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  1. The word “suicide” implies intent. This appears to be a tragic workplace accident, caused by gross negligence. Terrible, terrible incident. I feel so much for the families of everyone affected and Baldwin himself. I can’t imagine what that would do to a person.
  2. I hadn’t heard about that. If it’s true then I completely agree, that’s unacceptable behaviour no matter what. I suppose one day we might hear the truth behind all of this, and maybe neither party will come out looking any good!
  3. I find him refreshingly honest in an industry so heavily veiled behind ass-kissing. I don’t blame him for not wanting to work for RTD/Gardner/BBC again, the story goes that the first production block was an absolute disaster, from dangerous and unsustainable working conditions to reports of abuse on set directed at the low-level crew members by higher-ups. Then the BBC sabotaged his exit by releasing an inaccurate press statement, then effectively blacklisted him afterwards. By all accounts the ship had steadied by the time Tennant came on board but by then the damage was done and Eccleston wanted no part of it. It’s a shame we won’t see him on screen again as the Doctor, but in light of the horrendous working conditions of film and TV and accounts of abusive workplaces we constantly hear about I respect him for standing his ground on this.
  4. I love that they replaced the charismatic and humorous middle-aged companion with another charismatic and humorous middle-aged companion.
  5. True, true, I am being harsh about the tone. Most of the teasers for previous series were similarly dramatic. I'm just not convinced we'll see much more than those few moments in the trailer of flaccid levity in the actual series. Still cautiously optimistic!
  6. Trailer for the next series has landed: I mean it doesn't actually look half bad. It's certainly finally reached that "Netflix Original Series" production value that Chibnall was so obsessed with replicating, notwithstanding how bad a fit that is for Doctor Who. Never seen a battle scene quite like this in the show though, and some of those new monster designs look pretty good. Also it looks like the Sontarans will actually be somewhat intimidating for the first time since Series 4 - nothing against Strax who I quite like, but he was the only Sontaran we saw really, and was just comic relief. I'm intrigued by the ongoing story angle, provided it stays interesting and sticks the landing (not holding my breath). What I don't like is that it's all very intense, important and serious. Lacking any kind of fun, wonder or adventure that is the cornerstone of the show. Comedy is really not Chibnall's strength, and it shows. To be fair, he did come off the back of Moffat who cut his teeth in the sitcom world, that's always going to be a hard comparison. Still, it does look a lot better than the last two series, and it looks like my cautious optimism in Chib's final run wasn't entirely misplaced.
  7. “White Knight” is so so good. A brilliant display of Arnold’s great militaristic action music and it builds to a fantastic climax. It’s topped only by “Miami International”, which is one of my favourite action cues of all time. The way it builds in intensity over such a long time without ever getting repetitive is masterful. It also barely uses the Bond theme (as with the rest of the score for Casino), a very welcome move as I felt he relied on it too much in TWINE and DAD. Honourable mention goes to “Submarine” which features some exquisitely orchestrated brass passages and very satisfying complexity.
  8. I LOVE that they've expanded the iron throne with all the extra swords leading up to it. Still not quite what it was described in the books but it's better: Trailer looks ok! I'm optimistic about this show, there's a smaller chance they'll eff it up seeing as the whole contained story has already published. Hope the writers are good, and give us some of that GOT season 1-4 magic. And Matt Smith is pure gold in everything, what a phenomenal catch for the production.
  9. For what it's worth, I think Trevorrow's original ideas for the final film in the trilogy largely worked well. At least much better than TROS.
  10. If Michelle Gomez hadn't utterly nailed it as Missy already she'd be my number one pick as the Doctor. She is positively magnetic, impossible to take your eyes off her.
  11. I'm here for it. That cast is bonkers. The weirder the movie is the better as far as I'm concerned. And Jack Black as Bowser is inspired.
  12. The good news just keeps coming doesn't it! Wasn't expecting that. Calling it now. RTD will shepherd in a new era for Who. He'll be a Kevin Feige figure, overseeing new writers and showrunners with spin-offs etc. He was doing Who shared-universe years before Marvel, and now that's what audiences are expecting. Haven't been this excited for the show since Moffat was announced as the showrunner. Hope has returned.
  13. I genuinely think everyone who works with him now is too reverential to the man. Challenge him! Tell him what to do! Bring out some of that "iron fist in a velvet glove" fire from his golden era! He'll nail it!
  14. I'm not completely opposed to temp tracks, just look at how effective that was for something like Prisoner of Azkaban (Rossini's La Gazza Ladra was clearly the temp for "Aunt Marge's Waltz") or movies like Star Wars and Home Alone - brilliant pieces from the classical canon that JW used as a launching pad for wonderful new music. As long as it's not existing film music (including JW's own) - that's where the harm of it comes in.
  15. Let's hope there's a little less leaning on temp tracks like in TLJ, as good a score as it is. Though I guess one can hardly blame JW for sticking so close to temps considering his age and the length of that film.
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