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  1. I keep mine positioned to where the sun doesn’t hit the shelves. Plus I keep the blinds closed. I had to take care in my “man cave” as well with my models and Godzilla figures.
  2. Wayfair has these, a bit pricy at over $400.00. But I’d love to have them. https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdp/loon-peak-wood-multimedia-media-cabinet-w001503283.html
  3. I just keep it mowed and green so the HOA will leave me alone. There are those, in our neighborhood, who spend everyday working on their yard. Not me.
  4. The only gripe I have for Herrmann is that he tended to re-use some material. Not as bad as Horner did though. And if Vertigo is overrated then Obsession is a snooze fest. Never understood the praise for that one.
  5. This isn’t mine, but I had picked up 3 of these from Best Buy about 12 or so years ago. They each hold 756 CDs. They are still available but much more than what I paid for them. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/atlantic-oskar-wood-media-cabinet-maple/4221593.p?skuId=4221593
  6. There’s a few things I kinda regret passing on, Speed, Lost in Space box set, Wild Wild West box set and Land of the Giants set. But I have the LLL 40th Anniversary LIS CD and GNP LOTG CD.
  7. I can’t believe they went with playmates for the figures. They look like bootleg figures. And some are crappy molds.
  8. Pre-ordered the CD. Yeah I could do without the narration as well but that’s Giacchino’s intended preference for the whole project.
  9. i was a bit tongue in cheek with my response, but I grew up where short soundtracks were the norm. If that’s all that was available, then I bought it. I was a bit tongue in cheek with my response. I grew up with the 30 min soundtrack so having short albums was the norm. And even though I enjoyed them, I’d get a bit frustrated over missing music. Imagine coming home with the 2 LP of Superman and realizing the helicopter sequence was missing. Not to continue to beat this dead horse, but I never really cared about Album Presentation or
  10. And I laugh and laugh and laugh as it slowly burns...
  11. no, I have a ceremony where I burn it for it’s poor representation.
  12. Mines fine. every once and a while I’ll get a cd where a track or 2 may not rip correctly. I just give my drive a 5 minute rest and retry and it works just fine.
  13. I pitch the original album, it’s worthless once the complete score is released. Now there are exceptions but the labels usually include the original album with the expanded release if it’s a truly unique recording. And personally I don’t waste my time recreating anything. I admire those who take the time to edit and recreate but I’m satisfied with what the labels decide for the most part.
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