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  1. Have seen both films many, many times - two of the top films in their respective genres. And that's where my problem with this question lies - which is better out of two films that belong to different genres. Tough call, really tough, and it's one of those where my opinion might change next week - but for the time being I'm going with "Alien". For the record - the original cut too.
  2. Maltin's been unreliable over the last ten years because he plays it too safe and gives almost anything three stars. Everything from Batman Begins, Superman Returns, The Simpsons Movie, KOTCS, ROTS - all three stars, whether they deserved it or not. Yet he gives The Dark Knight only two. All of those films deserve that rating. And if you think he "plays it safe" and gives almost anything three stars, maybe its time to read a few more of the reviews in his book
  3. Looks like a cracking release for the Grusin fans (of which there are plenty), but not one for me this time round
  4. Is this supposed to change our opinion on the film? I don't even know who this guy is! Look out his book - the "Movie And Video Guide" (or whatever it's called this year) - it's essential for anyone remotely interested in movies. "Terminator 3" was a curiousity - something that doesn't feel (for me) to be part of the same universe as the first two, but in it's own right it's a pretty good popcorn flick - not great, but certainly not as bad as the unfair drubbing it gets purely because of the films that it followed. "Terminator: Salvation" was a different kettle of fish for me - far more in tune with the original movie, some great moments - but it had a problem from the outset in that it wanted to be an "Intelligent" movie but cater at the same time to the brainless multiplex goers who think Twilight is a classic of it's genre. Ultimately, it achieves neither (though veers dangerously close to the latter), but it does serve as a solid setup for continuation, without being stupid about it (although, in hindsight, I do wonder if the people involved now regret including the Arnie-Terminator). I will look forward to parts 5 and 6, and be happy to pass my money over the counter to see them. I just hope - HOPE - that the emphasis is on story and characterisation rather than Ahnuld (though SOMEHOW, Cameron manage a perfect balance in T2). That's where Terminator wins. EDIT - apparently that site's source was either bogus, or out of date and things have changed.
  5. This.... ....it's never something that's crossed my mind....but ears and eyes open next time...
  6. Was introduced to "The Illustrated Man" as a set work for English at school....never looked back - always been thrilled by his work. very sad day.
  7. Raiders of the Lost Ark by a country mile.....but honourable mention to Air Force One - one of my favourite screen US Presidents.
  8. Will depend a lot on what happens to my job over the next few months, but for the time being - count me in too.
  9. Not really known to us over here in the UK apart from his star turn in "The Running Man"....one of my favourite movies...looked like he was having a great time....RIP.
  10. I has happened to me - quite recently (it was the Star Wars Main Title), but agree with all the points on this thread. It was a rare occurrence, and one that sent shivers down my spine if I'm honest.
  11. Haha - nothing like flying by the seat of the pants, eh??
  12. The final scene of the final movie would be Potter waking up, on a beach, next to a spinning top.
  13. Good grief...this is sad news indeed
  14. Enjoyed that - thanks a lot for posting! Was it written with any kind of scenario in mind of what it would accompany? Sounds to me like it should be fitted to Pirates of the Carribean or similar.
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