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  1. Getting to hear so many unreleased cues without SFX is certainly reigniting the flame of my love for this score, and I'm very happy about it. Some particularly interesting unreleased bits: Don't Follow Me Finn Helps Poe Talking With Grandfather Hux's Speech Kylo Arrives At Battle (film version) Preparing For The Mission Ice Landing Rey On Wall Shootout Evacuation - Rey Finds Finn I notice that the score flows really well as it is here and it's great for listening! Reminds me of the War Horse recording sessions in that sense.
  2. Brundlefly and I are eternally connected as admirers of At Eternity's Gate. It's that simple!
  3. *damn* Glad to know you're alive and well, mon amis. Enjoy your time off!
  4. This is exactly what it is, and I think it's high time we just move on instead of continuing to pollute the forum with unnecessary complaints and contradictions. There's already too much toxic waste floating around the Internet. It's a simple butting of heads, a common baseless occurrence. Come now, John boy! There's really no need for this.
  5. The Book Thief by John Williams Unquestionably a masterpiece- one of the great dark horses in Williams' repertoire! The suite of the same name is one of his best of this decade. The Grand Budapest Hotel by Alexandre Desplat Four times now, with multiple individual repeats also going to Mr. Moustafa, The Family Desgoffe und Taxis, J.G. Jopling - Private Inquiry Agent, The Cold Blooded Murder of Deputy Vilmos Kovacs, No Safe-House, Canto at Gabelmeister's Peak (at least ten times), and A Troops Barracks. The OST is pleasantly coherent beyond measure. Phantom Thread by Jonny Greenwood (OST and FYC on separate occasions) Delicate and lovely! The End Credits, House of Woodcock and Phantom Thread IV (going by FYC cues and titles which are fresh in my memory) are all keepers for future muse playlists.
  6. Tous les meilleurs, mon cher! I'll PM you my mailing address. Please pass it on to your husband, and give my regards to Fhlostin too!
  7. Nobody has made such claims, and what's more is you've seriously misinterpreted my post. I do not believe that a reaction denotes an agreement, but I thought it a curious one given the circumstances and I figured you might have something to say in regards to the film in question. As for my apparent sensitivity, it's quite clear that it is you that takes issue with me for whatever reason, boding an air of opposition through various comments on both the forums and at least one rash instance on the Discord since the first few months of my time on JW Fan. I suppose that it was a fitting introduction considering the unfortunate amount of toxic slime that one must filter through on these forums, but it still surpasses all reason and sensibility.
  8. Sorry you feel that way, but I'm honestly glad the pair of you were able to enjoy a film that I had difficulty liking! As for @John, I'm so very pleased that Pub's post conjured a laugh from you. I hope it brightened your day. I wonder if you would care to comment on the film perchance?
  9. Aside from the above Andersons, I've caught a good deal of movies in 2020 so far: Out of Africa (1985) Dry and overlong, yet it masquerades with the talents of Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, who are hardly at their best in this tiring romance. Barry's underscore is all you need really. 2 / 5 Operation Finale (2018) Yet another frustratingly rudimentary film, featuring the serious miscast of Ben Kingsley in the role of Nazi death camp mastermind Adolf Eichmann. 2 / 5 A few more lackluster showings: Fahrenheit 451 (2018) I, Tonya (2017) The Front Runner (2018) Sunshine (2017) Followed by material of a far more mentionable degree: They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) Peter Jackson's incredible technical feat of restoring WWI footage and audio is an essential experience for all. 5 / 5 Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood! (2019) Trips over its excess of nostalgia on multiple occasions and lacks the connective narrative tissue that would make a 2h 30m film worthwhile, but amazingly still proves a worthy addition to Tarantino's filmography. 3 / 5 Phantom Thread (2017) Second time now. A deftly woven masterpiece perfectly orchestrated in every aspect; acting, cinematography, script, and music. Pretty much perfect in every way. 5 / 5
  10. Ha! I've been on a little Wes Anderson run myself and I believe I've finally warmed up to his style after taking in Moonrise Kingdom and rewatching both The Grand Budapest Hotel and Isle of Dogs. Consistently five star output and tremendously pleasant to watch. I particularly enjoyed Willem Dafoe and Jeff Goldblum in this latest viewing of TGBH. I never knew I needed it, but seeing Dafoe a) throw a cat out of a window, b) ride a motorcycle, c) cut off Goldblum's fingers with a door, d) swing incense whilst wearing monastic robes, and e) get thrown violently off of a cliff was very fulfilling.
  11. I'm inclined to agree with @Brundlefly here. Jojo Rabbit was quite underwhelming as a satire, and while it had its moments I was ultimately dissapotined in its elementary presentation of a concept that was otherwise overflowing with potential.
  12. Thanks for that! I've updated the post with those two timestamps. Also updated the Part 1 post to make reference to the The Egg quotes in Chapters 5 and 6. I, too, also enjoy the sound of the episode. It feels the most different of all eight, probably because it has the heaviest use of electronic and synth elements mixed in with very unique orchestral textures (mostly with the strings; the "jagged" violin, the beginning of Tracking Beacon, etc.). Goransson's perfect touch makes it all work in a way that's really easy to dig in to. Plus, anyone recall where else this is heard: I've drawn a blank. @Holko @Disco Stu?
  13. A Thematic Breakdown of: THE MANDALORIAN: SEASON ONE Music composed by Ludwig Goransson Part 3 of 4 Themes in Chapters 5 & 6 (in order of appearance) Fanfare * Dramatic Utility Motif Razor Crest Western Motif Jawa Motif Speederbikes A & B Recorder Riff The Child Gang Theme String Idea A - Jagged Violin String Idea B - Delicate Violin Toccata and Fugue (BVW 565 - Johann Sebastian Bach) (borrowed) * - utility refers to the fact that Goransson uses the theme(s) whenever he needs to without leitmotific significance CHAPTER 5: THE GUNSLINGER 1. Warm or Cold (1:40) 0:11 Fanfare (partial variation) 0:28 Fanfare 0:45 Dramatic Utility Motif 0:56 Dramatic Utility Motif (variation) 1:14 Razor Crest 1:25 Western Motif (piano w/ interlude) 1:31 Western Motif (piano) 2. Bright Eyes (1:41) No thematic material present. 3. Stuck with Me Now (2:27) No thematic material present. 4. Speederbikes (1:22) 0:11 Jawa Motif (rhythm) 0:18 Speederbikes A 0:34 Speederbikes A 0:40 Speederbikes (guitar variation) Jawa Motif (rhythm) 0:55 Speederbikes A 5. Raiders (1:21) 0:02 Fanfare (ascending closing figure) 0:12 Fanfare (ascending closing figure) 6. Night Riders (3:30) 0:00 Jawa Motif (rhythm) 0:14 Speederbikes A 0:16 Speederbikes A 0:21 Speederbikes A 0:52 Jawa Motif (rhythm) 1:00 Speederbikes A 1:06 Speederbikes A 1:17 Speederbikes A 1:21 Speederbikes A 1:24 Speederbikes B 3:06 Speederbikes B 7. The Hangar (6:07) 0:00 Speederbikes B 0:06 Fanfare (descending closing figure) 0:09 Speederbikes B (variation) 0:23 Speederbikes B 0:26 Speederbikes B 0:30 Speederbikes B 3:41 Western Motif (piano) 3:54 Western Motif (piano w/ interlude) Recorder Riff 4:00 Western Motif (strings w/ interlude) 4:06 Western Motif (strings) 4:30 (see 2:23 of The Egg from Chapter 2) 8. Farewell (2:10) 0:00 The Child (opening) (orchestral variation) 0:08 The Child (orchestral variation) 0:35 The Child (orchestral variation) 1:11 Fanfare (variation) 1:34 Recorder Riff (brass variation) CHAPTER 6: THE PRISONER 1. Welcome Back (3:50) 0:22 Recorder Riff 0:46 Dramatic Utility Motif 0:52 String Idea A - Jagged Violin 0:59 String Idea B - Delicate Violin 1:55 Gang Theme 2:03 Gang Theme 2. The Gang (2:07) 0:36 String Idea A - Jagged Violin 1:42 Western Motif (piano w/ distorted guitar) 1:47 Western Motif (piano) 3. Greatest Warriors in the Galaxy (1:30) 0:00 Recorder Riff (variation) 0:23 Recorder Riff (variation) 0:46-1:08 Recorder Riff (partial variation) (repeating) 4. Let's Just Do It (1:23) 0:00 String Idea B - Delicate Violin (partial variation) 0:15 String Idea B - Delicate Violin 5. Hyperspace (2:51) 0:05 Gang Theme 0:11 Gang Theme 0:18 Gang Theme 0:24 Gang Theme 0:56 Recorder Riff (orchestral variation) 2:09 String Idea A - Jagged Violin 6. Little Mousey (2:55) 0:00-0:38 Toccata and Fugue 7. Tracking Beacon (2:59) 1:15-2:11 Toccata and Fugue (variation) 2:17 String Idea A - Jagged Violin 2:48 Fanfare (ascending closing figure) 8. My Saviour (1:08) 0:15-0:45 Toccata and Fugue (variation) 0:46 Toccata and Fugue (variation) 9. Mando on the Move (1:14) 0:00 Recorder Riff (variation) 0:27-0:48 Recorder Riff (partial variation) (repeating) 0:51 Recorder Riff (variation) 10. Nice Family (2:26) 0:09 Gang Theme 0:15 Gang Theme 0:20 Gang Theme 0:26 Gang Theme 0:31 Gang Theme 1:03 Toccata and Fugue 1:13 Toccata and Fugue 1:22 Toccata and Fugue 1:31 Toccata and Fugue 1:48 Toccata and Fugue 2:16 (see 2:23 of The Egg from Chapter 2) 11. Mando's Back (7:16) 0:46 String Idea A - Jagged Violin 1:09-1:22 Toccata and Fugue 1:24-1:41 Toccata and Fugue 2:05 (see 2:23 of The Egg from Chapter 2) 3:33 String Idea A - Jagged Violin 5:55 Recorder Riff 6:19 Recorder Riff 7:01 Jawa Motif (rhythm) And there it is. Chapters 5 and 6 proved quite bothersome (in the best of ways, naturally) for a number of reasons. Again, thematic occurrences are sparse and often non-present, but when they do appear they are at their most tangled and tricky to decipher, with massive variation and heavy layering. All the same, this complexity is a testament to the engineering of Goransson's music, especially the mixing between orchestral and electronic textures. I'm most confident that this third part of my analysis is not entirely correct (even after multiple close listens I find myself questioning), so if you have the time and passion to scrutinize the score yourself it wouldn't hurt to cross-examine. Thanks again for the encouragement as I head into Part Four (cue triumphant rendition of Razor Crest)! Just a disclaimer though: I likely won't get around to Chapters 7 and 8 for a little while as I've been incredibly busy getting through some family matters and such, so if I haven't posted it by tomorrow you can expect to wait until next weekend.
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