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  1. Fenyx is not bad. A decent appetiser while we wait for Breath of the Wild 2, but doesn't come close to Nintendo's craft. I didn't much like the combat until a good halfway into it, and the voice acting ranges from irritating to inspid. Also there's too many items to collect, I'm not a fan of that. But the art style is lovely, the world is fun to explore for a bit, and I liked the Vaults (aka Shrines), though most of them were too long and lacked the brevity of Zelda's finest puzzles.
  2. Irina’s theme is worth the price of admission IMO. If nothing else, JW knows how to write a good villain theme, even if the character as portrayed isn’t worth the paper the score is written on.
  3. Man that wasn’t good. As soon as the witches(!) in the opening scene started blasting colour-coded CGI at each other my worst fears about this show came true. It’s fully devolved into boring by-the-numbers Marvel. Even Kathryn Hahn was barely watchable, not at all helped by the terrible dialogue given to her. All her charisma has been sapped in what has amounted to a moustache-twirling villain. Looks like next week will be Vision vs Vision, no real story closure and likely Banana Cabbagepatch will show up in a two-second cameo advertising his next movie. I also saw the trailer for
  4. To be fair, she’s largely been a character actor by trade, relegated to supporting parts in romcoms and guest roles in sitcoms, so most people wouldn’t have noticed her. This is probably her most high-profile role yet.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole series is just one big setup for the new Dr Strange movie and we don't get any kind of resolution. Agatha All Along is a banger. Been playing it all week, I just cannot get enough of Kathryn Hahn hamming it up. If this is the start of her time as a leading lady I'm here for it, she's one of the most consistently funny actors in Hollywood. And her dramatic chops are nothing to sneeze at either, after watching her in Transparent.
  6. Whooo! Excited. Hoping to hear about BOTW2 and some 35th anniversary Zelda treats!
  7. A class act for his whole career. Wonderful to see his spritely and fun performance in Knives Out so recently.
  8. Yes that makes sense. I can imagine that assembling/producing your own album would be quite time consuming. I would love it if Gold returned to his Who music at some point - not so much the show as it’s clear he’s moved on, and in any case the show deserves to have new blood working on it. But I’d love it if he rearranged some of the popular themes and recorded suites for them. He really did write a tremendous amount of magnificent music.
  9. I imagine there’s some expense involved with the BBC Wales orchestra, re-use fees etc. Does anyone know what the situation is there? As far as I can tell Akinola uses a much smaller ensemble more sparingly, with a lot of the underscore carried by sampled instruments. It’s possible that creating an album for his first series was much cheaper and quicker than Gold’s last.
  10. Care to elaborate? Life is stacked against most of us from the outset. Only a very few privileged number “get what they want”. For every success story in Hollywood there are tens of thousands, if not more, that never even got a chance, largely due to economic and social inequality. In this industry, hell, in this world, if you weren’t lucky enough to be born in the right place at the right time to the right parents your dreams are worth jack shit. There’s nothing wrong with having lofty goals in life, but true wisdom is knowing when your dreams are impossible and focusing on build
  11. Fascinating topic. It’s interesting to see the backlash boiling up about the film composing industry. I’m not at all surprised to hear about these awful conditions, and HZ has actively contributed to it with his business model. His legacy in Hollywood will ultimately not be a musical one, but a capitalistic one. I had the opportunity to move to LA a few years ago and try to crack into the industry. It didn’t take me long to weigh up the options and stay in Australia instead. I do not regret that decision, not least because right now COVID has made things even more difficult for you
  12. I'm loving WandaVision. It's a wonderful tribute to the classic sitcoms of the 20th century. The main storyline can take as long as it wants to get into gear, for now I'm just getting a kick out of Olsen and Bettany's wonderful chemistry and excellent comedy work. I could watch Kathryn Hahn ham it up for days. The little crumbs of not-quite-right are increasingly unsettling and a great mood. I'm almost dreading the "real world" stuff, I can only imagine it'll be stock-standard Marvel/SHIELD drama.
  13. It's A Sin was marvellous. It may be Russell T Davies' finest work to date. Hilarious, awkward, devastating and beautiful. I was deeply moved by it, my partner and I were in tears for a good 20 minutes after the last episode. I can't recommend it enough for anyone going in with an open mind. I was a bit hesitant going in - so much of drama around HIV/AIDS is dreary, depressing and full of finger-wagging and pontificating. RTD managed to start a new conversation about that awful period of time, and remind people that amongst all of the death and despair there was a whole world of fun, life and
  14. Anyone else think Göransson was inspired by this when he wrote his Mandalorian march?
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