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  1. I don't have much appreciation for this score. I'll have a close listen to the existing edition and think about buying the new one. If I lived in the US, the choice would be easier but when you end up paying double due to taxes you start thinking very careful which scores really deserve a physical copy.
  2. I think the same but maybe the suite is not a full suite but a collection of variations on the theme. I simply hope that we can get this music (maybe the end credits in some episode will be a portion of that suite?)
  3. I hate this news because now I'm hyped thinking in all the great expanded stuff they could release... And I don't want to get hurt. So, no, I'm not expecting anything remarkable or memorable just some music where Williams is credited in someway.
  4. Umm I prefer the 2018 recording, I like this one but maybe at this moment I'm too familiar with the 2018 version and it takes some time to appreciate ASM take...
  5. I like Britell, for instance his score for Vice is pretty good, although I'm not sure if his style will be up to the task for a Star Wars series. He also composed last year Cruela so, I guess that's his connection with Disney and seems an ok score for the movie. Anyway, I'm glad we are getting a new composer.
  6. hahaha I plan for that, indeed That's why I said I understand him, is a sad news for me and for cinema. I usually enjoy more his movie scores than concerts but is his choice not mine!
  7. Wow... I can understand Williams but is a sad news. I hope this is similar to the situation after Schindler's List when he retired. But, indeed, he's 90 and he should enjoy life doing whatever he wants.
  8. Thanks to @The Illustrious Jerry I can name the only bit of this score that I genuinely liked: The Jaunty Riff at You Fly, I'll Shoot.
  9. That one is among my favourite songs in the Bond franchise. Also I like a lot Adele's Skyfall. About Hans getting a golden globe for Dune's score... Well, I don’t care. I don't like much his composition but these are the golden globes.
  10. ... But three? In the same episode? I like montages because usually the score can shine there (my favourite cue in The Mandalorian is the training in Episode 4 of Season 1) so maybe one of the problem is that the music didn't touch me...
  11. The second episode is better but I give the series another episode until I feel my time is more precious... I'm glad more people are aware of Dean Cundey but when I saw the credits I felt sad because the cinematography was underwhelming. I don't know if it has something to do with the use of CGI but many scenes felt cheap. The backgrounds seem too static and the light fake, I know is just the desert, but they might need some wind, motion blur when the camera is moving, etc But, anyway, my biggest problem with the show is the way they try to hook the fans including in Tosche station Camie and Laze, the reapear of Hutts... Seems that Star Wars is just a collection of winks for fans without making an effort in the story. Also, is curious how a 50 minutes episodes has 3 montages scenes: Boba learning to fight, the tuskens learning to ride the bikes and Boba making the stick. As @rough cutI couldn't avoid laughing at the "part of the tribe" dance at the end... [Sorry for the rant!]
  12. You're absolutely right. For me it has more to do also with my impressions of the Mandalorian Maybe it ends being a great show... But I'm almost sure that it won't be a show that I enjoy.
  13. ... So I'm in the group of people that didn't like it. I found the episode boring and badly done. I'm not a fan of The Mandalorian, but I put the quality of this episode among the worst of the two. Is quite sad for me to see something with the "Star Wars" name and feel so disconnected. I'm glad many people enjoy the path that Favreau and Filoni are taking to the franchise but this is not for me.
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