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  1. Fingers crossed the Kamen score is an expanded Three Musketeers. I even made custom covers to send good vibes into the universe.
  2. I’ve been hoping and praying for an expansion of Michael Kamen’s “The Three Musketeers” for a while now. Fingers crossed Intrada gets to it soon. The original key art for the film doesn’t do much for me ( a bunch of floating Heads. Wah wah) So here’s my take on the hopefully-soon-to-be released expanded Kamen score:) Did a red alternate in there for fun.
  3. I was finally able to listen through all the cues you’ve composed so far for Order of the Phoenix. I’m truly amazed at the attention to detail and thought put into each one of these cues to capture Williams approach and style. I had genuine goosebumps in a handful of cues. Brilliant work. Bravo!
  4. Film: Minority Report I go back to that one often. I recently watch A.I. Again. I “get” what the film was trying to do. It just never clicked with me. Score: Ready Player one was a lot of fun (if not a taaad overlong on album). I was too late to purchase the expanded A.I. But I only hear tremendous things about it. Words like “revelatory” are often thrown around. I have yet to hear that album though. With it being sold out it looks like a long time before I’ll get to.
  5. Semi-related: Anyone have a decent “best of” playlist for the Emperors Tomb soundtrack? Like a good mix of the action with a handful of ambient cues mixed in?
  6. Very nice. I liked what they were going for on the original over. But it’s just a BIT too neon green on “1984”. But kudos to the marketing people for not going with the standard “floating head” treatment.
  7. Just gonna leave this here. I’m down for Indiana Jones via Ernest Hemmingway.
  8. Agreed. Editing a decent album from the EU and having to also use the OST took forever. And then we still had to use video game rips! 2012 Hook was the first expanded release I ever bought and I played that thing non-stop. I wasn’t really aware of some of the track order issues until later. But they were WAY easier fixes. It remains my favorite score of all time.
  9. Both come up often when fans begin to talk about lost opportunities for expansions. Which one do you consider the most frustrating release?
  10. Bless this poor kiddo who interviews the composers. (Warning: he calls the score cues “songs” in several instances;) But it’s a decent hour long interview with the composers who go into their process, their musical backgrounds etc. A decent way to get to know the guys behind the scores and appreciate their methodology and concepts a bit more.
  11. Hurray! Yeah the 80s Metal sound worked in the show but I wasn’t compelled to listen to it by itself. But then they began to blend it more with the orchestra as it went on and I could tell they were really starting to develop some themes and leitmotifs. It’s just a blast! season 3 score just dropped today. “Secrets of Miyagi Do” what a track! Almost a John Powell “Kung Fu Panda” level of fun.
  12. Didn’t see a thread for this one yet. But this show is the perfect blend of sincerity and camp. And not a drop of cynicism. And the same goes for the scores by Leo Birenberg and Zach Robinson. Love the handful motifs and themes that have developed over the course of three seasons so far. Any Fans?
  13. I’ve recently been making my personal edits of these scores with the OSTs as the foundation while adding in bits of the CRs here and there where appropriate. The OST for ROtK of course was pretty hard to create a chronological presentation of. And I actually liked some of the suites that Shore created instead. So it’s still not completely chronological. But this includes some of the big highlights (for me) that the CRs had that were absent from the OST. It would make a nice 2CD version of the score at 90 mins. A Storm Is Coming (OST) The Road to Isengard ( CR)
  14. Agreed. Horner had a fantastic gift for lyrical beauty in his thematic writing. I think Goransson is capable of writing some great themes and I’m sure his style will evolve over the decades.
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