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  1. Nice way to get around Harrison having to run around. This way he can sit and still be in the action;) Unless they throw him out the window like in the Raiders truck chase! Lol
  2. So glad part 2 will be coming! I don’t know why, but I adore the simple chord shifts in “Herald of Change” that start at 1:19-2:20. It’s just very “space-y” (spicey?;) and feels so vast and fantastical. The way the light choir floats over the top of the heavy base. It’s really terrific. That phrase pops up a couple times throughout the score and album. Majestic and yet foreboding. It’s a good one 😊
  3. Having never read the book, did Herbert create a language ala Tolkien? Or is it just Arabic they speak in the book/film?
  4. Been listening to this one after having seen the film and a bunch more details are sticking out to me now. The Bene Gesseret material is just phenomenally creepy and really works like a charm for these space witches. I know that whisper/rap techniques was used in ASM2 and probably in a few other Zimmer scores. But it shines here. From some of the unreleased material that’s starting to pop up online- I dig what some people are calling “Duncan’s motif” a short little BB/Dark Knight anthem of sorts. It’s sprinkled all over “Armada” on the CD. But here’s two other examples: I love the little sorrow(?) motif that’s best heard in the cue “Stranded”. It’s simple - but really heart breaking I think. Also I just love the ole’ Zimmer Crimson-Tide choir that pops up in “Blood for Blood” “AAAAAEEEEEIIOOOUUUU…” ☺️
  5. Just think of how much music will be missing on the album 😝
  6. Agreed. “Worm Territory” is a great cue I’d love to have a clean version of.
  7. Enjoyed it a lot. Happy to have seen it in IMAX. Terrific balance of sound and score and image. There were also a good deal of moments judiciously unscored. Which made Zimmers score that much more impactful. It was practically its own character in the world they built. I think I’ll appreciate the OST more now. Saw it. Loved it. Gimme part 2
  8. Glad you liked it @Erik Woods! Sounds like it was a truly an “experience” and can’t wait to see it myself in a couple of hours. Big fan of your show btw 😊
  9. Yep. Probably won’t listen to this again. But I do enjoy a lot of the Sketches album and the OST. Seeing the film tonight (in IMAX) and then I’ll make my custom edit of the two releases:)
  10. Listening to Art and Soul now. Only on the second track (and they are loooong tracks). I am a sucker for his House Atreides material I must say. So the “Forward” track is a keeper in my book. Love that semi-Celtic tune. But the cynic in me so far thinks this is essentially one of those YouTube videos where they slow down a song an obscene amount and it sounds like a “new” piece of music. Edit: sooo… I couldn’t listen to the whole thing…at normal speed. It became very apparent that a handful of these are truly slowed down versions of some of the tracks from the Sketches album. I listened to “This is Only the Beginning” at 2x the speed on YouTube and sure enough it’s just a massively slowed down version of a chunk of the Bene Gesseret suite from Sketches. Same with “Caladan” which is a slowed down portion of the “Moons over Caladan” suite. Ditto for “Arrakis” and “Fremen” - slowed down portions of existing material from Sketches. Can’t say about the other tracks - they’re mostly sound design. Perhaps they are “new compositions” for this book. But too my ear it sounds prettty cut-paste-slowed down. I know the intent was to give readers some background ambience and this was an easy way to do it and make a little dough on the side. But still…
  11. So just to get caught up- they are still filming and continuing on as if the movie were being released next summer? But Disney is just going to keep it in the can until 2023? As much as I hate waiting- knowing the film will at least be complete makes it easier. Rather than shutting down production:
  12. Not that ratings/reviews matter.(Ive really enjoyed the soundscape Zimmer has made here) But I can already see CC from Filmtracks slamming this score. Something along the lines of “The interminable Zimmer hype machine once again has promised so much and yielded little more than 4(!) hours of desert drones spread over 3(!) albums - which still don’t included the few modest highlights that break up this desert slog…” ** etc etc something like that 😆
  13. Called it. *sigh* I’m sure we can count on the sessions to leak or an academy promo sometime in the near future. Well I’m excited to see the movie on Friday. Look forward to listening to this “music inspired by” album. I
  14. I’m in the “not super excited for this” camp. Especially if that really is Gia’s new theme. THIS teaser on the other hand did a terrific job of taking my interest from 0 to 60 with the use of Elfman’s music 😊 Shame the Batman I want to see is stuffed into another movie. Do we know who’s scoring this?
  15. Semi-related: Stumbled upon this terrific YouTube channel with thematic analysis and a plethora “score restored” videos for Kingdom of Heaven. (It might even belong to someone on this forum). In any case bravo! It’s great to see such academic appreciation for HGWs opus:) https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRF1iL3Nx_4XPIaAGL-6k_w
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