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  1. I was really banking on hearing the MCU's first chamber score so there goes that...
  2. I am home on a full time basis now, and am still able to function regularly in all the important ways. Some downsides are that the cinemas are closed (I had plans to meet up with my brother to see 1917 before this all happened), the libraries are closed (my place of refuge for books, journals, other media), and my favourite restaurant is closed. Additionally, a mentally-ill family member is staying here at the moment as a result of cancelled therapy, so everything's very cheery as one might imagine. I've been housebound for about two weeks officially, and this whole thing has a bit of a wearing ability on a fella, so this weekend I placed an order to LLL for two sets (taking advantage of the 30% off- I'll show y'all when they arrive) so I can rest in bed with five bags of pizza-flavored Goldfish crackers and a Canada Dry IV tube, listening to nothing but the best of JW. Gotta take care of yourself. I really do hope that you all are doing well and keeping spirits up! I've found the varying locations of members on the board has given me some added perspective to this conundrum, which is good. Be well, my friends!
  3. I think Drax might be referring to 2:49 here. Honestly, I don't mind Balfe's score to Fallout all that much, and there are one or two tracks I kind of dig when played at the right time, but it's not all that good/creative and is mixed so very poorly in the film. Immensely dissapointed that Desplat has got the boot here, and I hate to speak too soon, but I'm pretty sure we know what we can expect from Balfe on a blockbuster superhero movie (i.e. more of the same).
  4. Damn, 2473 over here! Post of the day material, Bes. Hang in there!
  5. Knives Out by Nathan Johnson Listened once and thought it could use a trim from 52 minutes, so I narrowed it down to a half-hour program. It's quite good. The first track acts as a zesty and vibrant overture, as if born out of a Paganini concerto- it's certainly a keeper for shuffle playlists. What follows is a series of cues with plenty of personality, never failing to channel a classic sense of drama and mystery. There's a recognizable Herrmann-esque quality at work here (perhaps Elfman in Gothic mode, which is pretty "Herrmann" as is). There aren't many scores written with this sound anymore, and I suspect that it's a result of the film's attempt to hearken back to earlier whodunits in plot and score alike. On that level, it's certainly a success.
  6. Bill Burr actually appears in the flesh in the next episode for you, actually. And he's brilliant.
  7. Might as well start with some of the best (although I guess they all are, right?). ET the Extra Terrestrial and Close Encounters of the Third Kind make for a great pair back-to-back. I almost always listen to them in tandem now- the quality of each set is top-notch too (no surprise from LLL & MM).
  8. @Sweeping Strings happiest of birthdays to you!
  9. I'm not a big streaming guy (I do have Netflix but I rarely use it) and I don't really watch that many shows, but I must say that Lost in Space (Netflix) and The Outsider (HBO) have piqued my interest and I think I'm going to give them a go eventually. Has anyone seen either show to be able to comment as to what I can expect in brief, non-spoiler terms? I've heard good things about both and I'd like to know what JW Fanners think.
  10. Might be a little late, but if it's all the same I'd like to wish a prosperous year to @A Ghost From Highwood! Cheers!
  11. A few favourites from two of the best-looking blockbusters in recent memory.
  12. Turdeau announced Canadian borders will be shut to foreigners just a few moments ago. Don't worry, folks. March isn't the greatest month to visit anyways. I'd say wait for Autumn. EDIT: Just realized a small typo with Trudeau's name there. Kept for posterity.
  13. Convoi exceptionnel by Gregoire Hetzel The Dark Knight by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard Inception by Hans Zimmer (Complete Score) Dolor y gloria by Alberto Iglesias Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs by John Powell Oh, and a delivery from heaven:
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