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  1. Have you guys heard of Phaseplant? It's basically a synth to create your own sounds. But it isn't limited to electronic sounds, as user Joel Blanco Berg has created some incredible orchestral instruments with it: While the plugin is at least a bit of an investment at $199, the instruments themselves are relatively low-priced on his Gumroad.
  2. Am I crazy, or did this already get an Intrada release a few years back? I might confuse this with any of the other 100 Horner re-releases of the recent years.
  3. Got mine as well, but with shipping and customs it kicked me well over $200. I'll let it sealed for now and check out the individual episode scores on Prime Music before deciding.
  4. I liked it a lot, and it has some amazing cinematography and "impossible" camera moves, that Zemeckis is so good at.
  5. George Oldziey is running another Kickstarter campaign for a second volume of live orchestra recordings of his Wing Commander soundtracks: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1373816047/george-oldziey-vol-2-of-wing-commander-live-recording The first (successful) campaign resulted in an amazing album, especially for someone like me, who played Wing Commander 3 for weeks when it got released. Its soundtrack got burned into my brain, so these recordings were exactly what I needed. Here's a short documentary about that first campaign and its recording sessions:
  6. I think the only thing I can't really get behind is the overlay dark, over-sharpened Struzan painting. In case you need a better source, here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFE91LJIwFDk6TsAgXBnMX7zNVHQ0el1/view?usp=sharing
  7. Not sure how well they work printed (plus they contain some placeholder text). https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bIMPyI34ABAT6M4SwbsMP2xlpfrFNnBD?usp=sharing
  8. While there were some shots in the video, where the animation cells where upscaled, they did get some crisp paint overs where detail was crucial (the eyes, for example). But then again there were other clips, like the opening panorama shot of Paris, where the background was a fully reworked high-res version of the painting, with stunning detail. So I guess wherever possible they rebuilt the cutscenes from scratch, while animation cells were too much work to re-paint completely. It doesn't look like simply upscaling the original compressed cutscenes was ever the plan (unless some material is missing completely). That being said, the Kickstarter is still active, with the collected money ALSO utilized to further improve the remaster (and not just pay for the merch).
  9. I keep pestering them about offering a CD as an alternative to the soundtrack vinyl, but they haven't replied.
  10. The console versions of the CE have the soundtrack in their own jewel case. Still awaiting mine.
  11. I've been wondering: If there were proper LLL or Intrada releases of the Indy scores, would 2-CD sets of each one be enough, or does any of them warrant more discs? In case of a box set I've been thinking of Harry Potter, where the first movie got a 3-CD set. Would something like that be necessary for Indy?
  12. I always order via the (German) Soundtrack Corner. Top Gun is €39.95 + €2.50 shipping.
  13. Well, at least when asked about it (thousands of times on social media), Struzan HIMSELF was adamant that he is retired. Since according to him, the meddling on his Crystal Skull poster was the reason he quit the business in the first place, I guess he wasn't keen to return to that franchise.
  14. My rendition of "The Coldest Year of My Life" from "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis" (this time only containing a small quote of the Raiders March):
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