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  1. How were these cues originally supposed to be joined, if you don't mind my asking? I've seen you say this before and I'm actually kind-of curious what you mean by this.
  2. It's actually the last cue of the tank chase, which was released as the last half of the OST track Belly Of The Steel Beast. While this cue could very well have been called On The Tank as well, I wouldn't take the track titles in this video at face value, as there are many tracks with mismatched titles. (X Marks The Spot and Ah Rats, for instance)
  3. This is news to me. Who's publishing the TWOK score? I couldn't find anything on Omni referencing it, and I couldn't find any announcement threads here about it either.
  4. The film version is an edit from the Flying Wing cue. The actual alternate for the Escaping The Pit cue is very quiet and subdued.
  5. Some of these seem like cue splits that we'd later dicover would turn out to be authentic (Scherzo's discrete intro, for instance). Is it possible that the split for the boat chase (In the video, it'd be 7:13 Escape From Venice and 22:16 Canyon Of The Crescent Moon) is also authentic?
  6. Bruce Broughton - Lost In Space Album Program [The first Intrada album] 01 Prologue ⦁ 1m0 - Prologue 02 Preparing For Space ⦁ [0:00-0:52] 1m1 - Main Title ⦁ [0:52-end] 1m7 - Meet Dr. Smith 03 The Launch ⦁ [0:00-2:10] 1m9 - Reprogram The Robot ⦁ [2:10-end] 2m1 - The Launch 04 Robot Attack ⦁ [0:00-0:30] 2m2 - Bad Dream (Album Version) ⦁ [0:30-end] 2m3 - The Robot Attack 05 Into The Sun ⦁ [0:00-3:07] 2m4A - Where's Judy? ⦁ [3:07-end] 2m4B - Judy Is Dying 06 Spiders ⦁ [0:00-2:16] 3m4 - The Proteus (Alternate) [Final Accepted Take, used in Film and all Albums.] ⦁ [2:16-4:47] 3m5 - Boarding The Proteus, Pt.1 ⦁ [4:47-7:16] 4m1A - Spiders Attack, Pt.1 [Contains Microedits] ⦁ [7:16-9:09] 4m1B - Spiders Attack, Pt.2 (Original) [Contains Microedits] ⦁ [9:09-end] 4m2 - Jupiter Crash 07 A New World ⦁ [0:00-0:34] 4m3 - A Strange New Place ⦁ [0:34-end] 4m4A - Spider Scratch 08 Guiding Stars ⦁ 5m1 - Matt And Judy 09 The Time Bubbles ⦁ [0:00-0:18] 5m3 - Energy Bubbles ⦁ [0:18-1:06] 5m4 - Dog Tags, No.2 ⦁ [1:06-end] 5m5 - John And West Set Out 10 Smith's Plan ⦁ 6m2 - Smith Persuades Will 11 Will And Smith Explore ⦁ 6m3 - Will And Smith Set Out 12 Will's Time Machine ⦁ [0:00-0:32] 6m4A - Decades Old, Pt.1 ⦁ [0:32-0:58] 6m4B - Decades Old, Pt.2 ⦁ [0:58-1:01] 6m5R - I'm Your Son (Revised) ⦁ [1:01-1:08] 6m5A - I'm Your Son (Original) ⦁ [1:08-1:19] 6m5R - I'm Your Son (Revised) ⦁ [1:19-1:45] 6m5 - I'm Your Son (Insert) [Will & Smith scene between I'm Your Son and Time Machine] ⦁ [1:45-end] 6m5B - Time Machine 13 Spider Smith ⦁ 6m8 - Spider Smith 14 Facing The Monster ⦁ [0:00-2:09] 6m9 - Friendship ⦁ [2:09-4:59] 6m10A - We Have A Plan (Album Take) ⦁ [4:59-end] 6m10B - Kill The Monster (Revised) 15 Attempted Escape ⦁ 6m11 - Let's Go Major (Original) 16 The Time Portal ⦁ [0:00-0:25] 6m12 - The Portal (Alt. Intro) ⦁ [0:25-end] 6m12 - The Portal (Original) 17 Through The Planet ⦁ 7m1 - Through The Planet (Revised Alternate) 18 Back To Hyperspace ⦁ 7m2 - Nice Work Fly Boy (Revised) [Contains Microedit at 1:27 to remove silence before coda] 19 Fanfare For Will ⦁ 1m3 - S.G.I. Commercial 20 Lost In Space ⦁ [0:00-2:55] 7m1 - Through The Planet (Original) ⦁ [2:55-End] 7m2 - Nice Work Fly Boy (Original) ----- Bruce Broughton - Lost In Space OST [The TVT Album] 09 Main Title ⦁ 1m1 - Main Title 10 Reprogram The Robot ⦁ 1m9 - Reprogram The Robot 11 The Launch ⦁ 2m1 - The Launch 12 The Robot Attack ⦁ 2m3 - The Robot Attack 13 The Proteus ⦁ 3m4 - The Proteus (Alternate) [Final Accepted Take, used in Film and all Albums.] 14 Spiders Attack ⦁ 4m1B - Spiders Attack, Pt.2 (Original) 15 Jupiter Crashes ⦁ 4m2 - Jupiter Crash 16 Spider Smith ⦁ 6m8 - Spider Smith 17 Kill The Monster ⦁ 6m10B - Kill The Monster (Original) 18 The Portal ⦁ 6m12 - The Portal (Original) 19 Thru The Planet ⦁ 7m1 - Through The Planet (Revised) [All three versions of Through The Planet appear across the TVT and first Intrada Albums; the final version and most of the original version appear on the Intrada, while the intermediate revision appears on the TVT.] ----- I have 2m2 Bad Dream and 6m10A We Have A Plan labeled specifically as Album versions because the film used different takes for both. Bad Dream uses a take that omits the solo trumpet; We Have A Plan is an outtake with flubbed brass on Judy's line "Fire In The Hole".
  7. Heck, Williams himself made Vaders theme sound sympathetic in RotJ.
  8. This. What makes me think even more that this is the case is the fact that they were so upfront about the missing material.
  9. I didn't want to go to bed without posting this first: 2:11-2:30 was cut in the film; that's what I'd found in the screenshot I posted above. I realize now that the screenshot didn't have enough contextual information to be useful; it's late for me and I haven't gone to bed yet. Really not the time for me to try to figure out a new film score. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion.
  10. I thought you were going to tell me what I was missing! At any rate, my biggest point of confusion was that chunk missing in the middle of the track (which I'd assumed was a long 5+ minute cue)... And I also happened upon the microedit to 3m1. Then I had the brilliant idea to go back and edit my post: That answers my biggest point of confusion; I thought that might've been what you were referring to this whole time, except it wasn't. Sorry about the confusion!
  11. I mean, I trust you know this score better than I do, so if you have evidence to the contrary (The Omni book, for instance), I'd love to see it. I just want to know what is going on with this cue/track. I take it that gigantic missing chunk on the album track is the start of the cue 3m2 Bavmorda & Kael?
  12. I just compared the two directly and all I came up with was this: There's also what seems to be a small edit in the film, shortly before the baby vomit shot. I suppose it could just as easily have been the revised insert, I suppose. Album version I used here was this video.
  13. If it's similar to the album ending, then what about the ending was changed? Penitent, who has only just recently seen this film and is eager to learn as much about this score as possible.
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