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  1. Oh well, I'm not above admitting I was (most likely) wrong. Although, "he'll probably not want to make needless franchise slop" and "he's open to returning to LotR if they find a good reason for it" aren't mutually exclusive statements.
  2. I put it on my recently started Patreon, but if anyone here on the forum wants access, message me and I'll give you a link. For those who just need a quick run-down of all the themes, here's a (heavily) abridged version:
  3. Nevertheless. I get the impression that he likes Tolkien, the character and (most) of PJ's adaptation, but has a certain distance to it. I don't think that he wants everybody to think of him as Aragorn, the way Billy and Dom happily embrace being Merry and Pippin. They shared a story on The Friendship Onion about how they asked Viggo if they all should have their future graves put next to each other since Merry and Pippin were buried beside Aragorn in the book, and he basically responded that they were out of their minds.
  4. I of course don't know the guy, and could be entirely wrong, but Viggo Mortensen strikes me as exactly the kinda guy to avoid being part of any "franchising" movies whatsoever. I highly doubt he wants to be part of this.
  5. Some observations: Are those barrow-wights in the background? Is this (the future) Rivendell? Looks very similar geographically to PJ version. Love this shot, supposedly the Forging of the One Ring. Mystery solved. Meteor Man is Moses.
  6. Also, no Bear. I don't understand why Amazon isn't capitalizing on his music, since it's something even many haters describe as the best thing about the show.
  7. I thought it was something crawling up from the depths of Khazad-dum. It seems like they're really teasing the Balrog and the fall of Moria, so perhaps they're making the Watcher appear as a prologue to the real calamity.
  8. The thing with adapting the hunt for Gollum is that the content we can expect varies greatly depending on where you start the story. The "Good side" starts with Gandalf getting suspicious of the Ring after Bilbo's birthday party and joining with Aragorn to search the Wilderlands, ending with Aragorn catching Gollum in the Dead Marshes and taking him to the Woodland Realm to be interrogated by Gandalf. But Gollum's side could begin 60 years earlier with him starting his search for the Ring not long after he lost it. In that time-span, you could include Aragorn's whole youth, meeting Arwen and early adventures in Rohan and Mordor. This might not be an issue regardless, considering the likely time-compression. Plus the story already includes Gandalf talking to Denethor in Gondor and reading the account of Isildur, and Gollum's escape from the Woodland Realm. I think there's more than enough content the movie could adapt even without including people or places that have nothing to do with the story.
  9. A quite popular Hunt for Gollum fan film that was made 15 years ago. Now that it's unblocked, check it out.
  10. Don't forget Sala Baker generously providing his effortless charisma to the Portsmouth Guildhall LOTR Concert.
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