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  1. About letters flying around forming the word "GOONIES".
  2. I hope you talk about "The Orville", because that is clearly Broughton channeling Goldsmith.
  3. When I was an 8-year old kid in 1989, and the movie's logo was to be found EVERYWHERE, I had NO idea who Batman was, and ALWAYS thought it was a mouth with golden teeth.
  4. Those aren't action figures but tabletop miniatures.
  5. I'd assume it's for a TV show intro (60 seconds sounds about right for that)... probably something that gets a remastered HD release.
  6. I'd like to join the praise here, I'm enjoying your podcast immensely. On mondays I've got 2-3 hours of commute, which is always enough time for a couple of episodes. There are so many of JW's old works I've only heard of in name, so thanks a lot for finally giving them an audible "face". And still, I'm really looking forward to the episodes covering the better known soundtracks of his, and I hope your Star Wars episodes will crack the 2-hours mark
  7. And Kamen did "Band of Brothers", the most epic of them all.
  8. With AF1 finally being released I realize that it would be awesome if you could get Joel McNeely on the show.
  9. At last this gets a proper release! Just put up a huge order of AF1, M:I, Howard the Duck, the new Ghostbusters release and the score to the animated Valhalla. Who needs money anyway?
  10. I still have spare copies of the Jaws and Jaws 2 CDs shrink wrapped, so I guess they'll stay that way for now.
  11. Just listened to the podcast, and wow, "Howard the Duck" is actually a 3-disc set... crazy! With around 100 minutes of Barry score (most of it rejected)...
  12. Oh man, I had such a crush on Lea Thompson (and the dirty dreams going along with that) after Howard the Duck...
  13. "Is expected to return" doesn't mean "confirmed". The more important matter right now is, when will LLL release the season 2 soundtrack?
  14. I just hope that whoever makes the decisions about soundtracks at Disney is aware of Mike. I think I remember that Spielberg and/or Kennedy were happy with how JP/TLW turned out and obviously Mike is relatively close with Williams. But is this enough for Mike to just call up Williams after Episode 9 and go like "So, three trilogies in the can. Shouldn't we talk about complete score releases now?" And Williams just sets everything in motion with Disney. Could this happen?
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