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  1. For Jazz stuff I've used Swing! and Swing! More by Project Sam. I've used them extensively on this:
  2. I think I haven’t really understood the way the sign puzzles are supposed to be solved. I just stack and glue as many pieces together as possible to support the sign each time, so it doesn't feel like I've cracked a tricky puzzle or anything.
  3. I haven't managed more that three play sessions up to this point, but each of them ending in unhealthy morning hours (with only 3 to 4 hours left for sleep) pretty much confirms how addicting this game is. It's always that you are planning for a destination to reach, and being held up by all kinds of crap along the way. My first pick of regions after the first tower was the frosty north west, and I choose to take care of the wind temple to bring spring back to birdy town (Rito?). Boy, I wasn't expecting that mission to take that long, climbing higher and higher for what felt like hours. Clearing the boss in the sky ship took reload after reload, and I was almost out of everything, breaking bow after bow and firing hundreds of arrows at that fucker. Finishing up that mission alone felt like a whole game in itself, just by sheer size. Can't wait to dive in again!
  4. I'm pretty sure the rule was that the Grail would heal you from your wounds or illness every time you drink from it, which would allow you to prolongue your life which otherwise would have been cut short by natural causes. It doesn’t stop aging, as the temple knight was old and frail, but regular drinks from the cup prevented him from dying. Now, the (divine) security measure was that you couldn't take the cup out of the temple with you, to enjoy its healing powers in the comfort of your living room. Hence staying in the temple was the "price for immortality". The security measure was not that it would lose its powers once out of the temple, but that God's will (or strings of bad luck) would prevent you from taking it outside in the first place. I could see an entire Jackass episode of trying to get the Grail out of the temple.
  5. I started the game Saturday night at around 11, and was just totally captivated by it. I was determined to finish the tutorial in one go, and suddenly it was 3 in the morning when I touched ground on the mainland. Went for another hour before I went to bed, but man, this game is so much fun already!
  6. I think the released Squadrons soundtracks is once again hampered by the fact that it had to leave out all Williams themes. If I remember correctly, it heavily leaned on variations of the Imperial March and Rebel Fanfare.
  7. Another one for the "wish it was real"-pile (I know, they could fill more CDs, but these look like slightly less unlikely releases):
  8. Didn't notice that. Well, there's only so much you can do with a frame and a title.
  9. It's a bit more complicated than that, since I've used Blender for it, though Photoshop definitely played a role for all the box/cover/label designs.
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