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  1. The way its credited on the program makes it seem as if its an original composition? The piece is credited in the same manner as everything else on that program, and lists Grubinger as a soloist. Am I missing something?
  2. Every time I see this thread bumped my heart leaps, then I keep getting disappointed.
  3. I wonder if its just a case of publishers slowing down because orchestra libraries aren’t buying right now, due to pandemic and lack of performances.
  4. I wish the signature on the vinyl were real! My copy is still in transit.
  5. In regards to expanding this I believe the fees would be the same no matter where in America it was recorded. I’m unaware of the LA Local in the AFM having a different agreement than the rest of our union, but I could be wrong.
  6. Thanks for the tip, I just picked it up with The Thin Red Line - this 30% off sale is great!
  7. Mine came yesterday! I won't be able to get to it until I listen to Far and Away, but the booklet looks great as usual!
  8. It is! I just received it yesterday from them along with Far and Away.
  9. ...to be honest, while it's not interesting on its own - Hildur's score is extremely effective in the film. As well as her work on Chernobyl. She did the job, and did it well. So please don't make excuses for her win.
  10. He sounded great in this interview, it was a fantastic piece!
  11. I enjoyed it. I understand what people didn’t enjoy here, not saying they’re wrong or the criticism isn’t valid. But I couldn’t help but enjoy it the whole time. To each their own!
  12. It is probably my favorite post-2005 Williams score, though for me it has some very strong competition from Lincoln - they both do a lot for me. I do consider War Horse to be masterpiece level from Williams, and I think it is one of his greatest original soundtrack albums as well. It's so well arranged and tells a complete story on its own. In that sense I feel like the score is practically a tone poem and works as a self contained piece of programmatic music.
  13. It's up there for me too - love this musical. I also love the idea of having an updated version that will stand up better in my classroom when I show this to kids. As great as the original film is, it LOOKS dated to their eyes.
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