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  1. There’s always September’s flyer. And who knows what Intrada might announce.
  2. I know. 🙁 I would hazard a guess that Star Trek III will be on a LLL flyer in the coming months. 😉
  3. I will buy this for a 4th time if the sound has a noticeable improvement. I would imagine they might preserve the LP presentation for those who want it. Perhaps more alternates were found. I kinda wish they could separate “The Eels of Ceti Alpha V/Kirk in Space Shuttle”, even though they were meant to be one cue.
  4. Gojira Planet of the Apes (Goldsmith) CE3K The Day The Earth Stood Still (Herrmann) TESB Star Trek TMP ET AI Cocoon Total Recall
  5. At some point I’m expecting someone to reissue Heartbeeps. 😉
  6. 😂😂😂😂 Even Williams wants to forget this film exists. 😉
  7. I prefer Giacchino to both of them. Powell and Desplat are both hit and miss for me.
  8. I like his Cloverfield scores and GKOTM has grown on me to become one of my favorite Godzilla scores but I’ve been lukewarm on the rest of his works.
  9. You mean “William Tell Overkill”.
  10. Can’t be bothered this go around. None of the above made an impression.
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