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  1. That's the music that was put over the end titles, and is definitely not entirely representative of the score, it has better material than that.
  2. The imdb listing only has Natalie Holt and John Williams under "series music": https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8466564/fullcredits?ref_=tt_rv William Ross is only credited under the "music department".
  3. That's the first thing I listened to, but I don't think so. It also reminds of me "The Prize Is Barsoom" but it's probably not that either.
  4. Specifically the downward motif starting at 0:38 in the Mane Title or 0:25 in Mane on Ends. It's on the tip of my, eh, ear but the penny doesn't drop.
  5. Does the main theme remind anyone of another theme/track? It's very reminiscent of something and it's just not popping into my head what it is.
  6. Wait, so you requested to add a sound effect to the score?
  7. Yes, that's one of my favourite Arnold compositions! The regular version isn't too shabby either. On TND: over the moon with this expansion, of course, I can finally retire my edit of the score and can't wait to listen to the complete score at last.
  8. I didn't get it either yet, quite a high price to pay for a CD-R. I don't think there's ever been a guaranteed pressed version?
  9. That video with Desplat playing the piano is great.
  10. Tom Selleck could play Old Indy in bookends for each episode.
  11. When will tickets for the pre-concert talk/Sugarland Express become available?
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