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  1. The Cannes 2021 opener with Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard looks absolutely bonkers and I'm all here for it!
  2. This poll has helped me to better understand the three demographics of film score listeners that make up JW Fan, and for that I am truly thankful. Observe:
  3. Hey folks! I've made a few updates to The Music of The Mandalorian in the past few weeks, including the addition of revised write-ups for Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. I have also made a few small discoveries regarding unreleased music in Season 2 (a recent rewatch of Chapter 9 indicates that there's way more missing music than I initially estimated), meaning that the post detailing the amount of music in each episode is in need of an update, which will happen once I've gone over all the chapters again. Don't forget about the isolated score videos and thematic cata
  4. My first double jewel case expansion! Arrived within two weeks, great condition save a few of the usual scuff marks! Booklet, discs and case smell great- love that new set smell! My small collection grows bigger yet, and I'm thankful as ever! Looking forward to diving in real soon! Cheers!
  5. Apparently it's a Lion King prequel but yes, he is, alongside Zimmer with new songs by Pharrell Williams. Barry Jenkins is supposed to direct it, hence Britell's addition (he scored Jenkins' Moonlight and If Beale Street Could Talk). https://filmmusicreporter.com/2020/12/10/barry-jenkins-the-lion-king-prequel-to-feature-music-by-hans-zimmer-pharrell-williams-nicholas-britell/ Britell's got a good bunch of work lined up for the next two or so years: Cruella (2021), The Lion King prequel, Succession Season 3 (2021?), a mini-series about the L.A. Lakers (2022), Jenkins' Un
  6. The World to Come by Daniel Blumberg A quaint ensemble score for clarinets, violin, double bass and cowbells. This particular sort of pared-down approach seems to be trending quite well in arthouse circles, and I'm here for it. On that note, I must say that First Kiss had that Mosseri feel to it, especially when the vocals came in- interesting! Highlights are Tallie (track 4), Falling in Love (track 8), First Kiss (track 9), and The Fire (track 14). The film is also quite good.
  7. Hello folks! I've made a few quick updates to The Music of The Mandalorian in the past two weeks. First of all, I've included Disco Stu's Chapter 4 video with the previous isolated score videos that had been posted, so as to keep them all together. Also posted is a breakdown of the amount of music in each episode, as well as how much has been released vs. unreleased. The post links to CGCJ's spreadsheet and includes a chart indicating estimated times. Aside from that there are a few small changes to the theme catalogue and layout. Most significantly, I have clarified w
  8. I don't know what the future may hold and I'm just as hopeful as the next fella, but if Spielberg and Williams are going to have one last hurrah together, this sounds like the perfect project.
  9. Thor stepping into an expansion thread... (all in good fun, fellas )
  10. I'd vastly prefer Marianelli, if possible. He can whip up a nice little Italian score no problem!
  11. Hey folks! I've spent the last few months updating my writing and getting to know the ins and outs of a basic website, and I'm now ready (and super excited ) to share the first few posts from The Music of The Mandalorian, a collection of write-ups on Goransson's score in standard blog format. The first round of posts includes a (hopefully) comprehensive thematic catalogue, covering 44 different musical ideas, as well as the isolated score videos for Chapter 8, Chapter 11, and Chapter 16. There's still a lot of editing required before the timestamps and other write-ups
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