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  1. Terrific score, yes. Usually it's the tracklisting that's wrong but in this case I'm not sure.
  2. Here's a quick editing guide for Air Force One: -Combine The Parachutes and The Parachute Attack (Film Version) -Start with the opening of the end credits, switch to The Parachutes about 34 seconds in, and combine with The Parachute Attack for an alternate version -Combine the opening of the film version of Ivan and the Hostages (this is presumably taken from film stem) with the album track (which has the rest in better quality); this way you only need one version in your edit. -Marshall's Plan is the same except the film version has an additional opening, so you can use just that version. -Sign It is not an alternate take, just has an alternate ending. -Add "Empty Rooms" from album (with shortened silences) or the bootleg (silences intact) for the alternate ending (an alternate take with slightly different instrumentation in brass). -Replace "Air Force One in Trouble" with the alternate take because the one in the main programme has volume dips and a very bad editing error. Fact check: -Target Air Force One is the same take as on the bootleg I have. -Get Off My Plane is except for the opening entirely the same take.
  3. Can't wait for the fourth volume of The X-Files. Hopefully most of our requests will be on it.
  4. I don't know about the theory that the drum roll for the End Credits is the original version of The Parachutes. Isn't it more likely that they recorded a beefed-up version to have an introduction for the - for the rest - tracked end credits? That's a common practice as well. Also, the first 34 seconds seem to be a different recording, it's only from then onwards that it seems to phase when you align the tracks.
  5. Thanks for the link and your guide, which I'd seen. But I'm using a few more album tracks even than you - which is probably why there are three alternates in my programme. Just wanted to check if I didn't miss anything.
  6. That theme is indeed quite reminiscent of Desplat's Lily's theme.
  7. The liner notes also state there are three versions of "The Locusts" with the third as part of the Decca album, another mistake. And "My Favourite Plague" Original Version just uses the OST version, right, or is there another difference except for the extended part? So, to sum up, I'm not missing anything if I've done the following? Put all album tracks in the main programme (except "Mumia Attack", "Rebirth" and "My Favourite Plague" - see below). Lower all Intrada complete score tracks by -3db. Retain "Giza Port", because the Intrada disc 1 version has a choir overlay at 1:31. Edit "The Warden's Bag" into the album mix of "Mumia Attack". Use "My Favorite Plague (Original Version)" instead of the OST track, because the latter seems to be included in the former - the volume is on level of the OST tracks for disc 2 track 5. Delete "Airplane Ride". "Rebirth" is very slightly extended at some points in comparison with the OST version - either choose the complete Intrada version or the OST mix. Delete "End Credits" and be sure to use "The Sand Volcano" from the OST.
  8. In the album notes it says that there's choir in Giza Port (OST mix) but not in the film version (disc 1), but I can't hear the choir - or is it mixed too low for my computer speakers?
  9. What section from E.T. Phones Home - Album Version (OST) - is not the film take like on the LLL?
  10. I would recommend it but then again I'd recommend any Desplat score It's one of his better ones in this genre though, seems like he did find inspiration in this film.
  11. Terrific news. I was hoping it would get an expansion with its anniversary.
  12. 10 euro each or so. I can bring the printed out pdf to the musikverein tomorrow.
  13. I have two spare standing room tickets for the Vienna concert tomorrow (Sunday), if interested, let me know!
  14. Already planned sth then so I'll have to pass. Have a great get-together!
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