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  1. Never heard of Winegard until he got the directing gig. Looks like a few films got their dates pushed back besides this one. WW84 got pushed back again.
  2. Not much changed for me, my wife and were essential so we both have been working normal hours. I have been getting great gas mileage since March, traffic has been flowing rather well, although it's starting to get a bit heavier for the drive home. But somewhat similar to what Jay said in his original post, I can go for a long time without socializing. In fact watching how people have reacted and dealt with this has made me even more appreciative that I don't have to socialize a lot to enjoy life. I haven't been spending a lot of money on stuff either, which is good. The only drawbacks are having to keep my mom sheltered and my wife and I haven't been able to go to any of our favorite places to eat.
  3. I’d ask if there was a chance of releasing a comprehensive disc of Williams works for NBC, news, Olympics, football.
  4. Oh well, my wallet thanks them for saving me money and not having to buy BW.
  5. And that’s one thing that people don’t seem to understand. Especially people here in the US that think governments are overreacting to this.
  6. I'd love to know why everyone is hoarding toilet paper. This is the first time I can recall in my 50+ years that I've seen shelves in stores empty of items that are always well stocked. Several SAMS Club stores I went to looked like a war zone. Oh Well
  7. Giacchino, Christophe Becke or Joe Kraemer. Bruce Broughton as a dark horse candidate.
  8. Too bad they didn't use the Mad Mad Mad World styled artwork for the cover. That cover artwork says more about the film than the original artwork. Score's fantastic though.
  9. Some random alarm Apple haas on the iPhone. I was using Prelude / Outer-space from Herrmann’s The Day The Earth Stood Still, but the opening bars scared my wife wide awake. So she made me change it.
  10. It’s funny though, non of the prequel scores were nominated. Granted Williams did have other scores nominated instead.
  11. TROS is a very weak score. There’s nothing that really stands out and grabs you. I blame some of that on the film but Silvestri should have been rewarded with a nomination instead.
  12. The first trailer I saw for this film looked like some bad, made for TV film.
  13. I can’t remember what Data did with Lore’s remains but yes this sets up a
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