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  1. I'd forgotten what a real treat this score is, and now all my personal highlights in small contained cues. Very nice!
  2. Wonderfully written. You clearly hear where Mozart borrowed from.
  3. Has this nice War of the Worlds touch.
  4. Circus Train at 5:30 bears some familiarity: https://youtu.be/u8sxMFoPGsM
  5. Actually, Far and Away contains one of my personal Williams favorites of all time: I put this kind of writing into the good-happy-mood category. I especially like the flute and cello counterpoint to the end.
  6. Nevertheless, it was a pure thrill to talk to you guys and see the spark in your eyes when talking about John's music. It really was a great pleasure that shall be repeated.
  7. Track 18; I particular like the end at 2:34.This brass writing you will only find with Williams. Track 19, at 1:09 I get the feeling that Williams let's us wait for the next installment to flesh out a theme for Kylo and the New Order. The beginning of track 20 is also great. Overall, I must say I really like the score upon first listening. It has more instant stand-out moments for me compared to TFA. As you may have noticed, I like modern Williams action writing and I am not to fond of old themes - we heard so much - repeated too much. Since there seems to be much more music in the movie itself, I am looking forward to discover more treasures which specifically will drive king mark nuts (ok, and myself ). This score does not disappoint!
  8. I don't think it matters. In fact, many pieces start with the same two notes. However, confusing it was nonetheless.
  9. Yeah, got confused the first time listening to it. The first phrase definitely triggers Anakin's theme for me.
  10. Track 14 starts with Williams in awesome-mode at 1:32 till the end. Notice how this small motif at 2:03 returns from TFA, even more fleshed out at 2:18-2:25! Always reminds me of Mynok Cave from ESB. No time stamps required for track 16. Just great! Track 17...wow! This track ranks among the greats from ANH, ESB, and ROTJ.
  11. Hmm, track 12: 0:40- 0:56. I've heard this motif before, but was it from Star Wars? Chamber of Secrets might it be?
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