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  1. Wish I could have been there, it sounds like it was an amazing experience.
  2. Indeed. I also suspect there should be enough re-recordings (and concert albums) each year to spotlight them in their own category. Although personally I believe it maybe shouldn't have won due to the technical issues, it's a great album! By the way, that's twice a Herrmann album wins this category in the last three years: BEST NEW ARCHIVAL RELEASE 2021 – COMPILATION The Film Scores of Bernard Herrmann, music by Bernard Herrmann; album produced by Tony d’Amato, Gavin Barratt, Raymond Few, and Tim McDonald; liner notes by Tom Schneller; album art direction by Matt Read (Phase 4/Deutsche Grammophon) Gabriel Yared: Music For Film, music by Gabriel Yared; the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra and Vlaams Radiokoor, conducted by Dirk Brossé; album produced by Thomas Van Parys and Marijke Vandeburie; liner notes by Thomas Van Parys; album art direction by Stuart Ford (Silva Screen/Film Fest Gent) Pedro Almodóvar & Alberto Iglesias Film Music Collection, music by Alberto Iglesias; album produced by José M. Benitez and Alberto Iglesias; liner notes by Pedro Almodóvar, Alberto Iglesias, and Manuel J. Lombardo; album art direction by Nacho B. Govantes and Luca Barcellona (Quartet) The Pink Panther Final Chapters Collection (Trail of the Pink Panther/Curse of the Pink Panther/Son of the Pink Panther), music by Henry Mancini; album produced by Chris Malone; liner notes by John Takis; album art direction by Nacho B. Govantes (Quartet) Spotlight On John Williams, music by John Williams; the City Light Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kevin Griffiths; album produced by Pirmin Zängerle and Martin Korn; liner notes by Basil Böhni; album art direction by Roger Krütli (Prospero Classical)
  3. Largo Winch is absolutely top drawer Desplat. The themes are brilliant and memorable, woven throughout the scores in many variations, the Eastern Europe flavour also works well, and along with The Golden Compass it has some of the best action cues of his career ("Roof Fight"!).
  4. Apparently Varese would make a video teaser if they are just releasing a vinyl edition of something already on streaming and CD.
  5. Just a heads-up that it may be rewarding to subscribe to the WSA newsletter at https://www.worldsoundtrackawards.com/ - as a giveaway contest for the new Laurence Rosenthal album has just been announced.
  6. Tomorrow there is a 10th anniversary concert of this event, again back at the Royal Albert Hall.
  7. The BruPhil/Dirk Brossé performance and concert were indeed terrific. Certainly one of the best L2P concerts I've been to. The balance between film sound and the orchestra was also really well done. Although the one score restore was great to see, I do wish they would experiment more with reinstating the score here and there rather than just follow film edits (esp. the end credits). Or they could have added that short piece in the prologue that was composed additionally. Anyway, it was still an amazing experience. It would be amazing to see all Indiana Jones films with live orchestra.
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