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  1. According to the booklet the ending of Maid Marian (The Plot Thickens) on the album is a specially recorded album ending, but that very brief coda really sounds like tracked material, what with the fade-out?
  2. Everyone has his or her own favourite cues of course. While they left off some of the cues that I would definitely have included personally, they did include almost all of the most essential cues that were on my wishlist. And completely out of the blue, it contains Smoking Telegram! It looks like a fantastic release.
  3. Yes, but the music for the unaired Sherlock pilot appears to have been recorded in February 2009.
  4. Not a score I listen to very often anymore, and not an easy listen, but it's a must-have for Arnold fans that like to go beyond the orchestral style of ID4 of Stargate. Really shows how versatile he is as a composer.
  5. Is it established that Arnold based the style of the TV score on Zimmer's score? Doesn't the pilot of Sherlock predate Zimmer's score?
  6. Yes, but the regular blu-rays included in that box set are the new blu-rays and do carry the iso score, right?
  7. Is the iso score also on the regular blu-ray (not 4K) edition of the Skywalker Saga box set?
  8. What are Europeans' experiences with ordering this from the store? I assume there's no custom-friendly shipping, and it's taxed on top of the really hefty shipping costs?
  9. Not to make you jealous but "Mine Mission" in concert at Film Fest Ghent did indeed sound terrific. Very happy that this piece in particular was performed.
  10. Was this also going to be part of the BD release of the new transfer?
  11. Is there a chance that this will be released on cd?
  12. Thanks! Fireside Chat is in "Iduna's Scarf" on the OST.
  13. I remember at the Saturday performance that somebody on the righ balcony coughed really loud at the wrong moment during this performance - and remember hoping that they would choose the Sunday performance for the Blu-ray.
  14. Does anyone have the chrono order for Frozen II?
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