our story. Your movie, will be in fact Episode X". George, obviously, though that was the right move because it would make his movie even better and more unexpected. The movie needed some reshoots because Disney wants to add Rey, Finn and the rest of the cast of their new trilogy into the movie. I can confirm you these reshoots are mostly done. Lucas is not doing the reshoots. He said, "I retired, you need to hire a younger director for these reshoots". So Disney hired David O. Russell. Williams is not needed for those reshoots because Philip Glass is already scoring some variations of the themes to fit these new scenes. Anyway, they planed to release Episode X this year, but seems that Russell has 2 hours of reshoots of Finn training to be a Jedi and he refuses to cut this into the 10 minutes that Disney demanded. The rumours (is not yet confirmed) are that they will release "Finn trains for real: A Star Wars Story" as a precuel to Episode X.
  6. I liked a lot, finally a Zimmer score for a franchise where he adapts to the movie, and not the movie to his style. I love they used some On Her Majesty’s Secret Service themes. In the movie there're some instances of the usual zimme/mazzaro action music that I didn't find very remarkable, but even with that I'll say is a very solid score. Indeed, I wasn't sure if I missed it in the credits but seems they included it without crediting...
  7. Well, we have the leaked recording sessions names/states in this forum that indicates that the movie was edited differently. For clarification: I don't mean he saw a movie where Rey was the daughter of Chewey and Kylo was a clone of Anakin, I simply mean that it was a different version. The "controversial script decisions" are the returning of Palpatine, the whole Rey Palpatine, the Wayfinders... I really mean the full script. I know my opinion is irrelevant, as any opinion. I was just adding things into the conversation. At the end these are movies of space wizards and I try not to take them very serious...
  8. Also don't forget Williams scored different versions of the film... And, as @Manakin Skywalkersays, the man is old and doesn't care about the fandom nor the controversial script decisions. For me, IX is a very bad film but I also think II and III are very bad films. I think that VIII is very, very good I'm very happy that Disney bought Lucasfilm just for that movie. I enjoy VII, which I think have more good things than bad. But, for example, I don't care about Mandalorian and the whole Filoni production. I'm happy that there're people that enjoy them, but I don't.
  9. I'll wait for a restock... I was afraid this edition didn't add much to the previous one but seems the sound quality has been really improved.
  10. I have that very same feeling... Maybe there's something with the lighting or possibly the way the trailer is edited.
  11. haven't seen the film yet but I'm enjoying the score more than I expected.
  12. Both death makes sense to me from a narrative point of view. IMHO the goof part of continuing Star Wars without George Lucas is to explore decisions that he wouldn't make.
  13. As I film I prefer the original one, Empire is great but not as round as Star Wars. As a score I choose Empire.
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