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  1. Ordered! Thanks Chris for these gems. I’m loving Independence day. Incredible orchestrations. Looking forward to Conan, and whatever else you have on your plate.
  2. From Chris on FB. The score could start shipping early May.
  3. Can someone transcribe the part so I can practice it? I’m too lazy to do it 🤣🤣 edit: for C 🎺 please
  4. Booked The Adler hotel. Pretty cheap, and 30 minute walk from the Bowl. Reserve now, pay later on expedia
  5. Not sure how, but I was able to purchase a single ticket in section F3 for the Saturday concert. Maybe a glitch in the system. Not going to complain.
  6. Well, flight booked. Going to attempt the Saturday concert. Anyone has recommendations for lodging close to the Bowl? I’m also considering getting a “package “ to get the best seats possible.
  7. I’m actually thinking of going to one of these concerts. I have some airline credit to use. I can’t think of a better way to use them then cross the continent to see Williams with the LA phil. When are single tickets go on sale?
  8. According to a FB post, Neumation music is about to release Goldsmith’s Twilight Zone in full orchestral score. Definitely an interesting release.
  9. If I was to venture a guess, I would say that he plays Nimbus to give the brass a break.
  10. Man, I should have ordered from Amazon.ca instead of Presto…
  11. If direct flights had started between Halifax and Dublin, it would have been very hard not to go. Unfortunately they start in April.
  12. Got the same email. Ordered the same version. Things are looking good.
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