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  1. I'm pretty sure they mentioned the credits sequence to now be longer (since they are not confined regarding runtime) and thus recording an expanded version of it.
  2. Uh, no, they should absolutely not do that. That would undermine all the people out there who actually make a living of design jobs (and expect everyone joining the contest to work for free). That would be a total shit move. Not too long ago there was a "contest" like this regarding fans designing a poster for the latest Bond movie. It was even announced in a video by Daniel Craig himself. Rightfully this got lots of complaints, as this is basically generating a free pool of design ideas which can be exploited by a multi-million dollar company that could easily afford to properly pay artists for doing this. Doing a proper design for a commercial product takes time and effort and should be payed accordingly, especially if it's used generate more sales and thus money.
  3. To compose maybe... but not to record the score (or they need to book a larger venue to have the players sit 10 feet away from each other).
  4. Alright, with PlayStation Productions in place, get that gorram Uncharted series with Nathan Fillion going. I don't care about the stupid movie.
  5. Thank god this didn't get made. And thanks to the advances in technology that The Mandalorian looks so much better than this. I mean, a show shot entirely on green screen? This was bound to fail.
  6. Clone Wars and Rebels were both released properly on Blu-ray, but with Disney+ I'm not so confident if the final CW season or Mando will get that treatment. It bothers me a lot that The Orville didn't get a Blu-ray release, but more so the fact that this doesn't bode well going forward and what this might mean for bonus material (which I'm a sucker for).
  7. Here's a featurette about the music in the game (in this case embedded in a longer documentary, but it looks like it's from a stand-alone clip):
  8. It's been ages since I've seen Darkman, but I guess the score is good, judging by what everyone says. Is it along the lines of Batman?
  9. Keep in mind though that the HD remaster of TNG was a total financial failure (which is why they don't even consider tackling DS9), and I'd assume that show had the bigger fanbase (and due to more seasons more material to license out) compared to TOS.
  10. Oh absolutely. Even if there's a huge amount of crossover with the content of Oxygen, David on his own is just a whole different league. The only reason I wouldn't want him to cover the stuff from Oxygen once more is the fact that there's so many more soundtracks I want him to talk about.
  11. You should check out the Star Wars Oxygen podcasts, where David has already covered the OT, prequels, TFA and part of Rogue One.
  12. 10 bucks for the download albums is madness though. MADNESS!
  13. Looks like I missed that bit. Where was it mentioned he's force-sensitive?
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