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  1. I would definitely get Rocketeer. One of my top 5 Horner scores.
  2. I would have to agree with that. Having every score(and I have a few…) looking differently is a nice touch when you have a lot. The signature ones all look the same. once again, thank you Chris for bringing these to us.
  3. So looking forward to this. Spiral bound would definitely be awesome. But I understand that costs would probably be more. In any case, it’s coming to Nova Scotia 😃
  4. Alien is now ready for preorder at Chris Siddall’s website https://www.chrissiddallmusic.com/store/p89/Alien_In_Full_Score.html Looking forward to that one
  5. Interesting info, I didn’t know that. That might explain the choice of trumpets.
  6. Just came upon another example of the LA guys using piccolo trumpet while having my morning coffee and music listening session. It’s on Hymn to New England, from the American Journey recording. I’m guessing Malcolm was playing 1st, but Tim Morrison was also on that recording. In this case, I would also have used it, makes perfect sense in the context.
  7. I think only Malcolm would have played a smaller horn on these passages. And small trumpets can definitely help you play the higher range more accurately. Especially for longer periods of time. And some players can definitely make a piccolo sound pretty big. Like the Berlin Phil principal. I use piccolo in the orchestra quite often, and not only for baroque music. Sometimes it just makes your job easier.
  8. To me it’s very obvious at the very end of the Finale. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole cue was played on a smaller horn. It’s definitely high and taxing. I would do the same if I had to play it. I’ve seen photos of recording sessions where he has like 4 trumpets in front of him. That being said, this is not a dig towards his playing whatsoever. He’s been an idol of mine. He’s just a smart player who does whatever it takes to get the job done as efficiently as possible, while respecting the composer’s wishes. I think JW has nothing but respect and appreciation for Malcolm. I would imagine that Williams doesn’t dictate what trumpets the player should use, as long as it doesn’t change the overall sound of the brass section. As for piccolo trumpet, I’m not sure if I would use it on JW, but like I said in the other post, it’s about making your job easier and as efficient as possible. Sometimes you pick a horn because it makes playing the part much easier, even if it’s not necessarily what you would have preferred to do.
  9. For KOTCS and Tintin I believe Malcolm Macnab was still playing first, but was definitely getting up there in age, it would have certainly affected his tone a bit. He also had a tendency to use smaller horns on higher stuff (Eb and D trumpets, and even piccolo in JP)which would definitely contribute to a brighter and more edgy sound. More recently in LA the guys are using C trumpets for the most part, so again slightly brighter than Bb. The sound concept is also quite different between North American and British players. I’m not saying the recording locations and techniques are not playing a part too. So I guess your list of reasons is definitely a good one to explain the difference in sound.
  10. I unfortunately won’t be able to go, my ticket is section F3 row 3 seat 14. Willing to transfer it for less than cost. It’s for the Saturday concert.
  11. Whatttttttt? Why am I hearing this here? Isn’t Facebook the way people communicate these days? In any case, I’m buying ST2 on day 1 I guess I’ll have to email Tim
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