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  1. Man oh man. It’s just so fascinating that after 3 mammoth LOTR productions and then later 3 mammoth Hobbit scores, why there was a hiccup in their partnership for this production. Just the overall “sound” or themes PJ didnt like I suppose?
  2. Ah I didn’t realize he didn’t record some important scenes. I thought it was pretty much done and Jackson just ended up not liking it. Interesting.
  3. I imagine it would be a holy grail for some people. If ever released would you purchase Howard Shores rejected score to Peter Jackson’s King Kong?
  4. Alright. Just because it’s Christmas time and I respect your passion to vote;)
  5. I agree there is a shocking lack of straight “Horror” “Adventure” or “Comedy” genres. But I decided to stick to AFIs genres here just to have some parameters. I don't necessarily agree with their categories and definitions. But I thought it would be fun to see what the results were. Just cool to see a discussion going on
  6. I’ll stick when the genres established by The Pagemaster;) Horror Adventure Fantasy
  7. As I suspected, most of our favorite scores reside in the fantasy and science fiction genres. Why do you think that is? Do those genres just allow for more terrific scores? Our favorite movies are in those genres and hence our favorite scores?
  8. I see someone chose Western. I’d love to see which score that is. There’s a ton of terrific Western Scores. The original Magnificent Seven? Silverado?
  9. My Christmas wish is that we get an expanded version of Kamen’s Three Musketeers:) Although I'm sure that would most likely come via Intrada. I’m sure the Kamen Estate has tons of great stuff to share on that score!
  10. I totally agree about Animation not being a genre. Like I mentioned earlier, You have animations that are of the typical Disney brand and then there are things like “Persepolis” or “Anomalisa”. Not exactly kiddie fair.
  11. I’d be interested to see who has their most favorite score fall under the “Romantic Comedy” category. You don’t often see that in the film score fanbase.
  12. Under what genre of film does your favorite film score of all time fall under? example: Favorite score-Hook Film Genre- Fantasy Genre can be a really squishy category. Since so many great films have elements from a bunch of different genres (Jaws could be viewed as a horror film, sci-fi film, adventure film,etc depending on your personal definition) For the purposes of the poll, I’m going by The American Film Institutes definitions from their 10 top 10 series. You may disagree with these categories/ definitions. That’s fine. We just have to go by some sort of
  13. Nice! Perhaps we’ll get a bit of his Last Airbender sound to seep into this one. Fantastic.
  14. Thanks! All I know is that 1:34-1:53 in “Corelia Chase” for me is my favorite part in a score chalk full of highlights. The ways those strings weave all around the main Han Solo theme. Just stunning stunning stuff. Not sure if it was Powell or Sener who did that. But they deserve a medal or something.
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