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  1. I will also go out of my way not to give any direct money anymore to customs and the national mail service for their "handling" fee... Terrific to see this score expanded, by the way. The theme is one of my favourites, and most of the underscore is pretty effective too.
  2. Great news! I assume this is not going to appear on CD?
  3. Don't confuse lack of response with lack of contribution. Great project, hope that similar Williams projects will be possible, well at least in the long run, too.
  4. "Deraan" in this sentence in Flemish dialect ("eraan" in Dutch) means they're all finished/dead.
  5. "I never even watched the [LOTR] films because I found the music too scary."
  6. I thought this was interesting too, "The Little Things" is terrific:
  7. Great news! But if it's already open for subscriptions and there's only one performance, I guess chances will not be high to acquire tickets for this?
  8. New John Debney snippet from episode 7 https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/v/t50.16885-16/277118431_702177410787107_9080159038811964767_n.mp4?_nc_ht=scontent-bru2-1.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=111&_nc_ohc=LuDzT8HWXuwAX-JUYZW&edm=AABBvjUBAAAA&ccb=7-4&oe=623D224C&oh=00_AT-D8HBGQSIwbiq-Xs0N4sEgnFQEs6ibqW5TKq30VUXnQQ&_nc_sid=83d603
  9. New video from McFarlane with snippet from a Joel McNeely score: https://www.instagram.com/p/CbQmdhVjmG1/
  10. Great news. Would you know which other titles they're planning to get in stock?
  11. Would the Jane Eyre recording by any chance come from this concert? https://presspack.rte.ie/2020/07/10/the-full-score-with-liz-nolan-377/
  12. Yes it was Janezic that played the horn solos on both days. After the Saturday performance, I was very happy that there was only one real flub on Sunday in "Leia's Theme".
  13. Shire used the 12-tone system for his score, and the Payback main titles definitely mirrors/channels that Pelham theme:
  14. Only because it had all the pieces, not the applause, which you then had to edit out (unless you prefer applause of course).
  15. I was also quite surprised they didn't put the clean audio on the CD. They must have erroneously thought the "Live" Vienna version was superior and this time just put that on CD (even though the accompanying BD has it)?
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