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  1. New kitty friend for Fhlostin perchance?
  2. My cat and I just finished listening to this. I gave a cheer, and he conjured a contented meow of approval. Case in point, it's really good!!! I don't even need to hear much to know it's terrific- even the first few tracks of the FYC seal the deal.
  3. 0:57 of Join Me sounds like a string lament crossover between The Immolation Scene and The Starkiller. Stellar Imperial March quote in The Old Death Star. Off the Waterfront is too cool! I expected it, but I'm still in shock at how much Williams squeezes out of March of the Resistance every time. I'm picking up on a lot of that Revenge of the Sith esque drama in bits and pieces. Choir backing Leia's theme in Healing Wounds! And Don wasn't kidding. There's a good lot of timpani!
  4. Nope. I only joined as the The Last Jedi and The Post hype was dying down. This is a revelation for me, as far as my JW Fan career goes.
  5. Just started listening. Only on Track 2 but hot dog is it ever a good one. Fastest paced Emperor's theme ever heard, plus Johnny flexing the Resistance theme in even more new ways. Using the Hyperspace ostinato from ESB. And I guess that frenetic little theme from that TV spot some of us thought was too unique to be library music was legitimate (Falcon Flight 1:53)! Hardly even started listening and I'm in absolute awe. I can't believe we're here. This being my first Williams score to experience with the forum as it comes out, I couldn't be happier. Thank you all for joining me in my excitement!
  6. Criminy! I don't know if I should listen or wait. Thanks so, so, so much @thx99 all the same! THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED! WOW!
  7. https://www.disneystudiosawards.com/star-wars-rise-of-skywalker/consider No score links obviously.
  8. FYC season continues with... Jojo Rabbit by Michael Giacchino Far more soft-spoken than I expected. Walks the line between mediocrity and quaintly pleasant. Frozen II by Christophe Beck I liked Beck's first score well enough, and enjoyed both Ant-Man scores thereafter. This is certainly an interesting sequel score, building on the original with great results. Personal favourite track was Fire and Ice, as I heard some classical influences, as well as some similar ideas as heard on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. A Hidden Life by James Newton Howard Now a third listen, sliding into first place for muse of the week. The classical pieces are well-selected in terms of album coherence. I could listen to Avro Pärt's Silentium for a good long while. The score proper is just so beautiful.
  9. I think that the point is there is a relation here sonically, even if they don't have the same harmonies and rhythm. Now that you mention it, I wouldn't object to seeing them in comparison, but again we mustn't outdo ourselves.
  10. One thing I noticed while attempting to analyze the themes of The Mandalorian is that Goransson really, and I mean really, riffs on his themes, causing much variation in effect (and making it really hard to break things down on my end ). In this case, the motif as it appears in Chapter 5 definitely bears resemblance to the Jawa motif, but significantly varies from what we heard in Chapter 2 if it is intended to be the same. That brings another item of note- there are no jawas in Chapter 5, which suggests that Goransson's themes aren't necessarily tied down by associations (i.e. the Razor Crest theme on solo woodwind, acoustic guitar for unrelated events in Episode 4). Case in point, it's pretty much the same thing, but still very different. At the end of the day I have to remind myself to enjoy the music and refrain from over-analyzing, but it's possible to have a healthy balance of both. I guess I haven't commented on the score's of the last two episodes all that much, but I will say that Chapter 4 is definitely my favourite thus far. Each episode has certainly delivered a set of highlights, but I'd say Chapter 4 is on the upper level of consistency. I can't wait for the end of the season when we can all share our playlists of personal favourites/highlights!
  11. This time of year is always nostalgic for me when it comes to music. Every December I catch up on the scores of the past year, with much thanks to the FYC season making music available for me to download and listen to. I have many fond memories of discovering hidden gems, as well as the anticipation of the next Star Wars score. For these reasons I tend to listen to more scores in the winter.I haven't been able to sit down and listen to a full score in months, so it's been nice getting back to this as I scrap around my schedule to get however much "me time" I can. Fortunately it's easy to "multitask" while listening to music, so I've gotten a lot of work done whilst listening to: A Hidden Life by James Newton Howard Twice now, and the best one I've heard yet. Heart-achingly beautiful string passages, a memorable theme, and coherent classical additives. Unfortunate that it may not be Oscar-eligible, because it's certainly worthy. 1917 by Thomas Newman Pretty much the status quo I expected, save for a handful of keeper tracks- Night Window, Devons to Mackenzie mainly. Vice by Nicholas Britell If Beale Street Could Talk by Nicholas Britell Two of my favourite discoveries of last year. I reccomend both! Darkest Hour by Dario Marianelli Pride and Prejudice by Dario Marianelli Two personal fancies. Good to return to as I ease myself back into my listening routine.
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