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  1. Warms my heart to see all the love for Goransson’s score here. He’s a phenomenal musician and producer and I can’t wait to hear how he develops as a composer.
  2. Yes KM, it happened with both of the last films. I don't know why you can't remember that.
  3. The question specifically stated you're only allowed to buy one, so you can't just buy it anytime. Don't you guys know there are RULES to these pointless POLLS?!
  4. Do you get any kind of payment from music notes for that arrangement @Drew?
  5. TROS for sure. Those who would select the prequels are living in the past! Let the past die, kill it if you have to!
  6. Ah, the First Order March that never was. They say there are still those who cling to a tiny glimmer of hope, that the march will come.
  7. There’s been all of one season that you don’t like, don’t be so doom and gloom about it!
  8. First section, absolutely not Williams, it's as synthy as you can get. The second half though could very well be. I hope so, it sounds pretty cool!
  9. Doctor Who is like the weather in Melbourne. If you don’t like it just wait 5 minutes (or a regeneration). It always evens out in the end, and I’m looking forward to this next batch.
  10. lol wtf? "Why was the protagonist experiencing different emotions in different scenes that I don't have any context for?" Also, weakly shooting a blaster? She looks pretty determined to me.
  11. Yeah it’s quite a fun movie. I liked it more than the dour Rogue One.
  12. Disney know that if they hold off on complete releases they can bring them out years down the line when they want to make some bank. But even if they did release a deluxe edition now there’d still be music missing - most likely inserts and alternates, especially if JW has his way (we know how he is about highlighting the listening experience over everything else). I’d prefer to wait a few years for the inevitable “archival” edition, when it’s given enough time to be done properly. Wouldn’t surprise me if we get a Doug Adams-esque encyclopaedia of his Star Wars music released in tandem with the complete recordings. That’d be a long way away though.
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