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  1. Rousing main theme. Cheesy 70’s song derived from main theme, or vise versa, not included here. they are supernatural horror films.
  2. I’ve made a more conscious effort this October to pull out some murder and monster mayhem. I’ve been listening to a different score each day(s) on my commute. So far this month: Grizzly Prophecy The Omen Damien: Omen 2 - both film score and album The Final Conflict
  3. Yeah mine came the same way. I haven’t opened my Eiger Sanction yet to check but it should be the corrected disc.
  4. Damn I was hoping for Willow so people will quit asking for it.
  5. I feel like I’m reading a movie script with the “17 years later….” break popping up. For the record, still married and she still doesn’t hate him.
  6. Damn didn’t realize when I ordered, Stripes doesn’t ship for another couple of weeks. Oh well.
  7. I’ll select The Other. Angie, Malice and Fierce Creatures are 3 Goldsmith titles I don’t have any versions of.
  8. No, there have been plenty of garbage movies made since cinema began. It may feel that way because films are made differently these days, multiplexes allow for more films to be seen and social media/cable/ streaming also gives a viewer more chances than say 30 years ago. But I’ve questioned why I’ve wasted 2 hrs watching films from the 30’s thru the 80’s just much as I have with cinema the last 20 years.
  9. I’m indifferent to this. Never cared for the Matrix films outside of Davis’ music. Would have been interesting to hear how he tackled them some 18 years later.
  10. It’s almost as if the execs at Paramount asked him to write a theme similar to bland ones the had for Picard, Discovery etc etc. I enjoy it more than those other themes but it seems to follow a trend. Almost feels like Rick Berman is still in charge.
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