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  1. Haha, I really like the look of this! Interested in hearing what Harry Gregson-Williams will cook up too... since this has Daniel Pemberton written all over it.
  2. Just finished my first listen. Lots to digest. I like the 'sound' of it but it will need to be heavily refined as a playlist.
  3. TITANIC - JAMES HORNER I've always loved this score and the stunning expansion has given us so much lovely stuff. That 2 ½ Miles Down cue is stunning. Giving us more than we even knew was written. The action cues for the film's third act are all here, Trapped On D Deck being my particular highlight. A Building Panic is completely different to the identically named cue on the follow up album but is even better. That percussion. I LOVE THIS
  4. I'm interested... What is your favourite 'Hornerism'? Of all his numerous traits and stylistic doings - plagiaristic or not* - what repeating musical motifs or textures do you love the most? One of my favourites is the 'rolling' final chord that always resolves a sentimental chord progression, usually with piano in there somewhere. Examples: JUMANJI (immediately in this case): More obvious in this one, from THE PERFECT STORM, again immediately: *this will not become a debate about his 'ste
  5. One of my favourite films ever. For that reason I try not to watch it too much... once a year usually. I felt that it was time, appropriately with some good wine to accompany. Fantastic jazzy score from Rolfe Kent.
  6. Adam Driver... Jodie Comer... + Not sure what I think about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in a 14th century capacity. And they're the primary writers on the gig. Crazy. I'll judge later. Holding out hope. Ridley Scott is sadly the epitome of 'hit-and-miss' in recent years. Especially when it comes to 'historical epics'. GLADIATOR was awesome in spite of its many many flaws, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN was great in the Director's Cut version, ROBIN HOOD was fucking awful, and EXODUS had its moments but was just a bit so-so. Score-wise, I'm quite happy that Harry Greg
  7. Yeah, you're right. The only one that springs to mind is AVATAR... and that blows everything else out of the water that year.
  8. Interview with Thomas Newman on Leo Maltin’s podcast: https://maltinonmovies.libsyn.com/ This was really enjoyable to listen to, and occasionally very funny. A very refreshing composer interview. The hosts aren’t just slathering him with praise… they coax some really good insights and stories out of him. Thomas is so bloody humble and speaks so articulately about his craft… it makes me admire him even more.
  9. So Thomas’ next project is John Madden’s World War II drama Operation Mincemeat, expected early next year. They collaborated previously on The Debt and both The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films, the latter of which are some of my favourite scores from Newman in the past ten years. They really are lovely. This new project will probably have more in common with 1917 perhaps? I don’t know. Newman often disappoints but occasionally provides something spectacular. I’m not sure if the subject matter will offer much opportunity for the sort of thing we’d like to hear fr
  10. Given how James described his score in that recent podcast thing, I’d bet all my money that it isn’t. Doesn’t sound like him anyway. This is my most anticipated score of the summer so I really fucking hope not.
  11. Absolutely! Yes, John Williams wrote some of the themes, but Powell makes them his own in the way he uses them. It also features some of the best action music I’ve heard in the modern era. The complete Train Heist cue is 10 minutes of the best action music I’ve ever heard. Hands down. There are very few composers at the moment who can write extended action music that is interesting and, more importantly, melodic at the same time. James Newton Howard can do it when he feels like it but Powell exceeds in this department.
  12. A gorgeous documentary score that I don't think I've ever seen mentioned. Very much a chill-out / ambient / world music vibe throughout. I imagine Thor would like this.
  13. Funny you mentioned this one... I was listening to it the other day after re-watching the film, first time in many many years. Fantastic stuff. Shame Shearmur isn't or hasn't been more prolific because he's clearly very versatile. I love his score for REIGN OF FIRE... brutal dissonant stuff... the complete opposite of K-PAX.
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