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  1. Looks like stuff crossed the pond in record time on this BF batch, as the German Soundtrack Corner has just shipped my Amistad/TND order as well. For comparison: Ordered the Potter boxset on release and it arrived in January!
  2. I didn't get it at first, but reading some reactions online, I think it makes sense to assume that Mon just threw her husband under the (space) bus, to save her operation. With that and giving away her daughter, she's about to sacrifice as much as Luthen has.
  3. Pretty sure it is, because we saw photos a while ago of him with Ford who wore tracking markers on his face (thus being from shooting that prologue).
  4. Not to mention that the labels need to keep releasing stuff just to keep the lights on.
  5. Some of us over at the Mix'n'Mojo forums are already working on recording music from the game (though a ripping tool is also in the works).
  6. After the trailer to KotCS I was SURE that the jungle chase with the jungle cutter vehicle would be THE "badass" action sequence of that movie, with Indy fighting bad guys on top of it, with one or two of them tumbling into the saw blade. But alas, the vehicle was simply blown up seconds after being introduced.
  7. Give "Planes" a listen then. A much, much better score than you'd expect for a direct-to-DVD Disney movie. The sequel score is basically more of the same, with my main regret being that the main title track wasn't a completely new recording, but instead the original track with a few newly recorded overlays.
  8. To be fair, I'm pretty sure the version I found is a retouched image as well, with the logo painted out. But it's still much better than Intrada's cover. And the clone stamp is so old fashioned, now that there's the healing brush in Photoshop.
  9. Especially frustrating, since there IS material out there to paint out the title (it's still just an upscale, but enough for the size on the booklet).
  10. And I must have listened to that piece from Ep5's finale, posted on Instagram, 10 times in a row now. It would be an utter shame if this season didn't see a soundtrack release.
  11. Episode 5 might be the strongest episode of television I have seen in a long time.
  12. I'm not sure if this fits this thread, but the FM-Towns version of Lucasfilm Games' "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" featured that weird re-recording of the soundtrack, played by a smaller ensemble:
  13. Doesn't "re-use" literally imply that you are re-using music already released? A second volume hardly ever included material from an earlier volume (unless you include a main title track twice).
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