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  1. It's not his first though, he composed something for Splinter Cell.
  2. The main question is will there be many or any tickets left in a few weeks. I'd love to have planned this a bit earlier so I know if I can make it or not.
  3. Are this and Hunchback available anywhere in Europe (online)?
  4. I remember the edit being slightly off timing-wise on the Concord set, indeed.
  5. Music Box is also out of stock. Does anyone know when Intrada will resupply?
  6. Really? I hope you're right but I fear it's going to be more difficult than Vienna.
  7. Zimmer brought his whole gang to Ghent for that concert (the first one with his music performed live) at the time. (By the way, a brief fragment from that concert can be seen in this short documentary at 1:31.) If I remember correctly, Powell also played some percussion when he was guest of honour at the 2006 World Soundtrack Awards (see the same video at 9:23 for a very brief two-second excerpt from that concert). Very recently at the Krakow Film Music Festival he performed alongside the orchestra on a few of the pieces, including with a Spanish percussion instrument on Ferdinand and the viola on The Bourne Identity. (I believe he played the viola when he was younger?)
  8. I seem to remember that in the score as it was written 3M2A also entered a beat or measure later. My copy is still underway so haven't heard it yet, but does the film version match the written score?
  9. Does anyone know if there are any 'interesting' wrong takes used for the 2013 20th Anniversary assembly? (That are not on the LLL releases because they're not the film or album takes.)
  10. You're shipping from the UK, right? Asking with post-brexit import fees in mind...
  11. These two scores I count among my favourite Horner scores as well, nice to see they're back. I made a custom playlist back in the day assembling a 'bonus tracks' album containing the alternate or film version material from both; curious to see what will be new on the CAPD album.
  12. Maybe they will rerelease the two first Jurassic Park scores with a new remaster/remix of all tracks? They used the album masters last time, resulting in a few volume differences (which were most noticeable in the expanded "Rescuing Sarah"). Curious to see what will be new for this release. (And I also feel this should be forever in-print, so well done that they're reissuing this score.)
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