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  1. Ordered this and The Matrix. I was on the fence about buying one of the Omni publications due to the astronomical international shipping rate, but this absolutely sealed the deal, and luckily I can claim it all on tax. The hefty price tag is worth having a physical copy in my hands, with all the annotations and scribbles I want to make. I've seen a lot of the "leaked" pdfs of countless film scores and nothing compares to having a well-engraved, tangible version. I hope more studios see the value of releasing these scores. It may not be particularly profitable, but the cultural and
  2. I like Hathaway, she’s great in a lot of things. But Huston will always be my Grand High Witch!
  3. Listened to the gun barrel opening cue... Perfectly serviceable orchestration, but nothing that Arnold or Barry hadn’t already done with finesse. Something about it sounds off. The swung eighth-note rhythm in the brass part is just not quite right. It sounds like a classical orchestra trying to play jazz and not quite getting it right. Maybe it was intentional, but it’s not sitting right for me.
  4. The Fringe title is his best composition, especially when he was asked to redo it for the 80s episode!
  5. We finished Schitt's Creek on the weekend, just in time to see them sweep the Emmy's. A lovely show and talented cast. Catherine O'Hara's Moira will go down as one of the greatest characters of the medium. I've also started a rewatch of Fringe. Man that was a good show. It's also made me miss the sheer volume of episodes that you'd see in genre TV. I'm sure it was hell to work on, and the writing fluctuates very often, but I love how much it gives the characters and storylines time and space to breathe. I'm starting to tire of condensed serial storytelling, which is something I tho
  6. Clickbait garbage. Every British rag comes out with a scoop about the next Bond or Doctor annually and they’re never right. The bullshit Christopher Nolan speculation just adds to the article’s odiousness. Hardy’s name has been tossed around for over a decade, along with Clive Owen and Idris Elba. I won’t believe a word until the next film is in development, which is likely years away.
  7. It’s absolutely worth (re)watching, Rigg devours every scene she is in and nails the pure camp of Gatiss’ script. What a loss. A wickedly funny person, and it was a privilege to watch her shine in her later years. I’ll always remember seeing Harry Potter fling a condom in her face.
  8. Yeah, but why hire Elfman for that? There's plenty of other composers who can and have emulated the Zimmer sound, it just doesn't make sense to me to hire Elfman and not want his particular approach. He's a top-tier composer, presumably you'd hire him because you want his music.
  9. Elfman’s been pretty vocal about how tough he’s had it in the past decade, and how much Hollywood has changed its approach to scoring. The revolution of high quality samples has meant more revisions and rewrites, and the insistence of studios/producers/directors relying on temp tracks has stifled the creativity of composers including himself. Why on earth you’d hire Elfman if you just want Zimmer is beyond me, but that’s what’s been happening. As for Arnold, I got the impression that he had enough of Hollywood/LA ages ago and wanted to be home in the UK. Seeing as Bond is p
  10. Was hoping for a follow-up to Odyssey, but knowing Nintendo they probably got halfway through developing a sequel and scrapped it for something better that will be worth the wait. Still, I'm excited for 3D World, I never had a Wii-U but played it a few times on someone else's console and it was heaps of fun. Excited to play Galaxy again too, though similarly disappointed at no Galaxy 2. This would've been better if we hadn't heard the rumours so long ago... Kinda ruined the surprise a bit!
  11. It's a wonderful colour for the orchestra, especially when doubling harp flourishes or low percussive strings. I use it quite a bit for the latter in my own compositions, the low registers of the piano have a great growling timbre when played at a loud dynamic (for JW examples see The Hunt, Battle of Hoth, Ultimate War, Shark Cage Fugue etc).
  12. That's awful Joe, sorry for your loss.
  13. Ok boomer. But we’re talking about two different pieces of music. Dance of the Witches is shorter and has a different opening and closing section. Devil’s Dance is what Williams named the new arrangement. I’ve seen it in his own handwriting on his handwritten orchestral score, as well as the subsequently published ones, so that's what I'll call it.
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