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  1. I always loved the Buffy mid and end-season two-parters, which of course directly influenced Russell T Davies’ series structure when he revived Doctor Who. That show just about peaked with series 9, which was almost all two-part episodes. Not to knock series 10 which I also love, but that was a great time for telly. Scorpion is great.
  2. I've always assumed Psalm of the Sith was just the opening of "Anthem of Evil", and wasn't written for any scene but as a thematic arrangement.
  3. Pacing of this show is all over the place. The first 5 episodes could have easily been condensed into 2-3 and we should've landed on this planet last episode. Seven reclaiming the Borg cube and fighting the Romulans should've gone way longer and delved into the psychological ramifications of Seven reinserting herself into a collective and controlling free drones. Picard and co took all of 5 minutes to find her and Elnor in the crashed cube that had NO POWER. Good thing they entered ten metres away from the other cast members! Blergh, so many good ideas terribly executed.
  4. Cryptic clue to an Eccleston reunion? Or did you just find the jacket in a theatre cloakroom? Tell us!
  5. Great selection of pieces! I was hoping for the last minute of “The Old Death Star” to be in there somewhere though, the big pulsing and exciting bit that ends the track (only saw the film once and don’t know what the actual cue is called)
  6. Haven't watched the full doco yet but found this clip: All stuff we already knew of course, but I got chills hearing the variations side-by-side like that.
  7. Moffatt always had ambition, while Chibs plays it safe for the most part, but when he does take risks it’s in the most excruciatingly boring way. I also miss the writing being, well, literary. Moffat’s best scripts are oozing with double meaning, poetry, dealing with more abstract interpretations of good and evil (moreso in the Capaldi era; the “mercy” through-line of The Witches Familiar is a good example). And he always zagged when you thought he would zig. Sometimes that could be frustrating, but over time I’ve come to appreciate his bait-and-switch storylines. Especially Hell Bent, which is set up as an epic showdown as the Doctor finally arrives on his home planet after going through literal hell, only for a much smaller story about grief and obsession to play out instead. I miss having to actually think while watching Doctor Who, instead of having everything spoon-fed and dumbed down.
  8. Makes me wonder if JW wanted to put some more of his own piano arrangements in from the trilogy, hence the delay. Potentially some of the solo piano arrangements that were recored with TFA. edit: sorry @crumbs missed that you said pretty much the same thing!
  9. Hopefully Mangold returns some of the fun, pulpy blood and guts of the first two films instead of the sanitised slapstick of Crusade and Crystal Skull.
  10. Good luck getting past the legal department. Composers never own their own music in Hollywood; if anyone under Disney's banner just went ahead and released their own music without permission they could potentially face a lawsuit.
  11. The Boys is based on a comic that predates Brightburn by over a decade.
  12. Not really backlash. I read the comments in his last Instagram post, it’s just some weird guy complaining that the movie itself is unoriginal (nothing to do with the score). And then l read Powell’s “statement”, it’s a silly story where he talks about music becoming sentient. Strange, but not what it seems.
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