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  1. Martin Campbell should direct every Bond's first outing. That should just be a given.
  2. Yes but at least The Last Airbender has the value of being unintentionally hilarious. Same with The Happening.
  3. Yes, please don’t post this absolute bollocks again.
  4. Nice, I've been eagerly awaiting this for a while. Looking forward to Newman's score too.
  5. Not the most engaging of Howard's repertoire but it is a lovely half hour of inoffensive string and woodwind noodling that gets me through making dinner.
  6. "White Knight", for the superb building of tension before the action kicks in.
  7. I wouldn't be behind a solo JNH collaboration with Nolan. Look at all the projects JNH has been doing lately... lots of big, melodic, old-fashioned loveliness. Save the dour Nolan projects for Zimmer and the rest.
  8. I agree. For a composer who is generally uninterested in scoring action films I think Newman wrote some pretty engaging action music. The opening chase in Skyfall is brilliantly scored IMO.
  9. I’m packing up to move house. Breaks my heart to bring down movie posters but it does inspire some listening…
  10. Very exciting project. He has a few upcoming now.
  11. OLD - M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN I... have... no words.
  12. So I went to see it this afternoon. On the whole, I quite liked it. It's fucking long... and feels like it... but I admit it's fairly well paced. I lost track of how many action set-pieces there are; there's a lot. The first half is more engaging though, up until Felix's death. Tonally, it's a bit all over the place. It's both the silliest and the most melodramatic of all Craig's outings. His death wasn't an enormous surprise but I didn't expect it to be so over the top. It reminded me of THE ROCK with the levelling of Alcatraz... I was kinda expecting Bond to walk off in the distance (like Connery in that film). Ana de Armas is the best character in it by far. You can completely tell she's having fun playing that - unfortunately brief - role and it really introduces some much needed fun into that Cuba set-piece. Score-wise, I'm impressed. The Barry nods and the appearance of Vesper's motif from Casino Royale feels very welcome, if not slightly forced. Action music was a little generic but the angry Arnold-esque brass is very clear in the mix and is a refreshing change from Newman's more restrained action style in the previous two instalments. Overall, I'll put this behind CASINO ROYALE and SKYFALL but way ahead of SPECTRE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE. ***1/2 out of *****
  13. THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU - THOMAS NEWMAN An underrated score from Newman, I think. It’s mostly born from his quirky rhythmic stylings but in a mature context. Colour me a fan.
  14. Reviews are extremely positive so far, especially in the UK.
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