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  1. I’m very much looking forward to this one, and I plan to see it at the cinema early next week! I’ll try to remember to follow up on this. Lowery was the director behind The Old Man and the Gun, one of my favourites in recent memory, and the pleasantly sincere Pete’s Dragon, which is probably the only Disney remake worth your time. I wasn’t as taken with A Ghost Story and I’ve not seen Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, but I remain very interested in what he does next. From what I’ve read, The Green Knight should be right up my alley. Agreed! I also made a list at the begin
  2. Although I haven't visited the forum in a little while, I have very much been anticipating the premiere of this piece. While it has always been a dream of mine to see Williams conduct live and in-person, listening along on WCRB tonight was still a very special experience of its own. I find that the most meaningful encounters I've had with Williams' music are the ones that are beyond my ability to articulate in words. While these pieces never fail to exude the greatest sense of wonder, inspiration, and passion, I am ultimately left speechless. For the better part of my life I have c
  3. Just dropping in to say that I like this score! I think Beck's themes do well to carry much of the real world music. Anyone else hear hints of Total Recall slipping through at times? I know I saw someone mention Signs as well. Neat! Not that anyone asked for it, but I'll share my highlights playlist here just for kicks: Tracks 1-12 [13 minutes]: The three songs I liked plus a handful of fun sitcom and commercial cues mixed together. Most of the songs didn't really click with me and some of the later sitcom bits didn't stick at all. Tracks 13-34 [1 hour
  4. The second and third volumes are out today, and after listening I've found that they don't add a great deal to the first release besides a few variations, a lot more muddiness and meandering (especially on the second album), but nonetheless a handful of highlight tracks worth noting. I'm all over the place with my playlists, but there are a number of options for those who are interested in checking out some sort of abridged presentation of this score. I've put together shortened programs for each volume, with each offering a different presentation of similar material. I've also mad
  5. New single from the Cannes 2021 opener Annette dir. by Leos Carax. I'm really looking forward to this one! Sparks + Adam Driver @Disco Stu @SteveMc I seem to recall you guys also expressing interest in this. It sounds like a great opener. I've been exploring some Sparks music in anticipation and I must say I'm really liking what I've heard thus far.
  6. The first volume is out today, and after listening I've found it to be just ok. Caesar's Theme, Bessie, Searching, and This Is Science are clear highlights here. I've curated a shortened playlist clocking in at 45 minutes that cuts out the meandering and muddy bits, so hopefully it might prove useful to those who are mildly interested in this one. I'll be sure to do the same for the next two volumes, even if only for my own purposes. And here's the full album:
  7. Truly shocked to find that Sabrina hasn't made your list. I thought it had your ultimate seal of approval?
  8. Barry Jenkins has teased that the music will be released in three volumes: Good news! I'm liking this trend of TV scores getting these longer, spread out releases. Very much looking forward to what I'm sure will be one of my favourite scores of the year! The track posted above certainly shows promise, and I'm here for any new Britell.
  9. Quick set of favourites in rough order, and constantly changing: E.T. the Extra Terrestrial The Empire Strikes Back Close Encounters of the Third Kind Memoirs of a Geisha Seven Years in Tibet Star Wars Empire of the Sun The Star Wars Prequels (no, I will not pick just one) Lincoln Jurassic Park Near misses, easily interchangeable: Indiana Jones Trilogy Jaws Superman Saving Private Ryan
  10. Emile Mosseri is an exciting up-and-coming composer with an entirely unique and well-developed voice of his own, combining influences from Morricone, Glass, Nyman, and Elfman (he's cited Edward Scissorhands as a favourite in this interview) with a background in indie rock to not only fashion fascinating soundscapes, but also to employ pared-down ensembles and traditional instrumentation in a way that is both cognizant of prior methods and yet still very fresh. He's the latest in a line of composers whose varied musical experiences have allowed them to form their own synthesis between tried and
  11. Judging by the interesting body language in this recently leaked image from the recording sessions, I'd say that's a fairly accurate conclusion.
  12. A similar albeit more brief example that often comes to mind as a highlight from TLJ. 0:52 to 1:01 is such an awesome isolated passage!
  13. Man, I'm going to miss when you could assign an intellectual disability to any poster you didn't agree with after calling them the hard c-word. The sort of discourse that really brings out the best in people. Made for some fine reading material too. If those weren't the glory days I don't know what was. Truly a classier time.
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