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    And that’s one thing that people don’t seem to understand. Especially people here in the US that think governments are overreacting to this.
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    I'd love to know why everyone is hoarding toilet paper. This is the first time I can recall in my 50+ years that I've seen shelves in stores empty of items that are always well stocked. Several SAMS Club stores I went to looked like a war zone. Oh Well
  3. Giacchino, Christophe Becke or Joe Kraemer. Bruce Broughton as a dark horse candidate.
  4. Too bad they didn't use the Mad Mad Mad World styled artwork for the cover. That cover artwork says more about the film than the original artwork. Score's fantastic though.
  5. Some random alarm Apple haas on the iPhone. I was using Prelude / Outer-space from Herrmann’s The Day The Earth Stood Still, but the opening bars scared my wife wide awake. So she made me change it.
  6. It’s funny though, non of the prequel scores were nominated. Granted Williams did have other scores nominated instead.
  7. TROS is a very weak score. There’s nothing that really stands out and grabs you. I blame some of that on the film but Silvestri should have been rewarded with a nomination instead.
  8. The first trailer I saw for this film looked like some bad, made for TV film.
  9. I can’t remember what Data did with Lore’s remains but yes this sets up a
  10. Watched the first episode, wasn’t too impressed. Why must everything look so bland and be devoid of color? Mark my words, they are going to bring Data back to life at some point in this series.
  11. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gianna. One of the greatest basketball players I’ve had the pleasure to watch in my lifetime.
  12. MCU still knocking it out of the park with their choice of composers.
  13. Oh security, where for art thou?
  14. Probably because most of the threads are crap and most have ran their course and need to die.
  15. I actually liked the RPO version because it looked like they used Legendary Godzilla as a blueprint for the design.
  16. “....... so then Steven says, yes I know but they’re all dead.”
  17. There’s another figure that’s all metal and it looks bad.
  18. That’s the best design they could come up with?
  19. "The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural"
  20. She may have been unavailable or it was part of all those last minute reshoots Or perhaps it worked well enough with Tarkington they decided to make a go with her.
  21. 1. ESB 2. SW 3. ROTJ 4. TPM 5. ROTS 6. TFA 7. TROS 8. TLJ 9. AOTC
  22. Get back on track with losing weight. Work on some projects around the house. Start working on mom’s bucket list.
  23. I’d like to see them take a pass at Tarkin. I though it was done well but the more I watch RO, the more I see the imperfections. I think their version of Leia looks a bit better.
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