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  1. It’s out get it fast. They sold over 200 in 20 minutes. https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/jerry-goldsmith-star-trek-the-motion-picture/
  2. This is actually about the full orchestral “conductor “ score. Isn’t this the deluxe edition? https://www.amazon.ca/Aliens-Original-Soundtrack-James-Horner/dp/B00005BJJX/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Aliens+horner&qid=1612652402&sr=8-1
  3. Just as you convinced me to order it, it’s on back order...😭
  4. Even though cases are extremely low here, compared to other places... I really haven’t worked much since last March, and all the stuff I have done was for online distribution. If you don’t know, I’m an orchestral trumpet player in Canada. Luckily, our government believes in helping people and businesses, and I haven’t missed a paycheque since this shit show started. That being said, I’m really looking forward to performing for an audience again in the near future. Hopefully 2021 will bring back live orchestral music.
  5. 26 more minutes here in Nova Scotia
  6. My plan is to go back to work as an orchestral musician, with an audience....I guess we’ll see... Here’s some Leroy Anderson to celebrate, performed and arranged by yours truly since we’re on a JW forum, here’s another little arrangement I did.
  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 not only we have internet, but in Nova Scotia we have 25 active cases of Covid.... I think Atlantic Canada is doing OK..you?
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