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  1. We should assume that unless Williams has a conflict he'll be scoring every Spielberg movie... I hope for a 90's style score (and also movie) but it's too soon for that. I'm sure that in any case Spielberg has a clear idea of what style of music the movie needs.
  2. Me too! I also noticed that motif and immediately thought it was some variation of Kylo...
  3. For me is almost a tie between ESB and TFA. I end up voting for the latter, I love how well it condenses many of the themes and sub themes in the movie.
  4. I like the 97' release. I know they are very imperfect but are the ones I listed more. I was about to pick the "I'm waiting for the right release" because definitely I am, but for the time being the 97' is my choice.
  5. I voted for ESB. All of them are great but I have a soft spot for that one.
  6. Does anyone has made covers for the individual episodes of The Mandalorian Season 2? Here they are but Episode 16 is missing cover https://www.facebook.com/blackinkcovers/photos/?tab=album&ref=
  7. It hugely depends on the quality of the CD-R and at some level the quality of the burning process (there's always redundant data to avoid that minor scratch will end destroying the music). I never bought an official CD-R from Amazon (but I assume there perfectly fine and goo), but I can tell you that some cheap brands made CDs that won't last much (there are very transparent) and they are very easy to damage. But in any case, if the CD-R is ok you won't hear the difference at all.
  8. I can understand it but I much prefer the tracked soundtrack. North score sounds dated, a score from a movie in 1968 and the classical score sounds timeless. In my case, Troy is the best example of a rejected score that I prefer over the replaced one. Yared did a great job and Horner a good but predictable one. Also, the 13th Warrior from Graeme Revell is surprisingly good... Not sure if I prefer it over Goldsmith one, but I would have keep it in the movie.
  9. For the scores is a clear win for Williams, and by far. I feel the Hobbit trilogy has weak and boring scores. I have tried to listen them many times and I always end up stoping them. They lack the excellence of the Lord of the Rings and precuels scores. The movies... For me, the better movie of the six is the Phantom Menace (unpopular, I know). It feels the better done, there have some things that I dislike but overall is an ok movie. The rest are simply bad movies. My main problem with the Hobbit trilogy is that apart from bad they are also boring. The novel is very entertaining,
  10. Probably my ranking is not going to be much popular but The ones I feel they are Star Wars: 1- The Last Jedi 2- The Force Awakens 3- Solo The ones I don't care much (I could swap the order in some of them): 4-The Mandalorian Season 1 5- The Rise of Skywalker 6- Rogue One 7- The Mandalorian Season 2
  11. The first 3 tracks are the most enjoyable Zimmer in years. As many others I feel the score tanks a little bit when it gets less heroic and more dark in the Zimmer style.
  12. I do... For me it feels cheap and very generic. I don't feel nothing related with Star Wars with that music.
  13. I think that the first piece of music where this happened to me was with the OST of Back to the Future and the track "The Libyans" I had to wait until the expansions to finally get that!
  14. I voted for Tintin and The Last Crusade. I totally agree that Hook needs for a better edition, and also that without the leak for War Horse I would have voted for that one for sure.
  15. I feel quite disappointed with this first CD of the second season... But to be fair I'm not a huge fan of Göransson's score for the series, there're some good moments as @Jay showed but overall the heavy electronic style doesn't fit with my taste specially in the majority of the action music.
  16. I still consider myself as a Giacchino fan. I usually enjoy his scores. There're no perfect by, for instance, Fallen Kingdom end up growing on me and I really like his two Spider-man scores. This new Medal of Honor theme is also very good. Yes, for me is the same. The sound reminds me a little bit of a live performance but it doesn't sound "bad". In any case I recall that the first Medal of Honor CD had a "meh" sound quality, maybe they are doing a TFA-thing with the sound quality?
  17. I was told a couple of years ago that at present almost every use of cimbalom, celeste and others are always synth since is cheaper and the sound is almost indistinguishable. So maybe in Black Sunday, Dracula and Schindler's List is real, but almost certain it would be synth in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  18. Maybe it has to do with the orchestra? There's a distinctive difference in how the Williams recording sound compared with the rest of the score. I think I like your v1 the best!
  19. You are right, I'm not surprised by the credits in a platform as iTunes but there Hybrid Soldier is talking about the difference between the credits for the Deluxe Edition and the Album in ACAP and those sites.
  20. Probably, the majority of scores don't need expansions but decent OST Albums. In some cases we got those but in others we got a very short representation of the work of the composer. I agree that in some cases the expansion album is less enjoyable than the short one (for instance I usually like Marco Beltrami's scores and when some expansion leaks/gets published usually I prefer the regular album).
  21. So I came across this on www.hans-zimmer.com. Seems to be the cue sheet unordered but including the bits with John Wiliams material: Couple of interesting things. Williams in the film cuesheet seems to have been credited only for "his" cues but never for others' cues (even if they use either old Star Wars music or new JW Solo material) : OPENING (JP) ENFYS STANDOFF (JP) FAILED HEIST (JP) KESSEL RUN PT 1 – TIE CHASE A (JW) KESSEL RUN PT 1 – TIE CHASE B-1 (JP) KESSEL RUN PT 1 – TIE CHASE C (JW) KESSEL RUN PT 1 – TIE CHASE D (JP) KESSEL RUN PT 1 – TIE
  22. I like the score very much but Williams has many scores even better... A top 10 of Williams is very competitive.
  23. So unnecessary... But, in any case, Debney is a very good composer capable of mimicking many styles. I'm sure his score will be entertaining.
  24. Thanks @Jay for the analysis on Maul's Call / Parting Ways. Having silence between the tracks in the movie makes the crossfade even more strange...
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