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  1. Yeah I’ve thought that for a while now. He’s basically Qanon but for Star Wars.
  2. I quite liked their score for Cloud Atlas, particularly the Cloud Atlas Sextet. Obviously Davis would be much better, and I wonder if they'll try to emulate his style at all? Speaking of Davis' score, I recently purchased the Omni Publishing book of it, and it's insanely dense. Gobsmacked at how the orchestra could sight-read so many of those ostinati. Great stuff.
  3. I’m assuming Lucasfilm still owns all the IP for Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc. Hopefully the new studio gets around to exploiting those, as well as creating some new IP (though I doubt it). I’d love to see a new Monkey Island one day. I really liked Tales, it was much better than the dismal Escape.
  4. Amazing! I never had a Wii-U but played 3D World a few times and loved it. Bowser’s Fury looks like a hybrid with Odyssey. I love it. Day 1 for me.
  5. I liked quite a few parts of this one. The Trump villain is pretty hammy and fun, and I like that he keeps getting away with things after failing up so spectacularly. The Daleks as security drones was sooo dumb but the scenes of them starting to take over England reminded me of RTD high stakes episodes which was silly but fun. Ryan’s goodbye did nothing for me, but I teared up a bit when Graham did his little speech. He was a good companion. Didn’t care much for Angel Grace in the last scene but it was a sweet idea. Captain Jack was surprisingly good in this! He was a b
  6. Which is exactly why I’m so glad we got an intriguing, risky and multi-layered interpretation of the character in the sequels. I’ll end my discussion about TLJ here because I think it speaks for itself and doesn’t need defending, but if I had to choose again between a story about Luke in which he continues to grow and learn as a character and approaches conflict in a nonviolent manner, or a montage of him slicing down baddies with his laser sword like a badass I will always choose the former. It’s just so much more satisfying upon reflection, and says so much more about him as a person.
  7. Grogu is the most transparent (and lucrative, most likely) merchandising tie-in since BB-8, he will absolutely return. Probably in his own show.
  8. We must have very different ideas of what heroism can be. In this day and age, I can’t think of anything more heroic than an individual owning up to their mistakes, casting off the shackles of self-loathing and taking action for the good of others. It’s so much more aspirational than the standard, cookie cutter idea of heroism as a flawless virtue and a power fantasy.
  9. I’m specifically referring to the people disappointed that he wasn’t a force wielding, lightsaber swinging badass the whole film. I mean, it’s obvious that he was at some point, but by TLJ that’s no longer the case. A lot of people just really wanted to see him like that, and now their prayers have been answered.
  10. Ironically it’s also shown just how powerful the portrayal of Luke in TLJ really is. He truly was a legend - the fear in Moff Gideon’s eyes when he realised who’d just shown up, and the ease with which he dispatched the dark troopers just goes to show how far Luke had fallen in TLJ and why his sacrifice at the end was such a crucial turning point for the Resistance. The problem was never in Luke’s portrayal in TLJ, it was that a lot of people lacked the imagination to understand what he must have achieved - and failed at - to arrive at that point. This episode just helps to fill in those ga
  11. Yes! It was in also development for a loooong time though, It’s clear it was intended for the WiiU (the Sheika slate would’ve been accessed with the WiiU pad), so I imagine when they decided to make it a launch title for the Switch they were able to use the extra time to refine it. Nintendo first party titles are still the gold standard for game development even decades after their heyday as the console kings. I suppose that’s a luxury afforded by hardware owners - the only other AAA game studio with a similar level of polish is Naughty Dog which is owned by Sony. If you’ve got rev
  12. In light of all the drama surrounding Cyberpunk and how disappointing it has been for people it’s really made me appreciate Nintendo’s publicity approach. They do not announce games 5 years in advance, so hype can’t be drummed up to impossible levels. When the game is nearly ready, they’ll announce it, with maybe a few months of waiting before it’s released.
  13. actually he’s right, I wrote the minutes for the last Deep State High Council (Rainbow Chapter) and at the top of the gay agenda is the forced feminisation of men through clothing. It was on the back burner for a while as we were more focused on constructing the glitter gulag, but it’s back on top now. Hail Satin!
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