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  1. Damn some of those images are pretty incredible. As cheesy as it is there’s something moving about Leia sending one last hologram to the galaxy to ask for their aid. It certainly packs more or a punch than Lando showing up out of nowhere with an entire fleet for some reason
  2. All of that stuff was pretty clear to a lot of people back when TLJ first came out (except for Rey Palpatine). The author of that article is talking like he’s the first to have realised what that movie was trying to say. Still, better late than never.
  3. I don't think JW has much to do with the piano arrangements, outside of telling Hal Leonard which cues to arrange. He doesn't do them himself.
  4. I’ve been checking for sheet music daily. Today I found this. It’s the only thing I could find, not even Hal Leonard’s site have it listed, but allegedly it’ll be out on the first of Feb. No cue listings as of yet. Strange that it’s taken this long, TLJ’s piano arrangements were available around Christmas in 2017. As for the theory of a lost Sith Trooper March.. I’m not convinced. I don’t think that track is Williams, nor did I think so when we first heard it.
  5. Ah yes of course, he only ordered the mass murder of a village. There’s still hope for your redemption arc Adolf, you didn’t pull the trigger yourself!
  6. “It Takes You Away” is a great, moody piece, and the historical episodes are very solid. I quite liked the first episode of series 11 as well. At the end of the day, the showrunner will regenerate and this discussion will continue anew. I’m always cautiously optimistic about Who, I never expect it to be consistently amazing so when it does hit the highs it’s an absolute pleasure. I do hope Jamie Mathieson returns for an episode (or as showrunner) though. He’s probably the new Moffat in terms of the strength of his individual episode credits.
  7. Chibnalls’ run is yet to stoop to the worst levels of seasons 1 and 3. But it is also yet to reach the highs of those.
  8. I heard that too! I think I preferred the first part. It was zippy, fun and took its time to set up the story. The second part wasn’t really up to snuff though, especially the anticlimactic ending. I’ll bet $10 we’ll see the light monster thingies again and they’ll be Cybermen - the whole human hard drive thing gave it away (plus the shape of their heads). Actually the whole thing gave me flashbacks to “Army of Ghosts”, it kind of feels like Chibnall is pushing the nostalgia button for the Davies era a bit too much (including the re-destruction of Gallifrey, and the new Master is very Simm). I was all for the Last of the Timelords arc back in the Eccleston/Tennant/Smith days but that arc finished. Still, Whittaker is a solid Doctor and the companions are largely great. Last season’s focus on Graham and Ryan was its strongest element and it looks like Yas will have more to do this time which is good.
  9. Great news. Knives Out was tremendous fun. I’d be quite happy to see an ongoing series with Benoit Blanc solving a different case every film.
  10. Tarkin was incredibly distracting when I watched that film, completely took me out of it. I really don’t get why people thought it was so good.
  11. Fair enough. I view all of the new themes as a full stop on Williams’ Hollywood action scoring. There’s nothing as bold or in-your-face as The Imperial March or Duel of the Fates, nor is the romance as sweeping as Across the Stars or Han Solo and the Princess. But for me, it’s one last look at those moods through a mature, often restrained lens. The dominant theme of the final film is one last throwback to the Golden Age of film scores he started in, probably the last time we’ll ever hear it from someone who lived through it. It makes me reflect, rather than feel intense emotions. That’s a great gift he has given me. EDIT - this was in response to Steef’s last comment, can’t figure out how to quote properly on mobile, it’s always so hard
  12. I can just hear a very prominent bassoon, but I could be wrong. I do like how much more the woodwinds seem to flourish in the mix of this score. Certainly the clearest the section has been in the sequels. Marvellous colours.
  13. Incredible @Loert. Perfectly captured the beauty and emotion of the piece. What an amazing full stop on the Star Wara saga this work is.
  14. I believe they may have composited her face into shots of a double who was wearing the new costume. It’s very well done all things considered.
  15. TLJ did an incredible job building the Rey/Kylo relationship. That’s its biggest strength in fact.
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