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  1. I still haven’t see The Sugarland Express, Color Purple, or Munich. I should probably rectify that just to say I’ve seen all his films. This is also Worth a watch/giggle:
  2. Cool. I look forward to watching that. Im part of that motley who became a film score nerd having first heard Gladiator as a youngin back in 2000. (My Mom was actually really into Black Hawk Down and would play “Synchrotone” in the English Class she taught for a writing prompt 😄) Lots of fond memories of his early 2000s output. I’ve been less and less interested in his more recent works. But WW84 was a blast and I actually really dug Dune. I think he’s earned a nice retrospective at this point in his career.
  3. Man. It’s fun to see all the interest in a bootlegged low quality Indy teaser. Reminds me of when the Batman ‘89 teaser came out and people would sell bootlegged VHS copies of it 😁 I’ve definitely watched this more than any responsible adult should.
  4. I remember being super bummed when Silvestri got axed from the first PoTC film in 2003. And then hearing he got brought on board to score this instead, I held out hope that some unused Pirates material would end up in it. But that wasn’t the case apparently. (Man. I’d still love to hear what he wrote one day. I know it was never recorded.) Looking forward to this release. Love me some Silvestri in Summer Blockbuster mode.
  5. Yeah. I wanted to have a good time with Jungle Cruise. You could tell Disney wanted a Mummy Meets PoTC. But there was zero tension for me. But it just felt kinda blah.
  6. Wonder if we would have ever gotten Raiders from Spielberg if 1941 had been a hit…? Wasn’t it’s flopping partly responsible for him taking Lucas up on the project? To prove he could make a film under budget and on time?
  7. Ah! Duh. well perfect! What a year for Spielberg
  8. I think Spielberg’s last “modern classic” was Minority Report in 2002. errr actually “Catch Me If you Can” in 2003! Those two films, while a year apart, I think showcased the very best of Spielberg and his growth as a filmmaker since his big hits in the 80s. EDIT: they both came out in 2002 🤦
  9. As an American, with an American history teacher for a mother, and lover of history myself…It is pretty boring. I’ll watch a piece here and there for Daniel Day-Lewis performance. But yeah. Pretty dusty.
  10. It really is perplexing. I agree, he has made some films that didn’t land well or were just kinda forgettable. But Indy 4 just has a palpable sense of “I realllly don’t want to be doing this”. Some bits almost feel like self sabotage. And some odd technical/editing choices that a master craftsman like himself should have known to avoid. It’s just sad and weird. YES! Man. This one hit hard when I saw it as a 13 year old. Amazing film. Truly a forgotten gem in his filmography. I think you accidentally switched 1941 and Schindler’s List though haha Id love to hear your reasonings for those!
  11. Is it A.I. ? I know some folks consider that one a misunderstood masterpiece. I just…I can’t. I’ve tried really! Same with JWs score 😬 “Hook” btw would be in my top 5 favorites 😆 A childhood gem for me! Gosh I honestly forgot about Ready Player One haha. I’ll probably sub out The Terminal for that one. It was fun but forgettable. Great Silvestri score though.
  12. He is an absolute master of his craft. But not immune to the occasional clunker. And even still, some of those clunkers made a decent amount at the box office. What do you consider to be Steven Spielberg’s top 5 worst films? (1=absolute worst 5= I feel nothing) My list: 1. Indy and the Crystal Skull 2. BFG 3. 1941 4. A.I. 5. The Terminal EDIT: #5 is now Ready Player One
  13. I also enjoyed the whole warehouse sequence. That was fun It actually felt like Spielberg was invested a bit more in that part. I think I was onboard the film as a decent romp until they hit the cave and find the skull and then sit at a Russian camp forever. Juuuust drags.
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