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  1. Godzilla's first appearance reminded me of the T-Rex sequence in Jurassic Park. I love that it was basically framed and shot from the human perspective. Plus it was brutal. It puts the Godzillasaurus sequence from Godzilla vs King Ghidora to shame. Apparently Takasshi Yamasaki said he wishes it were that much. https://x.com/14_kaiju/status/1733310495988609433?s=20 Of course he handled the SFX thru his company so that probably kept a lot of the costs down instead of outsourcing it.
  2. I went straight to The Ultimate War, thru to the exit music. That is my favorite musical sequence in the film and it was beautiful to hear properly done. Hook has a love hate relationship with me. It was released during a painful time in my life but it was the first film I took my daughter to see. Congratulations to @Jay, Mike Matessino, the crew at LLL and everyone else involved in getting this out there.
  3. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2023/12/07/new-soundtrack-album-for-batman-beyond-to-be-released/ 95 tracks…. https://x.com/filmmusicrep/status/1732683568823103689?s=46&t=o_hiIfM33XZ3jFeOtSvXLA
  4. The “Everything We Haven’t Released Yet” box set from Varese. 🥴
  5. I’d shit the bed if it’s a box set of the entire series. 😄
  6. Maybe it’s the concert? I know it got an LP release.
  7. I do enjoy some of the Showa films but most are silly, campy films that appealed more to the younger version of myself. I do prefer the more serious approach but I also take into consideration Toho didn’t have the budget American films do. So there are things in the Heisei and Millennium series that come off silly that probably weren’t meant to be.
  8. After watching Minus One this looks…. Well it looks bad…. Apparently Godzilla went on a slim fast diet. Each film has gotten a bit worse since the 2014 film.
  9. Count me in too. I enjoyed Invincible as well.
  10. Saw Minus One tonight, what a fantastic film. The acting and characters make this more than your typical Kaiju film. The influence of Jaws on this film is carried throughout the picture. Godzilla’s first appearance is a brutal sequence.
  11. Well I got one the Quartet guesses right in regards to the composer. December 8th it is for their end of year.
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