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  1. Thanks so much Maurizio and Tim (and all your guests), this was an awesome conversation to listen to and a fine way to spend an evening! So many great stories, especially hearing David Cripps tell the Leia's theme anecdote (I wonder, was his horn colleague worried about his well-being, or would he have liked to get a shot at it himself? ).
  2. He got around that by just calling the Main Title "Fanfare"...
  3. Indeed - and the hardback casing is very sturdy (if only DG had put the Mutter/Williams/Vienna discs in some of those). Of course there's not really any new information in there for die-hard Williams aficionados, but for anyone else (the real target audience for a "spotlight" album, I guess) it's very nice to have an extensive overview of his career, paired with a few comments by notable collaborators and himself, and some cool "concept art"-like paintings/drawings relating to several of the scored films. Also a nice painterly filter applied to all of the photos... they really wanted to a
  4. Out of curiosity I tried my hand at another one of the unrecorded cues (but a much simpler one): Total Logic (Early Version) (mockup) (No video, though)
  5. Ordered. I have too little Rozsa... and the violin concerto is great, can't complain about more use of those themes
  6. So that's 46:16 (including source music) of music in the film, if I calculated correctly... plus 14:43 of album-only cues, makes 60:59 total, of which 34:12 appear on the album, which leaves 26:47 of unreleased music.
  7. I find this connection a bit far fetched, it's really only three notes in the middle of the phrase, and the gesture/movement of the piece is completely different (Puccini is more static, a grandiose statement, whereas Williams is full of energy and forward drive).
  8. I'm hoping for an eventual album with the two violin concertos and treesong (runtime permitting). Technically it would qualify, being an extended work for soloist and orchestra in 3 movements (side note, are you confusing Treesong with Heartwood? Since the latter is for cello, and in one movement). But a composer is free to call his works what he likes, and "concerto" also carries some connotations of scope, so he may see Treesong as more of an impressionistic (in a loose sense of the word) fantasy or meditation, compared with the more ambitious scope of e.g. the first vi
  9. I love the samplemodeling brass. Using a fader (or mapping to modwheel) for dynamics/expression works fine, but I've found it's much more fun (and yields more "natural" curves) to use a breath controller (which also frees up your hand to input e.g. vibrato via modwheel in the same pass).
  10. A dedicated audio interface (with a fitting ASIO driver) definitely helps a lot with latency! Other factors are the buffer size (smaller = less latency, but more CPU load and risk of drop-outs/crackling), and of course how immediate the attack of the used samples is.
  11. If you already have a score done in Sibelius, you often can get a really good result by just using Noteperformer, with almost zero effort. Of course a "real" mockup with good sample libraries can sound a good bit better (and more "3-dimensional"), but takes a lot more time and work. An important consideration for me is that writing a cue in a notation program vs starting by inputting one line after the other in the DAW has a big effect on the music that comes out - it's a clumsy way to put it, but for me notation leads to more things planned out as a whole, while composin
  12. Just got around to watching this yesterday, and enjoyed it very much - Many thanks to all involved! I also wouldn't have minded if it had been twice as long So many great stories everyone had to tell. I thought that it really added something to have a bigger group of guests there, which allowed many recollections to be augmented by additional viewpoints and experiences.
  13. This sounds great - getting some Goldenthal (Final Fantasy) vibes from this.
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