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  1. I’m not aware of Solo having issues. I saw it once on the big screen but the TV showing and on line clips I’ve seen look fine. Godzilla is just too dark. The standard DVD and 3D Blu-ray all look similar to the 4K image. it was a huge sore spot on some of the Godzilla forums when the Blu-ray was released.
  2. The blu-ray was atrocious, I had to tinker with my tv settings just to be able to watch it. in regards to the clip it sounds like a parody of Ifukube’s music. Nice to see Godzilla on a rampage and taking out the military with a fury.
  3. I only go when it’s something serious. I’ve never had a cavity, and I still have all my teeth. I had to have my first root canal before Christmas. I started having a toothache & sensitivity to cold liquids before thanksgiving. The dentist found a hairline crack on the bottom of my tooth.
  4. AFO is one I skip around when listening. Listening to it in order makes it too repetitive. But I don't regret buying it.
  5. All 3 scores have their positives. AFO can get a bit boring at times, simply due to the repetitive nature. But it still has several cues that are a fun listen I listen to Rogue One more than TFA. And both are the best of the 5 new Star Wars scores since 2015.
  6. I’d just like to have my power back on, it’s been out since 2:00 am. temps have been around 17F, not counting wind chill, all today and will get down to 6F overnight. Plus we got up to 7” of snow. Wednesday there’s possibly another batch of sleet / snow coming. I actually spent more time outside today, shoveling my walkway and driveway. It kept me warmer than staying in the house.
  7. We are in the midst of a cold spell unheard of in a long time. We had a nice snowfall a little over 4 weeks ago but that artic front has blown in with a vengeance. Temps have dropped to freezing and below since last Thursday, when we also got a nice sleet storm. They will not go above freezing until this coming Friday. Right now, it’s 19F with a wind chill of 4F. We are expecting anywhere from 4-7 inches of snow in the next 8 hours. Plus temps are going to in the teens Monday and Tuesday, with more snow and sleet possible Wednesday. The entire state of T
  8. My wife has a Fans Only page. I suppose I should let her know, she’s gonna start getting suspicious with all the extra cash I’ve been spending....
  9. Ifukube’s themes are perfect, and most fans would agree. I do enjoy Michiru Oshima’s theme as well.
  10. Hopefully it’s better than the KOTM book. The first film’s book was loaded with all kinds of goodies.
  11. Shin Godzilla was a very good film and had a sharp wit about it, especially if one was familiar with Japanese politics. I found the film to be a considerable step up as far as acting, pacing and SFX from previous TOHO films. It was a great reboot, although the film is a one shot deal, no direct sequels to be made.
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