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  1. HG: Has anyone told you how sexy you are in turtlenecks?
  2. It’s wishful thinking— A boxed set of all 9 films released in the first half of 2022. It would put paid to the Skywalker Saga, coincide with Williams’ 90th birthday (well, it’s something for the marketing folks to use), and it would be before the release of the next SW movie. Then release them individually in Q4 for Christmas sales. Or trilogy boxed sets for the Christmas sales with individual titles about six months later. Writing as someone who will in six and a half months be as old as his biological father was at the time of his death.
  3. Do you mean the Radio Dramas as heard on NPR, or audio versions of the novelizations? I, too, would like to politely request a Signature Edition cover for TROS.
  4. And I have an image pop into my head: Rey showing up and greeting Kylo with, “Tell me about it, stud.” Yep, it’s silly season at JWFan.
  5. I was raised to be a proper Catholic: worship infrequently. Someone sent me to a different church and by the time I figured out how to receive the sacrament, I had the words, “Okay, boomer” going through my head and I’m not quite old enough to be a boomer! Don’t let all the grey hair fool ya, I was born after the first moon landing.
  6. This is what I get for living on the left coast and getting dinner before checking the 'board. Went to my favorite on-line place of worship, but it turns out that it has been down for over a week. Guess I'll just have to wait. Oh, darn.
  7. Just in time for the 2020 election: The John Williams / Oliver Stone Boxed Set. The complete scores to Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, and Nixon. All of the Americana music to express the hope and promise of the process, the sinister music for the dirty tricks and unspoken realities of the process, and the edgy modern music to underscore the monster clusterfuck that we all know this election will devolve into. Whaddya think? Too bleak? I don't think we'll get any more JW music than we know about currently. But I will be glad to be wrong.
  8. This graybeard saw Star Wars back in the day. Me Grandma took my sisters and I to the theater, gave us some money for popcorn, and told us where she would pick us up. She may have gone to get her hair done while we saw the movie; I never asked, but her salon was about two blocks from the theater. Oh, and HAN SHOT FIRST!
  9. I thought about this and came up with a prerequisite: if an album came out by the composer in question, would I be willing to buy it note unheard? Only three living composers came to mind. There are solid composers with impressive resumes with individual titles that I really enjoy, but as JoeinAR wrote, "hit and miss."
  10. You are correct. This ain't a Star Trek thread. I, too, prefer the Angela popcorn eating gif to The Gloved One; she is chewing with her mouth closed.
  11. Don't forget "How?" They'll ship when they ship. FIFO (first [order] in, first [order] out) is probable, but there will be mitigating factors: what else is in the order-- is that title in stock, if so, where (and do I have to go over there for only one CD)? Is the appropriate sized shipping box on the shelf? Oops, we left one off the truck when the shipper picked up the outgoing orders. (You get the idea.) And once the shipper gets it, well, enter a new possible delay chain! You can't control it, only worry the you-know-what about it. Thanks to the internet, you should be able to satisfy your curiosity starting next Tues, or so. Thanks to someone deciding that the USPS should have yesterday off, the birthday card I sent my grandniece was delayed past her birthday. Yep, that's one giant griefburger that I'm getting force fed to me. The possible trials and tribulations of LLL shipments trivial bon-bons upon which to feast.
  12. I went up to Eugene, OR this last weekend to see Star Wars LTP. For the Fox Fanfare and beginnng of the Main Title, the bass sounded amplified. Didn’t notice it later, so I guess someone was actually working the mixing board. Overall, quite pleased. A couple of hits felt off, but that may be my memory. (How long has it been since I’ve seen the whole movie and have I ever listened that intently to the music?). Couldn't believe the nerve of the people behind me who thought it was okay to talk through the closing credits. A well placed “Hey!” From me shut them up. Sometimes being 6’5” is a good thing. No Princess Leia’s Theme — boo! Dozens of children there — Yeah! Texted my best friend, “Wish you were here.” And, I texted a few others, “You wish you were here!” If they do another (cough Empire cough), I’ll be there.
  13. Is that what you kids call it these days? Most of the euphemisms that I know are from 20 years before I was born.
  14. For purely personal reasons: the statement that follows "I am your father." When I got my first cell phone, I segued from that dialogue to the just the LSO for the ringtone for calls from my father. He hated it until I pointed out that he took me to see Jedi and I reminded him who saved the day in the end. And, c'mon, James Earl Jones announcing his presence on the other end of the phone line: cooler than Hoth, am I right?
  15. I, too, created my own ringtones. My favorite was for my father. When he called, James Earl Jones' voice would boom out of my phone "I am your father" from Empire crossfaded from the movie to just the score (to remove Luke's response). I use different tones for different people. My mother loves Westerns, so she gets a little Silverado. People I volunteer with on the local Little League board gets Field of Dreams. My basic ring tone changes with the seasons: baseball season gets The Natural, the holidays have Home Alone, and most of the rest of the year has a quote of the Rohan theme. Have fun with them. Just remember to silence your phone when appropriate (you know, like a funeral).
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