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  1. Mine has shipped today, although with the coronavirus outbreak I'm not sure when it'll arrive to my place. In any case I don't mind waiting a month for listening to this.
  2. So they got it from the sessions... After they where used in the DVD xD Do we know why the Concorde collection wasn't more complete?
  3. I voted "Marcus is Captured/ To Berlin" simply because I love the nazi fanfare and the instalment of the grail and other themes there. Probably my second choice is Indy's very first adventure and, next, the boat chase. really? And did it have it? Every unreleased track that I got from this score had very crapy sound quality.
  4. You're right, I think that probably he scored a longer and more cohesive edit. That's why I feel TROS might be the most interesting expanded score. Hope to be alive when they finally release these scores...
  5. I didn't liked the movie, it was one of my biggest movie disappointments in my life because I liked very much episodes VIII and VII. I think they could have done something better and after the death of Carrie Fisher I'd moved the last instalment to this year, in order to write a better script and take more time to edit the movie. I don't think it was SW-fatigue but a too tight schedule for a "big movie". Anyway, speaking of the music, I love it but definitely in the movie doesn't sound as good as it should. Is not well edited, there's too many tracked music for my taste and in many cases the music is simply buried with sfx. An expanded release would definitely put more interest in the score and specially if we can listen to original ideas and themes from Williams.
  6. I hope this time they record Han and The Princess...
  7. I prefer Born on the Fourth of July, I think is a better score and also because the only expanded edition that I listened don't sound very well, whereas for War of the Worlds is ok. In any case I'll be happy buying any of those expanded editions-
  8. I love this score! This is a definitely buy for me.
  9. I can't really explain why I don't like it hahaha Maybe is that the new themes didn't stuck in my head. I should give the score a new opportunity...
  10. I mean... I think there's no contender. I love the first HTTYD score but not so much the next two: I usually get bored before the first half of the CD. Shore's Hobbit is the weakest of the bunch for me which is a pity since his LOTR is beyond greatness.
  11. Without Spielberg I don't see the point in this movie. Even more, I think Mangold is an ok-ish director but nothing more. I hope for a better news: the cancel the whole project.
  12. I hate they do this and don't release this things in physical. I'm sure they have space in the Blu-ray. In any case, will this be available at Disney+? I doubt it but it could be a good selling point of their streaming platform to add all these exclusive content there too.
  13. I have the same impression. Williams doesn't really care about wining, he's happy to still compose. Probably he would have been happier if Thomas Newman won, but...
  14. I didn't dislike the song... Is not great, but I prefer this song than Spectre, for instance. In any case I'm more interested in the score, although I could imagine how is going to be.
  15. Yes, sure, I guess they made many iterations but I doesn't give me confidence that something as important as the fate of Kylo Ren was not fixed since the first draft. Although we know that George Lucas is also known for changing many things from one draft to another...
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