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  1. Agree with The Bubble World, but not Queen Amidala. In my (1 hour, 45 minute) work playlist, I keep Queen Amidala (I have it overlapped with The Droid Invasion) and throw out The Bubble World and all of the Coruscant music except for Naboo Palace, Anakin's Test (W/ Insert), and an edit of The Chosen One that starts from 1:33-end. The rest of the Coruscant music saps too much of my energy, which is the opposite of what I want from a work playlist.
  2. When I was a kid, I found the OST for TPM... incomprehensible. It was my later dissatisfaction with the first Intrada album for Broughton's Lost In Space that spurred me to start making fanedits of my favorite film scores. My appreciation for OST programs has definitely gone up since then. In fact, it was actually Thor's posts in these two threads that helped me understand their appeal! I've even made a 45-minute playlist for that first Intrada album for LIS to help me appreciate it's unique track assemblies more: It doesn't get nearly as many listens as my C&C fanedit, but it's always there when I'm in the mood for it.
  3. Fine. Edited. But here's the source of the lyrics I posted, and the line sounds okay to me here: If you still think it's wrong, I don't know what to tell you. Is it perfect? No. But this is classic Youtube right here.
  4. Note to self: Keep the Broughton praise inside the Broughton threads.
  5. A Tribute To Vernon, of course! Fanmade Rerecording: (Just try not to get poisoned or skewered or anything. I know that'd ruin my night for sure.)
  6. "No longer am I... just a man. I'll only go by... Superman! You look at me as... just a guy. But I hide, deep inside, I can fly!" "Superman, it's just how it sounds! I am a super man, just making my rounds. And I'm here to saaave you 'cuz that's what the braaave do. I'm known as the man of steel, with a heart of gold." "Want adventure? Come to me: A professor... of archaeology. Buried treasure's... worth the fee! But choose poorly, and surely, you're purely... cremation." (I can't believe I'm the only one so far to mention Goldentusk in a thread about putting lyrics to JW pieces!)
  7. Darth, is there something wrong with what I wrote here?
  8. Short Round also used some martial arts on a few Thuggee in ToD, so it wouldn't be out of nowhere for the character either.
  9. The concept of a kung-fu Indy film brings Jackie Chan to mind. Specifically "Kung Fu Yoga", where he plays an archaeologist.
  10. I'll be honest here: listening to scores for films I've never seen usually does absolutely nothing for me. I need story beats to latch onto, or else I just don't get what the music's trying to convey. If that makes me a simpleton, a moron, or "not part of the cool kid's club" so be it. But that's just the way I am. I remember the first time I heard the How To Train Your Dragon OST before I'd seen the film. In that first listening session, listening to This Is Berk was a chaotic experience and I stopped before I even made it halfway through the track. After seeing the film, the score quickly became a favorite of mine, though admittedly I don't listen to it as much now as I used to.
  11. I bought the blu-ray 2-pack for The Rescuers films recently, and decided I needed this score immediately. This cue especially is just so amazing! I love the mickey-mousing for every city the message hits in the map shots, and just how upfront Broughton is with his themes in general!
  12. Got it. (I assumed the discussion was about the lion car insert... I got confused by the word "pickup")
  13. It sounds more like the beginning of 1m3 than the actual 2m1 insert. Like they just worked that out in rehearsals instead of using the actual sheet music for the insert.
  14. For my fanedit I have 3m3 The Snow Battle separate, but keep the other two cue combos. I kept Drawing The Battle Lines/Leia's Instructions because we simply don't have a clean split for it yet (as far as I'm aware, at least). I kept Luke's First Crash/The Rebels Escape Again because I think they actually do sound better together. 4m1 - Luke's First Crash~The Rebels Escape Again.mp3
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