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  1. Wow, congrats to Mike Matessino and everyone involved with this project. Impressive indeed.
  2. it’s probably been close to 20 years since I’ve watched any of the OT or prequels. some of that I credit to my decline in being as interested in cinema as I used to be. I enjoyed the original trilogy until Lucas screwed it up by completely disregarding them and adding all these unnecessary changes to them that frankly ruined them. The prequels are just boring. In the hands of a more competent director who had some control they would have been excellent. I feel bad for the actors but the chemistry that made the OT compelling was sadly missing. Anakin’s fall from grace is not really that interesting. The Disney trilogy started off with a bang, yes we’ve seen it before. But the chemistry between all the characters was real, which I credit to having Lawrence Kasdan work on the script as well as great casting by JJ Abrams. But the next two films drug the series down. I prefer TROS, even though it’s filled with faults, because it does away with all the unnecessary characters added to TLJ and focuses on the core cast from TFA. Rogue One may be the best of the Disney films. I’ve watched all of the Disney + live action series. But never was vested in the various cartoon series. I still love & listen to the OT scores, the prequels not as much and outside of Rogue One and TFA, really don’t find too much to enjoy from the Sequel series. I have quite a few Star Wars Funko pops, Hallmark Ornaments, t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, all my original Kenner figures and some other collectibles so yeah I enjoy it still.
  3. LLL sent this to me by accident with my Black Friday order, told me to keep it and I have yet to open it.
  4. Right now we have Youtube TV, Disney + Bundle (Disney +, Hulu, ESPN+) and we’re Amazon Prime customers. Plus all the free crap that comes with Samsung smart TV’s and Amazon Fire Sticks. Needless to say, we’ll never lack anything to watch.
  5. Those tracks are a lower quality on the cd. I would gather those were damaged or from a lesser source?
  6. That was a very disappointing read considering he used Desplat and Giacchino for his previous films. And as much as I dislike Zimmer’s output, it’s a slap in the face to him as well.
  7. I don’t play with anyone on the lego games for that reason. Plus my wife is dreadful at these games. 😄 Until I can unlock the hints and sensors for the bricks, I usually like to explore all nooks and crannies, and trying to do that with 2 people is not easy.
  8. I apologize for resurrecting this thread a year later but I bought the game upon its released but hadn’t started playing until recently. I am massively disappointed with the wealth of music Williams wrote, they decided just to stick to certain cues repeatedly used throughout the game as well as using the wrong cues in areas. Plus they had to resort to using additional music by another composer. And of course the music is poorly mixed. I had to turn down the sound effect options to hear the music. The game itself is not as good as I was hoping, mainly for the fact that they blow throw all 9 films rather quickly. There’s too much game play by the computer. And some of the space battles they have are too short, ie asteroid field in TESB or too long, ie Asteroid field in AOTC. Or there’s not enough space battles. What I do like are the side quests on all the planets, that more than makes up for the shortened film levels. But the animation is great, I’m not to good with heights so the Courescant levels give me butterflies 😂😂 And some of the voices are spot on, like Han Solo and older Luke.
  9. No I’ve never kept it hidden. But growing up I had other music I enjoyed listening to. If I had friends over we would listen to pop, rock, R&B etc etc. My early years of film music was reserved for my alone time, until high school when I met my best friend. He and I would gather our soundtracks and listen and discuss the music. And through out adulthood I’ve gotten the usual reactions of cool / neat to huh? And with the advent of social media, if I had friends who didn’t know, they know now. 😄
  10. I dunno, it’s been over 30 years since I’ve seen the movie. When I was in high school, my girlfriend loved watching all those low budget, cheesy horror movies. My reaction, “James Horner did the music!!” 😄
  11. Nope, can’t find anything yet. IMDb has nothing listed for a composer.
  12. I actually was listening to some of his stuff earlier this morning, including his music for the 2020 Olympics. and then this cue which sounds somewhat similar in the last few minutes to the trailer music.
  13. So many rumors about this film persist. I don’t think the trailers answered of those. score will be by Naoki Sato. Not familiar with his works.
  14. Also the article is incorrect depicting the design as well. It’s based on the design seen in Godzilla The Ride, also created and directed by Takashi Yamazaki, who is directing this film.
  15. I may have played that album as much as the ordinal LP for star wars when I was a child.
  16. Not to derail but Star Wars and JW Boston Pops We Wish You A Merry Christmas were my first CDs.
  17. The original album for Cocoon was one of my very first CDs. Such a lovely and tender score. The expanded version was a no-brained for me at the time. It’s one of the few scores that can get me teary eyed to this day. I would think of my grandparents often when I listened to this. I don’t even remember the pressing issue with this one.
  18. This is one of those multi dip scores for me. I had the original release, mistakingly bought the gold disc release (did not read the back to see what the extra tracks were), the first expansion, and then the LLL. Might be my favorite Barry score, aside from King Kong.
  19. Nope. As much as I’m appreciative of the Monsterverse, they have moved away from the tone the 2014 film set. I welcome the dark, mysterious dread that this film appears to be bringing. Looks to be a bit bigger than the Showa version, closer to Heisei.
  20. Looks like a full trailer is coming Monday. Gives off a strong 2014 opening credit vibe here.
  21. When it was released, this was more along the lines of what I was hoping Congo would have like.
  22. I’m curious to see what improvements / additions LLL was able to do with WOTW. That will be an instant buy.
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