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  1. Every time this thread bumps I get my hopes up. I'm sure Hunchback will be great, it's fantastic music!
  2. Thanks! I met him the first time he conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra, a friend of mine is in the orchestra and helped me out a bit
  3. Hm. Interestingly "Sarah's Theme" in this new edition is completely missing the vocal part. It's completely made up of the orchestra accompaniment. I like having this as an alternate but it shouldn't be completely missing the vocal on the album. "Garden of Magic" is also missing the Sarah's theme piano overlay. The only time that theme - by Horner - appears is when it is completely integrated with the orchestra rather than overlaid. I think there must be a rights issue at work here? I can't imaging preferring this version with that theme missing from it.
  4. I'm glad we didn't miss it. I'm in the queue. Edit: Got tickets for Both July 23rd and the premiere on the 24th!
  5. This makes me feel good about getting my AirBnb as soon as they announced the dates. I'm a little stressed over tickets though, I'm teaching a class when they go up so I hope lawn seats stay available for a while. I wonder if as the summer goes on more tickets will be released too as audience capacity limits are lifted.
  6. I think both Titanic and Braveheart are essentials, both are fairly significant expansions. Titanic in particular really changes the experience, and for the positive. Legends of the Fall adds material that I believe really improves the pacing of the score and highlights themes that weren't heard as much in the original album. Aliens is a great edition as well, if you never picked it up, as well as *Batteries Not Included. But those first two I mentioned really shouldn't be missed.
  7. I enjoyed the episode - I had some worries that the characters wouldn’t be strong enough to sustain an entire series, but I think those worries are unfounded. It’s already clear that we’re going to see development beyond the basic archetypes that the characters are modeled after. Seeing the immediate consequences of fall of the Republic is something I’ve wanted, and I’ve been interested in seeing the transition from the Republic to the Imperial military - it was always jarring to me that there were almost no Clone Wars influences in Solo, which is only a decade later.
  8. I booked an Airbnb for the violin concerto weekend and will be going to both the Friday and Saturday night concerts!
  9. The way its credited on the program makes it seem as if its an original composition? The piece is credited in the same manner as everything else on that program, and lists Grubinger as a soloist. Am I missing something?
  10. Every time I see this thread bumped my heart leaps, then I keep getting disappointed.
  11. I wonder if its just a case of publishers slowing down because orchestra libraries aren’t buying right now, due to pandemic and lack of performances.
  12. I wish the signature on the vinyl were real! My copy is still in transit.
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