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  1. Why stay up? They can’t be ordered until Tue. I’m going to bed now. For one thing, this is about the time I go to bed every night. And, I’m tired. If I were to try and stay up for a midnight premiere, I’d probably need to French kiss a light socket.* * Kids, don’t try that at home. (Of course, when I climb into bed, I won’t fall asleep until 12:30 — long enough to up when the titles drop.)
  2. How's the music? How's mix? How're the liner notes? The cover art? I could give a shit about it, but my bowels are empty. C'mon on, now. Eye on the prize. When I met Elmer after a concert, I told him I wished I had footage of him conducting, because I got tossed from my conducting class for wanting to do it left-handed.
  3. And not have it published by Hal Leonard? When was the last piece done by Williams that wasn’t published by Hal Leonard? If I’m employed at the time and it is Solo, I’ll buy Loert a copy of it and ship it to him in the UK. He’ll probably have to quarantine it for two weeks considering how poorly the US is handling Covid-19. Yeah, I’m that confident.
  4. In an e-mail that Omni sent out on Tues, it stated that coming this Fall are scores from “John Powell, James Horner, and Jerry Goldsmith”. In no way can that be construed as being in alphabetical order (though, they are listed in counter-alphabetical order). Might be planned release order. Schedules can change (dang artwork approval process). I agree with Jay’s prediction. No way it’s Solo, that would require approval by Williams.
  5. Raiders is a known entity— it sold x tickets before. They may have asked around for how tickets have sold (or not sold) and decided Raiders was the safer bet. Or: Raiders requires a smaller orchestra than Superman. Rights might be less. There are possibilities.
  6. And like a sinner before the gates of heaven I’ll come crawling on home to you
  7. HG: Has anyone told you how sexy you are in turtlenecks?
  8. It’s wishful thinking— A boxed set of all 9 films released in the first half of 2022. It would put paid to the Skywalker Saga, coincide with Williams’ 90th birthday (well, it’s something for the marketing folks to use), and it would be before the release of the next SW movie. Then release them individually in Q4 for Christmas sales. Or trilogy boxed sets for the Christmas sales with individual titles about six months later. Writing as someone who will in six and a half months be as old as his biological father was at the time of his death.
  9. Do you mean the Radio Dramas as heard on NPR, or audio versions of the novelizations? I, too, would like to politely request a Signature Edition cover for TROS.
  10. And I have an image pop into my head: Rey showing up and greeting Kylo with, “Tell me about it, stud.” Yep, it’s silly season at JWFan.
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