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  1. Chen visits Disenchantment Land. Circa 2021. Forgive me.
  2. The Day the Earth Stood Still is another McNeely rerecording well worth checking out! One of my favourite of Herrmann's. EDIT: @Jurassic Sharkbeat me to it. Great minds think alike, I suppose!
  3. The Kid Detective is a breezy neo-noir throwback score from last year, classily composed by Canadian up-and-comer Jay McCarrol. Rings similar to the satisfaction of Hart's The Old Man and the Gun, at least as far as they're both tasteful modern touch-ups of familiar mediums, and make for rather easy listening. The second track, Willowbrook Then, is the standout keeper, but clocking in at a brisk 29 minutes, the whole album's worth a shot. The Man Standing Next, South Korea's submission for Best International Feature this year, is a rather flat political thriller about KCIA op
  4. Was randomly skipping through some Season 1 cues when I made a really neat discovery! I know that the Bright Eyes motif first appeared in the Chapter 5 track of the same name, although it was then completely isolated. Well I just realized that later that episode, in Farewell, the complimentary motif, which I've dubbed Grogu/Snacks, makes a brief appearance on strings over the fanfare. This is long before it became it's own thing! Check it out (1:10): And just an example to clarify/compare what this becomes in Season 2 (0:08):
  5. For all the challenges that 2020 brought us, the two albums for the second season of The Mandalorian were an encouraging reward at the tail end of an...interesting year. The music was, for me, love at first listen (no surprise), but I am still warming up to the presentations of the two volumes. Of course, at this point I understand why they were released this way, but certain omissions (some more glaring than others, especially considering a few, let's face it, mediocre cues have seen the light of day) have me hoping for some sort of deluxe edition. Up to this point no Goransson score has real
  6. The Disney+ Star Wars logo cue was done by neither Powell nor Goransson. It is credited to Joseph Shirley, Ludwig Goransson's scoring assistant, who also worked on a few smaller cues for the show.
  7. Merry Christmas to all of you and yours. Wishing the best of health to everyone, and good tidings for the year ahead! Love ya!
  8. I recommend trying out the second Creed score if you haven't yet. It definitely has higher highs than the first (i.e. Fight in Moscow, Runnin). I like it quite a bit!
  9. The trumpet stab when the scout trooper gets clotheslined at 1:43 is a truly a work of art. Bless you, @Holko!
  10. I wondered that too but no other examples came to mind. I'll keep an ear open though! Could you timestamp that for me perhaps? I've been having trouble picking up on any references in that cue thus far. Thank you!
  11. Edited 7:10pm Monday I've decided to continue with the isolated score videos (available with a handful of Ch. 8 cues in this Drive folder), this time with three notable moments from Season 2. Note that for most of them you can change the video quality to be higher than the default. Unfortunately, all of these play out differently on album than they do in episode, which means that whatever you hear in these clips has been subjected to my editing, having been patched together with extracted audio from the episode as well as the OST tracks to sync up with the images. OBVI
  12. You're on the right track! That is, as far as we've been able to tell, the theme for Mando & child, as it has essentially charted their relationship from early on in Season One. See my earliest explanation here: There have been a few more allusions to it this season as well, such as in Vol. 1's Experiment as well as in Vol. 2's The Seeing Stone. I'll be sure to provide a full breakdown for this album in the same format I did for Volume 1.
  13. I must say that Chapter 16 is perhaps the best-scored episode of the series, featuring some of Goransson's finest work to date (a second Emmy in the bag IMO). I think it's safe to say that A Friend, Open the Door, and Come With Me are three of the best cues of his career. Anyways, I have some writing to do!
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