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  1. Well that's pretty great! We can call him Sir Johnny now.
  2. This show is great. That whole wedding feast was very well done, from the music to the editing to the blocking of the actors. Hope this is getting enough eyeballs on it to keep it on the air with the budget it deserves, but I fear it’s not going to.
  3. Awards, schmawards. We know how good his music is, and he's already been nominated for Oscars more times than anyone else alive. But if they're your thing I imagine after his last two films are released he'll finally get the Lifetime Achievement Oscar, delivered by Spielberg himself.
  4. I think it was perfectly placed as a deconstruction. We had TFA, which was the re-introduction; the safe and warm embrace of what we know about SW. TLJ stripped things down to the bare bones of the mythology and left things open to where they could go and what it was possible to do in one of these movies. Episode IX would then have been the synthesis - showing us where Star Wars goes next and what the possibilities are, while taking with it the basic components. But unfortunately that didn't happen. Reading Trevorrow's script, it had the potential to do that exact thing and really open up the universe beyond the Skywalkers. If Disney's plan the whole time was to make a new trilogy to launch their new movies, shows etc. then that would've been the perfect springboard, but instead they just closed it off even more.
  5. All this talk of Shawm, when the original “Remembering Mother” and its references in later cues is what I really want to hear!
  6. Who did write the opening of the teaser, just out of curiosity? I ask because I understand that the score sheet music, orchestrated by Eddie Karam, includes that little introduction before Double Trouble begins (meaning that it was recorded and conducted by Williams). I recall it being discussed here but I couldn't remember the details.
  7. The music mix was fine for me, might have been a glitch on whatever platform you were watching on.
  8. I love the tragedy implied in the "Song of Ice and Fire" prophecy revelation. It reframes so much of the Targaryen dynasty, and further textures the motivations of the monarchs, even Aerys II, AKA the "Mad King" and his obsession with wildfire. It doesn't absolve any of the Targs for their cruelty and hubris, but it does paint an interesting picture of why they were so obsessed with interbreeding and keeping the dragons strong (beyond the obvious grabs for power). It's particularly sad knowing that the fire at Summerhall (in which Aegon "Egg" Targaryen and a bunch of his family died from his experiments with a dragon egg and wildfire) was likely motivated by his own attempt to revive the dragons for the Long Night. Similarly to Prince Rhaegar, who was by all accounts a massive nerd who wanted to write songs and read books until it's implied he learned this info and started his training as a warrior. It also may complicate his motivations for kidnapping/marrying Lyanna Stark beyond just love (even if that's yet to be confirmed in the books) - he needed a third heir for the prophecy of the three-headed dragon to pass. The ultimate tragedy of course is that Daenerys never received this prophecy herself, and highlights just how alienated she was in the end. If she had this knowledge she may not have turned the way she did, instead teaming up with Jon earlier or at the very least accepting the existential threat more readily.
  9. Man I am SO excited for this series. I really feel like it's gonna be something special. Between the great casting, a HBO budget and Druckmann's involvement they can hardly fail (touch wood).
  10. YES! Totally agree with you on this one, I have a very soft spot for that rendition. The ominous horns in the opening really do it for me too!
  11. Nah it definitely needs to be a different theme IMO. As good as the GOT theme is this show deserves its own musical identity, even though I very much expect the original theme to have a big influence on it. Say what you will about Djawadi's scoring, but the man can write a good title theme - Westworld is excellent as well. I can't wait to hear what he does for this.
  12. What saves it for me is that it has a new meaning this time - not just a callback to Chicanery, it's literally Saul "exiting" the show and James McGill taking over again for... well, the first time in a long time. Not Jimmy, but James.
  13. There was a CCTV camera right near the dumpster that Jimmy was hiding in, which is revealed in the shot looking down while the cops surround it with their guns drawn. I took that to mean that as soon as they located his car and house they were able to track him through the CCTV. The idea of them doing that in real-time is admittedly a bit far-fetched, especially for 2010, but not completely unbelievable. Great finale. I’d say better than BB, and in many ways righted some of the moral “wrongs” of that finale (like Walt going out almost heroically) - I was relieved but not surprised that the show far more concerned with legal drama and consequences ultimately ended with a courtroom and justice being done. Look forward to thinking it over more in the coming days.
  14. They probably just wanted him to finish the damn books so they had something to work with lol
  15. Great write-up @Jay, I also agree with the reading that Gene's recklessness implies that he wants to get caught; it's not exactly within his wheelhouse to turn himself in so he's kind of taking Kim's advice but the only way he knows how to. He knows punishment is in the horizon, but by taking things further and further he's intentionally making the punishment more severe for himself because he knows he deserves it. It's also very much like a secretive drug/alcohol abuser acting more reckless as a cry for help. Thanks for pointing out his line "that's not me"; I just realised that is a great way to read Gene's expression just after Marion says "I trusted you" and he realises the weight of what he's doing. The horror that passes his face in that moment really sells the internal struggle that we're watching - who is this man, and who does he see himself as? After Jimmy, after Saul, after Gene, who do we have left? Huge shoutout to Carol Burnett for turning in a heartbreaking performance this week. It's phenomenal to watch these two comic giants, known for their wit and warmth, show off their dramatic chops.
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