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  1. Probably only as long as it took someone to think, “Gee, do we really wanna hear the fanboys bitch about having to rebuy the original OST?”
  2. If they did, I'm betting on the person(s) being over 50.
  3. Dude, give a guy a warning before giving him that much wood! Something else to look forward to around Black Friday… So Omni uploads covers to its Facebook page, but hasn’t posted text/update/status (whatever in the heck it is) since March. Uh, that makes sense, how?
  4. According to this article: https://www.noahbalamucki.com/s/ScoreBooksArticle_PublishedVersion.pdf Omni is also planning on putting out The Burbs. The author of the article also states that he is working on entering The Mask of Zorro for Omni. The article adds that upcoming releases for Neumation are For Your Eyes Only and Tiny Toon Adventures; also that the Safan score for Wolfen is being pursued.
  5. I concur. The Eugene Symphony did Star Wars one year, Empire the next, and had Jedi slated for 2020. They'll be doing Jedi in Feb. Some concerts are planned years in advance to line up a specific soloist or conductor (one can work with multiple orchestras). With all of the extra gear needed for the LTP concerts (and people working the sound mixer et al), multiple orchestras are surely working on locking down dates, but won't announce them until the entire season's slate is announced (Apr-May in the US).
  6. Something else to keep in mind: how many other scores have seen expanded releases by the composers in question? Doyle: Dead Again and, and, uh, nothing else is coming to mind. Granted the other two don’t have a plethora of pre-2005 pics to pick from, but still.
  7. An e-mail I received earlier this evening: Dear Film Music Fans, Chris Siddall Music Publishing is proud to announce that the Legends of the Fall study score is ready for pre-ordering. Horner's weighty and heart-breaking score is a symphonic masterpiece of thematic beauty and elegance. From "The Ludlows" and "To the Boys" to "Samuel's Death" and "Revenge", every note of James Horner's spectacular score is presented in stunning detail. Please visit ChrisSiddallMusic.com and be the first to own this classic masterpiece today. 223 pages, 9x12 inches. Paperbound, printed in the U.K. $85.00 Available Worldwide Note: Shipped from the UK. Please check with your country for import tax before ordering. This charge will be in addition to the item cost and shipping cost and varies by country. https://www.chrissiddallmusic.com/store/p86/Legends_of_the_Fall_In_Full_Score.html Orders for Legends of the Fall are expected to ship week commencing 5th September 2022.
  8. I mostly agree with this. Not a fan of "MUST HAVE" -- some people might not care for either one, but to say that both are essential would be okay in my book. For WIlliams: how long of a list would the "essentials" be? And what would be left off? Empire over Star Wars?
  9. Streetcar has since been released. EDIT: Well that pasting didn’t appear to work. Omni sent out an e-mail on Jun 09 announcing its plans. And those plans include TWOK.
  10. Yeah, a new version of Lifeforce could work. 3rd CD would original album. We’ll see. Only 28 days, or so, to wait.
  11. Careful. If one doesn’t believe that a deity exists, “him” is grammatically correct. Or, it could be a simple typo. As we are not allowed to discuss things of a religious nature (thank you, Mods!), guess we’ll never know. Considering how many times I’ve seen a lot as one word and supposedly educated people not knowing how to use an apostrophe, I know where I would be putting my money if I were to bet on it. P.S. That thank you was not sarcastic. Back in the 90s I went to a wedding when my date and a mutual friend got into an argument about [political topic]. It got so bad that I exasperatedly asked if they would please discuss something less controversial like the JFK assassination.
  12. I’m more curious as to how the CDs are sorted. Not alphabetically, not by film release or CD release date. Maybe it’s random and I’m trying find order.
  13. My bad. The You Tube clip is no longer available. Sound Cloud clip is, as you pointed out, just dandy.
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