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  1. I believe there was an interview with Giacchino where he mentioned they used Williams original sketches from Episode 4 and recorded it.
  2. Finally Thor is going to get a good score. Doyle’s is basically polished Zimmer. Tyler’s is too damn loud and overbearing. As much as I loved Ragnarok, I don’t remember any of the music.
  3. Hopefully something with a holiday flavor. Polar Express maybe?
  4. I have the 2 disc set but not the re-recording. I’ve been holding off with the hope someone would re-issue the album.
  5. I have the 30th anniversary of Fiddler On The Roof but don’t listen to it much. I’ll probably get this since Mike Matessino worked on it. I am excited the Diary of Anne Frank is finally released.
  6. I already had the Futureland version of Akira Ifukube’s score to Varan but the Cinema-Kan is supposed to have improved sound and more music.
  7. The 4CD set has piqued my interest greatly. I’m going to assume they issued it previously but it could have been from different label as well.
  8. Rousing main theme. Cheesy 70’s song derived from main theme, or vise versa, not included here. they are supernatural horror films.
  9. I’ve made a more conscious effort this October to pull out some murder and monster mayhem. I’ve been listening to a different score each day(s) on my commute. So far this month: Grizzly Prophecy The Omen Damien: Omen 2 - both film score and album The Final Conflict
  10. Yeah mine came the same way. I haven’t opened my Eiger Sanction yet to check but it should be the corrected disc.
  11. Damn I was hoping for Willow so people will quit asking for it.
  12. I feel like I’m reading a movie script with the “17 years later….” break popping up. For the record, still married and she still doesn’t hate him.
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