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  1. That's exactly what took me by surprise. A lot of it sounds like it should have come from the 90s, especially the softer, emotional cues. The excellent recording just tops that all off.
  2. I was this close to lambasting you for that comment but, on reflection, I guess it really does only have a couple of [outstanding] highlights. The Land Race cue is essential for any budding Williams enthusiast; in fact, it's the only cue I return to nowadays.
  3. Yes, it's certainly a hidden gem. For once my ignorance has rewarded me.
  4. I didn't even know this existed until now. Crikey, it's brilliant!
  5. Yeah, I kinda agree with that too. Goldsmith wrote some powerful themes in his time but I find Rudy just a bit sugary. It doesn't help that it was so often imitated afterwards for other sports dramas.
  6. I knew that already but the point is - as some people outside of the British Isles might not know or notice - Northern and 'Southern' Irish accents are really very different.
  7. I'm eager to know too. Not that I'll be able to afford it any time soon. LASS is a great library but takes a lot of time and effort to learn that I simply haven't invested.
  8. I love this particular era (pre-Shawshank) of Thomas Newman's catalogue.
  9. Nah, the third one is the best. Best visuals, best score. It's also the shortest.
  10. Yeah, I too think it's the variety of music on offer in Waterworld that tips it for me.
  11. This was quite difficult actually but I went for Waterworld for both. Both films are stinkers. Both scores are great but Waterworld has the edge I think.
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