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  1. Side note: I never thought of Horner’s scores being really synth heavy. But I guess it depends on which scores you’d want to perform live that would make them a bit more difficult to perform. At least in his 90s-2000s output. Never thought he used them more or less than Goldsmith at least...
  2. Amazingly produced. Well done guys! 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️
  3. I watched the opening of Fiddler on the Roof yesterday after being inspired by the new MM interview. The insane violin solo (cadenza?) at 7:46 is just so masterful. ( Is this composition in the stage show? Or did Williams arrange it just for the film?) I started thinking of other masterful virtuosos solos in Williams scores. Insane flute solo at :28 in “Rainy Nights, Dementors, and Bird” from HP: POA comes to mind. Or the gorgeous rolling piano opening to end credits of E.T. Any other favorite moments of “virtuosic solos”
  4. Thought this would be a good spot to share this. Very devoted fan creating a “Burton-verse” video game. Pretty impressive. Fantastic modeling. Music taps into an Elfman-feel. But doesn’t really lean into it:/ I’d say for copy right reasons they didn’t use the theme. But they mimicked everything else. Why not go whole hog?
  5. There was a Little Women DVD with an isolated score back in the day. I vividly remember checking it out from my local library just for that in high school. Odd the iso tracks didn’t pop up shortly after that. But yes an official expanded score would be perfect to go along with his expanded Shawshank that I snagged last year. ‘94. what a year for film scores. Edit: Found it. Only $5 https://www.amazon.com/dp/0767851013/
  6. I bet the last minute and a half or so of “Mynock Cave” would sync up beautifully with this too. It’s a similar scene in a way. I’d love to see that!
  7. Cool idea. I think the “galaxy’s edge” theme works pretty good for a title theme for the show. Much more adventurous and classic Star Wars than the futuristic Morricone-vibe Gorransson went with. But I think Gorransson nailed the other-worldliness and tone of the show, personally. A lot of mystery in that simple recorder riff.
  8. @bruce marshall Is the x-men release actually the Three Musketeers in disguise? My hopes were dashed...;) Haha. I believe Kamen originally wrote a more traditional score for X-men and then was asked to make it less so(?) wonder if this release will reflect that...
  9. Thanks! Good to know he intended it to sound like existing works. He certainly succeed.
  10. I couldn’t find the official “Joe Kraemer” thread. Was this shared already? He’s a talented guy for sure. But this entire album is an odd mutation of John Williams work. First track is a hodgepodge of “attack on Jakku” and “Jungle Chase” for example. It’s kind of a “name that tune I listened to before writing this” game. Very odd. Even a few mangled snippets from “The Cowboys Oveture” pops up in one of these. This already get discussed?
  11. Ok. That’s bonkers terrific. People will think that’s a real release outside this thread. Bravo!
  12. I snagged the digital release of this as a reward for myself after finishing a semester of my MBA back in 2018. Great score! I made a custom cover for it too as something about the tiny title in it bothered me lol.
  13. I suspect they took one of the orchestral hits from 4:30-4:39 from Desert Chase (on the ost version- the truncated one) That’s my guess at least. orrrr maybe one of the stabbing horn blasts at 4:59? BTW- could you IMAGINE a franchise hero today with a teaser trailer with its last shot being a dude slowly catching on fire? I’d like to see Disney try THAT on Indy 5;)
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