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  1. My relatively simple covers for the first season of "The Mandalorian", using the fantastic paintings Paul Mann made for the vinyl release:
  2. I can confirm that the lack of themes is restricted to the album. The game itself uses the familiar themes a lot, especially the force theme as well as the rebel fanfare and imperial march. In fact it seems to use a mix of the original soundtrack recordings, as well as Gordy's own compositions.
  3. The German 7Digital site already has this: https://de.7digital.com/artist/gordy-haab/release/star-wars-squadrons-original-video-game-soundtrack-13133194 I bought it, but can't download it yet, as it is still marked as "pre-order" (although it's already past midnight here). Previews are working though.
  4. Could the fact that this was recorded with the LSO be the reason a soundtrack release was possible? (As opposed to Squadrons, which was recorded in the US.) If yes it would at least bode well for the two Battlefront soundtracks (which were also recorded with the LSO).
  5. The Main Theme to "Assassin's Creed: Black Flag" "The Scumm Bar" from "Escape from Monkey Island"
  6. Answers from the show's producer: Not sure what he means regarding the Skywalker Symphony.
  7. Also it looks like a show I would have gone crazy about as a kid. I wonder if the recording sessions for this were combined with the ones for "Squadrons".
  8. The year in the thread title should have been a hint, but I fully expected this thread to be about the score to the latest Mel Gibson movie AND was surprised to see it being scored by John Powell.
  9. Wow, I really love his pulp novel style!
  10. Son-of-a... Also it costs almost double that in the German 7digital store... Is there any other shop to get this lossless?
  11. In the Facebook comments Gordy is hinting at a Collector's Edition of the soundtrack, with even more music. But it's not clear if it's just a joke in response to a question about the "other 3 hours" of music.
  12. I prefer the live orchestra version: I wonder if they've recorded more of the soundtrack while they were at it.
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