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  1. Is anybody seriously expecting any more than that? I'm not. And I'm still quite looking forward to seeing in the cinema.
  2. It's scary how well Powell has nurtured his assistants over the years to sound like him. I'm sure they are talented in their own rights (who knows, they might even have their own 'sound') but Willis and Batu Sener do very good imitation jobs. Stunning. One of the defining scores of the early 2000s.
  3. I'll definitely check out that score. Ta Thor. You can tell that HGW enjoys scoring these DisneyNature docs... and this might be his best effort yet. It doesn't have a solid thematic identity but that really is the only thing holding it back. It's full of lovely airy solo woodwinds, twinkly piano, epic french horn solos, and soft synth. Dramatic but very playful in parts. It's completely evocative of the locale - 'icy' but warm hearted; very much in the same vein as Alex Wurman's similarly constructed March Of The Penguins. I can't recommend it enough. It's lovely.
  4. Yeah, in this case - opposite to what we would normally expect - the music sounded like it definitely was from Franglen. And I'm slightly disappointed that it isn't.
  5. WILLOW | Episode 1 The Welsh countryside looks lovely.
  6. A MAN CALLED OTTO - THOMAS NEWMAN Very Newman-esque. Quirky and rhythmic. Very little orchestra for the most part - there's the odd warm string chord passage, bass pizzicato, noodly woodwind and harp here and there. Couple of nice softer cues that sound like they're from Saving Mr. Banks. Deserves another listen before I complete judgement; it's quite nice but a bit boring. Looking forward to his score to the other Marc Forster film more.
  7. To be fair, that has actually been the nature of his output for a few years now.
  8. The Perfect Storm, yes absolutely. I need a complete version of that score in my life.
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