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  1. I have a few of the box sets he scored, though mostly non-Doctor stories about other characters from the universe - "Missy", "The Paternoster Gang", etc. I'd recommend them - apart from the music being very enjoyable (and very Kraemer in style, not a copy of Gold, or Akinola - mostly a mix of adventure/whimsical/mystery idioms), the stories are fun to listen to, the voice acting is great, and most of the sets contain a lengthy suite of Joe's score at the end, which alleviates the fact that there only has been one standalone soundtrack release so far.
  2. Did this as a little exercise for mixing/balancing with some newly-acquired libraries (definitely room for improvement):
  3. I'm fairly sure "Nimbus 2000" is identical to the version on disc 3 of the LaLaLand Harry Potter collection, and "The Sorcerer's Stone" may be the track "The Stone" on disc 2?
  4. I'm about 3/4 through The Pathless, and the music works really well in the game, often becoming part of the landscape, but stepping into the spotlight every once in a while with spectacular effect. The already mentioned behind-the-scenes videos on his youtube channel are highly recommended, great look into the process (and who doesn't love to watch raw session footage?)
  5. The "It Can't Be"/Anakin's Dark Deeds one has always puzzled me, such an awesome moment (though already simplified on the way from orchestrated score to recording - there's an additional trumpet flourish he apparently cut on the stage?). Trying to rationalize it, I'd guess it's JW's inner Thor? The track indeed flows better in reduced form, at the cost of an incredible moment, taken in isolation - it does seem like two consecutive climaxes in the complete cue.
  6. Maybe he's working on a grand final concert suite and wants to hold it back for that... just an optimistic dream
  7. As the leaks completely passed me by and I didn't dive into this score much before now, all of that, and the older discussion in this thread, is very fascinating to read and discover
  8. Did I hear a hint of Williams' Resistance theme during the departure of the x-wings?
  9. For many years, The Ghost and the Darkness - had the OST in my hands in the mid-90s, held off on buying it because my cd budget for that shopping trip was already exhausted, then never found it again until the recent expansion.
  10. Donated, but forgot to put my user name I hope it's apparent from my paypal name
  11. Dammit, glancing at the page and reading "JW score" and "Omni" in the same heading got me excited for a second
  12. Regarding Voyeur, Schyman has a suite (with sheet music!) on youtube: The description sheds some light on the circumstances of its creation, so I guess the questions are "do interactive movies count as a games?" (whole other can of worms) and whether the ensemble size matters...
  13. That would be Garry Schyman's Voyeur for the CD-i from 1993, which according to the composer was recorded with a small orchestra.
  14. This might be comparison bias with the episode as aired, but I thought the concept stated at its beginning - that the drug would totally flash the user - was played much too subtle, so this was actually much more in keeping with the supposed premise.
  15. I like it - it brilliantly plays with the concept of genre perception distortion and IMHO takes the weakness of the scene (as elaborated above: too little genuine tension for a supposedly dramatic chase) and full-on acknowledges it by turning it into "it's like a game". The mix between the chiptune/rock/orchestra hybrid elements sounds very well done, too.
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