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  1. Wow, what an amazing find!!! I would never have noticed this so thank you so much for bringing it up, as this is exactly what I was hoping for in terms of opening up the discussion! Will be on the lookout for any other instances out there now. Great ear! Instead of making a new thread I've been assembling a handy dandy little companion guide to the scores that will be available to view and/or download as a PDF as soon as possible. It will be linked to in this thread as well as my profile. I'm still working away at it but here's a peek: --- All
  2. With Season 2 starting next Friday, it's time to wrap up with the final part of this analysis by digging in to Chapter 8. Holko and I had discussed how Chapter 7 can tend to wander into patchwork territory (NOTE: not a slight, but an observation), often drawing on pre-existing forms or small moldable ideas as utilities to bridge between the new material, as if to save up for something bigger. And indeed, Chapter 8 is easily the most noticeably spotted in the show (and the strongest album to boot!), presenting no shortage of long music-driven stretches, highly intensified development and genera
  3. Re: Thread stats Cool addition, no problems with it save for the fact that it leaves a lot of grey space under it on the page and squishes posts (most noticeably longer ones) into what may as well be a newspaper column space. Is there any chance it could only appear, say, on the first page of a thread? Otherwise I'm sure we will all get used to this update in no time, as is always the case. Thanks for being so good about ironing out the wrinkles @Jay!
  4. A couple of gorgeous all-timers, no doubt. Even these stills don't really do the films justice.
  5. Unfortunately, these next two posts were a bit of a longer time coming than I would have hoped. Fortunately, I now have them ready to go, and just before Season 2 drops next Friday no less! I will mention that I did not spend a great deal of time sifting through the episodes for unreleased music, as I am swamped as is. If I have time to go back later I may add to both these and all my reviews before collecting them in PDF form for anyone to access at any time, all in one place. I will also be updating the timestamp catalogue with some revisions to specific names, most notably the chime motif t
  6. No worries! I was able to erase the subtitles myself: Only problem is I can't match the font type for the second film in order to put a 2 underneath the title. Here it is for anyone who thinks they might be able to do a convincing job: Thanks again for sharing, WampaRat!
  7. @WampaRat Really dig those How To Train Your Dragon covers, especially seeing as many of the fan creations I've seen circulating have not really interested me. That being said (excuse my pickiness), is there any chance you could work out a copy that doesn't include the subtitle (A Forbidden Friendship, War of the Alphas) on the first two films? In any case, many thanks for your contribution and great work! I'll be using these for the recent expansion of the first score in my library (and hopefully the next two in the future!).
  8. A couple of recent Discord listening sessions for myself and @Holko, with @SteveMc joining us later on today: Succession by Nicholas Britell (a "greatest hits" highlight playlist) Super fun classical pastiche and hip-hop fusion featuring endless ensemble combinations and several allusions to the Baroque masters, from the clearest statements to the most minute accents and edges. Had a lot of fun sharing this with Holk! First Man by Justin Hurwitz (a wonderful shortened program) Still stands above comparison to most other recent examples of modern scoring. Steve was on
  9. Just checking in to the mstrox with a quick hello and (potentially) early Thanksgiving greetings from me and mine to you and yours, whether you are celebrating this weekend or later in November (most likely the latter for most members). Being situated in Canada of course, today is our day of festivities, and we will be having *some* family over, all packed up in sweaters for an outdoor visit of sorts, as we did our big dinner evening last. On top of that, went for a lovely hike yesterday morn and can confirm that autumn is reaching its peak where I am. Here are some pics of the foliage:
  10. After a week-long hiatus (*gasp*) it's time to dig into the next episode! Chapter 6, the last of the self-contained adventures in Season 1, features a plethora of new textures and techniques to take in, creating an entirely different world of sound that still feels very much at home with the rest of the show. I wasn't entirely sure I'd return to these next few for a closer look at the unreleased music, but eventually decided it was best to be thorough and went for it. Enough of an introduction, let's go track for track! Welcome Back sets us up for what we can expect from the rest o
  11. According to ScoringSessions.com, both sequel scores were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. http://scoringsessions.com/sessions/11001/ http://scoringsessions.com/sessions/11772/
  12. This may sound strange to hardcore collectors, but since I'm very sparing when it comes to these purchases this is actually the first time I've ordered as soon as I heard about a release. I am very, VERY excited!
  13. Trailer for A24's highly acclaimed Minari. I believe that's a little sampler of Mosseri's score!
  14. I'll be honest when I say that the score to Chapter 5 was not as immediately keeping as the episodes prior, but over time I have come to appreciate the progression it marks in the series. It's hardly a musical turning point, but there are certainly some new tones that appear in passing as the mid-season one-off adventure permits. Considering how diverse the sound palette of the show is, this particular chapter features some of the strongest mismatching of ideas, ranging everywhere from a brass-led space dogfight to a dynamic twangy guitar setpiece. Interestingly enough, Chapter 5 boasts the sh
  15. Kajillionaire by Emile Mosseri A lovely main theme, developed over the course of a concise album (>40 minutes) through an ensemble of woodwinds, sweet synths and vocal dressings. Just wonderful how Mosseri sounds nothing like any other composer working today (or ever, for that matter). His musical voice has an opportunity to expand here, and it sounds very much like him. This will surely be one of my favourites looking back on this year. Highly recommended for a taste of a pleasant little new score! Also: Chain Reaction by Jerry Goldsmith Uncertain by Daniel Hart -- A
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