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  1. It’d be ironic if this next series is one of the show’s best, which isn’t likely but also not outside the realm of possibility. As much as I’ve disliked Chibnall’s take on the show I’ve always held out hope that he would improve along the way. Having a single storyline for the next series is intriguing, and I’m always supportive of the showrunner shaking things up and taking risks with the format. Moffat tried it plenty (and failed often), but I’d argue that series 9 and its two-parter format was one of the show’s very best. I also appreciated the ambition of the Monk 3-parter in series 10 eve
  2. YES! I am here for Anna Torv, she is a very underrated actor. They're really throwing a lot of money at this thing. I'm looking forward to it but I really hope it doesn't just fall into a pit of despair and grittiness. I know that's how the games are, but there's a big difference between watching grim shit happen and being "in control" of it. There's a salient philosophical meta-idea in the games, particularly heightened in the second one, about the cycle of violence, narrative perspectives, deconstruction of hero/villain tropes etc, but it's unlikely to translate to the purely pas
  3. Yeah I never thought I'd say this but I even miss the frequent sexual innuendo that Moffat and (to a lesser extent) RTD injected into the scripts. As cringy as it could be sometimes at least it was a nod to the fact that a good chunk of the audience are actual adults. The postulating of the current run is almost unbearable, as is the refusal to acknowledge any nuance or complexity concerning the issues raised. Take Arachnids for example - the Doctor is staunchly against killing the invading spiders (fair enough), but her ultimate solution is to.... allow them to slowly starve and/o
  4. Nah, I place the blame squarely on Chibnall. As head writer, executive producer and showrunner the buck stops with him. Just take a look at the writing credits for both of his seasons, out of a total of 22 episodes his name is on 15 of them. Unsurprisingly, the strongest episodes from either season are ones he didn't write or co-write (speaking of which, if RTD or Moffat are to go by, "co-write" is code for "complete rewrite"): Demons of the Punjab It Takes You Away Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror The Haunting of Villa Diodati None of those is perfect, but
  5. Recently rewatched Smith/Moffat's first season and really, honestly just can't get over how much fun it is. I loved it at the time, but now it just hurts to see how much the show has dipped in quality since. I know the Chibnall-bashing is flogging a dead horse but the difference is night and day. What stuck with me wasn't the arc-centric episodes (which are very good), but how entertaining the monsters-of-the week are. Vampires of Venice is a delightful romp with a wonderful villain in the late Helen McCrory, jam-packed with fun and illuminating character beats from Amy, Rory and t
  6. There are few things in this world I'd less rather watch than YouTubers spending hours complaining about Star Wars. And this is coming from someone who recently watched a 5-hour video of someone complaining about Doctor Who.
  7. I've always found it quite funny that Hammond points out the score as being temporary and will eventually be replaced, despite the fact that the music is obviously incredibly detailed and was clearly written, orchestrated and recorded (spared no expense) specifically for that animation, sync points and all. What kind of monster would replace that? Still, it fits with his character arc I guess. Hammond is a stand-in for the Hollywood producer tyrants.
  8. I suspect they’re trying to find the next long-form, multi-season smash hit, but to me it would’ve been more interesting to watch multiple single season-long stories set in different points of the universe’s history. Kind of like what Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek series reboot was going to be before they decided to go all in on just Discovery.
  9. Should be called “10,000 spin-offs” at this rate. I wonder just how bad the Naomi Watts one must’ve been to not make it past the pilot.
  10. Wow I really loved this musical back when I was 17. I really liked musicals in general, now I can’t stand most of them. The Producers was pretty funny though. The music is great.
  11. Irina’s theme is worth the price of admission IMO. If nothing else, JW knows how to write a good villain theme, even if the character as portrayed isn’t worth the paper the score is written on.
  12. Man that wasn’t good. As soon as the witches(!) in the opening scene started blasting colour-coded CGI at each other my worst fears about this show came true. It’s fully devolved into boring by-the-numbers Marvel. Even Kathryn Hahn was barely watchable, not at all helped by the terrible dialogue given to her. All her charisma has been sapped in what has amounted to a moustache-twirling villain. Looks like next week will be Vision vs Vision, no real story closure and likely Banana Cabbagepatch will show up in a two-second cameo advertising his next movie. I also saw the trailer for
  13. To be fair, she’s largely been a character actor by trade, relegated to supporting parts in romcoms and guest roles in sitcoms, so most people wouldn’t have noticed her. This is probably her most high-profile role yet.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole series is just one big setup for the new Dr Strange movie and we don't get any kind of resolution. Agatha All Along is a banger. Been playing it all week, I just cannot get enough of Kathryn Hahn hamming it up. If this is the start of her time as a leading lady I'm here for it, she's one of the most consistently funny actors in Hollywood. And her dramatic chops are nothing to sneeze at either, after watching her in Transparent.
  15. A class act for his whole career. Wonderful to see his spritely and fun performance in Knives Out so recently.
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