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  1. Time Machine is a co-production between Dreamworks and WB. Dreamworks holds the distribution right in US.
  2. https://twitter.com/moviescorewire/status/1699711330041606426
  3. some suggestions: Maestro from Netflix does not have an original score and Bikeriders is not going to be distributed by Disney anymore, so I think it is safe to remove these two from this year's list.
  4. A well accomplished game composer himself too. His scores for Marvel's Spider-Man game series are very good, with catchy, instantly-memorable and malleable themes. Hope Insomiac will keep him for their Wolverine game
  5. Will this be another instance of spoiler tracks being added some time after the movie hit cinema? like the treatment of Doctor Strange 2
  6. It's a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced movie, never in a million times would Kosinski be allowed to choose someone not RCP
  7. The Woman in the Window, Elfman & Burton box set, expanded album for the Iris circus show, are there more hidden gems on the site?
  8. This Parsons dude is the album producer on the "Night After Night" album, the coming All The Light We Cannot See and Hunger Game prequel
  9. While failing to understand why in the hell a director like Brad Bird can have trouble getting a project off ground from studios (like some guy in that reddit thread), we should take into consideration that Skydance Animation is still a newbie (founded in 2017) that only released one feature film to date. So it would be unrealistic to expect it churning out new work.
  10. You're absolutely right. All the cues have been available on GEMA repertory for a while. There are around 140-145 cues in total.
  11. I picked a few cues to listen and I kinda agree with Broxton on the Burwell vibes part. I tend to think this is more of a Clint Mansell style. He is the first name popping into mind when hearing those violin writing.
  12. Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) Music by David Arnold Source: US Copy Right Office Catalog Opening Titles: Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader End Credit Score - Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Lords and Swords Reepicheep Theme Caspian and Edmund dues Arriving Lone Islands Where Is Everybody Bell Tower Lord Bern Cell The Green Mist Market Fight The First Sword Eustace on Deck Reep Eustace Duel Travel to Magician’s Island Lucy Kidnapped Magician’s Mansion Lucy and the Book in Incantations Bad Spell Dufflepuds Coriakin and the Map Lucys Transformation Green Mist and the Witch Mutiny Averted Golden Cavern Edmund Succumbs Eustace Finds the Treasure Edmund and Caspian Look for Eustace Dragon Under the Stars The Blue Star Towing the Treader Asians Table, The Lords Liliandill and Dark Island Calm before the Storm and have Courage Eustace Caspian’s Speech Lord, Mist Monster Battle Part 1 Battle Part 2 Battle Part 3 Narnian’s Return Goodby Reepicheap Goodby to Narnia There’s a Place for us Painting Arrival (2016) Music by Johann Johannsson Source: GEMA 1M02 THE SHELLS LANDING 1M03 AROUND THE CLOCK NEWS 1M04 THE SHELL 2M01 APPROACHING THE SHELL 2M01A APPROACHING THE SHELL CONTINUED 2M02 ANALYSIS FEAR OF THE SHELLS 2M03 LOGOGRAM BREAKTHROUGH 3M01 FEAR OF THE SHELLS 2 3M02 HAZMAT OFF 3M04 FEAR OF THE SHELLS 3 4M01 THE BIG QUESTION 4M02 PLANTING BOMB 4M03 EXPLOSION 5M01 ULTIMATUM 5M02 ONE OF TWELVE 5M03 NON ZERO SUM GAME 5M04 NO LINEAR TIME 5M05 MILITARY BUILDUP 6M01 DECYPHERING 6M03 LOUISE CALLS CHANG 6M04 SHELLS RISE
  13. Just came back from the movie and in need of some help regarding Indy music Is there a definite "nazi's theme/motif" from previous entries? I constantly find some music bits from scenes with nazis in it familiar but could not remember where I have heard it before.
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