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  1. Whatever you thought of the Special (I liked most of it, frankly), I really loved the amazing orchestral arrangement of the main theme heard at the end. Very Horneresque.
  2. Here's hoping that Amazon's purchase of MGM makes releasing Bond scores easier for LLL.
  3. To be fair, Trejo moves like an old tree, and any agility he might show in movies is just achieved through editing.
  4. What's with the all-caps thread title though? This isn't the farmers' market.
  5. Also, there's no reason for Haab to lie about it. He has re-arranged several of Williams' character themes to be used as the hero stingers in Battlefront, and that's obviously no secret. So if Han's music in BF2 was based on Williams as well, no one would find that strange. Why single out that passage of Han's theme as his own creation if it wasn't true?
  6. So probably not Willow, because Horner could just as well be called a multi-Oscar winner. Same for Williams, obviously.
  7. The album for BF1 can now be purchased (lossless) at Qobuz.com: https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/star-wars-battlefront-gordy-haab/ia9wv37cvxeia
  8. David W. Collins interviewed the guys on The Soundtrack Show as well, with part 2 of the interview coming next week: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-the-soundtrack-show-29021108/episode/cobra-kai-composing-an-interview-with-76440773/
  9. I recently got ProjectSAM's Swing! and Swing More! to update the Sam & Max Hit the Road soundtrack: Besides those I'm using EWQL (both Symphonic Orchestra and Hollywood Orchestra), LASS (Lite 2 for now) and a few Vienna instruments (which I hardly use though). For anything that's missing I'm using free SF2s or VSTs. By the way, is there a good Soundfont VSTi where I can just load different SF2s to the different MIDI channels? Currently I'm using Phenome, but it appears to be ignoring note velocity, which seems to be a huge oversight.
  10. If Donner will only direct one last movie in his career I'd prefer it to be a Goonies sequel though.
  11. The difference though being that Identity was written as one piece, while BoBW Part 2 was written after Part 1 aired, without a resolution thought of when writing part 1.
  12. Was it maybe just a scheduling problem? I know that him shooting Payback was at least the reason he hadn't had time to grow his hair longer.
  13. Looking at current action movies, the 4th LW was actually quite alright. Lots of hand-made action set pieces, and a Riggs who finally had to acknowledge that he is now in fact too old for this shit. I can't imagine what a 5th movie can bring to the table. I can see Gibson still kicking ass (although he had to be doubled in a lot of the 4th movie's fight scenes already), but Glover is really just an old man now.
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