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  1. Machete looked Father Time in the face and said “Machete don’t age!”
  2. I dunno, I’m Star Warsed out right now. I've had my fill and haven’t been bothered to watch anything since ROS. At this point JunkieXL could become the in-house composer for Lucasfilm & score everything and I wouldn’t care.
  3. There’s really nothing I really regret passing on but if there’s a lot I regret buying. If I could go back in time I’d tell myself to wait on buying quite a few releases because they are gonna get re-issued multiple times. 😁
  4. Rogue One, TFA and Solo are the high points, as well as Baby Yoda cause he’s just so damn cute. The rest…. Meh……
  5. I saw Midway on the big screen but no sensurround.
  6. Purchased this: I had stumbled across some Akira Ifukube recordings on YouTube and did some research to see where they came from. Found the sources and decided to start with these 2 volumes.
  7. Given some of the criticism over RO, I’d also expect Williams to be aghast with “Reminiscence Therapy”. I know I was.
  8. I don’t get the negativity for Giacchino’s marvel logo. It’s far more energetic and uplifting compared to Tyler’s , which is basically Thor The Dark World. A very loud and obnoxious score. I do like his end title arrangement for Iron Man 3. Too bad the rest of the score isn’t like that. And the Hulkbuster cue from Ultron is pretty good.
  9. I think my tally is 68 films that I actually remember watching. It’s possible I saw some others but don’t remember because the film didn’t make a lasting impression.
  10. You would never know from his interviews afterwards. If he was truly bummed about, he does a great job of keeping it hidden.
  11. @Yavar Moradi Friday on my way home from work I was listening to the podcast where you were discussing the one cue from Flaming Star.
  12. I'll go with the 70's. Although I'd kinda group it like we do with Williams where most people felt Johnny was untouchable from 1974 to 1985.
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